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(Small Exploits) Chapter 4

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2021.07.23 16:56 Engr00 (Small Exploits) Chapter 4

When Elaria exited the office I asked her “so, what happens now?” The question was met with a bit of indifference as she waved him to follow her out of the base.
“Well, let's head to an inn first. There's only so much daylight left, and today was more than an experience to say the least.” Elaria said with exasperation.
Leo decided to start up a conversation as he followed her toward their destination, hoping to ask a few questions that were on his mind.
“Uh, thanks for covering for me. I hope I didn't cause you any trouble with your superiors.” I said with a grateful tone and an apologetic look.
She took a moment before responding. “Well you don't have to worry about me on that front, since I was relieved of duty.” She started casually, but still seemed to have a pained expression.
“Wait, was that because of me!?” I asked in surprise, with a mixture of guilt.
With a half hearted laugh she told me ‘yes and no’. ‘Yes’ he caused the injury, but ‘no’ he should not feel responsible for what happened. This received a questioning look from Leo, so she went on to explain why she was let go. As Elaria continued to explain the laws surrounding her situation, Leo’s blood pressure spiked in anger.
“They boot you out with nothing! And because of such a minor injury!” I yelled with no regard for the passersby that continued to look my way.
“Shh, calm down. I understand the feeling, but that's just how it is. Besides, the head of the guard basically saved me by letting me keep the equipment. Now I can sell it and live off the coin while I recover.” Elaria said, trying to placate him.
“That's, just not right.” The words directed to no one while trying to reign in his emotions.
He looked around while they continued to their destination, when he finally remembered the concerning question that he wanted to ask. “ Why are there only women around, or am I missing something?”
“Simple, selarin’s have a ten to one birth ratio. Men are kept at home, or work in less public jobs.” She said casually, as if it was common knowledge.
A bit taken aback by the response, Leo’s mind started cooking up what implications that would have on their society. Would Gender roles be reversed? Since with so few males, they would be seen as the ones to be protected and sought after. Socially, women would be the more advancing and pent up sexually. The entrance guards comment and all the stares suddenly made a lot more sense, as well as making him feel a lot more vulnerable.
“Huh… So do the other races have such an...imbalance?” I asked, still processing the information.
Elaria looked at Leo with a questioning look evident on her face. “Yes, with the closest ones to a ‘balance’ being the dwarves and elves. Dwarves are two to one and elves are between three and four to one, but both have their own issues. Dwarves can only conceive one child once a year, and elves' conception periods are completely random from person to person.”
“That's kind of nuts…” His eyes wide with contemplation.
“So, what are the ratios and conception periods of humans?” she asked with a raised brow.
“It's one to one, and almost any time of the year.” I said with the same casual tone that matched her first, then she stopped walking and just stared at me in complete disbelief. “That's bullshit.” She said, not really directed at anyone. Leo simply shrugged, not knowing how to respond.
Leo decided to save any more questions for when they got to the inn, as Elaria seemed to have lost quite a bit of mental energy. When they got to the inn, it looked like every other stone building around it as well, but it was single story. Leo was confused when they entered, as most of the space was taken up by people sitting at tables enjoying their meals and drinks. A kitchen and bar being situated at the back was manned by the first selarin male he's ever seen. The man was two feet taller than Leo, with broad shoulders and squared features. The man had on a tight fitting short sleeve shirt that seemed to accentuate his build.
Initially most of the women in the establishment had a vague gaze that drifted toward the large selarin man. But as Leo and Elaria approached him from the entrance, all of them slowly shifted to Leo. ‘Knowing what I do now I would have been flattered with an added boost to my ego, but I can't help but feel like I walked into a mini Jurassic park.’ Leo thought, while being both aroused and deeply terrified at the same time.
“ Excuse me, my name is Elaria and this is Leo. We would like to rent a room for the next two months.” Elaria said to the selarin.
“The name’s Kesl.” Kesl introduced as he looked between the pair. “Single bed I assume.” He said with an amused expression. This prompted Leo and Elaria to both lighten a shade.
Elaria coughed before speaking. “ Er..Eh.. Well we would prefer two beds for the moment.” She said while glancing over at Leo with a look that he couldn't discern.
“Well sure there are a few rooms available, but two beds will cost you about half as much more than a single.” Kesl explained.
“And, how much are they?”
“ For one month the price is fifty copper for a single and seventy five for a double. Three meals a day included. ” Kesl answered to Elarias distraught. Leo looked over at Elaria, as the guilt weighed on him for causing her predicament.
“Well take the single bed.” I said with confidence, while thinking ‘ I can just sleep on the floor I guess. Wouldn't be any different than the past two days...’
Leo looked over to Elaria who stared at him, mouth agape and as light a shade as when he carried her through the town. Leo was about to apologize for deciding what she should do with her money when she slammed a silver coin on the counter and spoke.
“ YES, we will take a ‘single’ bed.” Elaria blurted out clumsily.
A little caught off guard by Elarias display, Leo stood there perplexed. Kesl gave them their room number and what floor it was on. Leo’s thoughts shifted away from Elaria, to what the innkeeper said.
“Floor?” I asked, remembering that this was a single story building.
Kesl Smiled. “Ah, it's your first time in Selaria, we get that reaction from newcomers every so often. While other races construct their buildings going up, we build downward.” Kesl explained, but his expression changed from smug to confused at Leo’s reaction.
“Oh, that makes way more sense now.” I said, now understanding why most buildings were not more than two stories. If they could work and maintain stone to the degree that he saw simply walking through town, then why not just build down instead of up.
“Well that reaction is new. Are you from the dwarven kingdom then? They are the only ones who work with the earth as well as we do.” But before Leo could answer the question, Elaria interrupted.
“As much as we would love to entertain each other's questions, I am somewhat exhausted and would like to shut in for the day. So I'll need Leo to help me down the stairs to our room.” Elaria said while nudging Leo in the direction of the staircase.
When Elaria and Leo got to their room, Leo went to take a seat on the chair next to the bedside table.
Elaria started removing her armor, and told Leo that she was going to rinse off in the bathroom's shower. ‘Huh, indoor plumbing?’ Leo thought whilst looking down at himself, recognizing that he needed a clean too. Hiking almost three days without a shower made him feel very far from fresh. After a while of waiting Elaria walked out of the bathroom in just her underwear.
“Well that was refreshing, I had some dirt stuck in between my scales from our little ‘tumble’.” Elaria spoke while thoughtlessly crutching herself toward the bed.
Feeling that he was heating up at the sight of his half nude roommate, Leo elected to make for the bathroom before she noticed his bright red face.
“Huh, Oh. Sorry, I didn't know you needed to use it that badly.” Leo heard from outside the bathroom door.
Trying to calm himself, Leo noted that she was very nonchalant about her open display. ‘If that's the norm because of that fucked ratio, then my lack of social skills in that particular area is going to take some time to get used to.’ Leo reflected while wandering into the bathroom. There was a wide toilet, a sink with a mirror, and what looked like a large standing shower. There were also two bins on the floor by the door, both having a large rune with one of them glowing. Inside the bin with the glowing rune was the rest of Elaria’s clothes, neatly folded.
“Cleaning magic maybe?” I thought out loud.
Walking over to the shower, Leo noticed that there wasn't a water faucet. Looking at the side of the wall he saw a palm sized dial with a large number of small runes on it. Turning the dial, some runes lit up and a dense cloud that started raining appeared at the top of the shower. The water was initially cold, but the further he turned the dial, the hotter the water became while more of the runes lit up.
“Well that's fucking cool.” Marveling at the apparently simple application of magic.
Leo shed his clothes, placed them in the other magical laundry bin and hopped in. After a much needed shower, Leo retrieved his clothes from the bin, now warm and smelling a bit fresh. Looking over at Elaria’s bin, he realized that a t-shirt and sweats didn't seem like very durable garments. He would have to buy some new clothes, which meant he needed money. ‘Fuck’ Was all he thought.
Leaving the bathroom feeling refreshed, Leo took up a seat on the chair once again. Looking over at the bed, Elaria was laying on her side, sheets loosely covering her as she held a longing look.
Leo turned a bright shade of red, and gulped.
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