Go! H: J/E/50drwa 50. Cal W: Enclave aligned flamer barrel mod |

H: J/E/50drwa 50. Cal W: Enclave aligned flamer barrel mod

2021.07.23 17:45 BLUR-M4R1NE H: J/E/50drwa 50. Cal W: Enclave aligned flamer barrel mod

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2021.07.23 17:45 DNAgent007 I’ve got a wedding to go to next month and need to decide which tie clip to wear. Going full nerd.

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2021.07.23 17:45 XstanYouTube elvish yadav leak video

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2021.07.23 17:45 a_sensitive_plant What plant would work above a west facing window? In the spot I circled? It will never get direct sun and the light would come in below the plant, but the room is bright all afternoon. Thoughts?

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2021.07.23 17:45 carson-n-9873 Today's the start of the 2020 Olympic Games, so Here's all the countries that hosted the Olympic Games and how many they hosted

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2021.07.23 17:45 Nigerian_Prince216 What's your toxic obsession?

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2021.07.23 17:45 LackmustestTester BC Heat Wave Caused by Natural Climate Variability, Not Global Warming: Extreme Weather Expert

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2021.07.23 17:45 CryptographerNo1557 🚗 🚗 TeslaSafe 🚗 🚗 Just Stealth Launched! Anti-Whale Protocol

Have you heard of TeslaSafe ? Now is your chance to get into TeslaSafe while its still a baby! Let's come together and Moon this. Based dev's, active community, what more is there to ask for?!
📊 LOW MC ✅
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🔥✅ Burn: 50%
🔒 ✅ Locked liquidity on dxsale
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2021.07.23 17:45 CMDRcody019 Post-war log?

Keeping it short and simple, is there a mod/option that saves the results of all the wars (casualties, fielded divisions, essentially all of the information that you see when you observe the war participants screen) so you can look back at the previous wars after the peace treaties are signed? Not that important, just curious to look back at how damaging the prior wars were.
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2021.07.23 17:45 SUBWAYJAROD Ethical work?

With the basic function of many industries causing harm, exploitation of a larger systematic problem, or being fueled by conflict, does ethical work exist? If I were to say I disagree with the state of our world and not wish to contribute to it negatively - but instead contribute positively, what jobs exist to do that? I have difficulty even defining positive as it almost seems like positive would have to UNDO the negative directly, not just be neutral.
If there are neutral jobs that would have absolutely no positive or negative impact I'd like to hear about those too if you happen to think of any.
Here's an example of a scenario I fear. I go out to sea to save the animals and remove plastic and netting, but I could try to do that for the rest of my life and only make minimal impact, with companies profiting while creating work for me to undo. At that point I might have wished I were in the law field to put heavy restrictions on the companies causing these problems.
I would rather be getting closer to the roots of problems rather than chasing a toddler as they throw garbage everywhere, desperately picking up trash.
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2021.07.23 17:45 FinneganMcBride Does anyone here actually understand the anima, fully?

I've read pretty much everything Jung has written about the anima, and, contrary to what you'd probably expect, experienced it quite strongly over an extended period of time, in projections and internally, but I still have no idea what it is. Can anyone help?
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2021.07.23 17:45 cursedace New Exclamation Mark Since Update?

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2021.07.23 17:45 just_2_frogs hi im 17 and i just finished up writing the first two chapters of my story so if you could critique it that woulf be very appreciated :)

the story is a fantasy story about revenge which it also evolves into a bit of psychology horror but still mostly its just a fantasy story
heres the link :
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2021.07.23 17:45 frugaleater13 Favorite Filipino bitter dishes, especially less well-known ones?

What are your favorite Filipino dishes that have bitterness as a main component? I love bitter flavors (for example, I don't salt my ampalaya before using) and bitterness also happens to be a distinctive flavor in Ilocano cuisine, which is my heritage on my mother's side. Growing up in the US, I only heard about dishes other than the most well-known ones (like ginisang ampalaya or traditional pinakbet) from my mother or in passing when talking to older folks who grew up in the province.
For example, my mother recently told me about how she and her mother would forage for the "papait" leaf to use in a simple salad with bagoong isda, or how a little bit of bile would be added to a rare or raw kilawen kalding (kambing) similar to the way bile might be added to a Lao or Isaan beef laab (which works deliciously, btw).
So anyway, what are your favorite (or most despised) Pinoy bitter dishes?
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2021.07.23 17:45 Ben-Bartley They cared a little about the wars but nobody protested or anything over that. But when a billionaire decides to go into space… that’s not ok. Denounce

They cared a little about the wars but nobody protested or anything over that. But when a billionaire decides to go into space… that’s not ok. Denounce submitted by Ben-Bartley to PoliticalHumor [link] [comments]

2021.07.23 17:45 yellowgerbil Am I the only one

Am I the only one who worries this show will wimp out on showing the extreme misandry and flawed nature of the women in power of Wheel of time, particularly the White Tower. With the state of entertainment being so feminist I worry they won't have the guts to show the full scope of these power mad morons and the promotional material so far hasn't helped with that worry. Everytime they describe this show for the general audience out there they do it by raising up the Women's role in it almost to the point where it sounds like a show centered around Morraine instead of around the 5.
I'm hoping that it is a all a ploy to really put the wool over peoples eyes and surprise them when the characters learn of how incompetent the tower is as the series progresses compared to the fiction their lil' country minds have been led to believe of powerful wielders of power for the protection of the common man.
While I love the cast (particularly think perrin's actor has got the perfect look for that quiet strength) the change of race from a single "type" to a hodgepodge screams checkboxing which I find an awful and racist practice, but not to go down that whole political rabbit hole too far here, just feel there are alarming signs that this show is putting politics over telling a compelling (and correct to the spirit of the books) show. I see Rafe as someone who really loves the show and think he has its best interest at heart but he is only one man and is beholden to Amazon and with revelations that they are really mismanaging Lord of the rings and that Bezos mandates shows do certain things I worry that Wheel of Time will not have the backbone to keep the complex and flawed characters alive.
I hope I am just being a pessimist and this will turn out to be the greatest adaptation ever, I really do, but so many little signs worry me, and have seen too many projects fall apart because of pushing this stuff, that I worry Wheel of Time will be a victim of it as well.
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2021.07.23 17:45 Deputy-Ro Dialga on me ASAP 3490 0649 0690

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2021.07.23 17:45 LSAT_Blog LSAT Logic Games W Conditional Rules

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2021.07.23 17:45 Gowermenos RAID DIALGA!!! 2018 0924 4403 Go Go Go!!

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2021.07.23 17:45 Xtreme_GamerXG1 Griff is human?! (I thought he was some random creature like gene but he has a human neck)

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2021.07.23 17:45 That-System-1111 🌑🌑 TeslaSafe will go to the moon 🌑🌑How can one become TeslaSafe millionaire? Here is my 2 cents. Spread the word. TeslaSafe is the only Crypto Asset that has done a 80% pullback during this bear cycle and fully recovered. No other cryptocurrency has done that.

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🚀We've been encouraging everyone to HODL this entire time, not for just the protocol, but also for yourself. TeslaSafe is still the most hyperdeflationary token in the world and during the bear cycle, it's showing it's true strength vs other projects true colors.
🚀 Extremely low MKT cap (very very very good sign)
🚀Very attractive, unique, and legit business practice
🚀 This will x 1000% once other exchanges add this
🚀Reddit army will leave Shiba Inu and ride on this soon.
🚀A genuine rocket.🚀
🌈 Contract: 0x1d68ac7bd51cddfa6fb3c749cdce95c4a7681ba5
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🔥•FuZion Vision•🔥

  1. Teslasafe - Hyper deflationary Token engineered to be the most deflationary asset in the world.
  2. Rice farm - DEX , Mining. Adding a 2x yielding value to TS (Charts launching soon)
  3. Boba - Stablecoin pegged to USD. You'll also be able to stake TS to earn USD pegged USDB
  4. BTCe - Synthetic assets pegged to Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, etc - you'll be able to stake TS to earn these assetes
  5. Launchpad - You'll be able to stake TS to earn tokens
  6. NFT - You'll be able to stake TS to earn NFT's or trade or sell your own NFT's
  7. Lending - think AAve where you'll be able to Lend your TS for APR
  8. Games - lotteries where you'll be able to use TS to win games (high risk - high reward loterries)
  9. Listing on centralized exchanges will boost value even more.
  10. Bridging all DApps to the top 7 blockchains in order to add more community members.
  11. Absorb those 7 blockchain communities into our very own Superblockchain aka “FuZion”
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2021.07.23 17:45 Carnivorous_Vegan1 Tired of powercreep? Join Classic+ (EUW)

Classic+ is a EUW community driven project to bring the gamestate closer to the original experience by reducing damage, healing, mobility and utility. Mainly this project aims to reduce the powercreep surrounding the game. Currently we have over 50 members and looking to grow bigger!
How does it work? The games are played on the official League of Legends servers in custom games. There is a ruleset that players must abide to. The ruleset gets rid of certain champions, items, in-game activities and there is a fixed runeset for everyone. Example of the ruleset below.
Complete ruleset: https://gyazo.com/ac5c8082d7ff5ab987759794f8de5ee8
If you are fed up with the current gamestate and looking for a chill experience, you can hop into our Discord server: discord.gg/uattYay9VN
We’re a small but growing community, trying to hold games regularily. Everyone is welcome!
Hope to see you there. -Mih
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2021.07.23 17:45 CliveTolnay The newest album from the rap group 'Marios With Attitudes'

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2021.07.23 17:45 Bergusia The Means of Production. Part 16

Part 15 can be found here.
Ithsak checked himself in the mirror. There was no longer any doubt. His plumage was changing colour slightly. The pale blue and green had become darker, and at the same time richer, more lustrous. And it wasn't just him, the other colonists were changing too. Ever since they had started eating the locally produced food, instead of the processed rations from the homeworld. It wasn't just outward colouration either, he felt better than he ever had. It was easier to stay focused longer, and he didn't need to rest as often. He felt strong and confident, as if he could work all day without tiring.
Turning from the mirror he headed outside to start the day. Even his vision seemed a little better than normal. The colours were a little more intense, and he noticed just how blue the sky really was. Tathic waved to him from a distance before turning towards the starport out past the edge of the colony buildings. He was sure her own soft feathers were shifting much more than his own. Her usual muddy reddish colouration had turned a crimson shade with black tips. It reminded him of some of the images in the museums on the homeworld. He had always thought the artists had enhanced the colours in their creations, now he wondered if perhaps it was the people that had been brighter and more colourful back then.
He headed in the other direction, to the other edge of the fledgling town and his parked transport. Carefully built from replicated parts, it was little more than a frame on four wheels, a motor and steering column. But it was faster than walking, and truth be told, Ithsak enjoyed bouncing around in the contraption as the wind blew over him and ruffled his feathers. His first stop for the day was the dam, where he checked the monitors and confirmed everything was within tolerances. He could have done it all remotely from home, but there was nothing quite like doing it in person. And he got to look at the lake that had formed behind the wall. Power for the colony from the turbines, and water, precious water both for drinking and growing the food the colony needed to be viable.
First task complete, he headed to the nearby replicator. No longer sitting alone, it was surrounded by large warehouses, all constructed from replicated patterns. Seven of the nine were packed with everything from domestic water filters, to entire "kit homes" that could be assembled quickly as the colony grew. Ithsak was by nature a cautious being, as well as industrious and so had sensibly used part of his time to prepare for potential disasters as well as opportunities.
One of the remaining warehouses had been dedicated to storing surplus food. Fitted out with both refrigeration and drying equipment, it meant the young colony was one step closer to being self sufficient. Half full already, he considered constructing a second warehouse dedicated to the same purpose well away from the first. Centralization could make things easier to manage, but splitting things up gave greater redundancy if something were to go wrong. Like a group of scientists accidentally blowing up a replicator unit while trying to figure out how it worked.
Which brought Ithsak to the last warehouse. Converted to living quarters and workshop space, the two senior researchers and their four assistants had shown remarkable restraint and not attempted to interfere with the replicators operations, instead simply observing. Leltac, the eldest and leader was an ancient male with plumage that had long since faded into shades of grey and white. He had heard out Ithsaks' suggestion that they simply ask the humans how it worked, and was somewhat surprised by the answer. "If all else fails, we certainly will, but for now we must learn by the example we have in front of us. The humans themselves backwards engineered this from technology they acquired, let us see if we are as intelligent or knowledgeable."
Ithsak had wished them luck, and privately wondered how far they would get. He had read through the entire operations and maintenance manual several times, and was still not convinced the device wasn't violating several laws of physics. Regardless, it worked and had made his life and those of the colonists easier. If it was somehow bending rules, he just hoped the universe continued to look the other way.
Pulling up next to the device, he checked the last patterns' progress. Complete, he powered the unit down and opened the side doors. He spent the next hour rolling large coils of flexible agricultural pipe outside, stacking it together for later transport to the growing farmlands nearby. The scientists could have the machine for the rest of the day, he would queue up new patterns for construction overnight. So far it had worked out fairly well, they got information from their monitoring devices, and he got things built. During the day they could continue examining the machine without impacting production significantly.
His next stop was more pleasure than work, even though he had been involved in some of the early planning and had organized some initial communications. He found himself on a familiar hill overlooking the original farmlands. They had been considerably extended, and there were plans to extend again. But that wasn't why he was sitting on a hill in a fold out chair, data pad in hand and checking the remote cameras he and the others had set up. What was about to happen deserved to be recorded, and he wanted to see it in person as well.
He heard the faint roaring sound before he saw it. It was a massive flying brick, three hundred and fifty meters on a side, and equally as high. With a faint boom it dropped into subsonic flight and slowed gradually to a hover. It had taken months of checking and double checking but finally everyone was convinced this was relatively safe for all involved. Potential biohazards had been checked and rechecked, and then checked again. Content there was minimal risk, the biologists and agronomists had signed off on the project.
The ship hovered for a short while, checking for the locator beacons before drifting almost to surface level. Ithsak made sure the cameras had a good view and continued to record while he watched from a safe distance. There was a loud grinding noise from under the ship, loud enough to be painful if you were too close. The noise stopped and a few minutes later the ship rose into the air, moved to its next plotted position and repeated the maneuver. Behind it a hundred newly planted trees stood almost a metre high. The ship carried a thousand trees and the equipment to rapidly plant them, multiple species suitable for the local climate and valuable either as potential building materials when grown, or as a food source as several varieties of fruiting trees were mixed in the group.
Ithsak panned one of his cameras around to get a better look at a nearby hill. Almost all the colonists not directly involved in todays activities had come to watch. He got a good shot of Tathic wearing a headset and standing a little aside from the group, staying in communication with the ships above. Another boom overhead made him change focus. A second ship had slowed and was joining the first on a parallel course. In orbit overhead he knew three Soaring Sun class human freighters would each be loading and dispatching more seeding ships. All told there were over two million trees on board the three vessels and the machinery to maintain them while in transit.
He carefully checked each camera and made sure it was recording properly. Humans, he had come to learn, loved entertainment even if it was a simple as watching machines repetitively plant trees. If something so simple could bring them happiness, he was happy to oblige. They were helping bring this world back to life. The least he could do is make sure they got to see it happen. That's what friends were for.
It was becoming obvious some serious miscalculations had taken place. Not only were the humans revealed too early, but they were having a far larger impact than intended, and in all the wrong ways. Information was not flowing up the ranks as it should. The purge had removed potentially unreliable personnel, but at the same time had removed useful sources of information as well.
Worse, the hastily organised plot to involve a senior military individual and let her take responsibility for Krelltis' death had backfired spectacularly. Not only hadn't Krellti had the good grace to die, the attempt had brought in an Operative. But not just any Operative, one with a personal involvement. There had been the hope that he would have been appeased with Ultaris, removing her would have seemed the logical move, but no, he had seen past that ploy and now both she and others in the military were on the lookout for traces of interference. Worse, the Operative was still out there, an almost invisible shadow. One with a personal grudge and the skills to seek out those he held responsible.
And behind that? Someone must be behind it all, it was all too skillfully played. Too many chances falling the right way to be accidental. And now the Mirminer were involved, that raised the stakes to a whole new level. They must be part of the pattern, but what was the pattern, and who was crafting it? Until more information became available, the smart play was to wait. Wait and quietly rebuild.
Triglinith, fifth daughter of the seventh twig of the ninety sixth branch of the four hundred and fifty second Tree of Mirminer and First (and only) Diplomat of the Mirminer was standing on the surface of an alien world. Not just an alien world, there were many worlds in the Mirminer territories, but a world outside their sphere of influence. It had taken considerable courage on her part to step out of her ship and into the grounds of the embassy that had been provided to her. This world was wild and untamed, full of potential threats, both small and large. It was alive, far more so than any world of the Mirminer.
There had been no centuries long attempts to remove everything that could be dangerous. Here life and death were a constant whirling dance. In every direction were things that could potentially be fatal. That were fatal on a moment to moment basis to some other life form.
But for all that, the grass underneath her was soft after the hard decking of the ship, and the air was sweet with a thousand different smells. And above there was a sun shining. She paused and let the fine 'hairs' covering her change colour. A memory crossed her mind as she drank in the natural, sweet tasting light. A memory from her research on the humans. It had made her wonder for a moment if somehow her people had once visited this world before, as unlikely as it seemed.
It was of a fictional being they called an Ent. Creatures who were dying out because their females had all been lost. Somehow the illustration had struck close enough to the Mirminer body shape to feel familiar, and the plight of the Ents mimicked her own races potential plight only too well. The only major difference was all the Mirminer were female, there never had been males.
Had there?
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2021.07.23 17:45 californiapissed Hands are tied

I owe $534 to the IRS by Monday, because they basically refused to withhold my taxes from 2020 Pandemic UI. I got my notice almost 2 weeks ago and have been trying to contact them since.
I can’t get to a rep over the phone. I created an account with the website, but in order to set up a payment plan they decided to add hoops to jump through. I don’t have a credit card, auto loan, student loan or mortgage, so I can’t even register my account.
It seems like I just a sitting dick for them to levy my bank account or make my life a living hell.
What am I to do at this point?
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