Go! How do you play Unsealed Spellbook on Singed? |

How do you play Unsealed Spellbook on Singed?

2021.07.24 17:48 uncoordinated94 How do you play Unsealed Spellbook on Singed?

Any help on why this is viable is appreciated.
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2021.07.24 17:48 LionOfJudahGirl Doug "not having a chance" and a little known fact about Kalamazoo

I'm from Kalamazoo and I've been out of the state for 3, almost 4 years. They did a great job portraying the white trash side of Kalamazoo. I tried to figure out which side they were on from the scenery and from the family, and I'm guessing they're on the far east side closer to Comstock-- it's hard to tell since they didn't show any surrounding businesses. I grew up on the North then on the South side which is more 'ghetto' and less 'white trash'. He was pretty honest about Kalamazoo in that it is poor. I'm still in amazement at times of the area and state that I live in now because it's so well maintained in comparison. I see stuff out here I've never seen in Kalamazoo and I don't miss my hometown at all, lol.
I've read some comments on here about how Doug never had a chance, etc. While I do agree that his family upbringing obviously had a huge influence on how he turned out, there is one little known fact about Kalamazoo that might be interesting to know. There is a program for Kalamazoo resident K-12 students called the Kalamazoo Promise. It's a program that was funded privately and anonymously by very wealthy donors and it's a program that pays for up to 100% of college tuition costs for any resident student who graduated from high school. The rules might be different now, but when it came out, the rule was if you attended K-12 in a Kalamazoo district school, you had 100% coverage and anything less than attending every K-12 grade was 50% coverage. Free college. All you had to do was graduate high school. This program was implemented around 2006. I graduated in 2005 so I missed this program by one year. It's still in effect without any set end date.
I attended K-12 in Kalamazoo. I had kids in my high school junior year english classes who could barely read, would jump out of windows to sneak out of class, light up joints in the back of class, etc etc but they graduated anyway. It was not any huge feat to get your high school diploma if you just managed to show up.
Doug is young enough at 27 to have qualified for the Kalamazoo Promise. He could have gotten a free ride to college, and yes, community college is included in the Promise. He said himself he didn't take his freedom for granted, he just didn't care about it. I just wanted to share this so viewers are aware that he did indeed have a chance if he ever wanted to take it. I don't see Doug as some hopeless 'victim of society and circumstance' but I will agree tho that there is an entirely different mindset about Kalamazoo and growing up trashy and poor. He had a chance he just didn't take it.
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2021.07.24 17:48 No-Debate6666 ♻️Internet Computer WE GO TO THE MOON 🚀 LOW Marketcap GEM✔️866 holders in 24h ⚡️Ready for takeoff ✔️

♻️Internet Computer are hot right now, everyone understand what Internet Computer are and it is a speculative item that is dictated by the market on how much one should cost, and of course by incorporating NFT we add more usecase to the meme Internet Computer token.
♻️ Contract: 0xe1c5b9e5ba5cd9159ad364041fb77b648f507977
♻️ Pancake Swap :https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe1c5b9e5ba5cd9159ad364041fb77b648f507977
♻️%Liquidity is locked on Unicrypt%
♻️30 million tokens sent to the black hole already!! Total supply : 100.000.000 Burn address: 30,000,000 Team : 10,000,000 linear unlock 6months = Funds safe
♻️WHATS NEXT? Marketing the project, doing contest on twitter,creating a community, make a roadmap, create and collaborate artist to make NFTs for Internet Computer
Telcoin rewards will be awarded ever hour to the community based on the percentage of Telcoin tokens that you hold.
5% Auto Liquidity
This goes back to liquidity ensuring the coin is thriving.
3% Marketing
3% of buys and sells is reserved in the Marketing wallet for long term ElephantBABY promotion.
2% Auto Burn
2% burnt, decreasing the supply and increasing value over time.
💵15% fee on all buys and sells 💵
There will only ever be 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion)Internet Computer in Circulation
🔒Liquidity is locked for 365 Days
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2021.07.24 17:48 WonkaTXRanger The Sea Brisket BBQ boat based in Annapolis.

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2021.07.24 17:48 spicywaffles69 Babies need their milk

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2021.07.24 17:48 Mxdnight_Boba This are my adorable floofs!

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2021.07.24 17:48 BestishBee New Dunkin straws don’t fit into the lids…

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2021.07.24 17:47 Rdrcr420 Special Fishing and Exploring places.

How to I unlock them? Says I don’t have the needed items but no idea how to know what I need. Thanks
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2021.07.24 17:47 NetritvatheMemer123 My first post here

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2021.07.24 17:47 Unlimitles Are we in the Modern "allegory of the cave"?

Plato's cave shot through my mind the other night, as I was holding up my phone to my face, and questioned why I wasn't "just thinking" using my own mind to power my thoughts, and raise questions, I locked my phone for a few seconds and just did it that night, and since, I've been philosophizing heavily about the implications of it.....
The idea of the allegory of the cave is that people are in a cave seeing shadows on the wall, and believing the shadows are the real object, not knowing that it's really a false reality that they are seeing projected to them by shapes passing in front of a flame.
with social media, cell phones, tvs, computer screens, could we all be in plato's cave by choice? the very "situations" we see on television, politics, and news, and "information" we hear and see, through the various social media outlets, what if what we are seeing could be the shadows on the wall, and that we've been seeing them so much, that it's hard for us to distinguish from reality anymore.
I can still remember the time before cell phones and social media and how I could easily occupy my time just thinking.....daydreaming, but now, I don't see a future where a single soul is out of the cave, constantly bombarded by information, some sensory stimulation, they all soon could see this way of living as "life" as what reality just is, "disconnecting" or coming out the cave would be unknown, or turned into some high priced weekend retreat for the next generation, "electronic-less living" I think they'd call it, filled to the brim of course with negatives against it as the corporatism ravages society pushing us further to be consumers.
are there any contemporary philosophers who speak on the allegory in this way?
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2021.07.24 17:47 Erisdar42 [LFA] Erisdar Zalcor LFA

Hiya everyone. I had some great success the last time I cam to you brilliant peeps for some art, so I'm back for more! If you've got any questions, feel free to DM or comment and I'll answer whatevs.
Erisdar Zalcor, a silver dragonborn Fathomless Warlock, ex-head of the Viikate Guild and a ramblin’ rover around the world. Shifty, stoic, and sociopathic, he misses very little and lets on even less. A man with no father nor mother, he seeks answers for their disappearance and the power to right that wrong.
The campaign is high fantasy homebrew with an emphasis on magicpunk tech (lightning rails, airships, etc.), but Eris is a simple man who prefers down home Warlockery. He has a lot of connections in this world, but since his disappearance he needs to work on rekindling those old flames.
Physical appearance / Gear:
Eris is only seen in two guises, a pitch-black hooded robe to hide as much of himself as possible, or an outfit that would look better on fantasy Survivor. A gigantic piece of tanned sea kelp sits over his chest, its vibrant greens now yellowed with the sun, and seashells wrapped in gold wire. Handstitched brown leather pants, torn at the knee and several other places, held up by a black bearskin belt with a rusted old clasp. A pair of simple daggers, once at each hip. On his back, an arcane focus in the form of a staff, made of a dark blue material with bluish-white streaks throughout like a jet of water frozen in time, and in his hand a tome with a cover made of the same material, its pages covered with arcane woods that shimmer a seasick green. His other hand is either empty to cast spells, or holding a rough mace, its black-toned metal stained red brown with old blood. Two simple pieces of jewelry adorn his body. A pendant in the shape of a book hangs around his neck, with ruby cover and gold pages. On the chain of this pendant hangs a wedding band of simple rose gold; the ring of young love long gone.
Favorite spell would probably be Arms of Hadar or Thunder Step. I tend to find myself accidentally surrounded by opponents, and those two have saved my bacon many times.
Erisdar is a man of few words, but many emotions. He’s lost his parents, his love, his crew, and his ship. He has no connections in his country, and no memories of his family to hold on to. Despite all this, he is not bitter. He maintains an air of detached cordiality and cold perceptiveness no matter who he’s dealing with. Even during combat, he approaches all things with a slow eye and a strong mind. His companions know him as a level head, a clinical willing to look at the danger and be pragmatic about it, and someone willing to disillusion the foolhardy or naïve. Simple honesty with no tolerance for deceit.
Backgroud: The Fall of the Guild
Nine years ago, when Erisdar’s Thieves Guild was just starting to become a powerful force, he received a tip about an ancient city possibly filled with great treasure. Blinded by the possibility of massive success, he took the best and brightest of the Guild and set off on his ship to the Northern Sea. Halfway through the voyage a massive storm occurred and wiped the ship and all of the crew out. He was the only survivor. Cast onto a small island by the waves he had nothing but his arcane staff and his grief. As he watched the last bits of his vessel sink below the frosted waves, a massive splash occurred. When the waves settled, a gigantic dragon turtle surfaced, its unblinking green eye staring into Erisdar’s ice-blue ones. It spoke to him in the tongue of the dragons. It offered him his life back and a return to his home. It spoke of powers beyond Erisdar’s dreams, and items beyond his imagination. All it asked for was a cut of the profits, and for the occasional artifact that Eris happened to find. A simple business arrangement, and a profitable one for Erisdar, as he got his life back. He agreed without a second thought. The turtle took him back to the mainland and he’s been drifting from contact to contact since. The loss of the leadership took a toll on the Guild’s operations, and Erisdar commanded his forces to scatter. The Guild is now no more than a sparse network of spies and thieves that believe he is dead, and are struggling to survive in a better prepared world. After returning to his home on the outskirts of Wycliffe and spending a few years getting a handle on the powers of the dragon turtle, he decided to do some of the legwork himself and started adventuring, seeking people and places that could lead him to restoring the Guild to its former glory.
Moodboard and Reference Pic: https://imgur.com/a/ufRzfnF
Final Thoughts:
I want to say thanks to all the people who run this sub. It's probably the best resource I know of for high-quality art, and the artists and mod team are fantastic. Thank you all for what you do, and thanks for even considering drawing my boyo. Adios!
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2021.07.24 17:47 Chingapouk Believe it or not, there is not a single blue pixel in this flag

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2021.07.24 17:47 Mactoonreal Cancel Aurelian.

Aurelian shall now be canceled due to insufficient's orders. We should all work as a unit to spread the news to all of Toontown. Working together is the best way to cancel is the rat. America. #cancel #toontown
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2021.07.24 17:47 MySisterIsHere What does it actually add to the game?

PC player starting over on ps4. Just got my first Kuva Lich and found out I now have to have the railjack to hunt liches.
I guess they were desperate to put something else behind platinum.
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2021.07.24 17:47 cjcollier34 Jackie Chan and Remote

Anybody else hear Post Malone's part on 'Jackie Chan' when listening to 'Remote'?
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2021.07.24 17:47 braveface719 question about the mic

I have a stealth 600 for the ps4 that is firmware updated and the issue I am having is when I try to stream on my ps5 no one can hear me but if I do something like record my voice in the ps5 that is ok, has anyone ever had this problem?
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2021.07.24 17:47 johnrock001 Top 10 Jujutsu Kaisen Fights - Best Jujutsu Kaisen Moments

Top 10 Jujutsu Kaisen Fights - Best Jujutsu Kaisen Moments - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-jujutsu-kaisen-fights-best-jujutsu-kaisen-moments/
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2021.07.24 17:47 TLC_Photography Had some fun with my buddies R8 last night 🌆

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2021.07.24 17:47 AbleTimes Acer Swift SF515-51T not cooperating with Big Sur installation

big sur will not install on my acer swift 5.
i previously had a problem where it would freeze randomly on the first install screen (the one with the blue bar) after "NoIdleSleepAssertion" would show up in the installer log. just now, it somehow was able to restart into MacOS Installer, the one with the black screen, but on this screen it seemingly freezes for no reason (i have no way of telling if its frozen or stuck on a big operation or something). wtf is causing these freezes?
you should be able to find my specs by googling my laptop model but otherwise heres some quick pc info https://i.imgur.com/Ae2NsBJ.png
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2021.07.24 17:47 Particular_Ad4047 Will being genuine

is honestly a huge question mark for me.. I sometimes feel like he is being honest and he genuinely likes kyra but I also feel as if he’s just playing her. During that last game they played am I the only one that feels like he threw it for them to win at least.. he always wants to come off as the gentleman It just seems fake to me though..
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2021.07.24 17:47 AccomplishedWinter79 Minimed Mio

There's some shortage of Minimed Mio Advance going on now, so I have to use Minimed Mio instead. The setup video is horrifyingly long and complicated. Is it possible to put the cannula in you before doing the tube filling etc, like you can do on advance?
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2021.07.24 17:47 Chimeguy22 💸Free instant $5 for opening a Step account💸

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2021.07.24 17:47 SakaiBats You'll be dearly missed, Whitmore.

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2021.07.24 17:47 CoolDylan1216 What happened to this?

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2021.07.24 17:47 Supunsara check my account

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