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Cloud Archive mailbox not being returned by client

2021.09.28 01:27 KimJongUnceUnce Cloud Archive mailbox not being returned by client

Exchange 2016 hybrid, all users have primary mailbox on-prem and archive in EXO. Around 1000 seats. All using M365 outlook/apps for enterprise.
For one user, when I migrated his archive to cloud, outlook cannot see his archive anymore. It's listed as a mailbox in his outlook session but fails when trying to open it. Error as follows:
"The set of folders cannot be opened. The attempt to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed."
When looking at the connection status window, outlook is still trying to obtain the archive from the on-prem server, so of course it's failing. If I run the outlook autodiscover test against with his account, the xml result references the in-place archive with the correct hosting domain ending atcompany.mail.onmicrosoft.com.
Even when I re-profiled his outlook client completely, issue still present, nothing changes.
Anyone know why outlook would seemingly ignore the autodiscover result for the in-place archive?
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2021.09.28 01:27 _S4MMY TW. I’ve looked back at texts because my ex is saying I am the abusive one. I’ve found some texts that reading now, makes me think, “Wow, how did I deal with this?”

TW. I’ve looked back at texts because my ex is saying I am the abusive one. I’ve found some texts that reading now, makes me think, “Wow, how did I deal with this?” submitted by _S4MMY to abusiverelationships [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 01:27 The_RoBBA Dick Pic - Music Video [Rap] [2021]

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2021.09.28 01:27 gordan_ramsay_ What is the worst power in a movie game comic book ect?

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2021.09.28 01:27 Dannig178 Luciana Geuna

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2021.09.28 01:27 learningtogowithit First time using easy@home brand OPK. Did I hit my peak today? I’m currently on CD13.

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2021.09.28 01:27 SC_Hennessy My personal tier list opinion. (https://tiermaker.com/create/star-wars-visions-1269589)

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2021.09.28 01:27 BeeWithDragonWings You can make your voice sound like an old fashioned radio announcer voice

(With the crackling and bad quality sound and everything)
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2021.09.28 01:27 Abracadabra_666 [手动欢乐] 新冠,停电和孟晚舟回国背后的真相

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2021.09.28 01:27 datloudpacc55 Heating for inoculation / colonization

Noob starting out with my first grow and I'm planning to inoculate 12 bags of UB and then transfer to a 54qt bin with coco coir. My question is what is the best heat temp controller and pad for the inoculation period? The bin will stay in a closet from start to harvest and just by feel of hand I don't think my temperatures are anywhere near ideal (74 F temp range). I've done research on temp controllers and heating pads but always find a couple people who find problems. Any knowledge and guidance is appreciated, thank you! ( I am aware that I can start to finish with the temps I am at but I am impatient as it is and want to maximize yield and efficiency).
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2021.09.28 01:27 PhoebeFlame Rain-toes! 😻🌈

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2021.09.28 01:27 avmedicine Spinach benefits for eye health - Usage Tips.

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2021.09.28 01:27 friedsquirrels ? Signs Horus is reaching out to you? What is this?

So, for the past few months, every once in awhile I’d hear a hoarse, loud but somehow whispering voice repeat/chant “Horus” over and over again. I got sick of it and looked it up, and it’s a god. What could be going on? (And before I have anyone commenting about mental illness etc, as a spiritual person, I can tell what is what when it comes to sleepy hallucinations and the like)
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2021.09.28 01:27 jordan97862 My 2 Kief jars !

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2021.09.28 01:27 Emrysstanton What is the best way to buy?

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2021.09.28 01:27 Lifted_Research_ BBIG on FIDELITY wondering about TYDE?

Anyone holding BBIG on Fidelity get any sort notification about Voting or any other info regarding the TYDE spin off shares? I saw someone post a screen shot from robinhood about the Vote... Just wondering why I didnt get that through my broker (Fidelity) Ive been holdimg that shit long enough to be eligible. Not heard anything from them.
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2021.09.28 01:27 victor_voorhees My (21M) girlfriend's (26F) mom passed away and she broke up with me shortly after. What should I do?

Just as the title says. We met on Facebook and started talking in last year November and decided to date a month later. Things are okay most of the time with us talking at least once every day. She wants to come and meet me but I'm trapped in a country where the military recently staged a coup (in February this year) and started killing innocent people, resulting in the already occurring civil war to become a lot bigger (in case anyone is curious, I'm in Myanmar, and she lives in the US).
A night ago, her call woke me up and as soon as I picked up the phone, she was crying so I asked 'is everything all right?' and she replied 'my mom died'. I was speechless for a few seconds and then asked how did it happen, to which she only replied she wished I was there with her. Immediately after that, she said she's going to break up with me, to which I replied we could just take a break if you want some space, and she said she doesn't know if she'll ever recover. She dropped the phone so I called her again and comforted her by saying she is the best person I have ever met in my entire life and that she doesn't deserve to go through all this, etc, to which she replied she doesn't want to hear it.
So even though I badly wanted to stay on the phone and comfort her, I concluded maybe if I tried to stay on the phone, I might be stressing her out more since she showed signs that she wanted space. So I finally said I will always be here whenever you need me, anytime. She dropped the call.
But now I'm in a dilemma if I should call her and comfort her or if I should give her space. If I could leave everything here and fly to the US, I would have done it but I know that would only end up in me getting shot by the military (airports are controlled). I don't know what to do. I feel really terrible. Should I just call her now? Or maybe should I just wait like two weeks before calling her?
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2021.09.28 01:27 TheMostObviousName Get $4 now, referral code. 3JKKMN

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2021.09.28 01:27 Neia_Baraja 「Objection Funk」

「Objection Funk」Namesake: Objection Funk Remastered
Ability: Objection Funk can increase or decrease the density of any objects it touches by up to 15 times. Density is how close molecules are to each other. The simplest use of the ability is causing a persons entire body to become 15x less dense, spreading out the molecules and causing them to become a gas, making a Killer Queen style kill. This ability cannot affect stands. If an object is touched by Objection Funk, it can choose to make that object denser or less dense after a period of time but must choose that time in advance.
Appearance: The stand is thin and lean. It is navy blue. It doesn't have hair, but instead has large light blue spikes all over its head.
Destructive Power: A (C in punching strength)
Speed: A
Range: C (2 meters)
Persistence: B
Development Potential: A
Precision: A
User: Alan is a 29 year old genius scientist that used to specialize in the study of molecules. He can calculate near-instantly the affects of increasing or decreasing density on things, which is why when he awakened his stand at 27, he did so with the power to control density. Until 28, he followed a cult leader awakening stands in the US. After he realized that no god had awakened his stand and he worked for a monster, he left the antagonist and joined the protagonists side.
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2021.09.28 01:27 Nikkithegodless Anyone wanna chat ? F 18

I would like someone who has a dominant type personality
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2021.09.28 01:27 Broad_Discount_9385 24[F4M] Feeling Horny 💜 𝖪𝗂𝗄/𝖲𝗇𝖺𝗉 : LisaFikert

24[F4M] Feeling Horny 💜 𝖪𝗂𝗄/𝖲𝗇𝖺𝗉 : LisaFikert
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2021.09.28 01:27 Tardika *Angry German noises*

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2021.09.28 01:27 xLuminus Lend your energy! Destroy evil!

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2021.09.28 01:27 Money-Lie7814 If You Could pick a Western Song that fits Seasons 1 and Seasons 2 perfectly What would They be?

Like pick 2 western songs that perfectly describes season 1 and season 2 like it's probably something hilarious because Dragon Maid is a comedy after all
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2021.09.28 01:27 Wiwade What is something you like the idea of, but not the actual thing?

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