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I need some advice.

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2021.07.24 18:30 zygnusx0001 I need some advice.

I've buried a dead bird (a small one), and I'd like to keep its skeleton, how much should I wait to unbury it?
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2021.07.24 18:30 Downliink The division 2 has officially made its way to my TikTok 😂

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2021.07.24 18:30 hippopogamus Wubby looking cute in his freshly cleaned pool.

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2021.07.24 18:30 puss_rider My first ever perfect match with spirit. The match was hella boring tho. All they did was failed flashlight saves and unhooking

My first ever perfect match with spirit. The match was hella boring tho. All they did was failed flashlight saves and unhooking submitted by puss_rider to DeadByDaylightMobile [link] [comments]

2021.07.24 18:30 Wisekittn My greenhouse is a mess and i love it

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2021.07.24 18:30 rxshxd2355 Join group chat on Telegram

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2021.07.24 18:30 YuushaNax [Academic] Indie game design (All welcome)

Hello guys! I am a rookie programmer, actually I am in my last year of high school and my teacher made us do a good or a service, some friends and I decided to make a game and we need some people to answer a survey to have the market research, I hope what guys can help me with this

I really appreciate any response that comes in.

Here is the survey
Have a nice day!
(The english is not my firs lenguaje so sorry for any grammar error)
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2021.07.24 18:30 bulseye142 SamuraiShiba 🐶 - Launching soon - Join the telegram - Mega marketing in progress 🚀

SamuraiShiba is a deflationary, meme worthy token, created on the binance smart chain network aimed at becoming the next big token heading to the moon. We’re a community driven token with lots of experience and ideas to push the token beyond your wildest imagination. Join in, take part in the community, cement your position as a forerunner to help us all grow and improve.

📲 Telegram: https://t.me/samuraishibabsc

🧑‍💻 Website: https://www.samuraishiba.org/

We are changing the narrative, with the success of meme tokens, dogecoin, safemoon, shiba, you name it. SamuraiShiba was created to bring people together to reach for the stars, and there’s no stopping us.

🏆 10 BNB prize-pool shilling competition
Total of 3 winners will be chosen based on the quantity/quality proof they provide as screenshot(s).

🥇 First Place: 5 BNB
🥈 Second Place: 3BNB
🥉 Third Place: 2 BNB


Post the Website, Telegram and Twitter account URLs wherever your shilling and get the word out about the coin before it goes to the 🌙!

💶 Tokenomics

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2021.07.24 18:30 I_am_groott Question About Photopass

Hey everyone,
Me and my girlfriend have decided to book a trip to DLP for my 30th in September and we were looking at the photo pass.
As a couple would we need a photo pass each or would one be fine for us as a pair where our photos would be together especially as we'll be on the same rides togethenext to each other all the time.
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2021.07.24 18:30 Mugen-Rad Made a simple Bakemonogatari AMV

I made it using After Effects and footage from the first episode.
The song is 18.06.2021 some song I made on 18.06.2021 Here's a link if you like it
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2021.07.24 18:30 dollface9912 PSA to guys who always feel like they get friend zoned

Don't leave the date without giving at least a HINT that you are sexually attracted to her or have the capacity to make a move sometime in the future...I've gone out with guys who seem afraid to even hint that they are sexually attracted for fear of being "me-tooed" and then later on will suddenly jump me on the couch. It's confusing and feels just...incongruent, you either are attracted to me or you're not and it turns me off when a guy is too scared to show it!! If I don't get at least a hint that he is able to form a romantic connection (even a kiss on the cheek is good enough), then it will start to feel like we're "just friends" and it will be hard to picture him as a lover.
Obviously if you notice she's rolling her eyes and closing herself off, don't make the move, but if she's friendly and looking at you often, then at least do something! Otherwise I feel like you're just friend zoning yourself (?). And there are ways to hint at it without actually making a "move" like complimenting the way she looks, at least making it clear that you are capable of pursuing a woman in a romantic/sexual way and are interested in her in that way. You could say, "I love your hair"..."that shirt looks nice on you", "you have pretty eyes". Doesn't have to be overly sexual, it could even be more romantic. But I know some guys are even afraid to go that far. But if she's agreeing to go out with you, she at least like SOMETHING about you, whether that be your personality, your career, your look etc...so, don't downplay the romance!?
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2021.07.24 18:30 textbookgemini Looking for answers

I'm bipolar 1 and for those that don't know religious delusions is a common occurrence during mania. This happened to me last year. My family are all charismatic Christians and when I became zealously religious they seemed to think it normal and a good thing when in reality I was very much in manic psychosis. Since returning to baseline I can't help but believe Christians especially the pentecostal sect are all mentally ill to some degree. It's a huge trigger for me to hear anything church related. I'm certain I have ptsd from the delusions I had and can't move past this. I was raised Christian and lived the life on and off all my 45 years. Now I just think it laughable people believe the Jesus narrative. So my problem here would be non existent if I hadn't believed most of my life in Jesus. Now I'm afraid I'm going to hell if it is really true. I just simply can't believe anymore. How could God send me to hell for not believing when nobody can make themselves believe in something? It's either the most important decision one can make in their life or its all rubbish and this stress is for nothing. I'm genuinely losing sleep over now being an unbeliever. I don't know what I came here for except to see if I'm as alone in this as I feel or can someone relate to my babbling somehow. ....
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2021.07.24 18:30 Georgeking19 Intriguing question.

So this is more like medical type of question but not like a medical advice, a friend of mine has some sort of ulcer chronic stomach inflammation type of shit and she is like so annoying bout it, I’m like do some sort of a diet or something like eat well, she is like I can’t ; my stomach acid is like 0.25 which tbh I don’t think is possible, she is also like I went to a fucking professor and he told me nothing can be done about it, same thing a dietitian told her anyway I just wanna know is there even such a thing because i keep telling her do this and do that and she like it doesn’t work and I don’t wanna be inconsiderate, at the same time in this time and age I don’t believe we have no answers for such things, like yeah some things can’t be cured but she makes it seems like there is no way in this entire world anything can help her, she says even cucumber hurts her, yet when we go out she drinks cola and eats all sorts of shit but she seems in the night she throws up and cries, like Bruh.
This may seem like petty lol or something like that but I’m a very logic type person, when some illogical shit comes my way I can’t accept it, so I figured here we have some people who actually live and experienced gerd so I wanna take your opinion on this matter.
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2021.07.24 18:30 7oda-005 Can't select nation

I am able to open the mod and even reach the select scenario then when I select a nation it keeps on crashing. Is there something wrong? I've made sure I had no other mod playing at the same time.
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2021.07.24 18:30 glitchtrapepicgamer show us your mod folder

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2021.07.24 18:30 Hakumoff Look at this man offering you salvation!

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2021.07.24 18:30 Simrangod Until Combat Achievements are point based, Each tier is only as possible as its Hardest task

As it stands right now, most people won't be able to go grand master and that's totally FINE.
However restricted accounts, hardcores, and people not good enough to finish elite or master would benefit from using some master tasks and grandmaster tasks on bosses they are good at or have learned very well to allow them to get ahead.
consider some elite tasks
ironmen without veracs flail might be on the hook for thousand + barrows kc to do elite
hardcores doing hundreds of wildy kc is spooky
2min grotesque guardians is pretty tricky for mid/high gear
consider these master tasks
uim doing large kc without leaving is basically impossible
Not being able to do ONE of these will lock the whole tier. supplementing 150 ven kc for 250 tob kc seems MORE than fair imo
THAT BEING SAID, i DO LOVE the concepts in these challenges and how they encourage players directly or indirectly to attempt new methods and strategies and I do think this is a FANTASTIC update. Do consider these suggestions Jamflex
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2021.07.24 18:30 ThePrimordialWarlock New Charmed one?

If I were in the writers room... season 4 would go like this. Macy was born with a twin that the elders took from Marisol at birth and placed her in the care of another family. This is the reason she wanted so desperately to bring Macy back to life after she was stillborn. fast forward to season 4, Mel and Maggie begin to search for answers about what happened to their other sister. meanwhile she's living a normal life when her powers manifested after macy's passing, she too is telekinetic and actually felt her sisters pain in that moment. she also sees flashes of them for the first time and dreams of them. celeste helps them pinpoint where (lets call her Maricarmen) is. as her powers begin to manefest she causes a few accidental disasters due to her not having control. Mel and Maggie show up to the disturbance to find a screaming maricarmen on the verge of causing a large earthquake. mel and magge talk her down and eventually grab ahold of her and The power of 3 is reborn.
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2021.07.24 18:30 PatriciusHibernius astrobear

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2021.07.24 18:30 MemeReserveBot Men's mental health issues are often very overlooked. As a result male suicide rates are significantly higher, especially in the Western world. If you're struggling, you can get help in discreet ways. (by gmanskull31 July 24, 2021 at 08:03AM)

Men's mental health issues are often very overlooked. As a result male suicide rates are significantly higher, especially in the Western world. If you're struggling, you can get help in discreet ways. (by gmanskull31 July 24, 2021 at 08:03AM) submitted by MemeReserveBot to MemeReserve [link] [comments]

2021.07.24 18:30 BonusFact Smerconish: Don't punish the vaccinated ¦ CNN

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2021.07.24 18:30 Samurai_Banette I can't play the game?

So whenever I try to open the game, it just says "checking update data" with the progress bar at 100%.
I let the game sit on the screen for 6 hours last night. Ive rebooted the software, rebooted the switch, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, restarted the router, nothing. My little brother's switch is doing the same thing.
Anyone else experience this? Any known solutions?
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2021.07.24 18:30 zepangborn (Selling) Do the Right Think 4K and The Wraith HD

Do the Right Thing 4K (MA) - $5 The Wraith HD (GP, FN, Vu) - $5
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2021.07.24 18:30 potatopikachupancake I drew Elise in 90s attire with Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

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2021.07.24 18:30 MemeReserveBot What a waste of time (by ImPrettyWhack July 24, 2021 at 01:56PM)

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