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15-year-old Harold Jones murdered two little girls

2021.07.23 17:34 CountEveryMoment 15-year-old Harold Jones murdered two little girls

On the morning of 5 Feb. 1921 around 9 a.m. 8-year-old Freda Burnell went to buy poultry grit and spice at Mortimer's Corn Store on Somerset Street in Abertillery, Wales. She would arrive at the store where 15-year-old Harold Jones was working. He would be the last person to see Freda alive.
He would somehow get the girl to the chicken run shed belonging to Harold's employer. This was where he would attack and kill the girl. He would tie up her elbows behind her back, and ankles together. She would have been gagged, and he would attempt to sexually assault her. He would hit her in the head with an ax handle and strangled her with a cord.
Later Freda's father would go and search for the girl, but she could not be found. He would go to the shop and ask if she had been there. Harold would tell him that she had been there, but was only there for 10 minutes and said that she was going to ask her father if loose poultry grit was okay. By 3 p.m. police were informed of the girl's disappearance. For 6 hours they searched for her, but could not find her. At 10:20 to 10:30 Harold kept others from the shed and went to it on his own.
Freda's body would be found at 7:30 the next morning. She was concealed in a bag still bound with the cord still wrapped around her neck. It was noted that traces of corn Chaff was found on her body. The police would look at the shed that Jones and his employers only had access to. Inside the shed, the ax handle used to beat her and her handkerchief was found hidden among sacking.
Harold would soon be arrested and tried for Freda's murder on 21 June. He would remain calm at trial even during his testimony for his own defense withstanding rigorous cross-examination. His employer Hebert Mortrimer would provide an alibi insisting that his son and Harold were working in the store before they were sent to deliver a sack of potatoes to a customer around 10 a.m. His father would also testify that Harold did not leave the home that night and leave Freda's body where it was found. His testimony was corroborated by his wife's and it was noted that he exhibited good behavior with young girls.
Evidence showing that Freda was likely killed by Harold. He had contradicted himself on several occasions in the initial inquest. Despite this after the jury deliberated for 5 hours and he would be acquitted for Freda's murder.
There were numerous supporters for Harold at the time. Many believed that a 15-year-old could not kill and sexually assault a young child. After a private reunion with his parents, they would be escorted to a local restaurant to eat. At the service, Harold would state "I thank you all. I do not hold a grudge against the people of Abertillery for the horrendous ordeal I have been put through." One of those who would greet him would be George Little a neighbor who would say "Well done, lad. We knew you didn't do it."
This would be a statement he would soon regret.
On8 July and 17 days after Harold was acquitted he noticed 11-year-old Florence Little and her sister Flossie outside his home on 10 Darran Rd. Harold would ask the young girl into his home to help him run an errand. She would go inside the home and be attacked. He would instantly partially strangle the girl and dragged her to the kitchen. He would beat her in the head and temple with a plank of wooded before suspending her head and neck over the sick where he grabbed her by the hair and slit her throat with his father's pocket knife.
He would wrap Florence's head with a grey army shirt and concealed her partially dressed body in the attic. He washed all the blood he could find and then proceed to take a bath. Florence's mother would come to the Jones home in search of her. Harold would tell her that she was there at his front door, but had run off.
At 11:15 p.m. police were notified of Florence's disappearance which led to the house to house searches, and woodland and mountains were searched. There were hundreds of volunteers including Harold Jones.
Police would still suspect the boy of this killing. When asked he repeated the lies he told Mrs. Little. With his father's consent, the police searched the home at 8:30 a.m. and Harold would sneak out of the home knowing she would be found.
Police found that the trapdoor for the attic and a table nearby was blood-stained and had evidence of an attempt of being cleaned. They searched the attic and found the little girl's body outstretched on the rafters. An extended search of the home led to the blood-stained knife, a small egg-saucepan filled with blood and water, a blood-stained plank 19 inches long beneath the boiler.
When Phillip Jones was informed of the girl's murder he left the home to perform a citizen's arrest on his son. The two would then go back to Darran rd where Harold was placed under arrest.When the public heard of Harold's arrest for a second murdered girl around 500 people case to the local police station requesting that he be let free.
This was when Superintendent Lewis would address the crowd. "I have found the body of a child in the attic of Harold Jones, foully murdered, and I have arrested Harold Jones. I think this is all I can tell you and it would help us if you disperse and go to your homes."
On 11 Julyinquest into Florence Little's murder began. On 23 July the jury took 30 minutes to find Harold guilty of murder. During this inquest, Harold was adamant about being innocent. While waiting for his trial in November though on 17 September he made a statement about the motive for the crimes. He said it was " a desire to kill" that led to the deaths.
On 1 November 1921, he was tried in front of Mr. Justice Bray. The trial only last one hour and was ordered to be detained at His Majestys Pleasure. Harold was under 16 at the time and couldn't be subjected to any capital punishment. He would state that he also killed Freda because of his "desire to kill".
The grocery store was relocated and the Mortimer's moved. He felt guilt and may people were blaming him for giving a false alibi and it helped allow Harold to be able to kill Florence.
Harold would get out of prison on 6 December 1941. He would go and join the Merchant Navy. By 1948 he would then reside in Fulham, London, England under the name Harry Stevens. He would then go on and have a family and go by Harry. He would get bone cancer and die on 2 Jan. 1971 in London, England. At the time he was going by Harry Jones and before he died he would tell his wife to put Harold Jones on his death certificate.
Both Freda and Florence were buried in Brynithel Cemetary. Over the decades their graves would fall into disrepair. In 2017 a local author Neil Milkins helped raise £4,000 to help restore the graves and in 2018 they were able to do that. Family members of the girls appreciated that the graves were restored.
SOURCES: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Jones_(murderer)
https://murdersinhistory.blogspot.com/2020/05/murders-of-freda-burnell-and-florence.html (my blog post on this.)
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2021.07.23 17:34 SilverStory6503 First class package to Europe

Well, just for fun, I'm going to add my experience here, even though it's not over, yet. I'm just wondering if this is normal.
After checking UPS and DHL rates to Germany for a small 2 pound package ($200+), I took it to the post office. So far it's been 16 days in transit and it just left the country, I think. The last scan was a "departed" from Dulles Intl Washington. The good thing is, the shop that is fixing my item will be sending it back via UPS. They are only charging me 30 Euros for that. Weird the shipping cost discrepancy.
So, hoping someday to get my item back in working condition again. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath after reading other peoples' experiences. Has it always been like this, or is it a COVID problem (staffing/closings)?
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Basically no one I know in real life watches it, so would be nice to have some friends to chat about series, different anime to watch ect!
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This line is actually several lines with no possible place for the passengers to go unless they follow the line to the end. It starts in City A, where a bus is taken to a dock. A ferry takes them across a river to a train station in the middle of nowhere. Ride the train and then it's another bus ride up a cliff to a major transport center where they can take a final bus to City B or a ski lift to City C.

I triple checked all the connections and vehicles and they're all connected (highlighted when clicked) and appropriate. I'm guessing the distance might be too great, the time to follow the line to the end is too long, or the passengers don't like/understand that there are four stations they have to pass through to get from their starting city to their destination.
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I often wear panties, chastity, and a butt plug while doing delivery runs in kelowna. I want to make a naughty group in kik and snap to share my experiences and hopefully deliver to one of the groups members some time. I would let everyone know when I'm getting on shift and when I'm out for delivery and you never know maybe I'll give you a naughty delivery ;) dm me if interested.
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i pissed off webbz
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@UKGamesExpo: Public Health Solihull have issued further COVID check requirements for entry to the Expo as of 23rd July 2021. These are detailed here: https://t.co/IWhVL4EuzH #UKGamesExpo #UKGE2021 https://t.co/5xwFG77Y7g submitted by bishmanrock to UKGE [link] [comments]

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Hey all. I’ve started hosting a Terraria world with my friends, and I’ve noticed pretty big lag appearing for me. It’s not network lag, but FPS lag. My game normally runs perfectly fine on single player, and my friend FPS is fine. Are there any tips to solve or reduce this?
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Win this huge PRS Guitars Giveaway with Boss Amp & Effects Package featuring a Custom Color PRS S2 McCarty 594 in Dark Amber Smokeburst, a Boss Nextone Amp and the highly sought after Boss Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender MKII Germanium Fuzz! A $3,492.95 Value! {us} (07/31/2021) submitted by yukon4paws to giveaways [link] [comments]

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So, stab always deals critical damage, and ignores defense when omori is sad, right? My theory is that stab ignores defense when he is sad because when omori stabs himself in white space, he's presumably sad, so when he's going to stab an enemy, his instinct is to deal critical damage, and if he sad, he doesn't want to let defense stop his attack.
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Totally agree, but its also worth remembering which half of the island specifically voted to reject a UN backed plan for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation || Bu adamın ilk kez türkiye yüzde yüz haksızdır demediğini gördüm submitted by aliveli2 to Turkey [link] [comments]

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2021.07.23 17:34 platonic_thoughts AITA - (29M) I’m sick of having to tell my spouse to stop doing hazardous things around the house (continuing to cook while the stove was burning, using a pot without a handle, leaving large crafting needles out when we have a puppy roaming). I micromanage her, now i’m looked at as the “bad guy”.

Title has it all..
Married 5 years, no kids, no assets..
I’m sick and damn tired of feeling like I have to micromanage my grown adult (28F) wife, as she does things that are extremely worrisome (events similar to the posting title).
I’m reconsidering having children with her because of this.
I blew up and told her “I’m tired of micromanaging you. If you were on top of things I wouldn’t have shit to say to you” .. but her response is to the likes of me being disrespectful towards her.
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Hi i want to talk so i can practice and get more fluent in english because im thinking to go abroad once i finish my degree and english is always a good item to have. Feel free to pm me and lets chat!
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2021.07.23 17:34 Perfect-Squirrel7932 Is masculinity a turnoff in modern dating?

Hi everyone! This is really a question directed to all the women on here as I would like to hear their thoughts. So a little bit about me, I’m a recent college grad and will be studying medicine. I’m 5’9” about 190lbs would consider myself a 6 or 7/10. I do a variety of what I would consider “very masculine things.” I’m a firefighter, played high school football, am in a college fraternity, work hard labor jobs like landscaping, I like working on cars, play the guitar, I enjoy hunting and fishing, weight lift etc. I have been struggling to get into a relationship and am always having a hard time relating to the girls in my peer groups. This is especially difficult in bigger cities where male femininity is preferred. It seems that all of my conversations end up super dry, I always show interest in who I’m talking to but it never gets reciprocated. For example, if I mention I’m a firefighter, it gets shrugged off and I get responses like a blunt “that’s cool.” The rest of the conversations are always me asking her the questions, and still getting short responses. This type of stuff really kills my self esteem and confidence.
When I look at others’ relationships, it seems that the men are all tall, super skinny, lack ambition, and don’t partake in masculine activities. Is this a shift in dating culture? What are your thoughts?
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