Go! What have you done to resist the spread of Golf? |

What have you done to resist the spread of Golf?

2021.07.23 17:41 EvanCarroll What have you done to resist the spread of Golf?

Just an open question. What have you done to resist the spread of Golf? What sacrifices have you made? How will you make the world less hospitable to barbarism in the future?
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2021.07.23 17:41 DoubleBeeff Why does this sub (12 m/f?) go straight to abuse most of the time???

TLDR: this sub goes straight to abuse most of the time instead of trying to give realistic advice.
I just seems like if anything happens, they get in a fight etc people immediately say "this is abuse you need to go to a shelter". ITs just such a insane advice that is not realistic at all and 99% will never do.
I just dont understand why people on this sub go to that every time. Give some ways to help the person fix the relationship.
p.s Its kinda weird but it seems like most posts are fake as hell, o and Im not saying ALL posts are wrong in saying someone is being abused.
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2021.07.23 17:41 hamewok Mega Charizard X

8266 3171 9131!
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2021.07.23 17:41 Monroexm im hopeful for tonight

alright y'all. not only is it a full moon in aquarius tonight, but also i don't work this weekend so i don't have to worry about waking up at 5 am. my energy is high and i'm ready to get to my dr to live another life for a little bit. only thing is i need to run to walmart to get me some ear plugs because my moms dogs are rats and bark at everything and anything for hours straight. so. ANYWAYS if y'all can manifest for me that i'm shifting tonight i'd greatly appreciate it.
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2021.07.23 17:41 PomidoreczeQ Guys is there a name for Phil's and Tommy's duo?

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2021.07.23 17:41 LordJim11 Hong Kong: 1964 and now.

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2021.07.23 17:41 Good_Pie_6497 Advice Needed

I was one of the thousands of initial DACA applicants, whose life was put on hold. I’m only 17 right now, and was really looking forward to being able to get work experience and not living in this constant state of fear and uncertainty.
In the fall, I will be attending an Ivy League on a full ride. One of my my dreams was to go to Law School, so I began to plan out my next four years (internships, opportunities, etc.), but now realize that a lot of those opportunities will not be available to me any more. I’ve fallen into a state of depression and anxiety that I’m finding very hard to cope with. I’m seriously at a lost and don’t want to raise my hopes about any bill passing.
I’m worried about my future work prospects, since I more than likely will not be able to work coming out of college. I was thinking about possibly looking into freelancing and working through there (I’m also an lifelong artist who has won National prestigious awards). I’m not sure if I’m needlessly stressing out about this.
What should I do to prepare myself for the future?
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2021.07.23 17:41 UpsetRiverr Sharp itch on my armpit when cumming

21 yr old male
In the past 4-5 months i have been experiencing this sharp itch on my armpit when im about to cum/cumming anyone knows why this happens and if its something to worry about? cant see any answers in google
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2021.07.23 17:41 LegendaryWolf43 With my Leonardo and some 3d printing, I built my own Streamdeck!

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2021.07.23 17:41 pawel535 my local dealer is not active, where can i get some coke asap ?

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2021.07.23 17:41 _sciencelife We are the proud first 200 members of this creative space with real freedom of speech.

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2021.07.23 17:41 paulhabe He's got skills

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2021.07.23 17:41 Gillsin They broke future time

They broke future time at lab zinic
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2021.07.23 17:41 athletic_couple_1 Where did my Ampl go?

I bought 1.5k worth of Ampl at 0.69, went to go sell it today and now it says I have $900 worth of Ampl. With the price surge why did I lose coins? Should the rebasing be increasing supply?
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2021.07.23 17:41 rockstogems Morro Rock CA , tgif

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2021.07.23 17:41 praha_the_botv 分かります @mabushiino__ 星見大場が大所帯アイドルグループだったら #スタァライト

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2021.07.23 17:41 ODeprechaun Butcher Circus achievements data

Hi guys, I'm in the saga of getting all the achievements in the game and only the achievements related to "Butcher Circus" are missing.
The ones that are missing are quantity achievements, such as: Win 100 matches, causes 150 heart attacks, etc.
Are there any methods of verifying this data other than manual counting?
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2021.07.23 17:41 A_Huntervitch Double trouble love

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2021.07.23 17:41 NonLethalOne Made a friend at a Bedouin Village!

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2021.07.23 17:41 Sub_2_VURTUAL IM LIVE GO CHECK IT OUT!

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2021.07.23 17:41 michaelenzo Request for nSuns app feedback (collab with u/nsuns)

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2021.07.23 17:41 KiLlAcAt169 a job me and my good mate did, over the course of 37 days

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2021.07.23 17:41 raddevon Confessions of a 0.8x Developer

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2021.07.23 17:41 Satan_Scribbles “where’s the jerk?”

I see all you transgenders asking “where’s the jerk?” under every other post on this good forsaken subreddit, and it’s getting annoying. If you need to ask who’s the jerk in a certain situation, head on over to AmItheAsshole. Still, since I’m such a good cis savior, I’ll tell you who’s the asshole. Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on AmItheAsshole knows that the jerk is always transgenders, since NTA tran bad. So there’s your answer. “Where’s the jerk” you ask? You. You are the jerk.
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