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2021.07.23 17:48 themanwiththegoal Yeah

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2021.07.23 17:48 MDDonnergott G733 Mute Sound Toggle Gone

For whatever reason the audio you'd hear after pressing the mute button doesn't work anymore. It does mute/unmute the mic fine but now I don't know after pressing if I just muted or unmuted myself. Any idea how to fix this?
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2021.07.23 17:48 kancept Still waiting on that Ryobi sponsorship...

Still waiting on that Ryobi sponsorship... This is my little grocery getter I finished a few years back. Still no Ryobi sponsorship. Funny thing is, I didn't own any of their green tools when I started building this- only the blue and yellow and this started my green Ryobi collection. Now I have amassed quite the collection. :-D
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2021.07.23 17:48 trollandroidx don't you love when the autofill suddenly makes an (almost) infinite combo

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2021.07.23 17:48 pamiran Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

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2021.07.23 17:48 Locotar PC liefert kein Bild mehr.

Hey Brudis,
bevor ich nun den ganzen Tower in einen Karton quetsche und zu Agando nach Jever schicke um meine Garantie in Anspruch zu nehmen, wollte ich doch eventuell noch einmal das Schwarmwissen hier anzapfen.
Letzten Sonntag wollte ich den PC starten, aber leider tat sich nichts mehr. Alle Systeme laufen an, aber es wurde mir gesagt das kein Signal von der Grafikkarte zu empfangen sei. Habe das HDMI Kabel gewechselt, nichts. Habe die GraKa einmal ausgebaut um zu sehen ob noch alles in Ordnung ist, nichts.
Wie gesagt, die GraKa zieht Strom und die Lüfter laufen, aber es kommt kein Signal mehr. Heute den PC auf Verdacht einmal angemacht (man kennt das ja), aber er geht nur an, der Monitor erkennt den PC aber es bleibt bei diesem Bild, der Cursor blinkt nicht einmal auf dem Bildschirm.
Wie gesagt, es sitzt alles fest und hat Strom. Kann es Wahlmöglichkeit doch sein das die GraKa sich in die ewigen Jagdgründe verabschiedet hat? Und falls einer fragt, Nein, am System wurde seit kauf nichts getuned oder anderweitig verändert. Nur eine SSD ist dazu gekommen. Mehr nicht. Aber es lief bisher immer alles ohne Probleme.
Vielleicht hat hier ja wer eine Idee. Würde mich freuen :)
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2021.07.23 17:48 throwaway_tell 2 guys, and your cock

2 guys behind the scenes Send kik Pic, stats Be fit and Std free Come in, unzip, and unload
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2021.07.23 17:48 krazykellerxkid From Gameboy Advanced to DS to Retroarch to....Arcade Cabinet?! 🤯🤯🤯

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2021.07.23 17:48 dankbro420memereview Philly people

Hi Everyone, sorry if this is off topic. I am an international student, 19M and I am looking for someone to explore philly with. I am visiting philly on Aug 17-22nd. If you are from philly DM me for suggestions and/or exploring the city together.
I am going to be visiting philly for the first time on Aug 17th - 22nd. I have already booked my flight and I would be staying in Apple Hostels of Philadelphia I am interested in exploring the old city (all historic stuff), the art museums, Eastern state penitentiary, summer fest, and more! DM me if you would like to explore philly with me.
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2021.07.23 17:48 No-Debate6666 🐕 Shibaken Finance coin that allows its holders to earn Shibaken Finance on an hourly basis Whitelist is Live🐕

🐕🐕The communities of Shibaken Finance have proven to be some of the most vibrant and robust communities in the entire crypto space this year. However, their stories couldn’t be more different. The now iconic meme coin that has made thousands of people millionaires, started as a joke. Shibaken Finance , on the other hand, is a research-based blockchain that is expected to unveil some of the most sophisticated technology in the entire crypto space.
🐕What if you could speculate on crypto’s most beloved meme while earning rewards in Shibaken Finance , the native token of crypto’s most highly anticipated blockchain project of 2021?
🐕 Shibaken Finance is a brand new project launching on July 23th — and gaining traction every day.
🌈To get into the presale go to the Whitelist Application which is Live now
🌈 Contract: 0x3c7ac5d8bde9ff3d0dbbc844ef359e6e215936a9
🌈 Pancake Swap :https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x3c7ac5d8bde9ff3d0dbbc844ef359e6e215936a9
🐕A bit about our Tokenomics:
🐕We're the only Shibaken Finance reward token with sustainable tokenomics that will ensure the graph will stay healthy with mild fluctuations to insure
5% Auto Shibaken Finance Rewards
Shibaken Finance rewards will be awarded ever hour to the community based on the percentage of Shibaken Finance tokens that you hold.
5% Auto Liquidity
This goes back to liquidity ensuring the coin is thriving.
3% Marketing
3% of buys and sells is reserved in the Marketing wallet for long term Shibaken Finance promotion.
2% Auto Burn
2% burnt, decreasing the supply and increasing value over time.
💵15% fee on all buys and sells 💵
There will only ever be 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion) Baby Cake in Circulation
🔒Liquidity is locked for 365 Days
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2021.07.23 17:48 Itzskittlz Just gonna be real with you

I’m not gonna just sit here and be one of the only guys contributing some of you other people gotta do y’all thing too 😐
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2021.07.23 17:48 IllestMindOfDisThing Yain’t need to do this

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2021.07.23 17:48 CapRaider Return of Grandmaster Hertz, the Original Bet

Hertz, HTZZ, is coming out strong after bankruptcy. It has wiped out nearly all of its debt, and it’s fleet of hundreds of thousand cars is rock solid. With travel demand, and potential scare of the delta virus, riding in cars is still the number one choice for travel.
Regarding its stock, HTZZ, it was awarded to the original holders of the bankrupt stock. And post BK, people were selling off happy with their gains, forgetting long term value.
Avis is currently valued at $6 billion. Hertz is worth way more, not just the sub $8 billion.
One more thing: Hertz is currently on OTC. Listing back to Nasdaq or NYSE is in the works. Once it lists, way more liquidity to come.
We bet on this last year and it delivered. The second coming is here.
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2021.07.23 17:48 MrMeow8 Captain Jack turns 1 today! He demands birthday cuddles from his crew!

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2021.07.23 17:48 suyuen How my straight A obsession is killing my ideas

Those of us brought up in the Asian culture are not strangers to our obsession with scoring straight As in school. In some countries, the education system defines As further to high As (A1, A*, A+) and low As (A, A-, A2). It breeds a culture where everyone is obsessed with hitting the high As. If you hit the low As, well, ya it gets you a “good job” that’s prefaced with “but you can get an A1 or A+ next time”.
I honestly thrived in this culture. It somehow was easy for me to score straight As consistently. All through elementary and high school I would always study exam papers and grading systems — then find the most efficient way to score straight As and more often than not, high As. 13 years of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It became super ingrained into my personality, thinking, heck! It became a lifelong habit! (Talk about lifelong learning)….
When I got to the real world aka working world however, I realized there’s no exam papers. There’s no clear grading systems. Every company, culture, geography, government has their own system of “grading”. I didn’t hold a day job for long before I plunged into the life of an entrepreneur. Now here’s the interesting pattern I saw once I started my own company:

WHY is it so so easy to ship things out for clients and so so hard to ship things out for myself? It all comes back down to my habit of scoring straight As. For client projects, there’s a CLEAR grading system. Ship a product as per the client’s requirements and needs by a certain date, you score your A — denoted in the real world by payment.
For my own products, there’s no clear way to score the A. You ship the product, then pray it works. Of course I’ve shipped a number of products of my own (7 companies to be exact) and for the past 9 years, my companies and ventures have been profitable on their own — without any external funding. But! within each company, there was hardly any innovation or new features. They all become stagnant after a while.
All because of my fear of not scoring As.
Launching a product is scary. You never know how users and the market will react. You may find you totally wasted your time. In other words, it’s super duper easy to score an F. There are no B C D E. Just either an A or an F. I hate this feeling and do everything I can to avoid it — resulting in being extremely slow in launching my own products and ideas.
I have no solution to this. I’m still working hard to change my fears around this. It’s hard to kick off a habit you spent your whole life practicing. It will take time but I strive to do better by starting small — by running weekly “micro experiments” in my life or hey, pushing out random articles like the one you’re reading now on a weekly basis. It may lead nowhere but hopefully the consistency helps me kick the habit off.
If you are an ex-straight A practitioner too and managed to kick the habit, do share in the comments how you did it. We could all learn from it together.
Thanks for reading! :)
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2021.07.23 17:48 Confident-Elk-823 👾🎮 Arcadia Games 👾🎮- ($ARCADIA) New NFT based gaming platform on BSC launched a few days ago! - Low Market Cap! 100% SAFE - 500$ Contest ongoing!🚀

👾Arcadia Games is a new gaming platform launched on BSC👾
Based on the $ARCADIAutility token, players will be able to build, buy and sell their own creations!
🚨>>Also there is currently a QuBo contest going on in our Telegram! We're giving our more than 500$ in ARCADIA tokens! Make sure to join in<<🚨
HUGE Potential. Easy 100x from here 🚀🚀 Only <200K $ MC! 📣📣
No Bots! 🤖🚫
No Whale Wallets! 🐋🚫
Contract Address: 0x0f34e543869c4ed6b4eb9b80f1fe12bbefc69be4
🤑 Purchase on Pancake Swap (v2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0f34e543869c4ed6b4eb9b80f1fe12bbefc69be4
🔥 100% LP Locked 5 years : https://bscscan.com/tx/0x323e6a4d99fc1ecace4bae7b5e78f6f7e634f8e1af8cd10c6a7cca5102f67402
🟣Tokenomics 🟣
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
15% Initial Burn 🔥 (Pre-Launch)
Tokens supplied on Pancakeswap: 85%
11% Tokenomics which is split between:
- 5% Automatic Holder Redistribution
- 6% Automatic LP Acquisition
This token cannot be minted.
The total supply is fixed and the contract ownership has been renounced.
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2021.07.23 17:48 fierydraws drew ganyu for a commission

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2021.07.23 17:48 Brooksbhar [H] Ryan Fitt recycler puffco peak glass [W] 180

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2021.07.23 17:48 Former-Method3461 🐶Shibaken Finance !! the Chillest Doge on the Block. Rest Up and Sleep Well While Rich Doge Coin Rakes in Bnb Rewards For You 🐶

Let’s Shibaken Finance and Chill. Shibaken Finance is a community-driven, decentralized cryptocurrency with a compounding BNB rewards system. Our mission is to build a user-friendly, self sustaining ecosystem, where youpr money is constantly at work, growing your assets and rewards while you go about your daily life. Check back in twice daily to watch your wallet swelling, and to give yourself a big thumbs up in the mirror.
Tokenomics 🐶
☆2% reflections (LaxDoge distributed back to holders)
☆4% BNB rewards (reward dividends specifically spaced out every 12 hours to promote chillness)
☆2% Marketing wallet
☆2% Liquidity Pool
☆ Locked Liquidity rugproof
Here are our links 🚀
✅ Contract: 0x3c7ac5d8bde9ff3d0dbbc844ef359e6e215936a9
✅ Buy Here: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x3c7ac5d8bde9ff3d0dbbc844ef359e6e215936a9
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2021.07.23 17:48 hyacinth_2333 Can't draw anything in an instance scene

func _process(delta): update() func _draw(): print(is this worked?) draw_circle(position, 100, Color.red) 
this is my code
the print function is worked every frame
but I can't draw anything in an instance scene
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2021.07.23 17:48 Zee-Dee-Zachary https://twitter.com/jeffpassan/status/1418613407268446213?s=21

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2021.07.23 17:48 noodles_in_space This Seaon

I had to take a break from baseball after losing my dad a few years ago, it was just too difficult to watch. I decided at the beginning of the season to try to watch a few games and see how I felt and I'm really glad I did. It's still a little painful not having my dad around while I'm watching, but I can watch and maybe even attend a game. One thing about this team, they're playing with so much heart. They've fought through tough losses and come from behind and done everything to prove to the world they're for real. I know there's still a lot of baseball left in the season, but my gut is telling me they've got the potential to go the distance. GO GIANTS!!!
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2021.07.23 17:48 Reza-Gol Sixth Wave (SIXW.C) completes DFM and begins delivery of first Affinity System to AESI

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2021.07.23 17:48 justletlanadoit My mom and her siblings in Soviet Russia 1970s

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2021.07.23 17:48 Slow_University5570 Uff.. o.o

Soll ich auch Fakes von Anna Pinna posten?
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