Go! [Poll] Which version of Saitama vs Orochi did you like the most? |

[Poll] Which version of Saitama vs Orochi did you like the most?

2021.08.01 01:58 Tripledoble [Poll] Which version of Saitama vs Orochi did you like the most?

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2021.08.01 01:58 Morgan-992 Use in the morning or at night after cleansing the face. Simply roll the jade roller over the face and neck for a minute to two. The Jade Roller may be placed in the refrigerator or the freezer to increase effects. The Jade Roller includes a large rolling stone for larger

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2021.08.01 01:58 GoSender970 To all meta slaves 😉

Quick shoutout to all the copy and paste meta players that ruin the game 🙏🏽 you guys shine bright being so obsessed with trying hard that you haven’t made an original deck since the game launched !
Keep the good vibes rolling with the try hard gameplay guys duel links is so fun with you !
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2021.08.01 01:58 Sephiroth-x Cloud' true love is ...

In 1997, it was obvious to me that Cloud loved Aerith more than Tifa.
Not until I went online all these years later did I discover that the American FFVII fanbase had been purposely misled by egotistical, pompous, self-righteous nerd boys (who now have egg on their face in-light of the Remake).
If you notice, Cloti’s have been working double-time since the Remake came out. Why is that? Well, it’s because the Remake is confirming what we have always known since the OG: despite technically being a love triangle, SE wanted most gamers to play their first playthrough the Clerith way. Aerith automatically starts off with more love points than Tifa, and the Clerith date is the “normally occurring” date.
Clerith is the “normally occurring” couple.
So why did Cloti’s decide to launch a campaign to delegitimize Clerith? And how did they do it?
When FFVII first came out in 1997, many western gamers didn’t understand Aerith. She was (literally) foreign to them. Japanese animation was still very niche back then.
Though the Japanese adored Aerith’s spunky personality & pink dress (and saw her as the obvious romantic interest for Cloud), many men in the United States thought her hair was “ugly,” and that her personality was “annoying.” Far too “anime” for their taste. They preferred Tifa — the loyal, more American looking childhood friend — the “girl-next-door.” Plus, her big boobs didn’t hurt, either.
Of course, since FFVII inherently revolves around a love triangle, there is an OPTION to play it the Tifa way.
However, as a kid in 1997, I never saw Tifa as a threat. I saw her as the secondary, optional way to play the game. The girl you would pick on your second playthrough.
When you consider...

…it is clear Tifa never held a candle to Aerith as the heroine, or as the primary love interest for Cloud.
To put it simply — Aerith was created first by SE. Tifa was created second. Aerith is the primary love interest. Tifa is the secondary love interest. Obvious common sense.
Unfortunately, fueled by their unyielding, irrational hatred of all things Aerith, they successfully sold the myth (for years) that Cloud x Tifa is the official canon couple of FFVII, thereby brainwashing the entire American fandom against Cloud x Aerith.
They reduced & twisted Cloud’s “undying” love for Aerith as “guilt.”
Saying that even though Cloud chooses to live in Aerith’s Church, has his heart broken every time he visits her grave, reconnects with her in Flower Fields (and cameos), and seeks to find her in the Promised Land, it is somehow all due to guilt over the death of a mere friend. Saying that anything romantic shown in the OG is all a result of Zack (ie: attempted delegitimization).
I guess the symbolism of Cloud’s continued love for Aerith, and all the nuances that entails, is too cultured & sophisticated for them to comprehend. Or maybe they are purposely not comprehending the obvious?
Thankfully, the Japanese understand what all of this means. So why don’t western fans?
The only logical conclusion is because of their deep, burning, irrational hatred of Aerith as a character. Always minimizing & downplaying her role as the first & true heroine & love interest to Cloud.
But now, with the Remake perfecting Aerith’s look & personality, and making it crystal clear that these are Cloud’s REAL feelings, and that Aerith wants to move FORWARD from Zack, you are now seeing a significant swing within the fandom towards Cloud x Aerith.
The myth has finally been exposed & debunked.
Due to this, Cloti’s are currently working double-time to try to convince us that their ship is a “slow-burn.”
Sadly, the other side has spent years using Crisis Core & Advent Children to their advantage by manipulating & brainwashing those new to the FFVII fanbase. Pretending as if Disc 1 of the OG never happened. Saying Crisis Core makes Zerith canon, and Advent Children makes Cloti canon. Simple & easy for the masses to understand, right?
So how, exactly, did they convince millions to believe their great myth?
1. Cloud & Aerith only liked each other because of Zack. Response:
The relationship between Zack & Aerith in CC is officially described as a minor infatuation between two juveniles, much like Cloud’s childhood crush on Tifa.
In the OG, Aerith says her and Zack were NEVER serious, that their relationship is “in the past now,” and that he probably moved on to someone else because he’s a “real lady’s man.”
On the “normally occurring” CxA Gold Saucer date, Aerith confirms that although she initially liked Cloud because of Zack, she has grown to like Cloud for Cloud.
Within the lifestream, Aerith tells Zack that she prefers Cloud’s personality over his, and that she will only call Zack if she gets “really lonely.”
Cloud is stated to be Aerith’s “koibito” (“lover” in Japanese).
Yes — Cloud adopted some mannerisms from Zack, but he never transformed 100% into Zack.
It is a myth that Cloud & Aerith’s love is null-and-void because of Zack.
2. Tifa wins by default due to being alive.
Tifa winning by default due to being alive is why the other side hopes to god Aerith doesn’t live in the Remake.
You may personally prefer Tifa, but in the OG, Cloud himself clearly prefers Aerith over Tifa, and the other side knows it (just look at the Shinra jail cell moment). When Tifa observes Cloud and Aerith falling in love, she flips out in a jealous rage.
Tifa only has a chance once Aerith is out of the picture. If Aerith lives, it is all but over for Tifa.
Even in death, Cloud has an “undying” love for Aerith that will never go away. Tifa knows this to be true and is stated to be jealous of Cloud’s continued feelings for Aerith.
In the AC credits, Tactics cameo, and the Dissidia cameo, it is clear Cloud still wants to meet and be with Aerith in the Promised Land. Denying the common sense symbolism of this is a sign of someone who has a deep-rooted bias against Aerith.
Furthermore, Cloud and Tifa are in an established “family of friends,” share zero romantic moments, have tons of continued jealousy, fighting, and sleep in separate rooms. Plus, Barret returns to living with them in DoC. Tifa is never upgraded to anything beyond “childhood friend.”
Cloud & Tifa only have the possibility of being a thing if Aerith is out of the picture. Aerith is #1. Tifa is #2. The other side better pray to god Aerith doesn’t live in the Remake.
And even if Aerith dies, Cloud & Aerith will always remain a tragic star-crossed love story where Cloud forever wants to meet her in the Promised Land. Tifa’s continued jealousy confirms this to be true.
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2021.08.01 01:58 MegaScoutCool Fight Chilly With Chili 2 [GwainSaga 009 music] -Creation Process part 1

Hello, its me Red again. Mr Prins and I would like to invite you to the Fight chilly with chili 2 (working title). It start in about 3 minutes
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2021.08.01 01:58 CMAC256 The corn I purchased today has a baby corn growing out of it.

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2021.08.01 01:58 Spectator696 Pre-trained general-purpose models for small projects

So, i decided what my amount of knowledge and coding skills would suffice to have some freelance work done and immediately after i realised what building and training networks from scratch just on the client data would probably be a very stupid idea. So, what solutions are there for most common tasks is hould be aware about and ahve in my toolkit? I know BERT exists for NLP and it's completely open with trained weights, god bless developers soul, what else is there?
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2021.08.01 01:58 tangaroo58 Loud bangs coming up today

Loud bangs scheduled from 12.30 Sunday.

Australian Army@AustralianArmy·Jul 30To mark 150 years of Australian Artillery, #AusArmy📷 will conduct a synchronised Gun Salute fired from several locations across Australia on 1 August 2021. The public should not be alarmed when hearing the gunfire.
More information for loud bang enthusiasts:
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2021.08.01 01:58 BeepBoopSegFault This happened today on the bridge to the DNT -- maxima almost crashes into the barrier just to cut a couple of cars

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2021.08.01 01:58 Educational-Web532 R/p0358 exists

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2021.08.01 01:58 hapigood Peaches are in season (in the northern hemisphere)

And falling off trees like there's no tomorrow.
So, stick a peach in your morning oats!

A little hot water for 30 seconds.
Some milk and a little brown sugar.
Cut a peach into chunks and put on top.
A 1 prep minute super breakfast filled with goodness!
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2021.08.01 01:58 Nearby_Register_1514 I fixed it

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2021.08.01 01:58 RoadyHouse Disk usage at 100% since yesterday

For one or two days, my HDD has been at 100% of its use. When I launch CrystalDiskInfo, it says that it's in good condition.
Do you know if it's related to a recent update? On other games I don't have this problem. Thanks in advance
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2021.08.01 01:58 Important_Read8159 We need a stranger things collection !!!!

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2021.08.01 01:58 El_Trundo17 Advice about buying a 2009 tig

Hi all thx in advance. I am thinkin about buying a 2009 Tiguan but I wanna know what I should look out for? It has 99,000 miles on it but I’ve never owned a vw. I’m guessing the timing belt will need to be changed, but other than that is there anything I should be concerned about?
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2021.08.01 01:58 zidelz Does anyone have any cooling setups for the Zephryus G14

I've been searching for a while for good cooling setups, I've found the couple of vacuum coolers on Amazon but didn't know if it's good for my laptop. So if anyone has a decent setup, can you let me know.
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2021.08.01 01:58 hippopotamus-- SCREAM!!

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2021.08.01 01:58 T-Dex270 placed first order! (i know no one cares)

i literally just 5 minutes ago placed my first order for a pair of hyper royals from sk, kinda nervous but I have high hopes!
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2021.08.01 01:58 Straight_Ad6698 Tonight's cigar. My 2nd ever. I'm hopeful. If you've had this before, tell me what you think. Open to all recommendations for future smokes.

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2021.08.01 01:58 campbuddy_ Homies, submitting your common app on Aug 1 does not add any value to your application.

Please take your time and work with the actual deadline.
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2021.08.01 01:58 tripoverastone Sokol lived here in Apt A when in 2011. Where does he live now?

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2021.08.01 01:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Yankees left hoping Gleyber Torres’ improvements will be enough at short | NY Post

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2021.08.01 01:58 TheBookJunkie27 #BeKind

I just want to remind everyone to be mindful of what they say online (in any platform, because someone said in here that reddit’s fair game because the islanders don’t use reddit. No, you’d be surprised how many islanders come in here. If not themselves, then their family. Paige & Finn from LIUK6 were on reddit a year ago doing AMAs)
For anyone who only watch the US, then you may not know that the UK Love Island has a history of past islanders committing suicide due to the hate they get online. And I’ve been seeing, that in this season, the hate on these islanders have been growing and growing more and more each day. And I don’t even want to hear the argument that “they’re in love island, they know what they’re getting into it when they joined the show” or “I heard he/she’s not nice in real life too so who cares”. No, babes, bullying is NEVER ok in any context. And people need to be reminded that we’re only seeing an hour of their life in there, and that hour may be tainted with editing and producer manipulation. We don’t know these people. Not really.
I just hope people would ease up on the judgment they pass on people they don’t know. So the things that happened in the UK, will not happen to the US islanders.
I’ll leave this quote for reiteration:
“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”
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2021.08.01 01:58 chuuckaduuckpro My sister dated her globe collection

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2021.08.01 01:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Kaapo Kakko may become key to Rangers winning Jack Eichel sweepstakes | NY Post

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