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Jeff Yass, Susquehanna

2021.07.23 15:59 BoltFlower Jeff Yass, Susquehanna

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2021.07.23 15:59 TrendingB0T /r/unexpectedfortminor hit 1k subscribers yesterday

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2021.07.23 15:59 Blackertony All 120% EZA types are awesome and expect one.

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2021.07.23 15:59 KamielFuller Wild ride of a campaign

So, for a little context, I am a relatively new DM, only having run a couple of short campaigns in the past. I am currently running a solo campaign with my friend. For reference, the relevant characters are: - Kestral, the Aarakocra monk, played by my friend and the only PC - F-002, a warforged fighter, and Goose, a homebrew penguin race wizard; both NPCs roleplayed by me and controlled by my friend during combat - Marquis, a twist villain NPC artificer - The Apostles, a group of 14 NPCs that worship the god of chaos and are the main villains of the campaign - Gorz, my homebrew god of darkness and the moon And last, but not least, - L’egg, the purple pseudodragon, roleplayed by my wife and the team mascot
Our story starts in a little hamlet that is suspiciously silent as the party arrives. Upon some investigation, they discover that everyone is hiding in their houses as a wyvern had taken residence in the town. The party was implored to help the town by slaying the wyvern, which of course they said they would. Now, a thing you should know about my friend is that he always likes coming up with atypical methods for dealing with problems that are somehow incredibly effective. Instead of facing the wyvern head on (they were level 4 at the time), he decided to set a trap for the wyrm. With the help of the local blacksmith, he and the other NPCs set up a pile of barrels filled with very combustible materials in a field and used mage hand to hold a net above it. They got the attention of the wyvern and lured it over to them. Now, wyverns are described as “Aggressive and Reckless”, so of course it charged forward without thinking, running right into the trap. They dropped the net, which the wyvern failed its check to dodge, ensnaring it in place. Once it was bound, they ignited the barrels, sending the whole thing sky high. The wyvern only had a couple HP left, so they easily killed it the next round.
The next story starts at the base of Marquis’s tower, guarded by a sleeping young green dragon. The party had decided to venture here on their way to the Apostle’s castle because they had heard Marquis was a powerful magician and might be able to help them, and because he was the fathecreator of F-002. Marquis was very receptive and helpful to the party, giving them food, rest, and helping them learn about various subjects of magic and science. However, during the night, the party hears strange noises from the basement, so they decide to investigate. There, they find several severely unethical experiments. I’m talking things like humans who have had their limbs separated and reattached, a pile of souls inhabiting a single black pudding, and a hand that houses a homicidal rage. Needless to say, everyone was PISSED. It was then Marquis came down to the basement and said “Aren’t they beautiful?”, like a psychopath. My party adamantly disagrees, telling him what he is doing is unethical and downright evil. At this point, Marquis got ready to fight. He raised his staff, a green glow pouring from its end, and said “You can’t see the truth?!? Then I will burn it into your-“, but he never got to finish his sentence. While Marquis was focused on the party, L’egg had snuck behind him and pricked him with her stinger. Now, if you know anything about pseudodragon poison, you know that it is extremely potent. If you fail a DC 11 Con save by 5 or more, you fall unconscious. Well, Marquis rolled a 6, and just like that, my big fight was ended by a CR 1/4 monster before it even began. From there, The party proceeded to tie him up and loot the tower. They found some dangerous chemicals (specifics are lost to me) and his gadget stash, which was a plethora of magic items that allow you to cast all the spells that the Archmage has prepared, including a pocket watch that can cast time stop. Remember that; its a surprise tool that will help them later.
Fast forward to a couple sessions later, and the party is staring down the castle that houses the Apostles. All of them are high CR monsters (upper teens), with all sorts of dangerous magical abilities, so of course the party has no chance in a head-on confrontation. But, of course, my friend had a plan. Kestral told everyone to stay back as he headed to the castle alone. About 100 feet away, he called on Gorz, who is fond of Kestral due to past events that are not too important. Gorz asks Kestral why he has asked for his aid, and Kestral requests some boosted magical power. Gorz agreed, permitting Kestral to upcast his next spell by two levels. Kestral uses Marquis’s Pocket Watch to cast Time Stop. Seeing as Time Stop is a 9th level spell, I have no clue what having a deity help cast it at 11th level would even look like. Therefore, I made the decision to use the Rule of Cool and basically told him that time would stop until he said so. Using his temporary godly power, Kestral took his time and lined up all the Apostles on the bottom level of the castle and use all the dangerous chemicals they got from Marquis to collapse the whole building on them, while also casting all manner of spells using the other gadgets he had at his disposal. He left the castle, lightning, ice, and fire, primed to destroy his enemies. Once at a safe distance, Kestral simply says “Perish”, as time resumes and an enormous explosion erupted from the center of the castle, killing all but one of the Apostles.
While I was a bit bummed that he always found ways to basically destroy my encounters, I am also really thankful for getting to DM in these moments, and hearing the joy and pride in his voice as his plans worked really lifted my spirits.
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2021.07.23 15:59 xlueixef [FT] Fang [LF] make an offer

Fang is currently in boxes
Ungifted =]
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2021.07.23 15:59 Cagedfox1 Adora's scent.....

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2021.07.23 15:59 LEON-BIG-BOI Dear randoms don’t do this

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2021.07.23 15:59 MG_Official Hey everyone! This is the Shokuhō team. We are back to update the Mount and Blade community with the progress of the mod. Enjoy these new images showing off the possibilities of Bannerlord and our progression. Enjoy!

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2021.07.23 15:59 Scoobyginger25 Has anyone gone back to education after benzo addiction and withdrawal?

I need to complete my degree! I fear I will have to put it off yet another year as my memory is still pretty shocking and if I have to endure anything even mildly tedious or frustrating then my brain starts to BURN and throb like crazy. I am only four months post jump and will be six months post jump by September but I just don’t see it happening. I really worry my brain has been permanently altered by these pills.
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2021.07.23 15:59 battledmn National Park Service acquires 22 acres of land within City of Rocks National Reserve

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2021.07.23 15:59 mjprice83 A.U.D.I.T. of Elections: Grassroots Pressure Begins to Pay Off

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2021.07.23 15:59 Sufficient_Squash587 Is there anyone who have a v2.5 mods for fabric?

I'm using v2.5 recourcepack but I can't download old version of mods.
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2021.07.23 15:59 RonRogge [Academic] Survey about finding partners during COVID-19! (18+)

If you are at least 18 years old and currently looking for new romantic or sexual partners:

  1. I would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to complete this online research survey.
  2. It would also be great if you could forward this email to any friends, family, or colleagues who might be willing to complete the survey.
The Finding Partners in the Time of COVID-19 Survey:
CLICK HERE IF INTERESTED: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6434481/FPcovid?source=Rss
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2021.07.23 15:59 Akarichi1996 My cat might be broken

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2021.07.23 15:59 ajicurav116 Test

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2021.07.23 15:59 heinaga1989 🐶 Lil Shiba will be fair launching in 4 hours! Great devs, huge marketing purse & utilizing real-use case: 100x potential 🚀

💥🚀 Are you tired of finding out about huge potential projects after it is already too late and the marketing has mainly started after the launch. Well, we believe Lil Shiba is the next gem primed to take over the BSC and turn heads while doing it. 🚀💥

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🌝🚀 The team of Lil Shiba have been putting lots of effort in this project to make sure we outshine all of our competitors and we will do so by adding real utility to the hype around meme coins. 🚀🌝

We aim to implement a full-fledged NFT marketplace for music and art that will be used mainly by influencers (at the beginning) in order to gain their audience as potential investors too and allow them to sell their NFT’s on their platform would surely be a win for all parties involved.

💰 We have also set up a comprehensive marketing plan in order to facilitate natural community growth. This includes various Reddit campaigns, poocoin ads, coinhunt promotions as well as BTOK banners in the days after launch. 💰

The total supply of Lil Shiba will be 1 trillion tokens and the tokenomics will be as follows: a 10% tax which will be divided in two sectors:
1 5% redistribution back to holders
2 5% will be added to the liquidity pool in order to maintain a stable liquidity pool which in turn will results in a more stable chart which will be healthy for the long-term 💰🚀✅

Come and join the Lil Shiba community and befriend Lil Shiba before it grows to reach the potential of its Father! 🚀🐶

💥 Telegram: https://t.me/LilShibaToken

💥 Website: https://www.lilshibatoken.com

🌝Date of Launch TODAY: Friday, July 23rd, 9 pm CEST🌝
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2021.07.23 15:59 arkandy7 I fed an AI algorithm Bon Iver album names to generate art based on them. The results were awesome!

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2021.07.23 15:59 Jasmeet_kaur1999 Affiliate marketing

Hii Everyone
I would like to introduce all of you to an affiliate marketing opportunity.
PlateRate is a brand new app that approaches restaurants reviews at the individual dish level and provides incentives to users for repeat visits in the form of food credits.
There's not much which you have to do, first, we would like to have a short UX interview for our web App to understand how customers see us. And in return we'll give you, $50 free food credits. You can use you credit have some lunch,dinner or whatever you want, rate it on our app and earn 30-110%, use it again.
And as an affiliate, you would recieve a $10 per loyal user plus 10% revenue (est. value $50/user) on any client that follows your link and ultimately (before resetting cookies, and/or in the same browser session if disallowing cookies) buys food from PlateRate.
In simpler terms, Eat It, Rate It, and Get Rewarded!!
Please pick a time slot that works best for you and schedule a Call with Garrett (Founder and CEO: PlateRate.com) https://calendly.com/garrettlang-1/60min
Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions regarding this. I'd be happy to answer.
Looking Forward to collaborating with you!
Jasmeet Kaur Platerate.com
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2021.07.23 15:59 trevorclips_ Assume the human population, environment, and technology remain relatively stable for the next 100, 000 years. What traits will natural selection favour and how will humans change?

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2021.07.23 15:59 Happy-Needleworker55 Didn't get the part because another narrator included SFX - SFX weren't requested in the audition

Suffice to say I'm fuming. Evidently I was otherwise pretty much perfect. Should I just go about my business assuming unsolicited SFX will be appreciated, then? I find them distracting and tacky. Just needed to vent a bit. /eyeroll
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2021.07.23 15:59 AineOmniOS Live up to your potential.

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2021.07.23 15:59 Tan-In-So-Cal EDD Call Center Stats for week ending June 17, 2021

The EDD just released their call center stats for the week ending July 17, 2021. During this week, the call center received 3,307, 036 calls. They answered 248,165 calls. This means they answered 7.5% of the calls that called into the call center, which means you had a 1 in 13 shot at getting though. There were 254,356 unique callers. Unique callers means calls coming from the same phone number and excludes repeat calls from that same number. This means on average, calls coming from the same phone number, called 13 times into the EDD call center.
This is the highest call volume since the week ending June 17. For the past three weeks, call volume has been below 3 million calls per week. The ratio of calls into the call center and calls answered has remained in a range of 7-10%.
The EDD doesn't track the number of calls that get disconnected or that they hang up on, but that's got to be ten to fifteen percent and perhaps even higher.
It will be interesting to see what effect the change in EDD pending policy will have on call volume this week. (On Thursday, EDD announced they will begin paying a lot of pending claims.) It could be that call volume will drop precipitously as people get their pending payments paid. On the other hand, it’s the EDD, so there is a good chance some screw up will cause confusion and panic and call volume will increase. What do you think?
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2021.07.23 15:59 NovA_XPL Can’t finish a match

I’m not sure what’s going on but I got this game today and I keep getting crazy high ping spikes from out of nowhere which results in me being kicked. Legit the only game that does this and it’s happened every single match. It’s made me lose all the guns that was in my stash when I first logged on.
Is there anyway to solve this bs?
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2021.07.23 15:59 MrIslanderOcho At least 100 US athletes unvaccinated as Olympics begin

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2021.07.23 15:59 heckinlifeforreals Bergamot and Honey, a Lysigard fic

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