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2021.07.23 16:58 musoublack Morgan Fairchild

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2021.07.23 16:58 his_o_ka primogems again because im such an overthinker

i have 102/180 with 50/50 will i get 78 pulls before 2.1?
i 1/3 the inazuma already
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2021.07.23 16:58 Dricegon Just bored to try to calculate how much time is needed for each combination of toolbox repairing a gen, and I got to say this is some interesting results.

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2021.07.23 16:58 TallFetus Life’s hard, me

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2021.07.23 16:58 Conroy_Wills Ableton volume loud as heck with new audio interface.

I've just set up my new Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface, and noticed ableton is about 3x as loud as everything else on my computer. As well, it's much much louder than my audio files when I export them. This is using the headphone output from the Scarlett.
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2021.07.23 16:58 Squidward164 Dos Si Dos Auto (F17) first time. Any suggestions as to whats happening with the fan leaves! Some curling up, some down. Thanks stoners🤙

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2021.07.23 16:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Day before second game at Tokyo Olympics, USWNT files brief in appeal of equal pay lawsuit | USA Today

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2021.07.23 16:58 harigatoshirabira Y'all need to hear this

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2021.07.23 16:58 Preminent What types of bushes are these?

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2021.07.23 16:58 whitepeanut69 Just the crusty tip

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2021.07.23 16:58 Hofnars Tall guy ergonomics

Any tall guys out there who've perfected the ergonomics on their '16 1290 SA or an '08 DL1000 ?
I just got back from a ~5k trip on the KTM and my back is killing me. The bike has 2" risers, stock seat (since replaced with a seat concepts of similar height) and lowered/larger pegs. Even though I'm 6'7 I'm tempted to get a lower seat to go with the 2" risers to get my upper body in a somewhat normal position and sacrifice some leg comfort.
It seems counter intuitive for tall guys to run a lower seat but am curious if anyone has tried this and what the results were.
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2021.07.23 16:58 sunnifleeger [USA-NY] [H] PayPal [W] External GPU Enclosure

Looking for something along the lines of an Alienware Graphics Amp, Razer Core X, etc. any sort of GPU enclosure! Thank you in advanced! :)
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2021.07.23 16:58 Accio642 Mega Charizard X

5431 9041 7005
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2021.07.23 16:58 theparttimevisionary An early morning walk - ambient music

Well, ambient, maybe it's more synthesizer. However categories don't matter, the music does. I just created this piece and it'll go live at 19:00 CET. Hooe you enjoy it https://youtu.be/Pnh_3jQjDB8
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2021.07.23 16:58 andrew6hill6 FSOT ESP Buzzz SS, 177g, 9/10, $26 shipped, taking trade offers as well

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2021.07.23 16:58 jannyuses Chapter 3 event

Got the mission where Arthur gets captured by Colm O’Driscoll done. What i don’t know is
a) how did they not get Dutch and Micah? They had Dutch then and there but chose to go for Arthur? For what?
b) How did the two of them even escape?
c) Why did Arthur not make more of a scene out of this? Seemed like Micah’s very dumbass idea, he should’ve been kept more accountable, especially in the mission right after where Sean gets killed and Arthur and Micah argue. He surely could’ve brought up how Micah nearly got Arthur killed.
No other spoilers though please!
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2021.07.23 16:58 dyl-dycure Season 4 in 2,022 years!

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2021.07.23 16:58 throwawayobviousw Guy took me on an expensive, long date then ghosted. Should I reach out?

I (28F) went on a date with a man (27M) from bumble. He took me to dinner. It was a good time. I didn’t hear from him after so a week later I texted him and said I had a good time. He asked if I wanted to go out again and I said sure.
He decided to take me bowling, then to dinner, then to the movies and then to drinks on our second date. I had a good time. He texted me a week after saying it was nice meeting me and sent me about five texts worth of conversation after that but I haven’t heard anything from him since Sunday. I sent the last text, which was asking him what he was up to for the day.
Should I reach out again or just assume he’s not interested?
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2021.07.23 16:58 Hawkoon01 So you wanna play /u/Clairitic

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2021.07.23 16:58 LackOwn9829 Warzone Unlock All Tool Free Download New Update Undetected 23/07/2021 PC Undetected!

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2021.07.23 16:58 aykax Bundesliga'nın en iyi takımı

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2021.07.23 16:58 ChicagoboyTechno Bekim! Radios (Playlist by Spotify)

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2021.07.23 16:58 BiplobKarmakar JAX Coins

JAX coins are coins that are mined on the shard chains of the JAX Network Blockchain. Sharding is the mechanism that allows the JAX Network blockchain to scale and support a virtually limitless number of transactions at any given time.
🌐Website: https://www.Jax.Network
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2021.07.23 16:58 Rtdgaming4 Mort grind

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2021.07.23 16:58 Mean_Risk9312 I doubt someone can solve this but... Can't install Windows 10 on Samsung 980 SSD

I'm about to have an aneurysm please help:
When I use flash drive to try and install Windows 10 it says the Windows 10 iso has to be in GPT to install on this disk. So I make it GPT using Rufus and try again. This time an error screen comes up saying that my computer has to to be in UEFI for this to work. So I check my computer bios: everything is already set to UEFI only. So my only two options are dead ends. What can I possibly do?
Another factoid that might be relevant:
The error message for my disk being GPT and therefore needing that partition style also says to make sure my disk is enabled in the computer's bio menu. Look as I might I cannot find said controller but the SSD shows up in bios. It just doesn't have an enabled and disabled toggle
Also, my motherboard: Gigabyte B360 HD3 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
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