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Would having an Italian mafia gang been too clichéd?

2021.09.27 21:29 Blue-Krogan Would having an Italian mafia gang been too clichéd?

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2021.09.27 21:29 vex2112 Need help with a dumb question about cams?

So I purchased a used 2012 Road King from HD and in standard fashion, they don't tell you about any of the upgrades that the previous owner did and sell it at blackbook prices without mods.
How do I know by looking at the bike, if the cams were upgraded? Any tips or help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.27 21:29 EnvironmentalBug1379 In order to get into the 160s for LSAT - is it true that you just need to get all of the LG correct and at least 15 questions of LR and RC correct? You basically don’t have to answer all of the RC and LR question correct on a section.

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2021.09.27 21:29 prodbyvxc trippie redd x drake rage type beat 2021 - "mayday"

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2021.09.27 21:29 Cunnilinguser 32M4F Cuddle Buddy in Denver

Hello there looking for a cuddle buddy in Denver I’m very open minded and would like to meet someone new to connect with
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2021.09.27 21:29 Sethala Milestone experience?

I've seen discussions on whether normal XP or milestone levels are better for Strahd, and I'm leaning towards milestones... but with how open-ended the game is and how many sideplots there are to look into, I think having a slightly more granular reward system is also useful. Hence, "milestone XP"
The idea is simple: whenever the party accomplishes something, they get between one and five XP. For every five XP earned, they gain a level. The XP is party-wide, so even if the party gets split and someone isn't present for whatever earns XP, they can still level from it.
Naturally, not every minor fight will have XP, but any sort of story plotpoint will give something.
As an example, instead of immediately gaining a level in Death House when the party finds the stairs in the attic, they gain XP from certain tasks: one point each for finding the letter from Strahd and from dealing with the nursemaid's ghost (either socially or through combat), two XP for finding the kids' ghosts, three for finding the way into the basement.
It's much simpler than normal XP, and doesn't encourage the party to turn into murder-hobos (not every fight is worth XP, and big enemies are worth XP for being dealt with, even if it's not done through combat), and it means I can reward them for smaller things (something like restoring Stella Wachter could be one or two XP). Of course, I can also fudge things when needed - if they're getting too much XP I can make something worth less (or none), if they're falling behind I can give bonus XP to catch them up.
However, I do need to make a list of things that could be worth XP. Would anyone mind helping me brainstorm some ideas?
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2021.09.27 21:29 Enotarianni South Jersey Van Life?

Does anyone know someone from South Jersey who decided to quit their job during the pandemic (or work remotely) and travel the country in a van? I'm looking for people to talk to for a story I'm working on!
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2021.09.27 21:29 TalElnar In light of his recent tweet, I wonder if RC is a Peaky Blinders fan

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2021.09.27 21:29 karmachidi Boa Giving Birth #snakes #pets #shorts #shortvideos

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2021.09.27 21:29 Wyvern_Cloud Last Manga Haul for September. Finally have this series up to date!

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2021.09.27 21:29 CJHAYB Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music

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2021.09.27 21:29 EcoDrive21 PS4 Save Crash

I play Disco Elysium on Ps4. Unfortunately there was a bug. All my saves are crashed and now I can't load my saves. Is there any possibility to solve this problem?
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2021.09.27 21:29 Prometheus_sword Where do all the late young adults go in this town?

Since covid rules have been lifted I've been going out to a lot of the bars but finding the same thing everywhere. There is 2 age brackets 21-24, and 45+. Last week went to Green Pig for karaoke and there was almost nobody between the ages of 25 and 50. Just a very odd social environment.
Does nobody go out after they get their career jobs? Was just out in Denver a week ago and you couldn't go to a bar without a solid late 20-early 30's crowd. Just seems very odd.
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2021.09.27 21:29 Jonlaw510 So my mantis escaped for a month, looks like it molted and grew wings, however one of his back legs looks sorta broken or stuck or something -- not sure if that somehow happened during him molting. Is there anything I can do to fix his leg? Pretty sure all his exo skeleton is gone

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2021.09.27 21:29 TheMightyHawk2 Taking inspiration from u/Dense_Champion3465, Think of a new name for Ankylosaurus

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2021.09.27 21:29 xponentialdesign Kaleido Optitron X | 18-06-‎20 | by Xponentialdesign

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2021.09.27 21:29 jatloe12345 Please upvote this and the comments, tysm :)

I will be naming words that start with B.
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2021.09.27 21:29 Johnnyorbit @iri_who

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2021.09.27 21:29 oteyitscarson Those of you that traveled alone when young, how scared were you and how did you do it?

I'm a 21 y/o man that grew up in the US and has never left the country and never gone on a trip alone, or even with friends. I've always had an extremely deep pull to experience different cultures and really learn how to see life from the POV of someone who grew up with very different settings and experiences. Such a strong feeling that it almost feels like a cosmic obligation to experience these things. Maybe not my whole life, but at least something you know? I feel such a deep urge to leave the city I grew up in, not because I hate it or anything. In fact, I love it this place is amazing, it's just a feeling of "I need to get out of here". I would probably just go on a short trip like two weeks or so first before trying to live in a new place for like 3-6 months alone but.
Ironically enough i got arrested over marijuana a couple years ago and got put on probation, im getting off early since I did everything I was suppossed to but probation restricts you from leaving your state, much less the country. This whole process of getting off was suppossed to be done seven almost eight months ago, and im still waiting to hear back from who ever my probation officer is at this point to tell me that the letter of recommendation has been signed by the DA. I would be off then but its just so anxiety inducing and frustrating to want to leave and legally not be able to. Yes I know very well that it was my own fault, I came to terms with that awhile ago but it just agonizing for it get dragged on for this long. Feels almost like a nice joke from the gods sometimes but I digress.
With all that being said, once I can finally leave...I don't know where I'd want to go and thinking about being alone in a foreign place actually scares the hell out of me. I've thought about France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, any of the nordic countries, maybe even Taiwan or Thailand? Like I honestly have no idea where I could go and I don't know why I feel like I need to in the first place...but it's definitely there and has been for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting to meet someone that will give me a reason to move somewhere, because I honestly don't really care where I go, doesn't even need to be outside of the US(although it would be nice) I just want to see something else and I just cannot shake this feeling.
And I dont even understand how I would be able to do it. I dont have a degree because I was obviously going through a lot of emotional pain and trauma around the time I got arrested and university just wasnt working out. So not that this means I would have trouble getting a decent job in these places per say, but its still very unknown to me...as in how people that spend their whole life traveling and working new jobs just to see new places...like do they get a job lined up there first? how difficult is it to actually get a job that will support you in other countries? Do they live in a hotel at first and then rent a place once they have a job? Do they even get a job or just save up a good amount of money so they can live in a different area for a month or two? What about moving all your stuff from country to country, do they just not own a lot of things? What if your parents dont support it, do you just tell them sorry and go anyways? If they have a good job in their country before they leave, do they quit? Or take a bunch of time off? How much time can you even take off realistically without getting laughed at and/or fired? There is just so much about the whole process that I've never gotten a chance to experience and so I have no clue how it's done and that terrifies me.
I had a recent "relationship" with a woman who grew up traveling her entire childhood and has traveled on her own a couple times. So naturally I asked her for advice and in her case she had guarenteed jobs at all the places shes visited because of friends that she has met growing up, and important people she has met across the world since her father has worked in the US Embassy for a long time now. She just came back from Colombia a couple months ago after being there for 3 months and she had a great job at the US Embassy in Colombia lined up thanks to her father. Same case more or less for her plans to go to Taiwan, she's got a guarenteed job there as well from a friend she made while in Chile or soemthing. So hearing all that just makes it feel like its even harder because she was only able to go travel to these places becasue she grew up traveling and meeting a lot of important people. So that did not help my confidence in this quest but I'm not planning on giving up.
At this point, this post is feeling like I'm throwing out a lifeline to the gods in a feeble attempt at getting some sort of plan and feeling of security because I still have no idea what I want to do in my life and I need a goal to works towards. I guess I just need to hear how some of you have done it or if you have any advice for how to do it, I'd love to read about your story:)
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2021.09.27 21:29 fruit-fox mans got built-in handles

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2021.09.27 21:29 masterabaza Is it just me or the game is worse during the event?

CAS spam in ground battle and more bombers in air battles. I think there should be CAS and bomber limits
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2021.09.27 21:29 BizarreFog We finally just launched the first trailer for our game, Malicious Mages! It's a capture the flag brawler where you play as mages with different abilities.

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2021.09.27 21:29 jaymechie Winter storage

Is there anyone who could suggest a good place to store my motorcycle for the cold months? It doesn't have to be climate controlled but it'd be nice. I also would like it to be accessible to me, because I'm going to be working on it every week. Maybe a storage unit? Or even someone who would rent out their garage space for a few months?
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2021.09.27 21:29 1st-Veni-Vidi-Vici Xbox Series X - Co-op Needed

As the title says, I've come from PS to Xbox for this iteration of Fifa and need some "friends" to be able to do the Co-op objectives. If people are willing, just drop a comment or reach out whatever and let's do this. Appreciate it!
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2021.09.27 21:29 yeshpleez Raw Beef Liver - Digestion

Have any of you had any digestion issues eating raw liver? Or have you had any problems with eating raw liver health wise?
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