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Child 🦍 Tax Credit

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2021.07.24 17:21 Lopsided_Process5141 Child 🦍 Tax Credit

On Friday I took the child tax credit that was deposited and purchased 1 Gamestonk and 4 moviestonk. It's small but honest work. There was even enough left over for my wife and daughter to go get their nails done today.
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2021.07.24 17:21 MrMcQwerty Should English be spoken by everyone?

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2021.07.24 17:21 davegbel My doggo Dudley under his favorite blanket as usual.

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2021.07.24 17:21 DrSanwich Oklahoma

...Oklahoma is OK
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2021.07.24 17:21 youareyou123 19m let's [chat] and get to know each other :D

I'm 19m from Europe im really talkativeeeee and I can talk literally about anything. (doesn't mean I would like your hobbies but there is a big chance I would)
-I like working out running and sports
-Running as well so if you run we can talk about it :)
-Also if you aren't athletic and you don't like sports it's not a problem I will try to influence good on you 😅
-Hiking and traveling (we can talk about where you have been)
-I really like music tho I don't play any instruments if you do i would find it super cool i also like art and being creative.
-I'm a student and I work but it's not full time
-and I could keep on saying stuff about me but then there is no point we should chat and get to know each other
So send me a DM tell me where are you from what you like and do and how old are you.
Only limits are that you should be around my age (17-26) friendly and talkative have some social skills and preferably from Europe or Africa because of timezones! Though it doesn't matter because if we enjoy talking it's all good so this stuff isn't like suepr important!!
Looking forward to hearing from youuuu 😊
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2021.07.24 17:21 Kat_Krush If Xena’s plan in Looking Death in the Eye had succeeded…

What was next for them? Were they going to leave Greece forever? If they’d remained in Greece, it would have been only a matter of time before someone discovered them.
That’s why I never understood why she was so desperate to leave the Amazon village in Kindred Spirits. She said herself that Eve was safe from the gods, so why the rush to leave?
Anyway, maybe the rest of the plan was divulged sometime during the episode, but I don’t remember hearing it.
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2021.07.24 17:21 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Saturday, 12:20 p.m. EDT)

😢 Gone (for now)
Product Price
Sour Kush 3.5g by Divvy $5.70/g
Just say Hi! Send @entAlert a DM on Twitter to get a personal in-stock alert.
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.07.24 17:21 Istvan_hun A big thank you for the devs!

I am very, very late to the party, so don't expect a response. But if a dev might check out this sub, I would like to congratulate for this achievement. This game is a real gem, and I think in my top 3 rpgs in the last three years. (with Dragonfall and Deadfire)

- the historical backdrop was used in a very clever way
- characters were written very well (they are not too modern)
- the flow of combat, character building
- how the quests were set up. I really like this style of RPG.
- the companions! to this day the most memorable companions for me were in Jagged Alliance 2. They had about 20 sentences each, but those were memorable. I very much prefer simple but memorable companions over Bioware-ish ones which never stop talking (whining, actually) This was a very nice throwback, I didn't even realize until now that I miss this from gaming.
what I missed:
- the game doesn't have RPG in the title! It seems a tactical game with some rpg elements, while it is a real rpg.
- dark age britain is not really my cup of tea. It is visited very frequently, both as real viking games, but sometimes as inspiration for rpg cultures. Something else would have been more interesting (say, southwest china with recent portuguese/dutch arrivals, dark age sicily with arabs-greeks-latins-normans, italian condottieri, post-Alexandediadochi middle east, Palmyrene empire, etc.)
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2021.07.24 17:21 swpigwang Projectilist's absurd claims of bullet superiority

Projectilist's absurd claims of bullet superiority A number of amateurs have proclaimed that the future of warfare lies in the gun and the bullet. This is just another popular misconception of people that fail to understand the realities of conflict, as projectilists have proclaimed the demise of cold steel since the development of the sling, atlatl, the bow, and the gun and have been wrong every time. It is known that projectile weapons can cause attrition, but they are incapable of shock and can not be decisive and does not work against cover. As with all projectile weapons, its effectiveness is diminished in windy and foggy weather as well as at night or inside smoke. In some recent conflicts the bullet have defeated low morale and poorly armored forces resulting in faddish hype. It is known that developments in armor and oil assisted mobility enable bullet proof forces that will negate the conditions that resulted in bullet centric warfare.
The idea of explosively propelled weapon is really quite impractical as such forces would cause random failure of the weapon. The newest idea of combining clockwork mechanisms with expendable high precision metal parts and high purity chemistry have resulted in unparalleled cost per projectile, which is clearly unsustainable in high intensity warfare in which the economic base can not be expected to survive intact. Cold steel is simply far superior with potentially infinite kills per weapon.
Some military reformers have proposed replacing contact arms with projectile throwers with knives, an absurd concept as no knife user stands a chance against a spear block in close combat, and sticking knives on top of the projector provides horrible handling that is almost as bad as nothing. The age old projectilist fantasy of "decision at range" concept rears its ugly head again as conflicts have always shown value of decisive close combat capability. A projectilists carrying the useless weights of projectors and projectiles simply can not be protected like a pure combat unit and the many limitations of projectiles means close combat inevitably happens and must be prepared for.
Here is an image of bullet proof maneuver decision forces that is now feasible.

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2021.07.24 17:21 No_Breakfast_3621 New hat? What does it say idefk

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2021.07.24 17:21 QueenKordeilia [FOR HIRE] Ghostwriter (£0.12/word) and proofreader (£0.04/word)

I've had a passion for writing fiction since I was about ten years old, spewing fanfiction out left, right and centre. I realised I was pretty good when, in my teens, other users of the fanfiction sites I wrote on approached me with requests—brilliant ideas they wanted me to turn into stories. I've fulfilled many requests since but once I was offered payment in return for writing an original work, I decided to put myself out there as a ghostwriter. So here I am.
I prefer to write in the third person limited POV, past tense, but I have written in the first person in the past and am open to doing so again if that's what a client desires. As for genres, my preferences are YA and romance.
At present, I do not have any public original works to show for myself, but if you want an idea of my writing style, please have a look at the fanfiction on my AO3 account.
I'll proofread anything but my preference is fictional writing.
As quoted in the title, my rate is £0.04/$0.05 per word.
Please feel free to PM me to discuss your project and payment options.
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2021.07.24 17:21 nolan10nolan Looking for current/ex-Military to play with

East coast, 18+, and good comms, no yelling (I'm level 15 if that matters).
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2021.07.24 17:21 Turbostrider27 Rainbow Six Siege team talks about Siege 2 and even "Operation Health 2.0" from their AMA this week

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2021.07.24 17:21 Ministerpayne Mourning the loss of Teldryn Sero

I was in Angarvunde with Telly and Serana. I had just received the word of power and we were all on our way back out the cave. When we emerged, I ran towards my horse with Serana complaining about the sunlight as usual. I mounted my horse and off we went. Not twenty feet from the hillside a bear attacked. I dismounted, fought the bear and turned to check on everyone…only Teldryn was no where to be seen.
I went back into Angarvunde, retraced my steps multiple times. Camped outside the enterance hoping he’d return. I’ve walked the docks and loitered the Netch.
But he’s gone. I hope wherever he is with all the things he took with him that he’s living life somewhere quiet and happy. He was an amazing companion and saved my neck a dozen times.
Fair well old friend.
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2021.07.24 17:21 Benefit_thunderblast There is no hope for humanity

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2021.07.24 17:21 KingBeej1 More escapes??

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2021.07.24 17:21 Euclid_Wheat Just got this lad, any tips on introducing him to our other bun?

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2021.07.24 17:21 TymekZiobro Viewing deleted messages

Does anyone know any ways to view deleted messages in messenger? voice messages and pictures in particular or maybe some apps that save them, I've tried a few apps but they only save text messages not voice messages or pictures
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2021.07.24 17:21 superbad1O1 Are there mock exams from the CFA Institute?

I'm registered and scheduled for the exam but have not seen such material emailed to me or anywhere on the CFA Institute website.
I've been doing my studies mostly through Kaplan but I find it strange CFA Institute wouldn't have their own official mock exam.
Does something like that exist?
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2021.07.24 17:21 TerenceClarke68 KIPO friend squad tshirt

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2021.07.24 17:21 No_Law9995 Ha

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2021.07.24 17:21 Beneficial_Rough4444 🚀Mist 🧁 [Just Launched - Low marketcap] [Experienced team, trendy project with real use case fundamentals] [420 - Profitable] Get in early! 💎

🧁Mist - hodl, 420 and go to space:)
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every hour! We our combining the most popular cultures to create a token that will
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🚀Token just launched, lowmarketcap!
⚡️Hodl $SPC and receive BNB awards every, single hour!
🌿We are partnering up with medical marijuana dispensers
🤙420 is now profitable!
- Total supply- 1,000,000,000,000
- Initially smoked - 24%
- To liquidity pool - 75%
- Marketing wallet frozen for 1 month - 1%
Shilling contest for $ SpaceCake
#1 Winner - 10 BNB
#2 Winner - 5 BNB
#3 Winner - 3 BNB
You can shill everywhere, twitter, youtube, telegram. Make sure to send screenshots as proof of shilling in order to qualify for the contest.
The contest ends at 3 PM UTC time on Monday!
Get in early!
Contract: 0xbfecebe26c635c021b6bfdd57484e30dfbbe1640
BUY ON PCS: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xbfecebe26c635c021b6bfdd57484e30dfbbe1640
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2021.07.24 17:21 burduriterorist I wish Adolf Hitler, Serial Killer of the Vienna Academy, wouldn't able to get into his art class

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2021.07.24 17:21 reddit_feed_bot MRCTV: CRINGE: This Journalist Offered Oral Sex to Bill Clinton to Keep Abortion Legal

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2021.07.24 17:21 Key-Needleworker6355 Anyone going to the philly show?

I just moved to philly from pittsburgh a few months back and i don’t really know too many people from here. Especially none that are going to the shows. If anyone is maybe we could kick it a few times and go together.
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