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Have you watched 2001: A Space Odyssey?

2021.07.23 16:37 Carlton_Banks212 Have you watched 2001: A Space Odyssey?

There's no shame it's a long film and some people walked out when it was first at cinemas.
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2021.07.23 16:37 sco00by Why doesn’t babyXRP already have an official subreddit?

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2021.07.23 16:37 Jem_Irie About the banned anti- Transgender post seen as homophobic propaganda

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2021.07.23 16:37 sailingbi1994 One of the Casa Amor boys. I just…😂

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2021.07.23 16:37 mikasaaaaa199x Weekend Read - Gaming NFTs & How They Are Creating New Value for Video Games

We saw a lot of fantastic projects at EthCC over the past few days, but a few that stood out were making waves in the world of gaming. Notable mentions include Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and The Sandbox.
If gaming is your cup of tea, here's our article on how some of these blockchain/NFT projects are shaping the future of gaming 🎮
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2021.07.23 16:37 Gaborocha We need a part 3 of Mario at the Olympic games

This is just my opinion, but I know the Olympics just started like an hour ago, but this reminded me of the two episodes SMG4 made about Mario in the Olympic games (Mario at the Olympic Games in 2012 and Mario the Olympian in 2016). After these Olympics end, I really hope to see a part 3 of the Mario at the Olympic Games to commemorate the 2020 Olympics. Since SMG4’s humor improved during these years, we hope to see this video funnier than the others.
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2021.07.23 16:37 tujuc How did you find the MLC?

What way did you find out about the MLC?
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2021.07.23 16:37 CrabMentality322 I just want to reach the moon

As the title says I just want to start mooning. Totally newbie reddit guy here, sorry that my first post is a shitpost.
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2021.07.23 16:37 BlueWhalePenisToken 🆙🆙

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2021.07.23 16:37 drphilwasright Ive had my S21 for a week so far, and im feeling slightly disappointed.

Now, for the most part, the phone is great. Wonderful battery life, an awesome camera, very fast performance, etc. One major problem im having is that it seems like my service will just randomly cut out at times and the only way to fix this is to turn Airplane Mode on and off again. I have to do this 2 or 3 times a day and have yet to find a fix. Im on T-Mobile, if that means anything.
But its the little things that are bothering me, mainly the notifications. Facebook Messenger is absolutely terrible now. The chat heads, which was a feature I loved on my S9, are basically a broken version of what they used to be. Its honestly terrible now and makes it a pain in the ass to use. On my S9, every app I used had a different notification sound so it was easy to tell where I was getting a message from without having to look at the phone. Now, they're all the same stock Android sound. Seems like the only way to fix this is to download custom sounds and set those as the notification sound, which just seems like a backwards approach. Another thing is the lack of a notification indicator LED on the front of the phone. This was another feature I loved that allowed me to take a quick glance at the screen to see if I had received a message from someone. It had different colors for different apps.

It just seems like they took all the notification features that made previous phones great, and threw them out the window. Anyone else frustrated by any of these things? Really hoping we can get some fixes to these problems without having to jump through hoops to jerry rig a fix ourselves.
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2021.07.23 16:37 Peeecee7896 [MLB Stats] .@tatis_jr is the fastest player to reach 50 HR & 50 SB in his career. He's just getting started. 💪 🏃‍♂️ https://t.co/9hj1uP0jLS

[MLB Stats] .@tatis_jr is the fastest player to reach 50 HR & 50 SB in his career. He's just getting started. 💪 🏃‍♂️ https://t.co/9hj1uP0jLS submitted by Peeecee7896 to Padres [link] [comments]

2021.07.23 16:37 ShiaLaBeef1123 I failed 9th grade

I'm homeschooled, so I had to take the SAT and 2 APs this year to show that I took tests. On the SAT I scored 130 points less than at home and on AP Physics 1 I got a 2 and AP Bio was a 3 all because I had fricking panic attacks on all 3 tests and it's my first year learning on my own so it was hard to adjust too, now I need to retake everything and IDK how I'll get into any college
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2021.07.23 16:37 calc0_ It’s friday baby

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2021.07.23 16:37 No_Cantaloupe_8454 Silicone Football Lamp

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2021.07.23 16:37 whereisthetvchanger Daily reminder! Stop picking your lips, skin, ears and whatever else that may be dry and flaking!! It’ll be never ending cycle. Also- drink lots of water! Right now! Chug a glass! Happy Friday 💜

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2021.07.23 16:37 Sanjay_KC We've got a new game in town

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2021.07.23 16:37 chrispierrebacon Is this really even satire?

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2021.07.23 16:37 -H0LL0W- I wish that place were mine

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2021.07.23 16:37 TheCalvinC MCU Movies/Disney+ Show Ideas [Updated]

**A while back I came up with a few ideas for the MCU. Now, I've added some extra ones to it and changed some with the recent updates on the MCU. It’s always fun speculating, pls share your thoughts, opinions and own ideas in the comments! 😁**
>!This is all post phase 4 btw. Young Avengers won’t be included as well as Dark Avengers, Thunderbolts and X-Men characters since we all know that is coming at some point.!<

• War of Realms (Thor 5 or Loki Season 2/3)
I highly recommend reading this comic if you haven’t yet. I think it could be interesting if Marvel wants to do something different from using the TVA in the Loki series in its second season, otherwise it can always be included in either a future season or fifth Thor installment. In addition I would introduce Angela as a character and I think it would be awesome if we finally know what all the realms look like. Taika Waititi could probably make the Light Elves crazy. Idk if I’d prefer them to be more lotr style elves or would want Waititi to do his own crazy spin on them. Furthermore, I think Sylvie could become a fully fledged Enchantress as well. I know she's not Amora but I could see Marvel just mashing them up like they did with Sylvie and Lady Loki. Roxxon is also already popping up here and there, it wouldn't surprise me if they'd use them here too.

• Angela Disney+ series
Angela is a really cool character and I think her relation to the Angels as well as Asgard could turn out to be fantastic. I know the whole long lost sister was already applied to Hela but maybe they could figure out something else here. I would make it a show about her as a witch hunter and in the final episode she dawns her Angel Armor of course. The 9 realms always have been interesting to me and introducing Heven as the tenth realm would be awesome. It could even replace Asgard in the 9 realms in the MCU since it has been destroyed.

• Namor the Submariner
Since Namor is most certainly going to be the villain of Wakanda Forever, I believe there’s no doubt we’ll see him again in some way. It would be interesting to see what Marvel Studios does with their version of Atlantis opposed to DC’s version over at Warner Brothers, which is amazing btw. I've heard they are taking inspiration from the ancient Mayan civilization, which I find really cool. If this film really works I think there could eventually be spin offs about Atlantis for instance.

• Midnight Angels Disney+ series
It has already been confirmed Ryan Coogler is set to create more Wakanda related content for Disney+. The midnight angels are two of the coolest Dora Milajes there are and one of them we’ve already met, Ayo. In this series the two are lovers I believe and they also dawn the angel armor, a technologically advanced suit. To be honest, I am not sure what the entire plot was about in the comic but maybe one of you knows. Since they weren't major characters, I could also just see them as supporting characters in the Wakanda series Coogler is making. Since the casting of Michaela Coel, I've been trying to figure out who she might be playing. As much as I want her to be Storm, I do not think she will. I think she is going to play Madam Slay, Killmonger's girlfriend who resurrects him. This would be likely since there have been rumours going around for a long time now that Michael B. Jordan might return as Killmonger. If Madam Slay would remain alive in the MCU after Wakanda Forever, she could be a villain for the series.

• Nova Disney+ series or Movie
After the destruction of Xandar, I was kinda bumped because it could mean Nova was not gonna debut anymore. However, I think he could be some lone survivor, come to think of it Thanos must’ve only wiped out half of the Xandarians. Maybe part of the show could be a prequel so we see the Nova Corps and Nova joining. After Thanos, it could be about how the small population that is left still remains with a Nova Corps and them handling intergalactic manners. I personally would prefer Ryder and I think what could also be cool is making Annihilus the villain.

• The Forgiven Disney+ series
The Forgiven are a group of vampires turned to the good side. Not saying that all vampires are innately bad though. This could be a fun spin-off out of the Blade movie, maybe we’ll see Elsa Bloodstone as well. The MCU introducing more supernatural stories and characters is always a blessing to me. I do think for this to work, I do think bad vampires have to be introduced first (Which will undoubtedly happen in Blade) so they can have some redemption story arc for their people. Raizo Kodo is atm their leader in the comics and the other members are Visigoth, Inka, Nighteyes, Ghost Blade, Quickshot. Fairly unknown characters which could make it all the more interesting in my opinion but I think the roster could be altered for the lack of well known characters so for instance make Dracula their leader.

• Iron Fist and The Heavenly Cities
I know this one is gonna get some hate lol. I think the MCU needs to reboot Iron Fist and do him justice with this film/series. The budget needs to be big for something like this so they better spent the money lol. Seeing the tournament and heavenly cities could be so cool and I think with Shang-Chi being introduced to us this September, it will establish how chi works in the mcu and this lore can be applied in Iron Fist as well.

• Founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. Disney+ miniseries
I would like to see how the SSR transitioned into S.H.I.E.L.D.. I always hoped Agent Carter would show us this but alas. I think this should be a miniseries since it would more work as part documentary part fiction film. Some of you even mentioned they could use the declassified files and also wave in Isiah Bradley's years as a super soldier and what he has experienced during the experiments done on him.

• Agents of S.W.O.R.D.
Yes, I’m one of those fans... either give me this with most characters back (but not Mack as Fury 2.0, pls just make him an engineer again) or do a Secret Warriors show with some cast members back. I heard rumours of Marvel Studios possibly recasting Quake, which I personally would hate since I love Chloe Bennet so much in the role. I'd even be fine with it if it's a soft reboot with the same cast. I miss Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Mose so much.

• Inhumans
This should be a film and Jeph Loeb should’ve never gotten his hands on them. Let Kevin Feige do them justice pls. REBOOT THAT S#!T


**Okay now onto my new ideas.**

• Midnight Sons Movie
>!Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness will possibly introduce the supernatural into the MCU with Wanda using the Darkhold to get her children back. This could lead to Chthon and his supernatural spawn such as vampires and werewolves. The Multiverse could mean for the debut of multiple new characters. One that is heavily rumoured to be there is Ghost Rider. !
• Some Olympus centred film
To be fair, this may be far fetched since films revolved around Gods aren't that successful in Hollywood but if anyone can pull it off, I think it's Kevin Feige. He made the Norse Gods look believable so I think he can handle this. I don't think this would be a series due to the huge budget which will be needed to do Olympus justice and of course all of the Gods powers need some exceptional visual effects. They are already introducing Zeus and maybe more in Thor Love and Thunder so I think it's only a fair to show us Hercules in all it's glory. In addition, Hercules would also make for great representation for the LGBTQIA+ community since he's bisexual and Kevin Feige himself said that Marvel Studios is working on making the MCU a reflection of our world today. I'm not sure what the plot would be here but I'm sure one of you knows a whole lot more about the Olympians in Marvel comics than me.

• Black Knight Disney+ series
With the Eternals introducing us to Dane Whitman, I could see a Black Knight story with Morgan Le Faye and Mordred as villains and see Merlin pop up mentoring Dane as he did to his ancestor. They could intertwine real UK-based history events with the series too. Not sure if Sersi would be in it but we'll see what happens at the end of Eternals this year.

• Daredevil
Charlie Cox will be in Spider-Man No Way Home as Matt Murdock and I've heard rumours he will dawn his Daredevil suit at least once in She-Hulk. Netflix's Daredevil was one of my favorite shows and I don't see a reason why Disney would not make a Daredevil Disney+ series going forward. Get Vincent D'Onofrio back as Kingpin and I think most of us would be happy lol. I think the only thing standing in their way is that Netflix allowed for more darker and grittier content opposed to Disney+ but I don't think it will stop them from doing this. If not going the Kingpin road I would continue with the Hand being the villain and maybe introduce The Hood. I also would like Kristen Ritter's Jessica Jones back in some type of way but I just can't figure out the how, where and when of it.

• The Winter Guard Disney + series or Black Widow 2
Okay, I'll be honest. I did not like the Black Widow film a whole lot. I think it could have been so more but alas. What we did get is at least a human form of Ursa Major, Red Guardian, Yelena Bolova and Melina Vostokkoff. I think the Winter Guard would be fun for a Disney+ series but maybe would fit better as supporting characters to a second Black Widow film with Yelena Bolova as the lead. Melina could finally become the Iron Maiden and act as the antagonist. Ursa Major will need to use his powers in this of course just like the other members of the Winter Guard. The plot could revolve around Melina setting the remaining widows that she left with on the wrong path and Yelena trying to correct that.

Finally I would like to add that I would love for way more characters and alien races, worlds, etc. to be introduced into the MCU but I don't think I can comment on that as of just now since GotG Vol. 3, The Marvels, Thor: Love & Thunder and Eternals will probably expand a whole lot on that.
I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please let me know your ideas for new MCU content and share your opinions down below 😁. Let's discuss and please be kind!
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2021.07.23 16:37 New-Opposite-8257 Paid competitions

Advice, if you don't mind
I'm hoping to start making money in FIFA competitions and I have a few questions. I understand that one can qualify via playing FUT rivals, followed by weekend league and then FUT champions, but I'm wondering once you get to FUT Champions when and how does money get involved? Does someone reach out to you once you're in champions to invite you to other competitions? Sorry if these are dumb questions.
My other question is, is there any way to play in significant paid competitions that doesn't involve playing ultimate team? Like can I qualify by playing seasons for example?
I'm just trying to reach paid competition as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot for reading
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2021.07.23 16:37 CryptographerNo1557 🚗 🚗 TeslaSafe 🚗 🚗 Just Stealth Launched! Anti-Whale Protocol

Have you heard of TeslaSafe ? Now is your chance to get into TeslaSafe while its still a baby! Let's come together and Moon this. Based dev's, active community, what more is there to ask for?!
📊 LOW MC ✅
🔥LP Locked ✅
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🚀 Contract Address: 0x1d68ac7bd51cddfa6fb3c749cdce95c4a7681ba5
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🚀✅ Max Buy: 300,00,000
🔥✅ Burn: 50%
🔒 ✅ Locked liquidity on dxsale
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2021.07.23 16:37 birdsnake [OUTJERKED AGAIN] Is it ok to leave a string depressor on your guitar?

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2021.07.23 16:37 eatorphans most porn isn’t hot

it’s mostly based on pleasing men and the girls are obviously faking it. Seeing people fucking and seeing and knowing not both of them are having pleasure (it’s not evenly distributed at all) is a big turn off
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2021.07.23 16:37 sogoodvibesaqui Ignazio Boschetto, do Il Volo, fala português e revela ser fã de Thiaguinho

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2021.07.23 16:37 He-Hate-Me- Coinbase Debit Card

I posted this earlier in the daily and wanted others to see it in case they had questions. I’m not an expert and am still new to crypto so don’t take advice from me. Just my opinion and experience.
Last week I got my Coinbase debit card in the mail. I travel a lot with work and always used cash for my purchases. I’d withdrawal enough money for the week and spend it. I decided to give it a try to see how I liked it. You can choose to spend your crypto to make purchases if you like, but there are fees and it creates a taxable event (US). So I went with the USDC option since it’s a dollar for dollar swap and doesn’t create any fees with their service, so they say. From my understanding as long as USDC trades at a dollar so it doesn’t create a taxable event and there aren’t any fees through Coinbase. Also you set up a PIN number and can use it at the atm. There will be a fee with that.
It’s pretty simple to navigate, just pick the currency you want to spend and use the card. You can swap it up pretty quickly under the manage option within the app. I simply buy USDC because that’s what I have my card set to spend. Then I make my purchases.
You can pick to earn 1% reward with BTC or 4% reward with XLM on all purchases. Supposedly other coins will be offered as a reward in the near future. At first I did the BTC option and switched it to XLM to see how easy it was. I had no issues. When you make a purchase you instantly get a notification on your phone telling you what you just spent. Typically within minutes you see the reward you got be it XLM or BTC. So far I haven’t had any issues and like it.
I’ll attach a cut out from their FAQ about the fees and taxes below. The FAQ was a simple read and informative. You can purchase just about anything but there is restrictions, sadly, escorts is one of them. Just wanted to let some of y’all know if you were on the waiting list or were on the fence about it. Again, I’m just some stupid peckerwood from Louisiana so do your own research.
From Coinbase:
What are the US tax implications of using the Coinbase Card? The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as “property” for tax purposes. What this means is that each time you use your card and sell cryptocurrency, you will be treated as having sold property in a taxable transaction. Using your Coinbase card to make purchases is similar to selling your cryptocurrency on the Coinbase exchange. You will be required to report gains or losses from your use of the card on your tax return. So long as USDC trades at par with USD, the use of your card with USDC should not result in the recognition of gain or loss. Please consult your tax advisor to evaluate how your use of the card affects your specific tax position. To make tracking these transactions easier, you can view your entire transaction history in your account, including the price of crypto sold at the time your Coinbase card was used to make a purchase.
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