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Which show had the most impactful quotes on you?

2021.09.27 19:35 LivingAngryCheese Which show had the most impactful quotes on you?

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2021.09.27 19:35 awsomntbiker [Recruiting] Da Monstaz | Level 19 clan | TH9+

We’re looking for active players who will use both attacks in war. We war back to back, always max games, and we’re Crystal 2 in league. All we ask is that you donate what’s requested and participate in games. We have people from US and UK, so donations are available at all times. We’re not a super chatty group, If you join, and no one says hi to you right away, don’t be offended. If you’re interested, mention "Reddit" in your request! #q9qcy999

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2021.09.27 19:35 Papilom_210502 😃😃

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2021.09.27 19:35 GrillOrBeGrilled Does anyone have this PDF?

I'm looking for a PDF scan of an old booklet (1940s, I want to say) going through the BCP Communion service with some common Anglo-Catholic mix-ins printed inline, like the Prayers at the Foot, the Benedictus, and the Agnus Dei. It had some black-and-white photos as well.
I believe it was shared on this sub a couple years ago, but since I can't find it in the search, I'm forced to assume that the author's account has been deleted. Does anyone know the book I'm talking about?
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2021.09.27 19:35 riemerdememer Happy calf

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2021.09.27 19:35 PlinkoMaster Do we have a sense of OLED Switch availability on Launch?

Hey. I didn't get preorder a SWOLED because I wasn't sure I was going to want one when it was announced, but now I am sure that I want one.
Do we have any idea how easy/difficult it will be to get one? Given global supply chain issues and the insanity of next-gen console availability, I am expecting it to be next to impossible to snag a SWOLED. But do we know if that is the case?
I haven't seen any news on this recently, so I figured I'd pop in here and ask.
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2021.09.27 19:35 BanffandBoujee I was supposed to see an ENT today

I was supposed to see an ENT today but he CALLED me to cancel. I cannot fucking talk on the phone. Guess I'll have to wait another 2 months to try again. Oh and my neurosurgeon has ghosted me and not contacted me in a month. I'm supposed to have an acoustic neuroma removed in October. But who the fuck knows if that's going to happen. I'm 25 and feel like I'm going to die. Maybe I wont but I would never know because Canadian Healthcare is treating me like dogshit and actively hostile. Fuck even my GP has ignored my request to speak to a mental health counselor. I guess I'm supposed to stew in my own shit.
I'm so mad right now :(
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2021.09.27 19:35 LoggGD I made this absolute abomination because of a camellia tweet

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2021.09.27 19:35 squanchando Consegui a benção da minha, soldados 😎

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2021.09.27 19:35 bolixaw443 Walmart Coupon Electronics

Here is the Walmart Coupon Electronics
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.09.27 19:35 heinaga1989 SphynxCASH💰 | 8% BNB Rewards | Kill the Sphynx ATH 🎯 | 📣 Fairlaunch in 30 Min. | 📈 Hughe marketing | 💰 x1000

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2021.09.27 19:35 korneliustheboba Check out my newest Platformer game-The Cube Runner!-Link in comments!

Check out my newest Platformer game-The Cube Runner!-Link in comments!
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2021.09.27 19:35 Dhananjay_Tech Henlo My African Friends

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2021.09.27 19:35 finjiner What job ad sites do you recommend for finding good developers for a startup?

We have been working to fill a developer position for the last few months.
Posted plenty of ads on LinkedIn source candidates directly with LinkedIn recruiter posted just recently on Reddit in /forhire and regular post job sites like indeed.com.
Did also some sourcing and reach out from github.com up repositories finding authors that are experienced.
With our start-up, we participated in Y Combinator and they have a founder matching program but not an employee matching program.
My impressions are (1) the number of applicants who apply is relatively low (probably on average 10 per the post per week) (2) few of them match the required experience with the skill sets we need (probably 25% - we have some required skills LinkedIn questions) (3) none have passed or gone through the coding test sent (3 failed, 3 just gave up - and it's not a hard one, some junior devs I tested with did decent)
Have you had similar findings and how did you manage it? Is there a dedicated job board or website that is legitimate and focuses on start-up jobs? I do expect the entrepreneurial-minded experienced developer do you have a go-to website to find jobs in startups?
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2021.09.27 19:35 stephcurrymyman Should Diversity Statement only talk about overcoming adversity?

I've heard a former adcom say that diversity statement should be treated more as an "adversity statement," where you overcame an adversity (socioeconomic difficulties, racial discrimination, etc.). And that one should only write a diversity statement from the lens of overcoming an adversity.
Is that true? Can you write a diversity statement on something that's not "overcoming adversity" per se, but just shows an interesting or diverse aspect of yourself? For example, if you're military, grew up as a child of a touring circus family, homeschooled, took a gap year farming a ranch in rural Oklahoma, etc.?
Anyone get into a T14 with a diversity statement that wasn't an "adversity statement"?
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2021.09.27 19:35 JamMenariol I'm "trapped" in a good salary job

I got "trapped" in a job for which I get paid relatively well, considering my age and region. I get to do some time theft here and there, as I'm doing now, the benefits are good and I don't work weekends. Still, the meaninglessness of my programmer job makes me feel like I'm sacrificing the majority of my time and peace for a paycheck.
I've tried a few different lines of work, which after a couple of months winded me up in this same mental space. I always end up hating whatever it is I do with whomever I work with. I would never blame the coworkers as they're probably as fucked, I just don't feel compelled to help with whatever it is we work on, as at the most elemental level, none of it makes any sense outside of a capitalist world viewpoint.
But these other jobs were easy to quit, as the payment was terrible. Now that I'm getting a good paycheck, have reached a certain age, and am in a stable relationship, it is time for me to "become a man".
I plan to move out from my parents and in with my girlfriend next year, but I fear that then I will forever be trapped in this predicament, as the bills will start to come and there'll be nowhere to run.
I feel hopeless about the future. I'd like to be a fiction writer, but I can't convince myself to give up a good job and the perspective of a "good" life to bet on it.
I get really depressed when I imagine having to put up with this for the rest of my life.
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2021.09.27 19:35 sup_my_bwana Better bring a few cooked meat

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2021.09.27 19:35 JpansAmerica 🚨Status: City Escape🚨

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2021.09.27 19:35 biefstuk_bek Doctor Who - SCP

I've always thought SCP-173 had something to do with the Weeping Angels because their so similar, and it could be a starving Angel since it snaps their necks instead because they need the bodies. And seen in time of Angels dying angels look deformed so maybe our friendly little peanut is a dying Angel, idk, All I know is that I fucking love Doctor Who
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2021.09.27 19:35 Jordan_Metalhead It looks like ARCHITECTS tour in Philadelphia and Raleigh are postponed until 2022 but all my dates and the other ones still say 2021

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2021.09.27 19:35 Bambinoamizioso_ Attuale, forse lo è stato sempre :’(

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2021.09.27 19:35 TheUnit13 MINECRAFT | American Horror Story Asylum - Briarcliff | TIME LAPSE

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2021.09.27 19:35 Prestigious_Oven_352 Cheetos Art

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2021.09.27 19:35 Ill-Box-1595 Mr. J Schlatt

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