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2021.07.23 17:21 Jota-3010 Is it worth playing RDR 2 if you already know the main story?

Hello guys! I never thought I would play rdr 2 because of its price here where I live, so I watched a gameplay series Now, the game is in sale for practically half of its original price, but now I am not sure if it is worth it
Should I get the game? Without the main story, are there enough things to do around? Thank you already
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2021.07.23 17:21 0_69314718056 Where can I look for a smartwatch?

I'm in the market for a smartwatch, but I'm having trouble finding one I like. Where are some good places to look? It's hard to find one with the features I want, but I imagine there's an easier way than blindly using a search engine.
Here are the features I'm looking for:

I thought I had found one I liked with the Fossil Hybrid HR series, but they have a lot of negative reviews and I don't believe they're waterproof.
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2021.07.23 17:21 emchristiansen Can we please stop laughing at Cardano, and instead take them seriously enough to steal from?

We stole privacy features from ZCash, we're stealing fast finality from Cosmos, and we should steal social media savvy and narrative building from Cardano.
Claim: Cardano's social media savvy and narrative building are things worth learning from and possibly emulating.
Evidence: Cardano spent most of its life as a permissioned blockchain (bad) and still doesn't have smart contracts. But it has a huge mindshare, which you can see through Google Trends, CMC, or just chatting with random crypto folks at meetups.
Instead of laughing at poor dumb Cardanians, we should recognize that:
1) The vast majority of the crypto-curious don't have the ability to distinguish Cardano from Tezos at a technical level, and that's never going to change.
2) In the absence of technical distinctions, the crypto-curious will use what they do understand, namely what their friends and influencers tell them, as well as the inexact, narrative-based, reasoning available to them.
3) For nearly any definition of crypto "success", the most important determining factor is network effects. This is why Bitcoin and unmaintained projects like Litecoin have more users, transact more volume, are more widely recognized, etc.
Of the above, 3) suggests Tezos' most important goal should be expanding its network of users / holders. And 2) suggests the best way to do that is through social media and narrative building. Tezos-the-community seems to be coming to the same conclusions, but Cardano seems to be founded on those principles.
Evidence for social media savvy: Charles has always been _extremely_ active on social media, e.g. Twitter and Youtube (he does like 2 videos a week!). He's also interactive - you can ask him questions, even hard ones, and he'll often respond promptly. This culture of availability seems to have permeated the entire community, as evidenced by active Discord / Telegram / etc groups for many Cardano projects featuring direct communication with project founders.
Evidence for narrative building: Cardano has always been about roadmaps and grand visions, e.g. the famous whiteboard video. Cardano doesn't even have smart contracts, but they have a roadmap that includes sharding, governance, and decentralized funding, filled with pretty allusions to historical figures. They're selling a dream, they know it, and they're great at it. People rally around that dream, and with enough belief and effort, it might actually happen.
It's fine to criticize the failures of Cardano and emphasize the features of Tezos, but it would be intellectually dishonest to not also recognize the things Cardano is doing right. So let's stop laughing at Cardano. Or if we're going to laugh, let's also give them credit where it's due. And _please_ let's talk about how to steal from them.
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2021.07.23 17:21 AntiPoison36 What was the LP cutoff for the seasonal tournament last season?

Just hit masters for the first and sitting at 161LP. Im not gonna be able to play much in the next couple of weeks and trying to gauge if where I’m at will be safe.
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2021.07.23 17:21 HumbleConversation42 my favorite part of the platz enis video

its the close up of Tills face in orgy scene. i know its probably on purpose. its like hes thinking "WTF iam doing with my life".
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cristiano vs rashford. i say rash is better dribbler
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2021.07.23 17:21 Confident-Elk-823 👾🎮 Arcadia Games 👾🎮- ($ARCADIA) New NFT based gaming platform on BSC launched a few days ago! - Low Market Cap! 100% SAFE - 500$ Contest ongoing!🚀

👾Arcadia Games is a new gaming platform launched on BSC👾
Based on the $ARCADIAutility token, players will be able to build, buy and sell their own creations!
🚨>>Also there is currently a QuBo contest going on in our Telegram! We're giving our more than 500$ in ARCADIA tokens! Make sure to join in<<🚨
HUGE Potential. Easy 100x from here 🚀🚀 Only <200K $ MC! 📣📣
No Bots! 🤖🚫
No Whale Wallets! 🐋🚫
Contract Address: 0x0f34e543869c4ed6b4eb9b80f1fe12bbefc69be4
🤑 Purchase on Pancake Swap (v2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0f34e543869c4ed6b4eb9b80f1fe12bbefc69be4
🔥 100% LP Locked 5 years : https://bscscan.com/tx/0x323e6a4d99fc1ecace4bae7b5e78f6f7e634f8e1af8cd10c6a7cca5102f67402
🟣Tokenomics 🟣
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
15% Initial Burn 🔥 (Pre-Launch)
Tokens supplied on Pancakeswap: 85%
11% Tokenomics which is split between:
- 5% Automatic Holder Redistribution
- 6% Automatic LP Acquisition
This token cannot be minted.
The total supply is fixed and the contract ownership has been renounced.
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2021.07.23 17:21 IrlTree Help with Healthcare as German au pair

Hello everyone! I'm headed to Berlin to au pair for 10 months in September and I have a question about Healthcare. I have an autoimmune condition that effects my kidneys. It's in remission but it's good for me to see a nephrologist at least once a year to do labs and see how my kidney function is. How would one go about finding a specialty doctor like a nephrologist there. Is it covered under au pair insurance? Any help in this regard would really, really help. Thanks so much!
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2021.07.23 17:21 dianamisu After a heatwave the leaves of the bonsai tree became dry and brittle. How to get it back and healthy?

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2021.07.23 17:21 DawsonGeorge [Godguild] [Derby] Book 1: The Crypt Lord's Call - Chapter 21

[Chapter 1 and Chapter List] | [Cover]
“We’re supposed to destroy these things?” I asked.
A quick look at my [Log] was enough confirmation that yes, we were supposed to destroy them. Not just one, but five of them. I also got a quick count that I’d killed about a third of the necessary amount of Lava Crusts. Why was this quest so tedious?
“It’s not that hard,” Caleb reassured. “We just have to make sure that its in such a state that no more Crusts can crawl out of it. See that huge hole there? Essentially, all you do is plug it up so that no more nasty beasts can push themselves out. And that’s from the inside. We’d have to seal off the area too once that’s done, so that nothing from outside repones it again.”
“That sounds exhausting,” Levy said. He sounded exhausted by the mere mention of all that we’d have to do. I felt the same, honestly.
Caleb stepped forward like he’d planned to fall through the ceiling from the beginning. “Come on, no time to waste.”
We got to work. It was, as I’d suspected, long, tiring, and arduous. Caleb guided us to take out the spikes at the edge of the crater and make sure they collapsed inwards over the [Lava Spout] holes. We broke the first spike by hammering away at it with our weapons, and the crash sent up a cloud of dust and debris, causing another coughing fit. Damn lungless Skeletons only grinned through it.
I was afraid the ruckus was going to attract unwanted attention and soon enough, the Crusts were boiling out like monstrous ants angry at their anthill being disturbed. Lots of them too. Eight had climbed out in a few seconds, with several more coming out behind them. Would have been a difficult experience but all three of us worked together, the Skeletons weaving between the Crusts with their superior [Speed] and dodging abilities, giving me ample space and time to impale them with more [Stabelin] throws. I had to dive into the fray to retrieve my spear after the first throw, but my [Bonerang] was a handy distraction from getting blasted by lava bombs.
“There’s too many!” Levy shouted from one corner. We’d killed several but twice as many seemed to have popped out of the hole. He was surrounded by three Crusts, and he was about to say something but had to jump out of the way when all three shot him with lava. “Caleb, how are we supposed to stop all of them?”
Caleb looked back from where he was stabbing a rocky spike like it had called his mother a hamster. “What? Oh, just keep distracting them. I’m working on toppling these spikes that we can use to crush most of them. Chop-chop!”
Levy and I got too busy running around for our lives to properly curse Caleb for doing the easy job. I was fleeing too much, too busy not getting clawed to shreds or melted to a boiling, bloody pulp to get a hit on any of the Crusts.
All right, enough was enough. I charged at one Crust which had opened its flower to throw a glowing bomb at my head. Stomping on my fear and every instinct screaming at me to move and dodge, I stayed put until the last second. There were other Crusts moving around me to get a better shot but I was mostly keeping an eye on the nearest ones scuttling closer to swipe with their pincers. As soon as the bomb ahead came flying in, I dived to one side. The two Crusts that had been aiming to stab me collided with each other. They were too dazed—that downwards arrow symbol was swirling over their heads—to dodge the lava bomb. It exploded, throwing the area into disarray as the Crusts screamed in pain.
I threw another [Stabelin] at the Crust that had just caused the pandemonium. It died with a frothing howl, and I ran, grabbing my spear before making my way to Levy.
Who burst out of the smoke and dust and bumped into me.
“The fuck?” I staggered away from him. “Don’t tell me you’re being chased?”
“They’re everywhere, damn it.” Levy looked back. A second later, two more Crusts charged out of the dust. “Run!
I did. One of the cracks made me trip, but that was all for the best. The Crusts had thrown another salvo of their lava bombs, and Levy had dived as they sailed over our heads and caused yet another explosion. The Skeleton said I probably had great [Luck]. I had no idea what that meant.
“Aim them here,” Caleb shouted from wherever he was in the darkness up ahead.
I understood his intention. What a wonder my brain worked while I was in danger of being killed from every conceivable direction. Levy and I rushed away, dodging more lava blasts and pincer swipes as we made our twisting and turning way towards Caleb. I cursed the giant hole in the centre vigorously. Stupid thing made us take a roundabout way to where we needed to be.
“What now?” Levy asked.
“More dodging, what else?” I willed my heart to stop trying to climb out my mouth. It wasn’t listening, the stupid thing. “We need to make sure they’re all aiming at us. And then we dodge.”
“Easier said than done.”
“Never said it was going to be easy.”
The scuttling grew to a crescendo as the Crusts approached. Most of them had their volcanic flowers open, glowing with already-prepared lava bombs. I was being cooked alive. Adrenaline and the battle rush made me forget about it, but in this little moment where I was doing nothing but standing still, I felt every drop of sweat coating me everywhere, felt every spot of skin that had been scorched and blistered by the heat.
“Get ready,” Levy warned.
I nodded. The volcanos atop the hellish hermit crabs opened wide like Venus Flytraps ready to snap shut soon as we touched their petals. My body was on the verge of rebelling and just jumping out of the way against my express order not to do so. I was just about to yell at it to obey when the first line of Crust threw their bombs.
Jump!” Levy and I both screamed at the same time.
We dived out of the way. The rough, rocky ground dud into my shoulders and my back as I got back up as fast as I could. Hopefully, Caleb had heard our shout. All I saw was a dozen lava bombs flying through the spot we’d been standing at a second ago. They struck a rocky spike with too many dents and cracks in it, and the resulting explosion deafened and blinded me. I stumbled backwards as the top half of the spike crashed down, crushing half of the whole gang of Crusts attacking us.
A spear flew in and stabbed one of the survivors running about like panicked insects. Levy. Swallowing, I got to my feet and used another [Stabelin] to murder a Crust with its volcano still open for some reason.
Knives flashed in, killing two more as Caleb charged past the spot I was standing. “Come on, we need to get the other spikes.”
Levy and I retrieved our spears, following behind Caleb as fast as we could. The surviving Crusts rallied and charged at us. I ate another [Eyeball Berry] to boost my [Stamina]. We repeated the process, dodging until Caleb had weakened the rocky spike for the monsters to destroy with another well-timed barrage of lava bombs. I was better prepared to handle the crash.
“Last one,” Caleb said, leaping right across the giant hole in the centre. He didn’t even flinch when he splashed into a pool of lava, moving as though nothing had happened. “Hurry!
We did our best to hurry. It was actually harder this time with most of the Crusts dead and no more climbing out of that infernal hole. What the hell would it be like to jump into that? Levy and I killed the last two Lava Crusts after they’d shot their lava bombs. Sadly, that wasn’t enough, nor was it enough to only kill the Crusts. We needed to destroy the Spout too.
Caleb sighed. “Seems I’ll have to display my secret powers. Avert your eyes, my new friends. Any who are too weak get vaporized as soon as they stand witness to my greatness.”
“Get on with it already,” Levy barked.
Caleb pulled a knife in each hand. He stabbed both into the rocky spike, striking it over and over, each blow faster than the last until his arms were a blur. Chips flew off it fast enough to act like bullets in a battlefield. In seconds, the spike creaked and then crashed down to the ground. I hastily stepped back so I wasn’t crushed or sprayed by shrapnel.
“Is it done?” I asked.
“It is, Caleb said, rubbing the dust off his hands. “Finally.”
The hole was now blocked with a large mound of rocky debris. Lava was dripping into it, both from the waterfalls on either side and from all the corpses of the Lava Crusts. Nothing was going to come out of it anytime soon.
Caleb turned to face forwards. We were so busy dealing with this, I’d hardly noticed there was a passage beckoning us from the other side. “It’s time to—”
The ground shook. It wasn’t a regular tremor like an earthquake. Oh no, this felt like something was ramming into the earth under our feet from beneath the surface. Something was trying to get out.
“What is that?” I asked. It was an effort not to sound scared out of my mind.
Run!” Levy yelled.
We ran, even Caleb. The passage ahead was dark and I brought out a [Torch] to see what was going on. There was much less lava here, especially compared to the fall we’d been subjected to back then. The farther we blitzed forward, the less the shaking affected me. Or it was growing weaker, whatever creature that had been thumping away now finally deciding that it was time to stop.
“Caleb,” I called. He was leading the party at the front. “You going to tell us what that thing was?”
“You don’t want to know,” he said. “There are monsters in the depths of hell you never want to meet. Some populate this region, and a lot more are spread throughout the sector. The creature you want to know about will leave you traumatized, if you even escape in the first place.”
I turned to Levy. “What the hell is he talking about?”
“Do I look like Caleb-talk expert?” Levy shut up after his sudden snap, before quickly opening his mouth again. “Look, every dungeon has a boss right? We had the [Skelton: Ogre] back in my dungeon. This thing following us is probably this dungeon’s boss.”
Oh right, that made a lot of sense. “How do you know it’s following us?”
“I’ve been here before too. Never went as far as Caleb claims he has and I didn’t really fight the Crusts much, but I know what goes on in here.”
“Could have said that before.”
Levy didn’t get to reply to that. The passage curved to one side, several side corridors opening up on either side, all of them containing more Lava Crusts headed our way. We confronted them all, killing them in moments. I really should have checked both my [Log] and my [Status]. Hadn’t I killed enough of those crusty crabby bastards to get to the next Level?
But the ground shook again.
I stumbled through a short passageway into another chamber, larger than the others before. “Oh shit.”
There were two Lava Crust Spouts here. One was just left of the entrance, the other nearer to the exit at the other end of the room. The whole place was shaking violently, little rocks and dust raining down from overhead, and I couldn’t even talk without the fear of biting off my own tongue.
“Two of them?” Levy clattered away. How lucky he had no tongue to bite off. “Why are there two in the same spot?”
“That’s not the worst thing here,” Caleb said.
He was right. The shaking stopped and I was considering that we could finally start taking out the damn Spout, but then the farther Spout exploded. It was like a violent volcanic eruption, stones and lava flying off into the air. But I didn’t see any of that. My eyes were glued onto the monstrosity climbing out of the giant ole.
It was like a Lava Crust, but gigantic. Thing was the size of a dumpster truck. The volcano on its back could comfortably hold an RV, and it was permanently open and overflowing with bubbling lava. Two beady red eyes glared pure hate and murder near its frothing moth. It howled as it thumped towards us, the ground shaking at its every step.
New Mob!
You’ve encountered a [Lava Crust: Cancer]. Someone decided that a crab should be a constellation. This crab, however, is the terminal kind.
Level 14
Health: 310
Attack: 125
Defence: 400 [Magic Resistance: 50]
Speed: 25 [Sprint: 30]
“How do we kill that thing?” I asked. I had my spear pointed at the monster, but I was busier frantically thinking of how I could take it out.
“It’s weak in its belly,” Caleb shouted before rushing at the monster.
The Cancer clubbed at him with its giant pincers, but Caleb was too agile, dodging out of the way of the swing with ease. As he passed, he swiped at the creature’s leg. It screamed as a long gash bleeding oily, black blood seeped down its leg. Caleb didn’t stay still. As the monster whirled on him, bringing its pincers down to throw up a blast of cracks on the ground, Caleb rushed under its belly. He sliced along its underside but the monster sat down. Caleb slipped out before he was crushed to bone dust.
I got what I had to do. “Levy, we needed to take out the spikes. Come on.”
I charged at the nearest spike while the Cancer was still distracted by Caleb. I activated [Rad the Impaler] and my [Speed] seemed to go up. My spear took out a chunk of the spike as I rushed past it, but it didn’t collapse. Shit.
But Levy was there. He followed up with his own charging spear attack, and the spike of rock toppled.
The Cancer screamed and shot little blobs of lava from its mouth as the spike of rock fell on it. Caleb took advantage of the distraction and stabbed it in another leg and its underside again too. Levy and I dodged away as it swiped a pincer at us, but its effort was half-hearted at best as it immediately rounded on Caleb, who jumped back.
“Next one,” I shouted at Levy.
We charged once more. This time, I had to swerve past the giant hole at the middle of the crater. Thank goodness there were no crusts climbing out of it.
I started one more [Rad the Impaler] but Caleb shouted from where he stood.
Watch out!
I stopped all of a sudden. The Cancer had frozen as well, sinking low on the ground so that its guts hung no more than feet over the cracks it had caused. Then it jerked up fast as a piston. All the accumulated lava on its back exploded upwards and outwards like a miniature volcanic eruption, shooting everywhere like a storm of meteors.
“Take cover,” I shouted.
I rushed behind the rocky spike, pushing my back against the pillar. What a stroke of luck I hadn’t destroyed it. Maybe Levy was right that my fate was blessed or some such shit. Speaking of, my Skelton buddy joined me behind the pillar and we waited together as the lava crashed down, bursting into little bob-like explosions wherever it touched down.
We didn’t waste a second once the rain died down. “Come on,” I yelled. My throat was going to be so fucking hoarse.
The Cancer was busy swiping at Caleb again, its ass turned towards. Just what I needed. Levy and I broke the rock spike so that it fell on the Cancer. It screamed in annoyance again—I was pretty sure we weren’t hurting it—but thankfully it didn’t fart at us either.
The next one was easier. Caleb got caught by one of the swiping pincers. I didn’t see how, but I did catch that one of his knives had got stuck in the monster’s legs, and he’d probably been unable to dodge in time. He’d been sent flying crashing against the far wall and being swamped by a glob of stray lava. I didn’t even get the time to feel shocked. The Cancer was upon us in a heartbeat.
Its pincer tried to strike me and Levy with the force of a charging bull. Both of us dived at the last second, and the swipe took out another rocky spike. Its base crumbled and the pointed column topped onto the monster. It screamed and fell back.
“That’s enough,” I said. “We need to draw it in.”
“What are you planning to do?” Levy asked.
“Take out the rest of its legs. Caleb’s already done most of them, but we need to make sure it can’t move at all. Then we can take it.”
The monster started dragging itself towards us. More lava was bubbling on its back. It would be ready to blast another eruption soon enough.
Now Levy!” I shouted, then rushed at the Cancer.
Its frothing mouth sent out another mini blast of lava. I was too close to dodge but I wrapped myself in my [Crypt Lord’s Cloak], pulling my hood low over my head. The lava splashed all over me, and though the heat was very distracting, it wasn’t terribly painful.
I dived under it.
The cloak rippled around me and my [Bone Kilt] rattled like a xylophone, but I was under the beast. It tried to sit down, but after lowering itself a feet, it stopped. I grinned. All those spiky pillars we’d thrown down had rolled underneath the Cancer when it had moved, and now they propped it up. Leaving me ample room to use my spear.
“Take this, asshole!” I stabbed with my [Obsidian Spear].
The first hit didn’t do too much damage. I stabbed in again and there was a tiny dent this time. The Cancer started screaming once again. It tried to crush me with its weight, and though all the rocks cracked and chunks broke off, they kept the creature well above me. All that happened was that it made my spear dig in deeper, resulting in its screeching rising another octave.
It took some effort but I managed to pull my spear out and stab in again. Then again. And again. Over and over until oily hot blood was pooling all around me. The Cancer wasn’t moving. Levy must have finally taken out the rest of its legs.
I levered myself up a little and pulled out my [Obsidian Spear]. One last blow to end it all. I swung, bringing the spear around in an arc that ended with shoving it halfway into the Cancer’s guts. The monster shrieked out, spraying everything with the lava from its mouth. Its belly started to glow. Oh shit, I must have punctured its back, and the lava was spilling inside. Perfect. I pulled out the spear as fast as I could and staggered away as the belly grew bright enough to flood everything with light.
The Cancer’s guts exploded as I just made it out. Burning lava splashed down to the ground as the monster moaned, and I hurried away before the lava caught me. No point in testing my cloak’s limits.
“It’s dead!” Caleb said. His clothes were in burnt tatters and he was missing a chunk of his rubs, but he was otherwise fine. “You did it, Theo. You killed it.”
Levy joined us. “And the Spouts?”
“Get the spikes. The lava should take care of the rest.”
We got back to work. I don’t remember what I thanked, but I did thank something that there weren’t any more Crusts crawling out of the holes. Though climbing would have been hard with all the lava falling into the hole. In about another twenty minutes, we’d made the remaining rocky spikes collapse, the lava from the dead Cancer fusing all the rocks together so the holes were completely plugged.
Looting the Cancer’s corpse was impossible with all the lava there, so I left it to rot.
Dungeon Raid Completed!
You’ve defeated the Dungeon boss! Don’t get too excited. Despite the notification, you’ve just peeled the skin off this hot potato. Don’t go any farther. If you die, who’ll tell your grandchildren how cowardly you were to go farther?
Objectives Completed
· Killed Dungeon Boss: [Lava Crust: Cancer]
· Killed 64 [Lava Crust: Crabs]
· Destroyed 3 [Lava Crust Spouts]
· Explored 17% of Dungeon
· +3780 Experience [XP] [750 Dungeon Clearing + 2480 Kill Experience +550 Discovery Experience]
· Crafting Skill: [Weaponsmith]
New Skill!
You’ve learned Crafting Skill: [Weaponsmith]. Oh look, you now know how to make killing things! Now you can appear like a proper professional instead of like one of the enraged villagers hunting Frankenstein’s monster.
[You now have the ability to Craft weapons]
Despite all the Experience and the new Skill, my eyes were focused on the percentage of the dungeon I’d explored. Only 17%. What the hell? That seemed grossly unfair. How far did this thing go?
“There… aren’t any more of those things, right?” I asked. It was a reasonable question.
Caleb shrugged. The motion made half his vest fall to the ground and turn to ash. “We’ll see. But the Treasures aren’t far from here. Let’s go.”
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