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Hmmmm.... rare, you say??

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2021.07.24 19:27 MagnustheJust Hmmmm.... rare, you say??

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2021.07.24 19:27 7Cs11 Whats the longest word you can think of at the moment?

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2021.07.24 19:27 RegExr *Proto* Funko POP!: Pusheen With Cupcake Vinyl Figure - White now available at Gemini Collectibles

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2021.07.24 19:27 jjhus2006 Monkey Gamemode

Basically jump height significantly increased to where you jump around insanely high. The only weapons you have are an rpg and a knife.
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2021.07.24 19:27 joke007 Cardarine smell

I hot a batch of cardarine with a characteristic smell like petroleum / motor oil? Color is white / slightly yellow. My older batch was whiter and didn't have such a characteristic smell. Is it normal to the production process?
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2021.07.24 19:27 badbardbarge No Means No 💀🌿

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2021.07.24 19:27 Hartless_One Lambo Legend Pass challenge questions(switch)

Ep2-Flying Free-Drift 10000 meters in Grand Prix= Where is it?
Ep5-Perform Air Time in Multiplayer 150s= This doesn't change after a MP match, why?
Ep6-Man Against Time-Perform Nitro Time by racing in Multiplayer 250s=This doesn't change after a MP match, why?
Using Gallardo LP 560-4 in silver rating.
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2021.07.24 19:27 iridescentphoenix Different variations of jadons

I’m trying to decide between the classic jadon smooth leather black platforms , the high rainbow parents , or the hologram platforms? does anyone have these and can offer a comparison between them?
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2021.07.24 19:27 ruby_FuNnY I was bored lmao

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2021.07.24 19:27 ennovyelechim Our handsome fella Huey

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2021.07.24 19:27 LividQuit7298 Hey W/18😈 Verkaufe über Snápchàt Bilder, Videos, Sexchat etc..NATÜRLICH mit Fakecheck bei ernsthaftem interesse. Name : liinda3344

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2021.07.24 19:27 Carrera718 Collin Mallard's writer is absolutely horrid.

T,h,e,y, s,u,c,k. T,h,e,y, u,s,e, c,o,m,m,a,s, i,n, t,h,e,i,r, s,e,n,t,e,n,c,e,s, w,a,y, w,a,y, w,a,y, t,o,o, m,u,c,h. Whoever plays Collin Mallard should be banmed because they're an absolute awful writer. Yes, banmed. Not banned, because, well, that is simply not enough. Banmed. OhSoNotS01mportant is a terrible, mean, talentless user and very stupid dumb and they probably smell.
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2021.07.24 19:27 JimmyELETheRealOne OctoGarden AlienStarFish, Me, Digital, 2021

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2021.07.24 19:27 Jack_Holson Never look back.

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2021.07.24 19:27 InfowarriorKat Spirituality has been neglected as part of the whole covid/ vaccine discussion.

To be a well rounded person, you have to take into account the physical world as well as the spiritual one. People who are left brain dominant think mostly in terms of "reason" with a lack of spiritual & emotional thought. Right brain dominant people think mostly in emotional and religious terms. Either way, this creates an imbalanced viewpoint of the world. Obviously, it's not just one or the other. There's usually some kind of mixture. I'm sure very few people are 50/50 straight down the middle.
But, I have noticed:
Spirituality has been almost completely left out of the conversation with covid, more specifically, the vaccines. What's the difference between potentially dying of covid or potentially dying of the vaccine? One is not brought on by the self. Vampires need your permission before entering. It's an old folk tale with a real message. There is something very satanic about talking people into hurting themselves.
The establishment keeps talking about science as a believe system, A substitute for God. They want you to believe they are the only ones who can keep you healthy. While they are putting aborted fetal tissue and who knows what else to make you sin without knowing it, separating you from God. Not to mention fiddling with you DNA.
There have been scientists who've also talked about vaccines that use a virus to kill areas of the brain that are responsible for spirituality. The justification for doing this was sited as preventing religious extremism.
Knowing this info, and then hearing about what happened during the Astrazeneca trials was startling. Several test subjects started saying, "They killed God. God is dead. My soul is dead." The "scientists" (satanists) brushed this off as "neurological damage".
Could this be why people are saying their loved ones have changed after getting vaxxed? I've heard of people noticing anger, short fuses, etc. People being "out of it" or "absent". I've even heard of people who were previously very spiritual saying they were now unable to meditate.
I really don't care about if it's FDA approved. Yes, I think that's letting them get away with things that would never have been tolerated before, but it being fully FDA approved isn't going to make me trust it any more than I do now. And while I believe that spirit is eternal, and know death is not the end, I worry about damning my soul to hell. Or my brain and spirit being unable to connect with God for the remaining time that's left, which can ultimately have consequences in the afterlife.
The people who created this thing are pure evil. I don't want the fruits of it.
Note: Remember I mentioned the vampire metaphor? I don't think it's a coincidence that Dracula's Castle, historical estate of Vlad The Impaler, was turned into a vaccination site. I think it was chosen for that symbolism/ bad energy.
I literally wouldn't be surprised if this vax had some kind of ritual put on it in the lab.
Sorry if I've offended any left brain imbalanced atheists. This has been on my mind for a while.
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2021.07.24 19:27 legodudeslo If the crimson/corruption was a real thing, would we be able to stop it?

Im thinking we could just blow it up, since you can destroy evil blocks with bombs.
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2021.07.24 19:27 East_Ad_3429 Heroku minecraft servers

2 things I have been needing help with

  1. recently I learned how to load a 1.16.5 vanilla or spigot server on heroku but I can't go past 1.16.5 version because heroku doesn't have java 16 if you know how to fix this plz let me know
  2. I was just trying to run a fabric version of the heroku server but it would not load if you know how to fix this as well that would be much appreciated
these are my current issuses
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2021.07.24 19:27 VerbalEbola34 Don't really need advice yet, but I just wanted to show this piece off. The moment I saw it, I nearly started crying. It's for my mother who passed, and the artist did right by her. Big shoutout to Justin from Eye Candy Tattoo!!

Don't really need advice yet, but I just wanted to show this piece off. The moment I saw it, I nearly started crying. It's for my mother who passed, and the artist did right by her. Big shoutout to Justin from Eye Candy Tattoo!! submitted by VerbalEbola34 to tattooadvice [link] [comments]

2021.07.24 19:27 iamelloyello Comptia A+ Bootcamp

Without disclosing too much information, I have an opportunity to take one of the A+ bootcamps provided by Comptia for free (paid by employer if I would like to).
Would it be worth it to go ahead and do that? Or just go ahead and self-study for a few months.

Any input would be appreciated.
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2021.07.24 19:27 Independent-Usual388 John cena waiting for a return

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2021.07.24 19:27 dermarshal how would you all feel if this delay was staged from the very beginning for some reason ?

put aside the doubts if this is true or not, just pretend its true for the sake of discussion
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2021.07.24 19:27 bittersweetdb So much lag!!!

Sorry to my friends who are inviting me to raids this morning! I’ve had two invites that were gone when I clicked—and I clicked right away when my status thinger turned orange. So frustrating! 😭
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2021.07.24 19:27 PutridActuator2 FLOKI MOON | 💥30 MINS Old 💥 Locked Liquidity on 2 years | Renounced Ownership I Come and join the SpaceMoon. 💎 🦍 only real Apes knows how to hold 🦍💎 LOW CAP

FLOKI MOON | 💥30 MINS Old 💥 Locked Liquidity on 2 years | Renounced Ownership I Come and join the SpaceMoon. 💎 🦍 only real Apes knows how to hold 🦍💎 LOW CAP
✅Audit contract soon ✅ Applying for the Listing on Gecko and Cmc soon ✅
FLOKI was reborn on 07-24-2021- New team formation, no more 2 paper handed people in the team who was very bad for the project, we are here to protect our project and our people. Only 💎🦍💎 allowed ! We just start to build the floor and hiring all real diamaond hands apes, if you are tired of all other projects, come and join us, if you looking for the fast profit, this is not place for you , we dont like shorts, scammers a market manipulators , this will be totally opposite project from anything what you seen before, buy the dip and HOLD 💎
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Still low cap and fair launch, you can be the owner of of 0,5-1 % for not so much money
CONTRACT ->** 0x8d96baee46150447236cb26bc7aceb0697347ed2
Stay safe & Take Care
FLOKI MOON (FLOKIMOON) 100 % Decentralized Community Driven Token
FLOKI MOON project is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Locked LP on 2 years and Renounced Ownership .
🌙Supply : 100,000,000,000
🌙10% Tax on Transactions• 5% Distributed to holders• 5% Added to liquidity‍.
🌙 Profit from Holding - Power to the Hodlers Reward for holders with a 5% transaction tax which puts FLOKI MOON directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.
🌙 Locked liquidity on 2 years
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🌙🌙 CONTRACT: 0x8d96baee46150447236cb26bc7aceb0697347ed2
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2021.07.24 19:27 LexxPickle The Golden Ape!

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2021.07.24 19:27 Adeel785 🎮 Conscripts.co Gaming revolution with working Product & Reflection Coin - Upcoming Presale + Running AIRDROP💵

🎮 Conscripts.co Gaming revolution with working Product & Reflection Coin - Upcoming Presale + Running AIRDROP💵
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Launching the Conscripts 2.0 means that we will have more attributes like a marketplace, individual clan features, profile personification and optimized ways to match and play. Our team and our partners will be personally involved in making this platform a place that is worth investing online and offline. We are the only platform that uses cryptocurrency to motivate people to play on-demand and connect with each other, creating friendships and long-lasting relationships.
8% Total Tax on Transactions
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3% Distributed to holders
1% Added to CGRW (Coinz Global Reward Wallet)
“We created $CONZ to improve people’s lives by filling the need of finding people to play anywhere, anytime and earning by doing what we gamers love the most, having fun. Every time that a transaction occurs (including rewards given out by the site) we redistribute 3% of that transaction throughout all the $CONZ holders. Not only do users earn $CONZ by using Conscripts.gg but always when somebody else does.”
Product: https://conscripts.gg/
Telegram https://t.me/conscripts
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