Go! MMW: Bo Burnham will write a Broadway musical that will win at least two Tony Awards. |

MMW: Bo Burnham will write a Broadway musical that will win at least two Tony Awards.

2021.07.24 19:17 etchasketch4u MMW: Bo Burnham will write a Broadway musical that will win at least two Tony Awards.

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2021.07.24 19:17 survey88 Dynamic Disc Verdicts

Why are they so hard to come by?
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2021.07.24 19:17 xleighton 6629 4933 5215 add me

6629 4933 5215
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2021.07.24 19:17 jenny_fromtheblock55 I’ve got gifts to give, let’s be friends, 5447 8387 1696. No return gifts please, I’ve hit my daily limit

5447 8387 1696
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2021.07.24 19:17 TDankEngine21 Season 3 for RoCo will be the best season.

You can't prove me wrong here. Here is a list below for why S3 is already one of the best seasons they've ever had...
- New Wingsuits that are Hoverboards; They're clean af
- New Exotic Weapon skins
- Rogue is now on Steam; A lot more players will be joining and playing during S3
- The new map is probably the most creative map RoCo has made
- The new BP is awesome in general
- Players who cant get the BP still get some good things like a whole Wingsuit (Cherry Blossom Rocket)
- Emotes are getting slightly better and more creative
- Banners & Avatars are becoming animated
- A lot of bugs are being fixed
- A lot of good changes have been made to weapons
- The tier 50 skin is actually REALLY good
- All of the skins in the BP are clean and awesome looking
- Instant reward gives players a Legendary skin
- More free content is arrive (unlockable by RP)
- The game is getting a visual upgrade for things like the Weapon Shop
- The Rogue section will have Bio's and will look better
- Weapon Mastery becoming a thing
- Rogue's are being nerfed and buffed in appropriate ways
- S3 BP gives enough Rogue bucks for next BP
I would probably add more if I could find any more. Can't think of anything else right now. And BTW- you can't prove me wrong here. Don't even try.
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2021.07.24 19:17 MakeTotalDestr0i The 16 oz organic salads that come in plastic shell for $4.99 are now 10oz

That is all.
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2021.07.24 19:17 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/GPGpractice/comments/oqsnvi/send_me_message_pls/h6e1q6x/

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2021.07.24 19:17 FriendCalledFive Mini review of Last Stop (Gamepass and other platforms)

I finished playing Last Stop today after it appearing on Gamepass a couple of days ago, I was blown away with it, so am writing this review:
This is very much a walking simulator style game in the style of Life Is Strange. If you don't like those kinds of games, this game isn't for you. If you liked LIS, you will like this. It has less gameplay than LIS, mainly in that it doesn't have umpteen things in the scene to interact with. This is very story heavy with little interaction.
The graphics, while on the face of it look a bit simple, they do the job perfectly well. What amazed me is the amount of detail in the backgrounds. While it isn't a realistic portrayal of London, as an ex-Londoner it is very London styled and it has way more detail than a game like this actually needed, and that makes it stand out for me with the love that has gone into it.
The star of the game is the story with different interconnected story lines. I found myself engaged in it all and adored it all the way though, it keeps you guessing and wanting to know more like a good novel.
The voice acting was well performed and scripts were very well written, they had some great humour and pathos. Only minor critique is only one non central voice actor sounded like a Londoner, and another pretending to be a Londoner.
Overall I loved this game and would easily recommend it to fans of walking simulators with good stories.
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2021.07.24 19:17 NamesRex Getting back into ps4 UK 25M

Looking to play with squads more so would like to find a few people. Mic/no mic is fine. - just redownloaded fall guys (not played since s1) - bf4/bf1/BO4/COD WW2 (Shooters) - assetto corsa/gran turismo (racing) - gta v - possibly minecraft
PSN: TehRex-
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2021.07.24 19:17 ICHIRO333 SUS

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2021.07.24 19:17 szeredy Podcasts like "Espagnol con Juan"?

Hola chicos, so, I decided to learn Spanish some weeks ago, basically I use Duolingo and Anki and I discovered a youtube-channel called "Espagnol con Juan" I am sure you know it.
I like it, because it is fully in Spanish, so this guy decided to speak only in Spanish and so you could improve your listening skills and vocabulary really well. It is wonderful, e.g. I watched the video "Un pato en Paris", it was a funny as hell story and even I could understand the main parts of it -- also did some flash cards to the vocabulary.
Could you please advice me some other channels like this? I am totally A1 but I think I need a channel which uses spanish almost always and the main goal of it is to tell stories, with simple words but in an enjoyable way.
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2021.07.24 19:17 LightningYi [EUW][Gold] LF a supp tier 1/2

need a support to complete a team :)
We all speak english and got mics
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2021.07.24 19:17 XENORINE Did Pandavas eat Pandu?

Okay, so i read this somewhere and i am really confused... So please help me with this one. Did Pandavas eat Pandu? If yes, then why?
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2021.07.24 19:17 BTC_is_waterproof Steelers Best Super Bowl Odds Come Against Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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2021.07.24 19:17 FearlessPercentage30 🚀👶Internet Computer - JUST RELEASED TODAY FAIR LAUNCH BUY-BACK FEATURE🚀👶

✔️Buy Back feature active
Internet Computer (token) is the newest BSC Gem on the market, when in dip, Internet Computer !
Internet Computer ($ICP) is a proprietary, hyper deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain which rewards all hodlers with 2% of every transaction, at the same time, protecting the price floor of the token with the Buy Back feature.
💯Slippage: 11-14%
Tokenomics: 🔥2% of every transaction will go to holders 🔥3% of every transaction will go to marketing 🔥6% of every transaction will go to liquidity and buyback feature
📌30% BURNED at launch.
🥞 BUY: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe1c5b9e5ba5cd9159ad364041fb77b648f507977
✏️Contract: 0xe1c5b9e5ba5cd9159ad364041fb77b648f507977
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2021.07.24 19:17 PL739 Daily Cuora #50 !!!! And that’s Season 1 Part1

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2021.07.24 19:17 shnugglebug Drywall tape rippling and cracking - why does this happen and how do we fix it?

The drywall tape at the top of our living room ceiling is bubbling/rippling a bit in some spots. It looks like it's coming up in some spaces and one edge seems to have a crack along the edge of the tape.
Why does this happen? What causes this, and is there something we can do to prevent it from happening more? Is there a way to fix it?
Thanks for your help!
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2021.07.24 19:17 Misc8426 Chad doesn't need rl girls in his life

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2021.07.24 19:17 ElParathaPicante-_- Sometimes I watch English domestic cricket to find new names for bad jokes

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2021.07.24 19:17 LuisDaniels45 Anchorman Ron Burgundy Kind Of A Big Deal

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2021.07.24 19:17 SphereMode420 No contest

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2021.07.24 19:17 BabyPomelo What if… previous metas that were nerfed were buffed again?

Lets say, the twins got their spd lead back and Mo Long was still the OP stripper it used to be. How would the RTA meta be?
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2021.07.24 19:17 Iceboerg420 The SEC will never in a million years publish the real short interest

If they would we know to 100% that the short interest is above 100%, every ape will hold after this to the Million and wont sell. Right now we can only guess how it is. People maybe think of selling at 5 or 10k even if they say now i will hold into the millions. They will play with our psyche till the end. For everyone, except the apes, are paperhands the best thing.
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2021.07.24 19:17 happy345girl Should I reschedule or take the AANP test in 11 days?

I have my AANP family nurse practitioner boards scheduled for 08/05/21. I have taken both APEA exams and scored a 69% on both. I also took the PSI exams about 1.5 weeks ago and scored a 77% and 73%. I don't know how I feel about these scores...should I reschedule or just go for it? I know the passing rate is 85% so I feel I am in a good spot to pass...but could use some suggestions on what I should do.
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2021.07.24 19:17 zay0817 Dialga raid on me **

7697 3813 2278
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