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How do I learn to chill?

2021.07.23 16:30 violet_terrapin How do I learn to chill?

So I started a great new job and that's awesome but I have an officemate who is a very nice person but she is so NOISY! She slurps her coffee, her phone is constantly ringing loudly, she smacks her lips, she even types noisily. She is only there half the week but I have found myself dreading my work day when I know she will be there. I don't want to request another office or officemate as we are in a crunch for space and I feel like it would imply something is wrong with her and I acknowledge my inability to chill with the constant noise is my own thing. What can I do to make it better?

Some info...I can't wear ear buds at work and I already tried soft music to help distract me and it does little to do so.
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2021.07.23 16:30 VIRGIN-GOD-X I’ve never had a vacation and it feels fucking amazing. My wife hates me tho.

Hello there fellow apes ;)
So after working 11 years without a vacation I thought it might be due to take a break from work and actually enjoy life.
Well my vacation started 1.5 weeks ago and the only thing that I’ve done during this time is that I’ve read every single DD I could get my hands on and now my wife doesn’t appreciate the fact that I haven’t been paying attention so much to her.
My wife knows about this GameStop saga and she is hoping for the best (obviously), but clearly she doesn’t know how fucking important and cool it is to just hold and see the hedge funds bleed out dry.
Now before you all gon hate on me and say my wife will divorce me after the MOASS, well that’s not gonna happen because of the prenup she made me sign.
Since you all know, today is the 23rd of July which means what?
Later apes and apettes!
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2021.07.23 16:30 WastedStateMedia Math time: An octane experiment

I played 10 games to see how many octanes I would come across, whether it be on my team or fighting against them. 7 of my games had octanes on my team. 8 of the games had octanes on the champion squads, And in 10 games, I ended up fighting against 16 octanes (yes, I counted) So my question, is anyone as bored with this as I am?
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2021.07.23 16:30 hytch Deep Blue Something - Everything But "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

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2021.07.23 16:30 lovely__opal AITA I never heard from someone I thought I had plans with so I texted them kinda upset and then they insulted me

This is a guy that I matched with on Tinder a few years ago but we never met and we recently started talking again. I mentioned that I was going through some mental health stuff and he asked what, so I shared with him that I have an eating disorder, which I do not tell like 99% of people that I know. His reaction to that was very sympathetic so I didn't feel like I was really oversharing. I also shared with him that my boyfriend and I were taking a break.
On Sunday I thought we were going to hang out after he got off of work. He had surgery the next day (Monday) and would be recovering for a while so I was under the impression that we would definitely hang out that day. He even said that he wouldn't be able to see me for a few weeks after the surgery, so that was the only day that we could see each other. I texted him while he was at work saying that I was still down to hang out. I waited for hours to hear from him at all but never did.
I didn't hear from him again on Monday and on Tuesday I texted him saying " You could have just canceled. Have a nice life." I was under the impression he was just completely ghosting me and I honestly took it personally because I had just shared with him about my mental health problems after he had asked.
Yesterday I got a text from him saying "I was really tired from work and I had surgery the next day. I can see why your boyfriend left you, you're a selfish person. Have a nice life indeed."
I wouldn't have been upset if he had just canceled on me. I was under the impression that we were almost certainly hanging out after he got off work and I was waiting to hear from him the whole evening. I even canceled plans with someone else because I knew I wouldn't be able to see this guy for awhile after his surgery.
I've been ghosted in the past by people I met on Tinder and normally I don't bother texting them again. In this case it really hurt my feelings because I had opened up to him about stuff I don't tell many people.
I can see how it was rude of me to text him to have a nice life but in my perspective he had just completely ghosted me after asking me to tell him about my mental health problems. So AITA?
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2021.07.23 16:30 dabblezxc Selling Steam Acc for $20/PHP1500 via PayPal/GCash

Selling my 3 year old acc. 25+ games, clean, no VAC bans, CSGO Prime with 100+ items in inventory (Skins and Cases). Also has interesting titles such as CS, CS: Source, Half-Life 2, Portal 1 & 2, Hitman 2, Hitman Absolution, Just Cause 1 & 2, Tomb Raider, Payday 2, For Honor, and Euro Truck Sim, plus many more. DM me for more info.
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2021.07.23 16:30 smuggiglet Love is an orchid which thrives principally on hot air.

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2021.07.23 16:30 OriginalAndre Can’t we all just get along!?

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2021.07.23 16:30 polevaultingzombie VS. SCIENCE MAN ?! — screenshot redraw

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2021.07.23 16:30 Kulpark Dialga 4502 1606 0281

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2021.07.23 16:30 GapPsychological4477 "Oh no, my king" - not Eric Rosen

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2021.07.23 16:30 noblecloud Garlic bread all the way down

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2021.07.23 16:30 JanePoe87 What is the your most preferred bike shop to buy road bikes?

I just moved here and I am trying to buy a road bike that is budget friendly
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2021.07.23 16:30 Tired_forest_nymph Why is every bully in real life and in movies, someone who goes to the gym and trains/loves football, are all people who love football naturally agressive and have fragile ego? Why do people who train and like football lack basic empathy? What is wrong with them? Why are they always rude?

This is long. It is a rant. But also a question. I honestly feel frustrated at people who like football since in my experience and people I have known who were bullied, they always are mean and bully you. Please feel free to at least try and read my rant and see my pov before accusing me of generalization/hate. Maybe you can try to understand my experiences before writing angry comment

I know this will get hate but hear me out. Also I bet that since this is long no one will read it and hate comments will appear and I will be downvoted since footballers cannot handle anyone disliking their precious gem and sport. They can't handle anyone having different opinions. I have been bullied for over 9 years in school. Every guy that bullied me was part of the football team and trained football and loved exercise/the gym/having a very muscular body. Other people who have been bullied in school are always bullied by footballers. I have had the occasional mean person to me, but they never straight out went sarcastic with me, wished me I was dead, punched me in the stomach and told me I will die alone, without a boyfriend with 100 cats and I am weak and have no skills and loved to make me cry and smirk. There was this guy, that grew up, his mother and father cannot speak or hear, but they can see. He went through a lot of bullying for it and even fought the guy. But lost and was sent to the hospital for a broken hand. Another girl was punished for slapping a boy who touched her. That boy was also a footballer. People who train football all seem to be naturally insane, big, pretend to be tough and go for someone who is clearly autistic, has ADHD, sits alone and doesn't talk or is naturally shy. It is always a gang of boys who train football, that come to your table and start touching you inappropriatly and ask you - What do we have here? A p*ssy? - and then they throw food at you. People who like football also have a weird obsession with intimidating other people, scaring them to get food or money or anything out of them and love to control them and keep them in fear. It is extremely easy if the person can't fight, talk or run away. But for the footballers, hurting someone who can't fight is a sign of manliness. But hmmm, they never go for someone their size or bigger. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why~? Maybe cause they're dumb cowards who only know how to kick a ball but can't act appropriatly to other people and act nice for once? They always go for the easy. Does being a ''man'' consist of beating your wife, screaming at your team and bullying your classmates, mate? They have a weird thing going on to prove them selves to be the strongest and biggest while also making everyone small and hurting anyone they don't like, simply cause they are bored.

Every bullying story I have heard, from people I went to language club or martial arts with and someone online. Whether you fought your bully, like most did, or tolerate it and never hit anyone and became suicidal like me until you asked a teacher for help - Every bully likes football and the gym. Is there a psychological connection between football and being insane and lacking empathy? I mean, sports can be rough, but I have had people who train tae kwon do and karate, people who trained volleyball and basketball and all kinds of things. Sports are agressive and competitive. Guess what? None of these sport freaks, ever, ever told me they wish I was dead, insulted me or became sarcastic. What is wrong with people who like football? Why are they so bad? Why are they so agressive? Why do they project their insecurities on a person who uses a wheel chair, is black, or suffers from asperger? It is never someone who trains tae kwon do, tennis, volleyball or hell any other sport. A boy may be rough and tell you to move, but none of them ever threw food or books at my head and laughed at how manly they are. Footballers seem insane and obsessed with their favourite player, xbox, having the perfect summer body, owning a car and hitting the gym. Also bragging about how much ''sex'' you have. Like yeah, I am totally sure your teen/young adult body can last for 6 hours. Yeah, mhm, totally.

Why isn't any other sport agressive. And I mean football, european football, American doesn't count since it is twice as agressive. But literally everyone who owns a P*nis and likes football has been a total a-hole to me, insulted me, told me to shut up, and pushed me around. It is another thing that I lack backbone, but it is not only with me. They seem disgusted by anything they concider below them - A not sassy h*ey girl that puts on make up and destroys you verbally, a person from another race, a person with mental illness or in a wheelchair. They seem weirdly obsessed with weak people and ''showing them their place'' and weirdly sexist, making sandwich jokes. In my country most boys are like that. I do not care how much cars you own, how much girls you've dated and how much you like Ronaldo or Messy, f*ck off, a-hole. And before anyone accuses me of ''generalizing'' just see how your fathers and uncles react when their teams loses. People who watch football always either beat their wife, punch walls or get extremely dramatic like your team losing has the same amount of pain as having a terminal illness and you having only one month to live. On the stadion where people watch they throw these objects that create light and destroy them selves when they create light, I don't know what you call it. These pyro stuff that people throw in the stadion, you know them. I think I treat everyone the same. I sometimes have bad days and suffer from chronical depression but I try my best to smile. When I greet boys I wish them a gooday or a good morning and they sometimes tell me the same and sometimes they don't. I am rarely friends with them but at least they are polite. I can't even talk to them or greet them. They always glare/smirk and mumble and look at you, like you're an alien

With the shitty footballers they look like insane feral children and scream at you and tell you to F*** off so they can take your place. Jeez, you mentally okay dude? I sometimes wonder who would love them but I remember that their mothers and girlfriends have the same intelligence as them. Which is none. I mean, we all have bad days and we all lash out, but to people like me, who are bullied by them I only see a constant mean side, without anything to deserve it. They act rough like you have broke their car, killed their parents and their 2 dogs and pissed inside their waterbottle. This is how they treat anyone. I thought humans are normal people that use their intelligence but footballers act extremely childish and animalstic. People who like football usually only care about winning and are extremely rude and selfish. I have been to football,volleyball and basketball contest in school and it is always the footballers that stomp with their food, roll around like bear cubs and scream like they are possesed by a demon. The volleyballers and basketballers just said some curse once or twice and said the whole match sucks, but they never blow it out of proportion like those who like football. I know people will tell me I am horrible and generalize but it is a phenomenon I see. Most boys aren't my friends even if we have something in common like anime and video games, but they never really insult me or tell me to ''F***' off''. They at least try to listen to me when I ask them what time it is and answer me or help me, when I can't offer my bottle since I am fragile and weak. Usually girls and boys that I have been with and have experienced bullying, all seem to suffer from the same person - Someone who practices and likes football. It is like terrorizing someone and liking football are connected but I can't understand what the connection is. A bully can be anyone but nope, it isn't.

I know football is agressive, competitive sport, but so is any sport, yes, even ballet, but it ain't an excuse for being a total absolute b*stard. Hockey is agressive, yet no one came to me to insult or curse me. They all seem to have toxic masculinity/fragile ego. These are the same people that would treat cleaners and waiters badly because they think they are below them and can get away with poor behavior. Why does anyone like them and concider them leaders? They have no positive characteristics other than to shout and insult and order others around and be constantly in control. This is not a way to lead or motivate your team. I used to hate all sports cause of the footballers but now I just hate football since only amoral bad people like it. I try to convince my self time and time again that exercise, practicing in sport and lifting weights, doesn't make me dumb or less of a person like them. Because exercise helps with my depression and also helps me build muscle and balance. I literally cannot explain to my self logically why does society praise horrible people like them. They act nice only to their family, friends and gf, and act horrible to literally everyone else. Just try to be chill and civil, the cashier or the waiter you shouted at just now, also has life problems you football jerk. I feel like these people feel like the whole world revolves around them. Why are they like this?
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2021.07.23 16:30 PotatoBulletGun Sukuna on Twitter - Baal will come first. SUBJECT TO CHANGES

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2021.07.23 16:30 05ish02 What if, monkeys voluntarily chose not to evolve into human beings, because they knew they have to work and earn money to survive.

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2021.07.23 16:30 KeroseneSoup Wild wasteland not showing up

So I started a new character and wild wasteland is no longer in my traits, it was there when I made my last save last week, but now it’s not in the list. Any reason?
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2021.07.23 16:30 spencelogan Hey is anyone looking for a Barney Wilen- La Note Bleue or a K. Flay - Don’t Judge A Song By it’s cover? The record store I work at has 1 of each and was wondering if could help anyone out that didn’t get one of these! Will do a phone call sale (979)-704-3059

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2021.07.23 16:30 Light_Eagle Shark socks

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2021.07.23 16:30 Negative_Difference4 July Week 3 Weekly Chat

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2021.07.23 16:30 sparkmel_90 [Gifted] Small just because gift

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2021.07.23 16:30 HitamiMix Butler Diablo with Rimuru

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2021.07.23 16:30 j_a_vv Road trip animation with low poly aesthetic

Hello guys, just wanted to share here something that I like doing: animating long road trips with a low poly aesthetic, hope somebody can also enjoy it

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2021.07.23 16:30 JohnnyJones225 You wanted to slide but I decide you un-alive

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2021.07.23 16:30 Maxacat Uta Koepke

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