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Vaccine subscription for life?

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At that time, it’ll return to full price, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands will drop their price tags for a ... The Fort Bend Independent School District, an Equal Opportunity Educational Provider and Employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, disability and/or age, military status, genetic information, or any other basis prohibited by law in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment decisions. Streaming Live on KFOR.com KFOR News 4 at 4 a.m. | 4:00am – 5:00am | Weekdays KFOR News 4 at 5 a.m. | 5:00am – 6:00am | Weekdays KFOR News 4 at 6 a.m. | 6:00am ... RE/MAX Cobblestone 621 Tebeau Street Waycross, GA 31501 Rental: 912-283-9595 Sales: 912-490-RMAX Shipping & Handling. 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2021.08.01 02:36 Slow_Lavishness_3266 Vaccine subscription for life?

By getting the vaccine are you signing up for new shots everytime the media spreads the new strains delta alpha beta ect... ?
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2021.08.01 02:36 kawatzaki Custom made CRT Shader running on retroarch, playing outside with GF 😍

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2021.08.01 02:36 blancfoolien Do invisalign retainers decrease the need to keep your teeth out of the way during oral? Asking for a friend with big teeth and a small mouth.

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2021.08.01 02:36 jakeyjake123456 Hazard shots for the win

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2021.08.01 02:36 Customer-Sorry I'm a little overwhelmed (will give my short opinionon all of them)

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2021.08.01 02:36 EmotionalDirector130 Her yer renkli şeyler ile dolu, az gözünü dinlendir dedim

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2021.08.01 02:36 pablosus86 Please tell me this isn't a bed bug...

Found on my daughter's windowsill. I didn't see any in her mattress but still worrying. In Kansas.
It's dead. And I learned how dusty things are when you zoom way in. Dime for scale.
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2021.08.01 02:35 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Camila Kendra

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2021.08.01 02:35 sporty_kid I’m curious to see what you guys can get from this 🤔

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2021.08.01 02:35 SirBlabbermouth This is my first map for my little valley, it's mostly done and I was hoping I could get criticism and tips if you guys have any :)

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2021.08.01 02:35 rayzong83 Premium Godzilla Pass🔥 With the start of the new season of "Battle for Mankind!” and the renewal of the Godzilla Pass, the "Premium Godzilla Pass" is now on sale! In addition to the usual Grade rewards, "Premium Godzilla Pass" holders can get a number of other special rewards, including a ★4 Godzil

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2021.08.01 02:35 jawsy89 Beautiful job, Jason Witt. Way to get the win, Jason Witt. Excellent fight, Jason Witt.

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2021.08.01 02:35 EntireHelicopter2 [M4F/GM] The Landlord and the Coolest Apartment In Town

Ever cry into your pillow at night knowing that huge swaths of our generation will probably never be able to own a home? Do you consider yourself a zen, easygoing person who levitates through life, making things easier and lighter for all those around you--until your landlord tells you that they're raising prices 215% and you turn into a floating orb of pure hatred and resentment? Are you unnerved by the thought that your second-floor balcony could easily be accessed by anyone off the street if they had a running start and a whole lot of gumption?
It may be time to start looking for a new place. Something affordable, something in a nice neighborhood within walking distance of cool bars. Something away from all the noise, if possible. Oh, and not one of those neighborhoods that's so far out of the way that nobody wants to come hang out, or one where uber prices skyrocket just because you have the AUDACITY to be a renter on the East side of town.
Tap that into Zillow and see what you find.
Well, there's one place that's cheap and newly renovated, but you happen to know two friends whose cars were stolen on that very street. There's a building you have a friend in, but they talk about their creep landlord all the time. Probably not the best spot. There's a really nice spot... pretty cheap, too. Try and see what it would cost to Ub-oh nevermind. It's 4PM on a Sunday and it'd run you 50 bucks. No dice.
It's not even like some of these places fail to check a few boxes. Some of these places are totally broken or only check one of your boxes if you're lucky.
But hang on, what's this place on the bottom? Sunset Tower? Kind of a frilly name.
Oh, but what a find. It's got everything you want and more: Lots of windows, wide balconies overlooking the lake, free parking, in-unit washer and dryer. A block away from your favorite cafe, two blocks away from your favorite dance club, four blocks away from the train station. A dog park, a newly renovated gym, hot tubs and a pool on the roof.
Well, it's a nice dream, but we're not millionaires, we can't all-- $700 for a two-bedroom? Holy shit. How is that possible?
It's possible when you have someone who doesn't need a building to be their only source of income, somebody who wants to make sure housing is affordable to all. Someone who cares about reinvesting in the community in a way that doesn't involve knocking down homes and then building them back up at six times the price (Yeah I've read BOOKS).
It's also possible when you're trying to entertain yourself with a sort of Homemade version of The Bachelor.
See, this apartment is only accepting the applicants of women. Not that they'd advertise that, hell no. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. No, the application process to live at Sunset Tower isn't all that automated. Instead, it's painstakingly thorough and done by hand as the landlord (yours truly) searches up each applicant on social media and gives the stamp of approval on who he sees fit.
You see, I'm not going to act like I'm doing this totally out of kindness and love of my community. I am trying to get something out of it. But I'm not some greaseball who's going to offer you free rent if you let me nut on your face (I mean, that might be on the table-- and I'm no greaseball, but it's not the initial offer, is what I'm trying to say). These prices are legit, these rooms are real, and everything is as it seems. The only thing you may have to worry about is me trying to date every single woman in my building.
Hello! So, I'm bitter about landlords, so I wanted to toe the line between wanting to do a scene about my number one kink: Affordable housing.
Then I figured, why not follow it up with my second favorite: Polyamory.
My dream for this scene is to work with a gracious GM as we figure out just how many rooms we'd like to have at Sunset Tower (names can be deceiving. It could easily have as few as four apartments) and then work out who lives there. I'd love to do a scene where I play as the charming, socially conscious landlord (a total myth, but I read TWO prompts today about people wanting to have sex with Minotaurs so I feel like I should be allowed to have this!) as he runs the building and schmoozes with all his constituents.
I can rent to families (carefully selected. No dads can be in the picture), working class women, college girls, artists and writers (a soft spot of mine. They might actually get free rent) Celebrities, influencers, and anyone under the sun-- so long as they are lovely. I don't give a damn about credit scores, so the least they can do is have good vibes, right?
I don't really like playing sleazeballs, but I can see how that might be fun for some people-- and this is an objectively insane situation and character. I could go both ways and I'd love to discuss it further with you.
In my fantasies, the scene involves me slowly uniting women into some kind of polyamorous aggregate to the point where I might even start knocking down walls as people move in with each other and form mega apartments, and then eventually one big mansion is just suddenly there in the city. But that's the dream. I'm content to have this be a dating simulator or something like that. I'm flexible!
So to recap, I'm looking for someone to play the tenants of my building (potentially many, but we can discuss this) while I play the landlord.
Kinks and Limits
My kinks include: Multiple women, Group sex, lots of cum, tit sucking, tit fucking, dirty talk, hair pulling, pet names, rough sex, soft sex, creampies groping, spanking, having sex in public, at risk of being caught having sex in public, cowgirl position, reverse cowgirl position, dry humping, humping, grinding, heavy grinding, lap dances, outdoors, multiple orgasms, casual sex, loving sex/making love, loud sex, lots of moaning and grunting, quiet sex, neck biting, neck kissing, hickeys, love marks, kissing with tongue, make-out sessions, public sex, shower sex, kitchen sex, sex in or surrounded by water, underwater sex, sex in a pool, sex in a tent or camping site, school sex, sex on top of a roof, tight or cramped spaces to have sex, tight clothes, teasing, casual nudity, clothed sex, nude sex, love, romance, humor, incest, Celebrities or celebrities as face-claims.
Limits are your garden variety. Piss, shit, gore, vore, abuse, futa, age play (18+), bestialitiy. Anything else you're curious about, just ask!
Disclaimer about workload:
I've been RPing for about nine~ years or so, and almost all of that has involved some form of group scene (Harems, polyamory, reverse gangbang, dating simulators, you name it). I realized what my big kink was early and locked in. You can say I play well with others. As a result, I know how to pull my own weight, and you can be assured that I'm going to do that with you. That said, this scene isn't for everyone-- and I accept that.
If this has interested you or made you want to take up arms against your landlord, please slip something in my inbox (no chat, please)! I can't wait to meet you!
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2021.08.01 02:35 Professional-Depth81 Road to the show stuck

My guy is 73 overall and constantly getting better after 4 seasons and never called up. Im part of the dbacks organization yet i havent had my manager or the organization call me in any which way. I would like a trade or call up but like wtf. Wish they installed a phone to call you manager.
Any help on how to get called up or my manager to call me?
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2021.08.01 02:35 Turbo224 Fists of Fury

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2021.08.01 02:35 svanapps r/dogecoin - Meme time

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2021.08.01 02:35 LorianTheEpic7896 Cursed_Chemo

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2021.08.01 02:35 gringawn Did Seneca have sympathy by Epicureanism or even was him Epicurean himself?

He mentions Epicurus all the time in his letters to Lucilius
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2021.08.01 02:35 MarsIAm Willow, the local art dealer.

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2021.08.01 02:35 WoodenNet0 Robinhood reports a suspiciously higher market cap on AMC & GME

AMC as 07/31/2021

Broker Market Cap Share price Shares outstanding Math
Fidelity 18.58B 37.02 501,780,000 18,580,000,000/37.02=501,890,869
TDA 18.6B 37.02 501.8M 18,600,000,000/37.02=502,431,118
WeBull 18.58B 37.02 501.78M 18580000000/37.02=501,890,869
RobinHood 26.82B 37.30 N/A 26820000000/37.30=719,034,852
GME as 07/31/2021
Broker Market cap Share price Shares Outstanding Math
Fidelity 11.57B 161.12 71,815,000 11,570,000,000/161.12=71,809,831
TDA 12.0B 161.12 74.4M 12,000,000,000/161.12=74,478,649
WeBull 11.57B 161.12 71.82M 11,570,000,000/161.12=71,809,831
RobinHood 20.75B 161.30 N/A 20,750,000,000/161.30=128,642,281

According to the numbers above RobinHood appears to be seeing a significantly large number of outstanding shares for both GME and AMC that is not seen by the other three brokers. This may be evidence for the existence of the synthetic shares.
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2021.08.01 02:35 dontbefun Mire (Lil’ Wayne, Unsane) - [3:31]

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2021.08.01 02:35 One_Melee_Boi7355 What is Bob's Relationship With Flippy? (probrably not a friend bruh)

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2021.08.01 02:35 sarkah Me out in public

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2021.08.01 02:35 _-Metatr0n-_ George Orwell: Wells, Hitler and the World State

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2021.08.01 02:35 mcman12 Request: original Freddy Krueger sweater?

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