Go! Which one is correct? "Their/They/Them speaking another language annoyed me." |

Which one is correct? "Their/They/Them speaking another language annoyed me."

2021.07.23 16:42 goddamnfaith12 Which one is correct? "Their/They/Them speaking another language annoyed me."

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2021.07.23 16:42 CoinFoundry Friendly reminder that our block competition is still running

The finder of each of the next 10 blocks will receive a bonus of 5 ERG 🏆 on top of regular earnings. Good luck! ✨
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2021.07.23 16:42 philosoffense What are some unique ways you have based your Skyfleet?

About to start AoS next month and my KO, the exiled Arkanauts of Barak-Thryng, AKA the Pennypinchers, are awaiting my glorious return home... in pieces. I'm trying to figure out the best way to base them- stacked martian rocks to conceal a portion of their stand? thick alien jungle ripe with bulbous flora? maybe black stone cracked open by violent lava flows? Either way I can't wait, but I would love to hear how you have based your models, and any techniques you're willing to share!
tl;dr - tell me how you based your kharadron overlords
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2021.07.23 16:42 RossWriter My 7-Day Dopamine Fast (Day 7 And Final Thoughts)

As a reminder, here are the rules of my dopamine fast:
1) No social media.
This includes YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, etc. I’m only allowed to use social media for business and content creation purposes; I cannot use it for entertainment. I will also eliminate texting. I’m only allowed to text friends and family in order to meet up with them or to set up phone calls and video calls.
2) No digital entertainment.
This includes watching Netflix, watching TV, playing video games, following the news, replying to reddit comments more than once per day, and any other form of digital entertainment.
3) No drugs and alcohol.
I don’t do drugs and I rarely drink alcohol, so this should be easy.
4) No processed foods.
This includes artificial sugars, chocolate, ice cream, deep fried food, processed food, etc. Furthermore, I will be intermittent fasting and only eating one meal per day.
5) No porn.
I don’t watch porn so this should be easy. As part of this category, I will also include any other sort of sexual gratification that is unnatural, such as scrolling through pictures of attractive women on social media.
6) No music.
Whether I’m in the shower, in the car, or simply in my room, I find that I listen to music too much. I’ve decided to eliminate music as part of this experiment. I find that I’m more introspective and creative when I’m not listening to music.
With that out of the way, let’s talk about how the final day of my dopamine fast went:
Overall, I had a great day! I broke my record for most steps walked in a single day, with almost 30k. It was the perfect weather outside, so it felt good to go out and enjoy the air and sunlight. I probably walked 5 hours or more.
Something very interesting happened around the 3-4-hour mark:
A song inspiration came in my head. I’m not someone who is good at making music, so this was a positive shock to me. I felt so much positivity and good vibes that I just started singing along and recorded myself because I genuinely thought the song and beat that I had created were good and that I could work on them in the future. It reminded me of the story of how “Despacito” was created. The creator woke up randomly one day with the beat and with the word “despacito” stuck in his head.
The rest of my day went well as well!
I also listened to a couple educational podcasts during my walk. Furthermore, I fasted throughout the day, ate healthy, spent time with friends and family, and stayed away from distractions. There were a couple times when I slipped up for a few seconds and did things like quickly check social media. For that reason, I’m not giving myself a perfect score for today.
Today’s score:
Final thoughts on this entire experiment:
This was a great experiment and I’m glad I did it. It showed me many important things:
1) The importance of boredom and creativity.
I’ve probably said this a million times by now, but I further want to emphasize this point. The creativity that I got during this past week was unmatched. The reason for this is that I allowed myself to get bored and for creativity to come to me. I cut off all bad distractions.
2) A way to achieve mental clarity and good vibes.
I felt a great sense of calm and well-being throughout this experiment. I felt I as more connected with the “natural” world. I felt like I was spending my time on things that are good for me, and things that I will not be guilty for later. This brings me to my next point:
3) The amount of free time I really have.
We have lots of time during our days, if only we cut off everything negative that is wasting our time. I know a lot of people who have their daily screen time average at 5+ hours. I’ve had that happen to me as well. Sometimes, it was really bad and was closer to 7 hours. Can you imagine that? Spending 5 hours or more on social media apps, and mindlessly scrolling content that is designed to keep you addicted? It’s insanity. Most of us don’t even realize this when we are in the midst of it.
Furthermore, my one meal a day showed me how much time I’m truly spending on food as well. Most of us are tiring out our digestive system. I recommend the video “Fasting For Survival Lecture by Dr Pradip Jamnadas” on YouTube for those who are interested in this topic.
4) A way to be productive without trying to be productive.
I got a lot of things done this week. I did not try hard to be productive. It just happened. The reason it happened was because I had a lot more free time than I usually have. Furthermore, with all bad restrictions banned, I was able to focus on what truly matters because I had no other alternatives. I had no TV, social media or fast food to take my attention away from what my soul truly wants, which is to create good things, improve myself and help people.
Where will I got from here?
I’m going to take a lot of the ideas that I’ve learned from this experiment with me. I don’t think I’ll stop the one meal a day anytime soon. Furthermore, I’ll give myself a day to enjoy things like social media, digital entertainment and processed foods, but after that I’ll get back on track and minimize those things as much as possible.
I have a lot of other really cool challenges and articles I’m planning on doing and writing. I appreciate everyone who has been here and supported me throughout my journey!
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2021.07.23 16:42 Cricketdude960 Looking for opinions on towing

I have recently purchased a travel trailer but need to upgrade from my 2018 Altitude. The travel trailer is 5100 dry weight and 6995 GVWR. I am wondering if it is worth or even feasible to upgrade to a 5.7l V8 HEMI Trailhawk or some version of the 5.7 V8. Are these even capable of safely towing this type of travel trailer? Thanks for any input.
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2021.07.23 16:42 LSARefugee Republicans freak out because the delta variant they fostered is killing ... Republicans

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2021.07.23 16:42 mwfreebies FREE Entenmann's Little Bites Mini Tarts at Walmart! (freeosk)

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2021.07.23 16:42 PetrKDN Hakuna matata

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2021.07.23 16:42 _LifeWontWait86_ Mitch Hedberg on That 70's Show

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2021.07.23 16:42 jenniferonthemoon76 I got approved to WFH 3-4 days a week!!!

At least for the short term, I've been approved to WFH 3-4 days a week and I am THRILLED! They say they'll probably want us to eventually go back to full time in office - but of course I'm already rallying the team to prove that we can handle a hybrid model with no major issues so it can hopefully become a long-term arrangement.
My employer seemed totally stodgy and old-school about this, so it's surprising and delightful that they're showing some flexibility.
Advocate for what you want! Talk to your coworkers and get everyone to advocate for this! If everyone speaks up, they have to listen.
A few days ago, my situation seemed almost hopeless. I've been full of dread and borderline depressed since I got the news about having to come back full time. Now it's like a light switch has been flipped on and I feel like myself again.
Good luck, everybody. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! :D
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2021.07.23 16:42 empireatatesman Close ups

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2021.07.23 16:42 SunsetVetClinic Louie Parsons had a great check up! Louie is an 11-month-old Dachshund!

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2021.07.23 16:42 dholmestar 4a 5G hangs when typing post-update

It did it while typing this thread. Basically, I updated my phone yesterday and now when I type (with the default keyboard.. and there it goes lagging again) I will get random hang-ups of almost a second before the word I just typed appears. Anyone else experience this or have a solution?
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2021.07.23 16:42 Breadbin3 My prescription finally got delivered today, the dense buds are the red no 2, and the fine, light green stuff is the adven 20

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2021.07.23 16:42 Ok_Support_731 Wondering if it's time for a new regimen. And worried.

I feel down, out of it, and wholly uninspired.
It shouldn't be like this! I've made a lot of life improvements the past year. But I can't focus, can't commit to blocks of work concentration, can't juggle thoughts worth a damn, have constant intrusive random disjointed thoughts, and feel glum to depressed all day.
I can't stand this.
See anything I should change? Suggestions?
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2021.07.23 16:42 SsCarls Mega Charizard X can add 10 8927 7448 6761 & 7572 3432 4715

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2021.07.23 16:42 That-System-1111 🌑🌑 TeslaSafe will go to the moon 🌑🌑How can one become TeslaSafe millionaire? Here is my 2 cents. Spread the word. TeslaSafe is the only Crypto Asset that has done a 80% pullback during this bear cycle and fully recovered. No other cryptocurrency has done that.

🚀TeslaSafe is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Be an appreciating asset. Remember that eventually 99.9% of Teslasafe will be burned. Seeing a $0.01 per Teslasafe is a reality and it'll just be a matter of time. There will be 10 other tokens holding Teslasafe up strong.
🚀We've been encouraging everyone to HODL this entire time, not for just the protocol, but also for yourself. TeslaSafe is still the most hyperdeflationary token in the world and during the bear cycle, it's showing it's true strength vs other projects true colors.
🚀 Extremely low MKT cap (very very very good sign)
🚀Very attractive, unique, and legit business practice
🚀 This will x 1000% once other exchanges add this
🚀Reddit army will leave Shiba Inu and ride on this soon.
🚀A genuine rocket.🚀
🌈 Contract: 0x1d68ac7bd51cddfa6fb3c749cdce95c4a7681ba5
🌈 Pancake Swap :https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x1d68ac7bd51cddfa6fb3c749cdce95c4a7681ba5
🔥•FuZion Vision•🔥

  1. Teslasafe - Hyper deflationary Token engineered to be the most deflationary asset in the world.
  2. Rice farm - DEX , Mining. Adding a 2x yielding value to TS (Charts launching soon)
  3. Boba - Stablecoin pegged to USD. You'll also be able to stake TS to earn USD pegged USDB
  4. BTCe - Synthetic assets pegged to Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, etc - you'll be able to stake TS to earn these assetes
  5. Launchpad - You'll be able to stake TS to earn tokens
  6. NFT - You'll be able to stake TS to earn NFT's or trade or sell your own NFT's
  7. Lending - think AAve where you'll be able to Lend your TS for APR
  8. Games - lotteries where you'll be able to use TS to win games (high risk - high reward loterries)
  9. Listing on centralized exchanges will boost value even more.
  10. Bridging all DApps to the top 7 blockchains in order to add more community members.
  11. Absorb those 7 blockchain communities into our very own Superblockchain aka “FuZion”
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2021.07.23 16:42 Dlophia (NOT MY IDEA) Boys what are some things you’ve always wanted to ask girls?

we exist
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2021.07.23 16:42 webdivatullaIuana omg her evil era has already started

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2021.07.23 16:42 Bimbothesadclown Add vore biomes

Vore dirt
When standing on vore dirt you get vored
the end
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2021.07.23 16:42 voelir Canadian Fountain Pen Enthusiasts - Stylo.ca experiences?

Hi there, this is my first time purchasing fountain pens from Stylo.ca. I'm just wondering if they send out an email update when they ship orders with Canada Post tracking numbers? It's been a couple of days since I ordered and I'm getting a bit worried!
Sorry if this isn't allowed - thank you!
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2021.07.23 16:42 jimstark55 Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food doesn’t work?

I bought an ehx bass soul food and it does not distort my signal at all. I can max it out and the only difference to be heard is a slight boost in treble. Does it just not work? I’ve seen multiple videos of people using and can get nice mild to mellow distortion to add grit to full on distorted signal but I am getting nothing from it at all. Does anyone else have any experience with this pedal and has anyone experienced something similar to this? I have ehx compressor and Clone Theory and they are fantastic and I have no complaints, is this just a bad pedal? If so I’ll send it back and would like to hear your suggestions for really good overdrive pedals that can give mellow grit to crazy drive if I ever want that. Thank you.
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2021.07.23 16:42 Altruistic_Ad7912 Saint Bridget

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2021.07.23 16:42 Secret-Development-9 Mega charizard X on me add 0721 5048 4140

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2021.07.23 16:42 cacraftymom Happy Friday! I feel just like these sloths this morning 🦥 The US had 61,000 cases yesterday. Please wear a mask.

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