Go! [OSR] I'm proud to introduce Hong Kong's entry for Commonwealthvision, Dear Jane's "Inno Per Gli Sconfitti" |

[OSR] I'm proud to introduce Hong Kong's entry for Commonwealthvision, Dear Jane's "Inno Per Gli Sconfitti"

2021.07.24 19:04 zorkle22 [OSR] I'm proud to introduce Hong Kong's entry for Commonwealthvision, Dear Jane's "Inno Per Gli Sconfitti"

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2021.07.24 19:04 Nasiruzzaman75 Airdrop

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2021.07.24 19:04 3lutz Juyeon for DAZED Korea (August 2021 Issue Preview)

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2021.07.24 19:04 VkOverwatchSchool Best CIS highlights / VALORANT University

A video that brings together the best professional players and streamers from the CIS region. Hope you enjoy it, we tried very hard.
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2021.07.24 19:04 TheNoobiestGuyInTown Trading my mega ride snowman :D

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2021.07.24 19:04 DrDemento_324 [XB1] H: List W: B/25ffr/25 fixer

Will bundle from this list:
AA/25ffr fixer 2* AA/E/A HM B/25/25 HM B/E/50dr HM B/E/A 50 cal Jug/50c/15fr fixer Q/25ffr railway 2* Q/25ffr HM 2* V/25/15fr railway V/E/fms 50 cal
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2021.07.24 19:04 Seeoneway Yeshaya Reflective [QC]

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2021.07.24 19:04 BriggsE104 Missing Dog Please Help Read Comments for Info

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2021.07.24 19:04 Schorschmeister online ban

is anybody else getting banned from playing online for half an hour or whatever. it happened twice after playing tournaments. i never ragequit or anything.
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2021.07.24 19:04 Kman2220 Our number 5 CB making plays.

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2021.07.24 19:04 Tube64565 Ask Anything Thread

Do you have any questions? Comment them below!
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2021.07.24 19:04 specialflakeofsnow My dad cried a lot today and I can’t help him

My stepmom has been having some mental issues lately. She got herself into therapy but they were not very competent and she kept declining rapidly. They tried their best to get her the help that she needs but with no luck. Yesterday she lost it and all she says now is she wants to die. She attempted but luckily my dad was around and stopped her from succeeding. Still, they were not getting proper help because the healthcare system is incredibly overworked and they simply have no place to take her.
My dad did his best to keep her safe but it was awful, she is pretty out of it. This morning she seemed a bit better but shortly after fell back into the same behaviour as yesterday. This time the caregivers took it more seriously since they saw her during this and took her to a safe place. She is now in a temporary place where they are meant to observe what is going on and get her to a place that can give her the (mental) she needs but sadly no place has a bed for her so she needs to stay there (basically in a cell).
My dad throughout all this has been a mess. I had only seen him cry twice in my life but yesterday and today, I stopped counting. He refuses much help and is devastated knowing she is all alone in a cell. He misses her terribly and feels guilty for letting them take her. He knows it was for the best for both of them but the people there are not very nice and said some things that made my dad believe she is in a terrible place. I believe it isn’t all that bad, I mean it’s no hotel but she has a bed and food etc.
I have never seen my dad this desperate and I have no idea what to tell him or how to make him feel better. He doesn’t want company or anyone to see him in this state (we did go there when things went down yesterday). We are doing our best to support him but what do you say?
Today sucks.
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2021.07.24 19:04 zukoshonor1 How to make my locs look a little bit pretty?

So I'm about to go back to school , and I have locs . They are at a really weird length right now. Like almost at my shoulders and long enough to put in a half up half down . But I was wondering what are things or styles to change it up a bit. I saw hair tensile its looks so pretty but I wondered if it would work in my hair. If anyone has advice on some styles or accessory's to put in my hair that would be great ! Thanks !
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2021.07.24 19:04 JonnyEss2020 The best message a Tigers manager can get …

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2021.07.24 19:04 Baby_Thanos_3 Pranitha Subhash

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2021.07.24 19:04 Canard-jaune VIDEO. Entretien avec Sylvie Fritz, l'emblématique serveuse du Snack Michel depuis 1977

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2021.07.24 19:04 UnitedMario [Tenant US-TX] Flooding driveway/entrance to home

I am renting a home which has inadequate drainage. When it rains the driveway and front entrance flood. The water doesn't pose a threat to the home, but we have to walk through 6 inches of water to leave the house.
LL has offered his pool pump, which I must return to his property immediately after using (it takes about 90 minutes). The problem is this is a frequent occurrence, and often late at night.
My feeling is LL should offer a permanent solution, whether that be fixing the drainage or providing a pump that can remain at the rental property. Is that reasonable?
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2021.07.24 19:04 TallWaIl Sad that these amazing teams didn't qualify for the 2021 Olympics

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2021.07.24 19:04 Frequent_River2755 Vibes // Chill Playlist..

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2021.07.24 19:04 Equivalent-Clock2078 Best Friends being Beast Friends!!

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2021.07.24 19:04 Elizabeth_carma What are the price/Value of these items

(All for trade apaprt from the Ted's, halo, and parasol)

  1. Winter halo 2018 (og) 2.Mon chéri tea party place slaves 3.love me forever handbag
  2. Giant teddy bear (new)
  3. TEDDYZILLA (new)
  4. Og Parasol
  5. Royal rebel sheer laced gloves and sleeves
  6. Midnights strike popstar performance skirt
  7. Midnights strike popstar hair bow
  8. Midnights strike popstar microphone
  9. Exquisite Emraled earrings
  10. Exquisite Emraled ring
  11. Magical hair ribbon
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2021.07.24 19:04 worthlessdoc Patient census in psychiatry

I was wondering how many patients other psych residents carry.
Technically I am supposed to have 13 (acute ward, depression focussed). But we are short staffed this month and now I have 26. I have no interns and no medstudents so I get to do all the scut too. I don't know whether I am just weak but I've been feeling like I can't do any real therapy work because I am busy running around scheduling, doing dispo, admin stuff for all of them. Doesn't help that over the past 3 weeks we had a lot of fluctuations so it feels like I barely know half of them.
So is this a lot or am I just at the point of burnout where my cognitive function is too bad to be a normal PGY2?
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2021.07.24 19:04 kashmora PSA New Readers starting Malazan!

Lately the sub seems inundated with new readers asking different versions of the same few questions.
1. Should I read Malazan? My reading experience ranges from never-read-fantasy to read-every-major-and-minor-fantasy-publication.
A: Yes. You should read Malazan. Your previous reading experience shouldn't make a difference if you enjoy this series or not. There are complete fantasy noobs(like me) who picked up GotM and never looked back. There are experienced fantasy readers who couldn't get through Chapter 1.
All you need to appreciate this series is being ok with not knowing/understanding/keeping up with everything so far. You don't need to take notes, you don't need to keep referring to the wiki. You will be left in the dark for a lot of 'stuff', but trust in the author that it will all mostly make sense. Some by the end of the series, and some only on multiple rereads. (Yes, it is written that way intentionally). As you read, if you must know something, or wonder if this new piece of info is really new, go ahead and ask in the sub. Use spoiler tags, mention how far along you have read. This is a great community that tries it's best to not spoil anything to new readers.
People who tend to visualise every character might have a problem here. The physical descriptions are sparse and not presented in a neat little para when the character enters the screen.
Also, the timeline doesn't make sense. Like real history, there is no simple single starting date or ending date for major events.
2. What is the correct reading order?
A: The main ten first. From Gardens of the Moon to The Crippled God, collectively called as the Malazan Book of the Fallen. After that, pick anything from the other books set in the same universe. You'll get various recommendations based on the aspects you enjoyed and didn't enjoy.
3. How do I tackle these books?
A: You tackle it by reading. One page at a time. Don't drift away, don't skip paras..You don't need special strategies to read them. Though a damn good one, it's just a story.
As a rule, stay away from audiobooks for the first read. It's hard to follow, especially when you are getting used to the quick pov shifts, and all the new names.
You can find great resources like read along podcasts, reading companions etc. See the sidebar.
4. I read some or all of book 1/2/3 etc. Should I continue?
A: No. If you have to ask or need to be convinced to continue, the answer is don't. It's not a chore. This is supposed to be fun. Maybe a little hard, maybe a little infuriating, but overall fun. If it's not working for you, let it go. Pick up other great authors and other fantastic series.
You could return to it after months, years or never. And it's ok.
5. How violent/explicit are the books?
A: Very. There are multiple scenes of war violence, abuses of all kind, bodily horrors etc. If any of these can affect your mental health, please stay away.
To be clear, the dark stuff is essential to showcase the central theme of the series, which is compassion. I mean, you couldn't really emphasize such a theme if the story was about puppies and rainbows.
6.. What about diversity and gender representation?
A: This is not a thinly veiled euro-centric universe. There is no superior race of tall blond people, there are no brown/black savages to the south. There is not even explicit superiority of humans over other races.
It is a gender blind world for the most part. Sorcery here is gender less, and in a world where magical healing takes away the risk of dying from childbirth, there is high parity between the sexes. Women are mages, warriors, mothers, villains, badasses and everything in between. Also the gender equality is not 'in your face', it's just accepted as reality.
But. Such a world doesn't preclude sexual violence. There is always power imbalance between individuals and between groups. Violence is a way of asserting power over others, and that includes sexual violence.
Hope this helps. People who've read the series and disagree with my answers or want to add more context, please do so but note that this is a No Spoilers thread.
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2021.07.24 19:04 wingback18 Finally, I got it to 3733Mhz, I really want to thank the people that thought me about voltages, thank you. also, how can I improve the latency and write speed.

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2021.07.24 19:04 ultimatemaster55 If you could stop time for 1 minute at any point in the timeline, what is one thing you would change?

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