Go! Which specialty doctor (if any) would I ask my PCP for a referral for to help me navigate exercise with health issues? |

Which specialty doctor (if any) would I ask my PCP for a referral for to help me navigate exercise with health issues?

2021.08.01 02:23 Choice-Second-5587 Which specialty doctor (if any) would I ask my PCP for a referral for to help me navigate exercise with health issues?

Right now the health issues appear to be hormone or blood related, but I need to lose weight but am concerned about trying with some of the current health issues I have. I know I need to consult a doctor but I want to consult one that's knowledgeable in exercise science and how it affects the body and is knowledgeable about the bloodwork results for everything and know what could make how I feel right now worse or better.
(Note: in my area PCP doctors only really do basic monitoring and annual exams and referrals and don't do much else, and a few specialists I do see picked up on issues my PCP overlooked).
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2021.08.01 02:23 kyoumokawaii [MusicWatch] Ai No Chiisana Uta - Moona Hoshinova [2M Views] (166 Days)

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2021.08.01 02:23 Mindless-Use2317 anyone here interested in joining unvaxedland?

unvaxedland We aim to create our own society and gain our own land in the future where freedom will exist
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2021.08.01 02:23 guanaco55 Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Speaks -- Her family’s grief has been compounded by the media’s grotesque portrayal of their loved one as a “QAnon conspiracy theorist” or worse, a traitor who got what she deserved.

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2021.08.01 02:23 FAmos Not in Service Area, but im in Texas and my mom can use the app on the same wifi network...

I'm sure someone else has run into this issue, so I figured I'd ask here to find a solution.
I'm trying to use the HBO Max app on my android device (pixel 3a) but every time I get that error, which only started happening a few months ago.
I don't have a VPN on my phone, and my mother is visiting right now, in the same house and using the same wifi, but she is able to access HBO Max fine.
I cleared my cache for the app on my phone, deleted the stored files, uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, and even disconnected my wifi and it still doesn't work when using LTE. It's very frustrating as I continue to pay for the service.
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2021.08.01 02:23 the_karma_llama The cockatoo squid. Photo by Kat Bolstad

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2021.08.01 02:23 sonmicnin Couldn't resist this shot

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2021.08.01 02:23 hewasquick 28m with ectopic beats for weeks, ruining my life and I have a baby on the way. Please help.

Hi, I'm a 28 y.o reserved man from the UK who is 6 foot 1 and weighs 113kg. I have no known health conditions. I have suffered from panic attacks most of my life, but mostly between ages 22-26, the last two years (possibly as a result of covid and other life stresses) it has manifested more as depression/manic episodes/high emotions and extreme overthinking.
The first episodes with my heart happened when I was 10/11 and they presented as a very fast heartbeat that made it heart to breath and also caused me to panic - they were brought on usually by exerting myself (e.g big bounce on a trampoline or bouncing onto my back and then my feet, or bending over after sprinting). These episodes were far and few between for most of my teenage years (maybe 4/5 times max over an 8 year period).
The most significant episode was when I was about 20 and I was at a music festival, I had just arrived and was ordering a hot dog, I had 3 bottles of beer and although was anxious about being at a big festival with crowds I remember feeling ok. Anyway, ordering a hot dog and my heart just went from rest to 200bpm. I rushed to the ambulances on site in a panic, ringing my parents and saying I was dying I love them and the paramedics measured my heartbeat at 174 by the time I got to them. It eventually just calmed down and my parents came to collect me. By morning I was fine. I was referred to a doctor and they suspected it could be SVT. (I have never taken drugs and didn't heavily drink, I don't drink coffee or energy drinks). I do live in an almost constant state of anxiety and stress - I have a constant ball of pressure in my chest from anger, stress and anxiety.
The next most significant episode was familiar but happened when I was 24. I had a panic attack that seemed to never stop for hours and I drove to a hospital but was afraid to go in - It destroyed me. I lived the next two years in hell. Never leaving the house, never going anywhere unless I was within range of a hospital. Afraid to even bend over too fast. I lost 3 stone. I was in hell.
I eventually came out of it and found myself a better man. Anyway, fast forward through years of CBT and doctors trying to get me to take medication I am now 28 and two stone overweight. My partner is pregnant and we seem to be synced with everything (toilet patterns, sleep patterns, hunter patterns and even some symptoms which is weird) I have been having 20-30 skipped heartbeats or flutters for weeks now. I don't know if they've always been there and I'm just focusing on them now or not, but they're really really affecting my life. I am so stressed and fear the worst.
I have had lots of ECGS, blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds of my heart to check and they were always clear. I've even been checked for hocum and cleared. My oxygen levels are always around 96-98 which worries me and made me throw away my oxometer because I don't smoke and couldn't figure out why it was so low.
I'm sorry I've thrown alot at you but I am so desperate and I hope someone can please tell me what could be the problem. My question is - can skipped heartbeats over a long period of time (2 months) be harmless and caused by stress or is there something more sinister at play?
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2021.08.01 02:23 Freechatplz /srs I hope I’m not becoming an “incel”

I’ve always had it bad with women, I’m almost 32 and every girl I’ve been with has cheated on me. Whenever I see a couple holding hands in public and I get so angry and tense and say “why can’t that be me” I hope these feelings subside or I get a girlfriend is it normal to feel this way after being lonely for all this time, I’ve talked to my therapist about this and he hasn’t really helped much I can’t shake this loneliness and depression off of me. Can anyone give me some advice on how I can improve my confidence and maybe find a girlfriend?
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2021.08.01 02:23 s0ph1aaaaa 1ª fanart do lubinha, espero que goxtem <33

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2021.08.01 02:23 G_456 A Gift To All

So this sub has meant a lot to me and I just wanted to share this gift with all of you :)
It’s really warmed my heart over the past few days and I think you all deserve it :)
I know it looks fishy but it’s not, you can trust me :)
click for free robux
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2021.08.01 02:23 kyonbano Is it worth it to....

I have the "LENOVO IdeaPad 330 AMD 4", IDK about laptops a lot but this laptop is too slow to run games i mean it can't even run Friday night funkin without getting drops i goes it's made for desktop stuff, i thought after seeing CPU at 70%~94% i really need a RAM 4GB of RAM is not enough, so i came here to ask if could just buy a RAM (12GB maximum) and the problem will be fixed or sell the laptop and get a new one. (also to mention i already used 550/1000GB of storage)
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2021.08.01 02:23 rojozproduction "No Heros" - Boom Bap Type Beat 2021 | 90s Sample Type Beat

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2021.08.01 02:23 MisterTaeLee Here are the videos for the Semi-Final matches for the Dynaking CBT

Team 3- u/Visible-Nebula5484 - Tempest Lucifer II 2A Atomic & u/Fast_Crow_669 -Curse Ragnaruk 2S Never VS Team 5- u/XCC48 -Dynamite Valkyrie 10Expand Unite’-2 & u/Gktwin08 -Brave Spriggan 1SWheel Destroy’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDJDCGrRpW8

Team 8- u/LordValkyrie100 -Vanish Fafnir Giga Xceed’-10 & u/yj1357 -Dragon The End Kou Xtend+ VS Team 7- u/Fair-Version-8667 -Mirage Fafnir 1S Shot & u/beynerd2020 -Glide Wyvern 1B High Hold’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do4Bl2y0w5o
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2021.08.01 02:23 vonheisenberg So much for steady Teddy. Bridgewater craters as defense dominates

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2021.08.01 02:23 Discreetsuckerx 28 [M4M] Are you straight and need your dick sucked discreetly? Hmu. All dick sizes welcome.

I’m 28 years old slim/average body & white. I'm really laid back and have experience with first timers. I understand that sometimes you just need a good blowjob and I'm here to provide that. Willing to do whatever you need to feel comfortable with this.
If you're interested, shoot me a chat with your stats and where in DFW you are and we can go from there. I’m in Plano. I cant host, but I can travel or do car play. You wouldn't need to send a face pic, just a dick pic. The only things that I ask is that you be under 40, not overweight, and clean. I am std free and vaccinated. I am willing to provide documentation of both.
If this ad is up, I'm still looking.
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2021.08.01 02:23 smedek What is this plant growing in my backyard?? Northern Alabama.

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2021.08.01 02:23 TotallyLegitBentleyT All theses years these scars remain, I pull them open just to fell the same. It's so hard to resist and hard to refrain. Throw this smile on and try to maintain 😃

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2021.08.01 02:23 Clipsforthewinnn32 Jalen Green and KPJ combine for 50 against each other

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2021.08.01 02:23 bengeePCMR Friend’s Surface Pro (he said it was either a 3 or 4) has weird lines on his screen. How to fix it?

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2021.08.01 02:23 MWRazer Entry for week 14 contest (difficulty: very hard)

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2021.08.01 02:23 Cablet0p_ Astroworld will never be topped as far as Travis’s discography with the amount of features + hype it had.

Insane 2+ year hype leading up to it. Was teased for the longest time. Frank Ocean, Juice Wrld, The Weeknd, Tame Impala, Thundercat, etc. Just an insane album that had so much.
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2021.08.01 02:23 Extaction SpongeBob EOFM (Game)

SpongeBob Squarepants: Employee of the month is a game that frankly I don't know about anyone else but I loved the game and I would love to see another like it.. or just a rework / reboot. The game is very different from most other SpongeBob games which are usually Platformer, Action games. Now the reasoning behind this post is, I'm curious who else genuinely wants to see a reboot.. sadly it probably won't happen but just curious.
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2021.08.01 02:23 NaiveAd4888 jarvis drawing because i love him

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2021.08.01 02:23 Woosh-man Where to find the redraws

Hey guys I have looked everywhere but I can't find the redraws! Can someone please help.
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