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2021.09.27 19:57 DirectorNarrow3006 Help

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2021.09.27 19:57 JosiBlabliblub The seagull wants some of the food. 😀

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2021.09.27 19:57 Glorified1Cusper Workhorse still works with UPS part 1

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2021.09.27 19:57 LoneStarDragon Lung Tien Lien by Dai-rannosaur

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2021.09.27 19:57 queenbla_nk 43f- so I'm staying with my ex (44m)

Long story short, I moved out of state, got screwed over royally, and have spent the last 3 months living in a rental car. It destroyed my mental and physical health. My ex said if I could get back to my home state I can stay with him as long as I look for work. Which I've had 3 interviews so far.
Problem is he's got a girlfriend. That doesn't bug me, he quit drinking and doing drugs and he's safer to be around so good on them, I'm happy for them she's obviously doing something right.
But he's insistent that she does not know I'm here. Says it would hurt her feelings.
And yeah I get that.
But I think it would hurt more if she found out some other way. What's more, it looks like there's something going on that needs to be hidden.
I have no interest in rekindling things with him. I have no interest in getting in the way of the relationship. I just want to find a job so I can get back to the place I was before all this mess started. I unfortunately have nowhere else to go and no longer have a car to camp out in. But I think it's absolutely wrong that he's keeping this from her and I think he should tell her.
How can I convince him it's best to be honest?
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2021.09.27 19:57 Kemro59 Sunset on the factories.

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2021.09.27 19:57 NaNewg Ako yung nahiya....

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2021.09.27 19:57 vaguelysays I’ve been wearing glasses for over 20 years and STILL struggle to pick a pair every time. Any recommendations?

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2021.09.27 19:57 bobcat Frances T. Farenthold, Liberal Force in Texas and Beyond, Dies at 94

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2021.09.27 19:57 umbrelladeathcamps SMC Research Students need your help!

We are research students at Santa Monica College who are conducting a survey to help improve the events at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles
We'd love your input to help shape the project.
Please follow this link to participate.
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2021.09.27 19:57 dthorn2a Euler #bsc #crypto

#euler #bsc #crypto
EULER will be redistributed to big holders as rewards, and Euler Tools may make sell
packages of tokens from company reserves and collected tokens in the future.
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2021.09.27 19:57 Animegirl300 Any tips for American writers on Britishisms that we commonly get wrong?

I’m sure that there are still a lot of things that can’t be learned just through books or Google, especially things that only a person living in the UK would know and have context for. Are there any that you personally see a lot that particularly annoy you?
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2021.09.27 19:57 stavborch Just a question about Walt grace

Did he die? I thought the call from Tokyo means he made it there but then the people talk about him at the bar like he died
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2021.09.27 19:57 XVIJazz I have no words. They’ve truly lost it

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2021.09.27 19:57 RealJester What should be my next move?

Hey everyone,
I want to start off by saying im a loner when it comes to this game. I used to play a lot back in the "old days" and was excited for mobile, which is what brought me back. The only difference being that I actually had people to play with back then lol.
All my combat stats are base 90 (Minus prayer 85), basically I hit a wall with slayer and need a break from hydra boss. I've done some solo content like fight caves, vorkath, and thermo. I've tried normal gauntlet a few times with no luck. I feel like im at a point where I should at least be heading towards endgame content, but I need some guidance. I would love to learn GWD bosses, raids, and eventually ToB, but I know all of these things take time and a lot of practice. I'm willing to learn, I feel like I just need a patient group.
Do you guys think I should try to start small and learn GWD/Gauntlet or would something else be better? Any recommendations on clans or CC's to join would be helpful, it would be nice to have people to do shit with lol
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2021.09.27 19:57 TheVantal Colour enhanced photo of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln taken shortly after his capture.

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2021.09.27 19:57 Pard01 [DC] Is Poisin Ivy actually hot or is it just the pheromones?

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2021.09.27 19:57 LDR_RAGR Need tips on how to love myself and just be more confident

4 days ago I broke up with my girlfriend, because it was very emotionallly challenging for me to keep up with the relation. People often say that now I can focus on myself, and I'd like too... but I don't even know where to start from, I just want to be OK with everything.
People tell me, "now you can do whatever you want", there's a problem, I'd like some friends arround me, not that I don't have them, but they are mostly online (Side note here, I still want to socialize online, so if anyone has a discord server to talk and meet people, feel free to DM me). And also, my life always has moved arround videogames and studying, so whenever I want to do one of this things I feel that I'm worthless and that I should be doing more useful and fullfilling activities.
TL;DR: how to work on myself
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2021.09.27 19:57 marcoirr [Gen IV] got it only after 5 days! Any name suggestions?

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2021.09.27 19:57 Drepnolli Gehalt als Dualer Student für Wirtschaftsinformatik?

Vielleicht sind hier ja paar Nutzer, die auch Wirtschaftsinformatik im Dualen Studium absolviert haben und Angaben zu ihrem Gehalt während des Studiums machen können.
Mir liegt grad der Arbeitsvertrag vom Praxispartner vor und entweder hab ich verkehrte Erwartungen durch die Angaben bei Glassdoor oder mein Gehalt ist tatsächlich ausbaufähig.
700€ Brutto im 1. Jahr 750€ Brutto im 2. Jahr 800€ Brutto im 3. Jahr
Schönen Abend!
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2021.09.27 19:57 not_nandos Who's side are you taking?

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2021.09.27 19:57 El-Coco-No Wow, such pervasive energy FUD

I’m looking to start a DAO to create a sustainable intentional community. I’ve posted in a couple of permaculture groups and gotten some traction, but I am struck by the people who are so dismissive of crypto because of the energy usage narrative. They speak as if they are authorities on the topic but have no concept of what proof of stake even is. I’m starting to see why Liz Warren is attacking us so much. I typically (and proudly) vote Democrat, but it seems pretty clear that she is trying to whip her base into a fervor over something that a huge part of the crypto world is already addressing. We have to bang the drums more about POS and kill this FUD because crypto can become politicized, at least in the US.
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2021.09.27 19:57 masters1966 Parents of addicted Heroine addict

Please feel free to give any help. Our daughter is 21, just graduated from college in March with her Bachelors in Nursing. Four nights ago she almost overdosed again. She had such a bad experience she decided to detox. She has been doing heroin via needles for six years we were completely unaware until last night. She currently lives in our house and has been doing it without our knowledge. She had moved out of our house when she was 17 after graduation with her associates from college. She moved back into our home when covid hit. Apparently she went to rehab once and all she could think about was her first drugs when she got out. I installed cameras throughout our home because we travel a lot and that how we found out about her addiction. We had a alert at 4 am and when I looked our daughter was leaving the house. She was obviously not in this world, in fact it really scared me beyond belief. I didn’t understand she was on heroine and thought she was drinking. Yes she is a alcoholic also. She couldn’t walk but she got in her car and drove to the store. She could have killed someone including herself. She went upstairs and remained in her room for 24 hours. We called and texted her and when we talked to her her voice appeared to be good and coherent. Her only friend arrived at the house and our daughter let out the truth about her addiction. She told her everything and that she was going to detox for good. So four painful days later she appears to be over the initial withdrawal symptoms. We are 3,000 miles away from home and really don’t know what to do. We have her working with a counselors and a Doctor. She has gone to a couple AA meetings. She told us she had a drinking problem so we really had no idea of the seriousness of her addiction. First response was to kick her out, then when the anger and pain subsided we realized she needs help. We have not approached her yet but plan on it within days. We didn’t want her to stop her detox and have her go backwards. We contacted a couple Rehab businesses and they contacted our daughter. Our insurance will cover a good part of her rehabilitation but of course we will pay the rest. Really don’t know what else to do but tell her we love her and we are here to help her. If she continues to use and not get help what should we do?
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2021.09.27 19:57 JarJarBinks-eatskids Need advice texting a guy!

So I’m posting this on a throwaway account but I was wondering if anyone out there who is maybe a bit more smart in the area of boys could help me out??
I’ve started texting this guy I know from school and it’s going (okay?!?) so far but I really want to know how I can make the conversation interesting or at least engaging for him so I don’t screw things up…. As a guy what would u like to talk about over text!?? I’m completely clueless and pretty much just talk about music and movies/series haha
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2021.09.27 19:57 trashcritterK83 I am not procrastinating, and I have so much motivation. I still don’t get anything done.

[i didn’t mean to make this so long, so thank you to anyone who sticks with me throughout this ] I don’t procrastinate. Procrastinating is choosing to do something instead of the thing you’re supposed to be doing, and choosing to do that supposed task later. The first thing I think of doing everyday is my college work. I’ll cancel my own plans to give myself homework time, I’ll delete social media to get rid of distractions, i’ll make plans to clean to give myself a clear space to work. Last night we celebrated my dads birthday with an uncle and his kids, I ate dinner with them and told my mom I had a lot of homework, which meant I needed to excuse myself from the gathering and go to my room to do work. I really wanted to sit there and enjoy family time, but I knew I had work, so i sacrificed the family time for school. Guess how much work i did; NONE. I got in bed and went on my phone and thought “i’m getting distracted and should be doing work, I need to get off my phone” so i’ll give myself another minute to finish scrolling or watching whatever i’m watching, and i’ll put my phone down and open my computer. THEN i’ll open youtube thinking “I can’t watch youtube i really need to do work!”. THEN I’ll see a video i want to watch and think “I can’t watch this video, and i need to do work! I want to turn these things in! I want to not fall behind! I can’t make things harder for myself!!!!”…… I’ll still click on the video and i’ll watch it. halfway through i’ll see the time and feel so guilty, and so angry and so hopeless. I’ll cary these thoughts with me as i click on another video, and another. At this point i’m not even enjoying these videos because I don’t want to be watching them. WHY CANT I JUST BE ONE COHESIVE ENTITY, WHY IS THERE THIS TINY VOICE GETTING ME TO DO THINGS THAT ARE RUINING MY LIFE!!! I’m failing 2 out of my 4 college courses, and it’s only the fifth week. It keeps getting worse. This procedure of doing the things i don’t want to do happens similarly when i need to get up to eat, when i need to go to the bathroom, when i need to clean the beth room like my mom asked me to do five times, even when i want to do my makeup(and i love doing my makeup!!) but i JUST DONT choose to i guess, even though it doesn’t feel like me, i know my thoughts and i know what i want but whose thoughts are stopping me from those?!?!!?!?!? whose telling my hand to move the curser and click on the next video ?!?!?!
i feel hopeless, any advice or reply will help. why is this happening to me
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