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Beautiful Kristina old memories sweet pictures

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2021.07.23 17:02 Even-Olive-9836 PSLV - check out the Dips year to date 8.69 - 8.72 has been the bottom for the year

Just an observation on PSLV. I've been following the dips per the Yahoo chart attached and buying the dips in the 8.70 range as the bottom for the entire year appears to be 8.69 - 8.72. Anyone else thinking to load the wagon when it dips below 8.8 ? For legal purposes lol.... this is not advice on what to buy or sell as it is your money. Raid on Apes...let's get physical, PSLV and you won't believe the silver you can find in a Thrift store....just saying....have a great weekend APES !!
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2021.07.23 17:02 AnOddOtter Beneath the Fairy Tree - 5e adventure

It's Creator Day on Itch.io. 100% of the money made goes to the creator, which in my case means 100% of it is going to the charity GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network). I'll be giving them all money I've made on my RPG products in June and July.
Beneath the Fairy Tree
The Festival of Lights is three days away, but the halflings of Hilltop Grove have a serious problem. The Fairy Tree and their beloved dryad have fallen ill. Without them, the festival is in jeopardy.
This adventure is designed to be played by level 1 characters in about 3 hours depending on the size and experience of your group and how engaged they get with the social parts. It can be played with only the free basic rules. There is a minimal amount of combat and an effort has been made to give options to avoid some of the combat while still giving them an opportunity to sling some dice and use their character abilities.
From Wikipedia - GLSEN is an American education organization working to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression and to prompt LGBT cultural inclusion and awareness in K-12 schools.
I chose GLSEN because I'm a public librarian and GLSEN was a HUGE resource for me to be a better ally and serve my community better.
Having said all that, feel free to put $0 for the cost. I'd rather have eyes on my work than nobody using it!
Beneath the Fairy Tree on itch.io
Beneath the Fairy Tree on DriveThruRPG
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2021.07.23 17:02 po3sch 🦍 Stay healthy with Ramen. 💪 - 🚀 Part 3 🚀 (recipe inside)

🦍 Stay healthy with Ramen. 💪 - 🚀 Part 3 🚀 (recipe inside) We all hear it here and there "Stay Healthy !"
But how can we achieve that ?
Easy !
I gonna Help you with that, so you can do this with our most favourite - Ramen ! 🦍

🚀 Ingredients 🚀 ( 2 servings )

1 spring onion
½ avocado
60 g kale leaves (alternatively savoy cabbage)
3 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
1 egg (M)
800 ml vegetable stock
6 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sake (rice wine)
400 g instant ramen noodles
4 toasted nori sheets (if necessary)*


👩‍🚀 Preparation 👩‍🚀

Step 1
Wash and clean the spring onions and cut into fine rings. Stone the avocado half, remove the pulp from the skin and cut into fine slices.

Step 2
Wash the kale, remove the thick leaf veins and cut into 5 mm thick strips. Blanch the strips in boiling salted water for 30 seconds, drain, quench, drain again and marinate with 1 teaspoon sesame oil.

Step 3
Heat the water in a small saucepan and cook the egg until waxy for 6 minutes. Remove immediately, rinse with cold water, peel and let cool completely in ice water. Then cut the egg in half lengthways.

Step 4
In the meantime, bring the stock to a boil in a large saucepan and reduce to approx. 600 ml over a high heat for about 10 minutes. Spread the soy sauce, sake and 1 teaspoon each of sesame oil on two bowls. Cook the pasta until al dente and drain.

Step 5
Pour the hot stock into the two bowls, add the pasta and twist up in a spiral with a fork. Arrange the egg, avocado, kale and spring onion on top.
(*watch Ingredients - Place 2 nori sheets on each side of the bowl and serve the ramen immediately.)

🦍💪 🦍 Enjoy and Stay Healthy ! 🦍💪 🦍
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2021.07.23 17:02 NeverDietAlwaysTryit Any information can help

Hello Greensboro and surrounding area, Our hearts are broken to find out that my friends brother was found deceased yesterday on Witty Rd and Lake Brandt.
He was a smart young man who loved his family and had a lot going for him. He resided in Jamestown but his car was found burned in the Timbercreek apartments off Glendale in Greensboro two days prior.
If anyone has any information, no matter how small, please report it to crime stoppers at 336-373-1000
Thank you.
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2021.07.23 17:02 Vegetable-Bet-4930 buying error

I want to buy a stock but I get this message:
BUY (stock name) PINK.CURRENT at (price) Not allowed to open a position: no trading permission. You may need to add the appropriate trading permission through Client Portal.
Where is this client portal? and what to add exactly?
Thank you!
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2021.07.23 17:02 imabsnt Scav Karma is broken and I don't care about it anymore

In the past 24 hours, I have been killed by 3 seemingly friendly player scavs and I'm at the point I no longer care about maintaining a positive fence rep. Scav Karma is so broken due to the fact nobody can tell if you're actually nice or a piece of shit because you have no time to react, you're head eyes immediately and there is nothing you can do but slam your fists on the table in frustration.
I've done everything I could do to be seen as a friendly scav, I call out, I wiggle, I drop stuff for people, but I'm fucking done. No more Mr nice scav, I'm killing every player scav i see on sight now, fuck fence, fuck scavs, fuck scav karma.
To the piece of shit scav who just gunned me down in Mantis on Interchange after dropping something and motioning me to pick it up by flashing your flashlight, only to blast my head off I really hope you enjoy those 4 lightbulbs, ram, and nixor lens. We could have worked together like the game actually wants us to, but I guess that sweet sweet nixor lens is worth the .05 karma loss you willingly took.
I've had some wonderful interactions with player scavs when the system first came out (shoutout the scavs on interchange who just focused on stacking players on top of each other, that's cool and how I wish everyone was), but recently it feels like the majority of players don't care about karma and I'm at the point I don't either. I'd rather protect my loot than even risk wiggling at you now.
We need a way to identify bad scavs sooner so we can protect ourselves and increase our own standing with fence or make the penalty actually have a big impact on bad scavs sooner so they feel the effect of killing friendly scavs because what we have now is absolute trash.
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Give everyone a brief introduction about you and your business.
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2021.07.23 17:02 ThePsychoticSerb Pinkie Part 6: Nyu Babbehs (by Nundevwizer)

A few days later, Pinkie was sitting on her bed in Nancy’s room as Nancy was cleaning. Pinkie hummed to herself, rocking back and forth. Nancy smiled as Pinkie was at least behaving herself and gave her a little tune as she cleaned. Pinkie then started singing.
~Bestest Pwincess wub mummah!~ ~Mummah wub Bestest Pwincess!~
Nancy kept smiling as Pinkie sang.
~Bestest Pwincess wub skettis~ ~Bestest Pwincess wub babbehs!~
Nancy was a little concerned about that last verse but figured that Pinkie would eventually move on from wanting babies. She would be dead wrong in the worst way.
~Bestest Pwincess wub babbehs~ ~Bestest Pwincess be bestest mummah foa tummie babbehs!~
That last line stopped Nancy in her tracks. She turned around sharply and looked at Pinkie with a look of near horror.
“What did you say, darlin’?!”
Pinkie then realized what she said and scrambled to defuse the situation.
“Uhh… Bestest Pwincess jus wub babbehs, Mummah!”
Nancy calmed a little but had an aching suspicion that something was going on. She then resumed cleaning.
Over the next week, Nancy noticed that Pinkie was eating more. In fact, she gobbled down anything she could get her hooves on, regardless if was “poopie-kibble”, skettis or even something that was just dropped on the floor. Pinkie would complain at the end of a meal that she was still hungry and Nancy would give her an extra scoop of kibble. That extra scoop then changed to a bowl and a half of kibble. With the occasional extra helping of sketti if she was good. Which was only on two occasions. Nancy also had noticed that Pinkie was getting larger. She figured Pinkie was just going through a growth spurt as she was getting closer to early adulthood. However, she and the others saw that the growth went past what a normal fluffy would go through when going through to their puberty. Pinkie was now almost 2 months old which was usually the time fluffies entered puberty, however, she was growing past what was expected for a juvenile fluffy, and her stomach was getting bigger as well.
Now Pinkie’s torso was so large in proportion with everything else, she had a hard time walking as her gut was growing more than her legs were. Waddling along like a penguin to get from place to place. Nancy found herself often just carrying Pinkie where she wants to go.
And Nancy now found herself in a crisis; Pinkie had now grown to the point she couldn’t move on her own and needed help to get to the litter box, but that wasn’t the problem. Nancy almost dropped Pinkie on her way to the kitchen and Pinkie screamed:
Nancy brought in the house's resident fluffy expert Tyler and asked him what Pinkie meant when she said “tummie babbehs”.
“She’s talking about the babies inside her.”
Nancy stood in shock. “You... You mean?” She held her hand to her lip, fearing what she was about to hear next.
“She’s pregnant, Nancy.” Tyler said with a relaxed face and a calm demeanor as though this didn’t affect him personally.
Nancy started to panic. “Oh god… What if your uncle finds out?! He’ll kick us out!”
Tyler places his hands on her shoulders. “Calm down, Nancy!” There was a pause. “We’ll get through this. We just need to take a breath and think this through.”
Nancy nodded as a stray tear fell down her face. Tyler reached with his hand and wiped the tear from her cheek. Doug who was standing nearby chimed in.
“Once the foals are born we can set them up for adoption.”
Tyler nodded. “And then we get her spayed, so this doesn’t happen again.”
Nancy nodded as Pinkie swished her legs back and forth singing to herself.
~Pinkie Pwincess be bestest mummah!~ ~Gib babbehs wuv an miwkies!~
Another week had passed, and Pinkie grew further. In the middle of the night, Nancy was asleep in her bed when Pinkie cried out.
Nancy jumped out of bed and flipped the lights on, then scrambling over to Pinkie’s side.
“I’m right here, darlin’! I’m with you!”
Footsteps echoed outside in the hall as Tyler, Doug, and Denise came rushing in.
“Is it time?!” Tyler asked. Nancy nodded.
“Doug. Get a cookie sheet and a towel! Lay them on the kitchen table and get ready!” Doug ran to the kitchen. They moved the laboring Pinkie into the kitchen where Doug was waiting for them. A towel draped over a cookie sheet sat on the table. Tyler and Denise placed Pinkie on it. Miraculously she didn’t shit until she was on the table, aside from the mound of shit that was on her bed that Nancy would need to wash later.
Water began to leak from Pinkie’s special place; the birth was about to begin.
“SCREEEEEEEE!!!” The lips parted open as placenta and blood leaked through. A small hot-pink head poked out; the first foal. It slid from Pinkie’s birth canal onto the towel and immediately started chirping. The foal was a hot pink earthie, unlike Pinkie’s pastel pink, but otherwise similar in color, and was a girl.
Pinkie could hear the foal chirping.
“*gasp*… babbeh? Mummah hewe! Mummah com-SCREEEEEEE!!!”
Another head popped out; this time a dark blue foal; a boy, it slid out and Tyler neatly set both newborns aside to allow room for more births, and sure enough more came. Next, a red unicorn boy slid out, and then a dark brown earthie boy; a future poopie babbeh by Tyler’s estimates. Four newborn chirping foals lay on the towel. Pinkie was breathing heavily as she recovered from the birth. Her stomach had reduced in size now that the foals were no longer in her tummy.
“Alright.” Tyler said. “I think that’s all of them-”
“SCREEEEEEE!!” Pinkie interrupted him with her screams of pain as one more foal came through, it looked like a sky-blue unicorn at first, but as the foal slid out, its body turned light green further towards the back and had a pair of wings; an alicorn. It was also a boy. The foal chirped loudly, a reliable indicator of good health. The foal was sky-blue toward the front but that blended with the light green in the middle and transitioned from there to a full light green at his bum.
After waiting a few more moments, no more foals were born; it was over.
“Aww ob mummah’s babbehs awe su pwetty!” Pinkie cried tears of joy as two very hungry foals suckled from her twin teats. Nancy cried as she watched Pinkie nurse her foals.
Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank god that’s all over.”
Nancy turned to him. “Thank you, Tyler.”
Tyler glanced in her direction. “Sure thing, Nancy.” Then to Tyler's surprise, Nancy kissed him on the cheek before sitting down in the chair across from Pinkie. Tyler stood in quiet shock from Nancy’s kiss, and as she turned her attention back to Pinkie, something in Tyler’s mind clicked that made him realize how beautiful Nancy looked with her curly blonde hair. His absent gazing at Nancy was interrupted by Pinkie talking about her babbehs.
“Pinkie Pwincess am mummah nao! Am be bestest mummah!” The blue and pink foals finished their meal and were replaced by the blue and green alicorn and the red unicorn. The brown earthie chirped as it crawled its way over to Pinkie’s teats. Nancy noticed the brown foal and she gently used her hand to guide it to Pinkie’s teats.
“Here you go, darlin’.”
After several seconds, the red unicorn, on the left teat, finished and crawled over to Pinkie’s leg before falling asleep, drowsy from his meal. The brown foal crawled until it almost touched the waiting teat, then Pinkie pushed it away.
“Nu! Nu miwkies foa poopie babbeh!”
Nancy was shocked, Tyler was not. Tyler had seen many fluffy mares disown or even kill their own foals that were born brown or disabled. As such, he didn’t see the little brown foal living very long for as long as he was in Pinkie’s care.
“Pinkie! Why would you do that?!” Nancy asked.
Pinkie smiled with pride as she spoke. “Dat am poopie babbeh! Poopie babbehs nu hab pwetty cowas, su dey nu desewb miwkies ow wub, onwy poopies!”
“But that’s your child! You have to take care of him!” Nancy pleaded.
“NU! Dat poopie babbeh! Poopie babbehs nu get miwkies!” Pinkie was adamant in her disregard of her brown foal.
Nancy was so shocked that she did something she never thought she would do… she slapped Pinkie across the face.
“Owwies!! Huhuhuuuuu! Why mummah gib bestest mummah hewties?! Huhuuu!”
Nancy pointed her finger at Pinkie. “You are going to feed and raise that brown baby, or no more pasta for you!”
Pinkie stuck her tongue out. *pffffffft* “Bestest mummah du wah bestest mummah wan!” *pfffffffftt*
Pinkie kept sticking her tongue out mocking Nancy until Tyler grabbed it between his two fingers. Pinkie then struggled to pull her tongue free.
“You will feed your poopie babbeh, Pinkie… or you going to get the worst sorry sticking of your life! Do you understand?!”
Pinkie kept struggling, so he squeezed his fingers ever so slightly and Pinkie emitted a scream.
Tyler didn’t understand what she was trying to say. “Nod your head if you will feed your poopie baby.”
Pinkie nodded her head. “Good.” Tyler let go of her tongue and Pinkie cried for a moment as the pain lingered.
“huhuuu!! Fawkie pwaf hewtief!”
The little brown newborn frantically chirped as he crawled over to Pinkie’s teat and greedily clasped onto it, gulping down Pinkie’s sweet nutritious milk. The alicorn had long since finished drinking and had gone to sleep with the rest of the foals. Tyler and Nancy watched as the brown foal nursed. Although the slap didn’t accomplish much, Tyler did notice that Nancy finally stepped up to discipline Pinkie. Time would tell though if she would ever be willing to take more drastic measures if necessary.
A few days later, Pinkie was nursing the hot pink foal, who she had begun referring to as her “bestest babbeh”.
“Bestest Babbeh dwink miwkies foa gwow big an stwong!”
Alongside her bestest baby, she (begrudgingly) nursed the poopie babbeh. While she did feed the brown foal, she hardly paid attention to it and would attempt to give him sorry hoofsies when Nancy wasn’t looking. Tyler had to give her the sorry stick treatment once when he caught her almost stomping her brown baby. Nancy even resorted to spanking Pinkie herself once when Pinkie tried to starve the brown foal. Ever since the foals were born, Nancy finally stepped up on disciplining Pinkie. Either it was with sticking Pinkie’s nose in her poop whenever she refused to use the litterbox, putting her in a “sorry-box” whenever she had a tantrum, and whenever she neglected or mistreated any of her foals, Nancy would cork Pinkie’s bum for an hour and give her a spanking.
Unfortunately, it was too little too late as the smartyness had reached critical mass and Pinkie was passing it on to her two favorite foals: the hot-pink earthie, and the red unicorn.
As the pink foal was suckling from Pinkie’s teat, the brown foal’s eyes began to water as he tried opening them up. As his eyelids revealed green innocent eyes, his sight presented to him his mummah as the first thing he would see.
Pinkie looked at her pink foal thinking she was the one who said her first word.
“Bestest babbeh am tawkie babbeh nao?”
The brown foal replied.
“Babbeh wub mummah!”
Pinkie then realized it wasn’t her favorite who opened their eyes first, it was her unwanted child who gained sight first.
“Hmp!” Pinkie simply ignored the brown foal and coddled over the pink foal.
The brown foal chirped happily at being able to see his mother for the first time, a joy she did not share.
“Babbeh gib mummah huggies!” He wrapped his little legs around her teat trying to hug her. She was immediately repulsed.
“NU! Nu touchie bestest mummah! Gu way ugwy poopie babbeh!” She pushed the brown foal away, causing him to fall on his back.
“EEEP!” The brown foal wriggled his legs in the air as he attempted to right himself. “huhu! Mummah! Babbeh faww! Nee upsies! *peep!* Nee huggies!”
Pinkie simply ignored him and went back to coddling the pink foal, even singing to it as it suckled on her teat.
~Mummah wub bestest babbeh!~ ~Bestest babbeh wub mummah!~ ~Bestest babbeh dwink aww da miwkies!~ ~Bestest babbeh gwow big an stwongies!~
Meanwhile, the other three foals were sleeping nearby as they all had their turns getting milk.
*peep peep peep!* “Hewp! Babbeh weggies nu wowk!” *chirp!*
The alicorn opened his eyes for the first time in response to the brown babbeh’s distressed chirping.
“Mummah?...” He looked around searching for his mother, but instead saw his brown colored brother on his back, unable to right himself.
“Hewp!” *chirp chirp! Chirp!* Babbeh nee upsie!” *Peep!*
The alicorn stood up, his legs wobbly from sleep. “Nu wowwy bwudda! Am comin!” He tried walking but ended up falling down since he was not used to using to walking yet.
“Owwie!” The alicorn didn’t give up however and he stood up again and tried walking. His gait was wobbly at first, but as he kept walking, it improved.
“Am comin, bwudda!” The alicorn finally arrived at the brown babbeh’s side as Nancy had walked into the room. Initially, she assumed that the alicorn was bullying his brown brother.
“hewp! Nee upsies!” *peep peep!* “Weggies nu wok!”
The alicorn stammered for a moment on what to do, he tried pushing his brother to roll over, but his horn got in the way. Nancy was about to intervene when she bore witness to the alicorn’s brainpower.
“Wet’s twy dis!”
Instead of pushing from the side along his brother’s belly, he used his horn to push against his brother’s legs and the brown babbeh rolled over onto his side. *plop!* the alicorn ran over to the other side to see his brother.
“Awe yu otay?”
The brown babbeh hued a little. “Am betta, stiww nu can use weggies dow.” The alicorn then used his horn again to roll his brother right side up. Nancy was impressed. The brown babbeh then tried get up on his own. A little wobbly, but determined. The alicorn was curious though as to how his brown brother ended up upside down.
“How yu hab hewties, bwudda?”
The brown foal responded. “Mummah push babbeh downsie when aww babbeh wan’ed was miwkies! huhuuu! Am stiww hungwey! Huhuuuu!”
Nancy immediately shot a nasty glare in Pinkie’s direction. Pinkie was still nursing the hot pink foal and singing to it as it drank her milk.
~Bestest mummah wub bestest babbeh!~ ~Bestest babbeh wub bestest mummah!~ ~Bestest babbeh dwink aww da miwkies!~ ~Bestest babbeh gwow big an stwong!~
Nancy crossed her arms and called Pinkie out.
“Sweetheart! Why haven’t you fed your brown baby?”
Pinkie briefly looked up at Nancy, and then briefly looked at her two unwanted foals before looking back at Nancy again.
“Dat am poopie babbeh! Poopie babbehs nu desewb wub an miwkies!”
Nancy also wondered about the alicorn as she had never seen him nurse while awake, yet noticed that, unlike his malnourished brown brother, he seemed like he was adequately fed. What she didn’t know was that the alicorn waited until Pinkie fell asleep before getting his fill of her milk, thus avoiding her wrath if he tried nursing while she was awake.
“And what about your alicorn baby?”
“Dat am munstah baby! Munstah nee gea foweba sweepies!”
Nancy was not happy with that response. Normally she would get Tyler to come in and punish her, but he was busy with schoolwork so she would have to do it herself.
“Pinkie… you are going to feed all of your babies or else!”
Pinkie stuck her tongue in defiance.
*pfffft!* “Pinkie am bestest mummah! An bestest mummah nu gib miwkies tu poopie babbeh and wingie-pointie munstah babbeh!”
Nancy was done messing around. She pulled the pink foal right off Pinkie’s teat before lifting Pinkie up and took her out of the room.
Nancy simply ignored Pinkie’s protests as she went to the kitchen while holding the rebellious fluffy mother in the crook of her arm. After arriving in the kitchen, she places Pinkie upside-down on a cookie tray and unceremoniously shoves a cork up her ass.
Nancy then took out a small milk pump that was specifically designed for fluffy mares that she had bought from FluffyMart after she discovered that Pinkie was refusing to feed her alicorn and brown foals. She then attached the suction cups to Pinkie’s teats.
“Nu! Nu touch miwkie pwaces! Dat am onwy foa babbehs!”
Nancy then flipped the switch and the pump wired into life, slowly pumping milk from Pinkie’s teats into bottles. Pinkie freaked out.
In five minutes, the pump had collected one and a half bottles of milk. Nancy turns off the machine and takes Pinkie to the litterbox to relieve herself. She takes out the cork and shit just falls right out. After Pinkie emptied her bowels, she takes pinkie back to her room where all of Pinkie’s babbehs were now awake and were crying over their missing mother.
“Whewe am mummah?!”
“Huhuu! Babbeh am hungwy!”
“Miss mummah! Huhu! Wan huggies!”
The alicorn and the brown foals sat in silence as they watched their three siblings cried for their mother. They cheered up when Nancy carried Pinkie back in.
“Mummah am back!”
“Yay! Mummah am hewe!”
Nancy put Pinkie down and picked up the alicorn and poopie babies to feed them.
“Nu wowwy babbehs! Mummah hewe! Come hab miwkies an huggies!”
The foals cheered and almost ran over each other getting to Pinkie’s waiting teats.
Meanwhile, Nancy put the other two foals down on her desk counter and fed the brown baby.
“Here you go darlin’. Drink up!”
As soon as his lips touched the bottled, the brown babbeh guzzled the milk down as fast as he could. He finished off most of the bottle before pushing away and belched.
*urrp!* He was satisfied. She then tried to feed the alicorn.
“It’s your turn now, sweetie!”
But he refused the bottle. Saying: “Babbeh aweady hab miwkies, mummah! Gib dem tu bwudda! ‘E nee dem moa!”
Nancy was surprised by the alicorns generosity and his concern over his brown-colored brother. Nancy smiled as she gave the bottle back to the brown babbeh who slowly finished it off. She then looked back at Pinkie who was smiling and swinging her hoofs in tune to a song she was humming as her foals nursed with the Pink foal who already had milk was off taking a nap.
~Bestest mummah gib bestest babbehs bestest miwkies!~ ~Bestest mummah gib bestest babbehs bestest huggies!~ ~Bestest babbehs gwow gib an stwong!~ ~Bestest mummah hab pwettiest babbehs! Yay!~
Nancy was very much concerned with Pinkie’s selective treatment of her foals as she would spoil the hot pink one and the red unicorn while neglecting or even outright abusing the brown foal. She had only witnessed one occasion where the alicorn was abused, but after that, she rarely saw him near her when she was awake.
Nancy had also had to bear witness to Pinkie continuously try to stomp on the brown foal which she punished Pinkie each time for it, but the lesson has yet to stick. Little did she know that she would be driven to the end of her tolerance for the chronically misbehaved pink fluffy that she has taken care of for roughly two months, and the worst part is that someone innocent will get caught in the crossfire.
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💥- Mass promotion
💥- 100k daily volume
💥- BNB rewards
📌 Token Information:
🔸Ticker: DOGE APES
🔸Total Supply: 1,200,000,000
🥞 Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x25264de7422e942c0702ee46b062be49bed39541
📝 Contract: 0x25264de7422e942c0702ee46b062be49bed39541
📈 Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/0x25264de7422e942c0702ee46b062be49bed39541
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2021.07.23 17:02 ramgautam125 CST Bounty Live

project is very good project. I really like this project. Because this project manager is very honest. I hope this project was successful.This project will positively change the crypto world for the better. https://crypto-stake.org/
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