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2021.07.24 18:01 Siagsterr Diavlo

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2021.07.24 18:01 W1SC0TAZ752 Dialga - 5504 5675 6071

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2021.07.24 18:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: fenêtre

fenêtre translates to window
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2021.07.24 18:01 thelaros Please help me understand the purpose of being able to see the amount in a public address.

I'm sure I'm just missing something but I haven't found the answer yet, so hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can help.
One thing that has always bothered me about crypto is that many (seems like most actually) let you see how much money has once you get their public address. This seems incredibly dangerous, especially if we get into full-scale adoption. Sure, it's "anonymous" and hard to get someone's address...for now. I understand associating a public address to a specific person is difficult for the average person, but someone with malintent can do it. People will always fall for phishing scams. Isn't this basically the intent of a dust-attack?
What about full scale adoption? Once we start paying directly with crypto or transferring peer-to-peer, will our public addresses not be used? If I use it in a store where I've already given them my name, address, phone number etc and now that data leaks along with my public address, I could be targeted. At least with a credit card it's not like they could know how much I have in my bank account. And while it used to be pretty easy to figure out how much money was in someone's bank account if you got the account number, most banks have added in security to prevent that from happening now. With crypto, it's just freely available for anyone to see as long as they internet. In fact, it's touted as one of the nice things that we can see who controls the lion's share of what crypto. I'm sure some will say I'm just being paranoid because only the rich will need to worry but in my mind, it's not the rich who would have to worry about it since they can afford the extra security, safer neighborhoods, etc. It's the people with only a few hundred or few thousand dollars that are easy targets both for scams and for robberies.
So what am I missing? Why are we okay with allowing it? What measures are in place to prevent that from happening that I just haven't read about yet? If not, why isn't Monero or something similar more popular?
Thank you in advance and please excuse my ignorance if I completely missed the mark. Just trying to learn.
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2021.07.24 18:01 lt_gnrl_Muffin Hours after TR helped attack Rome

Hours after TR helped attack Rome
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2021.07.24 18:01 beeiron Met someone on Tinder and things have been going great.

Met her two weeks ago on tinder then a week ago IRL. Every time we've spent time with each other it's ended up with me staying at her place or her at mine, and things seem really promising. As a matter of fact our first "date" was just 3½ days of laying around her place watching movies. I was beginning to give up all hope with dating apps and possibly even dating all together, but I'm glad I decided to stick it out for a couple more weeks. I just hope things continue to go in the direction they are.
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2021.07.24 18:01 therealaw [Hobby] Breakdown 2004 remake Animator, Character designer, and sound designer needed


Planned Significant Changes:
Team: - and that brings me to here, at the moment this has pretty much been a solo mission. - although I am dedicated to the project, and I am adequate at geometric 3D modeling and C#, I am woefully bad at animation and organic 3D modeling (such as designing a human) and I have a very weak understanding of sound.
Conclusion - I along with a few dozen other are very passionate about this project, and any help that anyone can offer is much much appreciated.
Thank you.
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2021.07.24 18:01 Aggressive_Buddy_970 [EUNE] Skam123 top main

Looking for Clash team
Gold 4
Tier 3
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2021.07.24 18:01 chinos88 A little 400mil plus Pyro F.A.S.E.R Beam game for the soul.

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2021.07.24 18:01 bringbackthesonics21 The Price is Wrong

Inspired by one of the best Adam Sandler movies of all time. Name one Crypto you think the market is undervaluing and one Crypto you think the market is overvaluing. This isn't a discussion about current price more so what you think is a hidden gem or bust. I'm curious to see what projects the community is looking at right now.
The clip for a little 90s nostalgia... https://youtu.be/87R0MZsO2BU
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2021.07.24 18:01 Tanguay4040 New small updates : new small features

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2021.07.24 18:01 BrycewithLife YR 4 WEEK 17 !!!!! OPEN TEAMS PATRIOTS, BENGALS, VIKINGS, JETS, FOOTBALL TEAM, LIONS, JAGUARS, FALCONS, GIANTS, TITANS, CHARGERS, RAMS were looking for Long Term Players, [PS4] , 24hr league, 8 min quarters, All Madden, This League will transfer to Madden 22

Plan on going at least to season 10, need people who want to play and stay to build their teams This Is a Very Active League, Good Players, Good Comp, Long Lasting, Chill People, We Also Have a 2k21 League and MLB League Too, Join Now If Interested
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2021.07.24 18:01 ApathyBeam77 Couple of questions about issues I'm having with my copy of Strive

Two questions to make sure there's not something off with my copy of Strive on PS4 (I'm technologically illiterate so bear with me please):

  1. I feel like there's some kind of input lag compared to the other fighter I play a lot, Street Fighter V. There seems to be slightly more delay between pressing my button and the move coming out on Strive. Is this just my imagination?
  2. When I play matches, even offline, in the start up of the match where the eagle is flying, I notice the game will slightly freeze/stutter every few seconds, is this normal? It always eventually loads the match though.
Could either of these issues possibly be tied to my disc? I had a rough time cleaning it when I bought it. Anyways, thanks in advance.
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2021.07.24 18:01 Puzzleheaded_Boot_16 A NC level progression chart

Basically a demon ladder going from easy NC demons to extreme NC demon, I need it
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2021.07.24 18:01 Dominus_76 saiko when she realises what sir benedict did to her on her vacation

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2021.07.24 18:01 DAHosting Olympic Opening Ceremony Director Fired on Eve of Event Over Holocaust Joke

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2021.07.24 18:01 Darthultria 👀

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2021.07.24 18:01 frank_knots How long do you wait on a Zoom call when an Interviewer doesnt show up for an job interview?

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2021.07.24 18:01 uselessguywhoexists Johnstown Galleria. Johnstown, PA. 1992 original.

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2021.07.24 18:01 Privacy_74 Rep Gaetz Says Republicans Have An Obligation To Use Second Amendment For An Armed Rebellion

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2021.07.24 18:01 AceSkunklover Mama! Where are you?! I'm starving here!

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2021.07.24 18:01 SladeWilsonXL9 Is there a way to make my face/jaw more pointy/chiseled.

Not even sure if that’s the proper way to word it, but anyway. I am 5,12 180 pounds athletic build. I workout 4-5 times a week and I train in Muay Thai. However my face is kind of round. It’s not pudgy or fat or anything, but it’s kind of round. Wondering if there’s any workouts or anything I can do to kind of make it more chiseled.
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2021.07.24 18:01 zzill6 The Decisions of Idiots

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2021.07.24 18:01 IsaacJDonnelly Chloe Baldwin

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2021.07.24 18:01 MarcoCadenas Director de Azteca Deportes sobre JO: 'Con nuestra transmisión la van a pasar increíble'

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