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Journey Actions in 5e

2021.07.24 17:19 Streamweaver66 Journey Actions in 5e

Exciting journeys in 5th edition engage the party and give them meaningful actions as part of the adventure. Last week I posted Perilous Journey's Part 1 which removes long rests on the road and turns travel into a series of encounters like any other dungeon. This week, I'll look at defining some ways that party members can take meaningful actions during journeys. These Journey Actions provide gameplay for the travel experience, as well as create dependencies between members of the party.
I'll post a link to part 1 as a first comment for reference.
As with any rule or option, use when it add something to the game and move along when it doesn't.
Journey Actions When traveling, a character may take one Journey Action as part of travel. Any actions taken during travel should be chosen prior to the start of travel. Multiple characters may attempt the same action and each roll separately. This has the same roll mechanic as advantage but they each apply their individual skill bonus. Additionally, The DM may want to consider the role of proficiency in these rules. Optionally, they may only allow a character to take a journey action if proficient in an indicated skills.
Terrain Pace and DC Table
Pace Speed Daily DC Terrain
Fast 4 mph 32 mi - -
Normal 3 mph 24 mi 10 Grasslands, plains, wastes etc.
Slow 2 mph 16 mi 15 Forests, hills, tundra, sand desert, etc.
Crawl 1 mph 8 mi 20 Mountains, swamps, jungle, etc.
Forage Foraging along the way for harvestable plants, or small game allows parties to eat hearty means. Rather than keeping track of day-to-day rations in a group, this form of foraging gathers ingredients for a Hearty Meal. As mentioned in, part 1 of Perilous Journeys, a hearty meal may allow characters to recover a single hit die from after sleeping for eight hours when unable to take a long rest.
Characters harvesting use the rules in Chapter 5 of the PHB and roll Wisdom (Survival), at +5 DC to the table presented there. Again, with this method assume the party has enough food to sustain themselves and recover exhaustion. Instead, this type of foraging focuses on higher quality food to help recover Hit Die as per the rules above.
Alternatively, someone foraging could opt to gather herbs or ingredients for potions instead. If so, have them roll Intelligence (Nature) at the same DC used for foraging above. Instead of pounds of good food, they recover the equivalent gold piece worth of ingredients. See the Summary of 5e Alchemy Rules on my site for options.
Guide Guiding a party involves combining your knowledge of an area’s geography, history, and conditions to choose a safe and sure route. At the start of a day's journey, the guide decides the best route and rolls either an Intelligence (Nature) or Intelligence (History) check at the DC presented on the Terrain Pace table. This roll is made with disadvantage if the guide is unfamiliar with the terrain, has no maps, or has not gathered enough information prior to travel. On a failure, the chances of a random encounter or hazard are doubled for the travel period and the party has disadvantage on any stealth checks. Parties without a guide automatically fail this check.
Scout Scouting involves moving ahead of the party and using your keen senses spot danger or stealth to avoid it. Scouts may always make active Wisdom (Perception) checks against hidden dangers. Additionally, they can use their Dexterity (Stealth) skill to allow the entire party to avoid an encounter if the scout spotted it first. Parties staging an ambush on foes discovered by a scout have advantage on checks to catch them unaware.
Ward Warding uses prowess and awareness to protect the party from hazards and ambush. If a character in the party performing the warding action is not surprised during an ambush, the entire party gets advantage on their roll to avoid surprise.
Also, when encountering a natural hazard that requires a Strength or Dexterity save, the Warder may roll Strength (Athletics) and allow a character up to 10 feet away to use that roll instead of their own save. The warding character may allow a number of characters up to their proficiency bonus to use their roll in this way. Examples of the kinds of hazards might be falling, avoiding an avalanche, stepping into a pit or the like.
Spicing Things Up These rules mix well with several other house rules. By themselves they are not any more deadly or gritty than any dungeon encounter. In fact, these rules only bring journey encounters in alignment with dungeons. You can think of the entire track of a journey like a node-based set of encounters in a dungeon.
Mixing in other rules such as slower hit point recovery, or failed death saves only clearing on a long rest, should be approached with caution with a system like this.
Additionally, consider adding more opportunities for players to interact with locals during travel. Perhaps a well to do farmer would allow the party to sleep in their comfortable barn with food or supplies, or the rules might drive the party to seek out more Inns. The goal is to spice up journeys with more meaningful actions and choices, so encourage players to lean into that.
Conclusion These actions and rules imply a healthy variety of hazards and challenges during Journeys, but DMs should use their discretion. Not every journey need be a gripping adventure, and DMs may choose to pass several days at a time rather than going day by day. Choose the style that best fits the pacing and game in the moment. There are several wilderness encounter generators available on the DMs Guild, as well as sites like DnDSpeak.com that offer lots of encounter ideas and tables. I will eventually post systems here for journey-based encounters as well.
Now get out there and run some great games.
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Hallo, bin nächste Woche wieder in Wien und bin gerade auf der Suche nach Sehenswürdigkeiten / Aktivitäten. Die letzten Male hab ich nämlich bereits alles was man so kennt und auf typischen Listen findet (Stephansdom, Albertina, Technisches Museum usw.) abgeklappert.
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I feel like I'm at a stalemate point in which my skin has finally started improving after years and years of struggling with acne, but I'm not sure on how to proceed with my skincare routine.
I've tried numerous different cleansers with little to no improvement in my acne (if anything, it gets better around the 2 week mark, but goes back to normal). I've started using Paulas Choice BHA exfoliant once a day and my skin has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better, but I'm still left with some stubborn acne that just won't go away.
I'd like something that will give my skin that extra "push" to really clear up my skin, but I'm not sure what step that would be. Should I try to change out one of my products already in my routine or should I add another step? Is there any products you would recommend?
My skin: Oily, acne-prone
My current routine: Micellar water, Innisfree Green tea cleanser, Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant and CeraVe Daily moisturizing lotion (occasionally will do a sheet mask)
Previous products used (all of which I used until empty, around 2-2 1/2 months or I found made my skin break out): (cleansers) Drunk Elephant No 9 Jelly Cleanser, Neogen Green Tea Foaming Cleanser, Good Skin Days A New Leaf Cream Cleanser, Acewell Bubble Free Cleanser, CeraVe SA Cleanser, Dr. Oracle A Thera Cleansing Foam, (oil cleansers) Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm, Hanskin Cleansing Oil BHA, (moisturizers) Moistful Collagen Cream, (serums) Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, The Ordinary Niacinamide, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, The Ordinary AHA & BHA. I'm aware not all of these products are targeted towards acne treatment, but in general I found they didn't do much for my skin.
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When he walked up to the shopkeeper the shopkeeper rolled his eyes and said take your thyme!
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Title. Kenny is also welcome in the fic
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Hé iedereen
Vandaag heb ik voor de eerste keer in een hele poos wat denkwerk kunnen besteden hoe ik uit deze bui kan komen. Dat zie ik maar als positieve vooruitgang.
Op het moment lig ik eigenlijk alleen maar op bed en dat is niet productief of goed. Maar er is lastig wat aan te doen als het het enige is wat je wil doen
Dus wat ga ik nu doen?
Ik merk aan mezelf dat ik mezelf snel overvraagd of overweldigd voel. Dus ik denk dat ik iets moet uitkiezen om te doen en dan zo klein mogelijk beginnen.
Dus dat betekent het als ik wil gaan lopen bijvoorbeeld dat de eerste stap is opstaan van de bank, zo klein moet ik echt beginnen.
Al heb ik op het moment geen idee wat ik zou kunnen doen. Maar daar kom ik wel achter denk ik.
Ik denk dat ik het hier vanavond even wel laat, jullie suggesties zijn welkom natuurlijk
Tot morgen
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I feel like I’m going to throw up or have a heart attack. Maybe both
I [30M] don’t even know where to begin. I feel so bad having hurt her [27F] because she was the most genuine and nice person I have ever met. But at the same time, I had a nagging feeling for months that this wasn’t meant to be. We were similar and we were different. But I was never excited to spend time with her. After 6 months, I appreciated her as a person or maybe a friend, but not as a lover. The thought of spending my life with her left me feeling unfulfilled.
I had been a coward for too long and I knew it was unfair for me to keep stringing her along. When I told her, it surprised her and she had nothing to say. I wanted her to yell or tell me how much I sucked, but instead she whimpered and just said “ok”. The thought of this, even just typing it breaks my heart for her. I want to hold her and comfort her, but now that is not my place anymore. I may be 30, but this is my first true long term relationship.
I don’t even know what advice I’m really looking for. But after Months of going between unhappiness and status quo, a decision the seemed inevitable to me now has me feeling like I made a mistake. I am sick with guilt but I know I made the right choice. I feel like I just need to know how others have dealt with what I am feeling
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