Go! Should I have shame ? |

Should I have shame ?

2021.07.24 17:30 awkward_loner22 Should I have shame ?

I was diagnosed not long ago with this stomach disorder. I’ve been in hospital for a blockage and taking laxative like it’s going out of fashion. Obviously you guys will understand (that’s why I’m reaching out) that there are certain things that come with a stomach condition such as more pooping and gas .
The problem I have is that my mum constantly shames me infront of people because I use more toilet paper . With comments like “I haven’t got shares in the toilet paper company you know “ and “you smell really bad”. I’ve offered to pay for the extra toilet roll and spray air freshener but to be honest I think she just likes to moan . I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this and what you did ?
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2021.07.24 17:30 Shanky912 Soda wears a shirt

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2021.07.24 17:30 Mute-exe Want to know what it's worth. Im also selling it.

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2021.07.24 17:30 RealZero Animal call identification - Fox or Golden Jackal?

Okay, I'm clutch to a straw here as I don't even have a photo.
We're living in Germany in a small city with a forest nearby, and today we saw movement in our garden. We assumed it would be one of the cats living nearby, but once the animal stepped out the bushes for about one second, we immediately though it was a kind of fox.
We just had about a second, but for a fox it looked very..."rough", wilder fur, and slightly brown. We searched for "fox-like animals in Germany" online and found that the "Golden Jackal" recently re-migrated, and well, judging from photos, it could very well be either of those now.
As said, no photo as it didn't reappear. BUT we heared a call, before and afterwards, for some time, and were able to record it. The call might very well be one of the different kinds of birds nearby and thus quite useless, but hey, gotta give it a try, right?
So, I tried to filter out as many street and rain sounds as possible, and maybe someone of you know "Oh, totally clear, that's 100% a fox/golden jackal/neither of those"!
So, yeah, very vague, I'm sorry about that, but I'm thankful either way:
Recorded sound
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2021.07.24 17:30 heraldo47 [XB1] H: PSA heavy leather set, fixers are suppressors explosive vat crit 15,quad 25 while aiming, also a qe combat rifle 250 Dr while aiming,VE gatling gun +1a,JE minigun,TSE+1p lever action, AAE fms 10mil pistol W: Q25ffr Fixer, alligned enclave plasma flame barrel, legacy offers?

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2021.07.24 17:30 PastTheTrees Question on repotting this TBM?

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2021.07.24 17:30 Scout_On_Drugs I only have a month to decide what type of job I’ll be doing for the rest of my life

And I still don’t know what 🥲
I want to do something with PCs or technology, but idk what school should I apply to for that.
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2021.07.24 17:30 Present_Fig_382 💸Internet Computer Pre Sale Live Now 🌋 Newest and Most Exciting Crypto | Join the Community Now ✔️ Huge Potential 💸 📷

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The Internet Computer token project team is led by a team of successful developers and experienced marketing professionals in the BSC space. The team aims to encourage investors to hold their tokens by rewarding investors automatically with Internet Computer !!!
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There’s no hiding anything on the blockchain. You are more than welcome to assess for yourself the legitimacy of this project based on the transaction on the public ledger. Check out this webpage for a crash-course on how to spot and avoid rug pulls. The Internet Computer team encourages knowledgeable buyers who understand the risks and intricacies of trading cryptographic tokens, including how to safely transact and store tokens. As with most cryptographic tokens, Internet Computer is liable to experience extreme fluctuations in price over a short period of time. By purchasing Internet Computer tokens, users expressly acknowledge and represent that they fully understand that the token may experience volatility in pricing and will not seek to hold the issuer liable for any losses or any special, incidental, consequential damages arising from, or in any way connected to, the purchase of Internet Computer token!!!!
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2021.07.24 17:30 brianssparetime They forgot my lunch AGAIN? [Pentax MX, Pentax-M 80-200mm F/4.5, Colorplus 200]

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2021.07.24 17:30 Squiz2 Daily Marie #997 - Miss Marie

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2021.07.24 17:30 TheVinxx Offering: Dutch. Seeking: Spanish

English below
Hoi! Ik ben op zoek naar iemand die Spaans spreekt. Ik kan echt geen enkel woordje Spaans, dus het zou fijn zijn om iemand te leren kennen die mij vanaf het begin kan begeleiden in de mooie taal. :)
Ik ben 23 jaar, ik studeer en heb twee bedrijven waar ik veel tijd in stop. Mijn hobby's zijn voornamelijk wijn en whisky's, waar ik echt een passie voor heb.
Als je geïnteresseerd ben om Nederlands te leren, weet je me te vinden!
Ik hoor graag van je!

Hi! I'm looking for someone speaking Spanish. I can't speak a word Spanish, so I'd like to getting to know someone who can guide me from the beginning with this beautiful language. :)
I'm 23 of age, I study and have two companies that I spend a lot of time on. My hobbies are mostly wines and whiskies. Those are my passions.
If you're interested in learning Dutch, you know where to find me!
Love to hear back from you.
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2021.07.24 17:30 ChosenX155 Fist Time Anal Help

The first time ever I played my asshole. I am a straight-leaning bisexual. This is my first time. Some guy I was talking to Kik it was encouraging it..
I was at a finger myself a bit using a condom because I was a little paranoid of that. I also had a thing of wood that was very thin but long. I took about 6 in of it. I did a little in and out play but I wasn't being very rough. But I took as much as I could. The session was a decent amount of time but then I got tired after.
Shortly after I was feeling a little queasy. It's been about 11 hours since then. I have a little bit of discomfort in my abdomen. A little nauseous at times but not feeling great.
Is this common for the first time penetrating yourself? I am concerned that I did something really bad. I don't know if it is simply vasovagal response due to my an experience. But I am terrified of the idea I could have caused actual damage like with a colon or an organ. I am 100% in the closet with my bisexualness. So I would hate to have that exposure. But I know it's serious problem.
Any guidance or help me appreciated
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2021.07.24 17:30 eeldiov Watch "Rework Sonrası BAMBAŞKA Olan Şampiyonlar 2. Bölüm" on YouTube

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2021.07.24 17:30 Kchristina0808 Just for fun

Without saying the words within the name of the project, tell me the name of your favorite token using as little words as possible and/or emojis. 🤷‍♀️💭🚫💡
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2021.07.24 17:30 GreenFlameAlchemist [Serious] Cops, feds, lawyers, and CSIs: Has there ever been a case where after all the investigation and verdicts you believed that something paranormal had been occurred?

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2021.07.24 17:30 UltraSamaritan LPT: Use a spent, empty Visa gift card to sign up for all those free 30-day trials. You’ll never have to worry about being overdrafted or your personal information being compromised.

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2021.07.24 17:30 Keegod ANOTHER MAGNUM OPUS | Kanye West - Donda REACTION/REVIEW

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2021.07.24 17:30 TaNaYsHaH9737 Half of this vid was Simon explaining things JJ did in his his vids to Vik showing that Simon is the only one who watches JJ's vids.

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2021.07.24 17:30 hellsbellltrudy Any ever received this message? I cant connect to play the game.

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2021.07.24 17:30 urklehaze Barely make it to next paycheck.

I have a family of 3. It’s my wife, daughter, and I. I am the only one making an income of $36,000 a year before taxes. I live in a house owned by my parents which constantly needs repair. Almost 100 year old home. I pay $600 rent to help with taxes and small repairs. Electric bill is around $150 no matter how much I try to save energy. Water bill bimonthly is $240. Car insurance is $100. Internet is $90. I have $5000 in debt on a credit card that was for unexpected car repairs and vet bill. Plus more expenses like gas and food. I tried applying for cal fresh and don’t qualify. I am always looking at my bank account and it’s drained just before next pay day. It just seems to go on like this and is very stressful because everything is on me to take care of things. My wife stays home to watch my kid because childcare would leave us more broke. I live in California where gas is almost $5 right now and food costs have gone way up and taxes on everything.
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2021.07.24 17:30 No-Pangolin4650 Can male locomotives from cartoons have small penises??

View Poll
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2021.07.24 17:30 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Tech] [Standard Blue] [Sky Blue Morrowhatch]

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2021.07.24 17:30 WindyTrumpet Welcome Nikita Chibrikov to Winnipeg!

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2021.07.24 17:30 maxman007 OnlyFans will eventually get many politicians cancelled.....

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2021.07.24 17:30 kronkdark Solution to fix memory leak for PC below 16gb ram

I just found this software, before use it my ram usage was always 90-96% of 16gig of ram, after used it my ram usage only about 9gb-10gb of ram.
You guys can try it out and give back the result
P/s: its a free software, i can't guarantee it will be safe, use at your own risk.
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