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Missed employment deadline? How do I proceed from here?

2021.09.27 21:04 Street_Remote6105 Missed employment deadline? How do I proceed from here?

So I missed my employer's enrollment deadline, and I keep getting a copy and paste/cold shoulder from HR about a late enrollment. What are my options? I know there are qualifying events...what counts as an involuntary loss of insurance? What evidence is required for a qualifying event?
I've also heard that often times employers have a 30 day grace period, which I asked about, but they seemed to avoid the question.
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2021.09.27 21:04 R-BlitZ Servante GIF

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2021.09.27 21:04 americanista915 Our local Football team just signed a Barcelona player!

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2021.09.27 21:04 camknight15 Approximately how many gallons of semen has the average 21 year old American male produced?

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2021.09.27 21:04 bkortendick Changelly offering 0 fees on Enjin Wallet swaps for BTC, ETH, and hundreds of other tokens

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2021.09.27 21:04 Aahaana Stay Strong Lyrics Fearless Motivation

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2021.09.27 21:04 Proparoxitono What is the One Piece pt.2 - new evidence

I made, a long time ago, a theory about what is the one piece. Here.

I have new evidence about it and some corrections.

A quick pt.1 summary (already correcting it):

The one piece is one part of a machine that will bring all islands together, forming a giant continent like Pangea! The other parts it's on the moon (or moons).


The castle of Marijoa is called "Pangea". In the SBS, vol. 91, question 19, Oda makes clear that there's a intention here. In verbis:
D: Odacchi, I have a serious question. The name of the castle shown at Mary Geoise, “Pangaea Castle”, was it possibly named after the ancient continent where all the other continents were pieced together like a giant puzzle. In other words, isn’t that where ONE PIECE is? I think the fact that Pangaea castle is located in the centre of the world is consistent with this. P.N. Shock Ninja from Somewhere
O: Pangaea Supercontinent. The giant continent from long ago formed from the fusion of all the continents. I definitely borrowed the name, as for the meaning…? I won’t tell. Lol.

Oars were known for move entire islands, called "Continent Pulled".

Wano is an island made of others islands, and Kaido said Wano is a special place.

The theme of connecting islands is always present. the Sea Train of Water, the bridge that Robin was sent by Kuma (Tequila Wolf), etc.

In Ace's novel a god that moves islands was quoted.

Iceburg can transform Water 7 into a floating one, that can move.

Thriller Bark is the size of an island.

In Skypea, a natural event sent half-island to the sky.

Luffy asked Momo to hold Onigashima, that is an island! That is moving!

So, move islands it's nothing new in One Piece. But that is the secret? Yes. Why?

The parallels are clear like Ohara made clear in his video. But there is no parallel about the All Blue. This will be Pangea. All Blue is all oceans together, Pangea is all islands together.

The dreams of the straw hats are connected. Nami dreams about making a map of the entire world. With this map, will be possible to connect all-island, like a puzzle.

Skypea is an arc about an island that was separated, and that led to conflict. The One Piece will bring all the islands together to bring peace.

All giant whales, like Laboon, have scars, probably hitting their heads against the red line or some island, because they believe they can do something about it. With means, the Sea Kings, under the control of Pluto, can do something too.

So, why Roger couldn't make it? Astronomy. We know that is, or at least was, life on the Moons. We know that are a lot of moons. So the machine that will bring the island together it's on a moon, at least part of it, and the other part it's in Wano. That's why Wano is special. But they sync every 800 years. That's why Roger was too soon! The moon wasn't in the right place yet! And the other parts of the machine are there.

A lot of people believe that Enel will be back. He will, that's why.

That was the real second foreshadow, Ohara. The giant globe with the moons in a noticeable place in the library, because they knew something important about the position of the moons!

And Toki? Toki said that her family was from Wano, and she wanted to see it, That was her dream! But why she would abandon her time to see the future of Wano? What is so special about it that would happen just in the distant future?

Joyboy started bringing the islands together. But the kings weren't happy about it because that would diminish their power. That was a plan between Joyboy, in Wano, and the kingdom of Ohara. They started in Wano, but the war came and Joyboy couldn't finish the job. But someone would have another shot in 800 years! Toki didn't know the part of 800 years, so she travels to the future until she sees the world together, but she married Oden and his dream became to be part of that family. But Oden said that her dream would be realized in 20 years when the moon would be in the right spot to make the machine work.

Joyboy promised to the Mermaid something. He wanted to bring the Fishmen island to the surface and connect it with the rest of the world.
Zunesha crime? To help Joyboy to move islands. So he was punished by having to be an island in constant movement!

The Skull in Onigashima? That's Joyboy. He was big. Bigger than Oars, so he could move islands. That explains why the Gomu Gomu no Mi is important. Because with this fruit, would be possible to grow like Joyboy, what we know it's a thing, because gear 3. Will be something like a Gear 3 to the entire body. This is why Shanks stole it, and why he had to put his faith in Luffy, because he ate it.
A giant Luffy would have the size of someone that could move islands by himself.

And the Rio Poneglyph will be something that connects all poneglyphs, forming the final piece of the machine.

Someone has more evidence of it?
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2021.09.27 21:04 chickenbreeze100 Is there a way i can get financial help?

Im not diagnosed, but I’m very sure I’m high functioning. I live in Toronto ,ON and I’ve been having a really hard time holding down a job.. I’m really struggling here. Im in college right now but feel like i need to move out away from my family. But i run into the problem of not being able to keep a job so how would i pay rent. Im kind of lost, I’ve had at least 4 jobs this past year that have all failed through for one reason or another. I was thinking about ODSP but I’m not sure that id qualify really. If anyone has any advice id really appreciate it, thanks.
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2021.09.27 21:04 WonderTwin01 Huge Halloween Decor Haul!

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2021.09.27 21:04 Busy-Region-9968 [20/M] Looking for European friends to chat daily

Hey, just a 20yo guy from Poland looking for people to get known with and become friends. So now a bit about me:
I like to talk about pretty much everything. I'm a pretty energetic and hardworking person who loves meeting new people. My Hobbies are watching anime, learning foreign languages (i can definitely help you with Polish and English in case you want to improve your skills), listening to music (mostly rap and rock) . Also I love gaming (it's been my passion since early childhood so bonus points if you are into this as well ) and visiting new places (been to 10 countries so far) . I also love animals, personally own a Guinea pig so we can trade photos of our pets.
Please don't write just "hey". Small introduction would be appreciated
Have a nice day/ night
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2021.09.27 21:04 Jadebunny87 Oh Emby you look like velvet tonight

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2021.09.27 21:04 sourbeer51 Definitely not a metaphor.

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2021.09.27 21:04 giul_illustration more watercolor house painting for my watercolor sketchbook, hope you like it

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2021.09.27 21:04 Swinghodler hmmm

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2021.09.27 21:04 GreatSif One of the great things about being a Nihilist

I do stuff I wouldn't of done otherwise because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. No longer do I have this mental block of "I really want to do this but something bad might happen". Fuck it. Nothing matters. Just do it and see where it takes you.
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2021.09.27 21:04 alv_not_here_again Am I the mistress? Or can I trust?

People involved:

Relantionship length: 3 months
TLDR: I have a relationship with a married, at least in the paper, woman. She is living with her husband because both moved to Ireland recently and to help each other, and also their daughter, stay together is easier. She says that there is nothing beyond friendship and mutual respect in their relationship. I don't know if I can trust. They are separated for 2 years already, but not divorced. Both have jobs, good jobs even if not the best remuneration possible.
So, the history: We meet 3 months ago, just a few weeks after her move to Ireland. It was a good relation in the beginning, really good, we even went on a quick trip to NI, when she first told me that she is divorced. Normal life, get to know each other.

Then, her mother come to Ireland to visit and because of it, we didn't have anything planned for that week, since she would be with her mother and aunt. However, on a Thursday night, late already, she called me asking for help with an issue with her phone. So, she come down to my place we sorted the things out and was time to go (it was late already). So, I walked her to her car and that was when I noticed that she has a baby seat in her car. She told me that she was just doing a favour for her boss, she stayed with her boss for a couple of weeks until her house get ready to move in. And I didn't give any more attention to it, to me super ok.
On Sunday she just sent a message breaking up with me. Just said we weren’t compatible and since we both were looking for something serious would be better to stop to see each other and not waste time.
The very next Friday she sent me a message, so we start to talk again. She said she was feeling alone, and I offer my company (and guys zero-second intentions), and also she wanted to apologise and come clean with me. She told me that she panicked when I saw the baby seat and she feared my reaction, so she decided to break up. I told her it was a big mistake, that it didn't change anything. I was really liking her and enjoying the time with her. The truth was that her mother came here to bring the baby. So, we decided to meet again on Monday to talk about our relationship.
On Monday she told me the following history: She has a baby - 18 months - and her husband - yes her husband, she isn't divorced, she is just separated - would also move to Ireland. Then, she told me that they are prepared but still not divorced because of some other reasons that I don't think that important here. Anyway, it has been two years since the separation. The thing is they have a good relation, she says that there is no marriage at all anymore. But, she is grateful for their past and want to help him here in Ireland. And that is where my big concerning start. The guy came to Ireland, found a job already but they are living together.
So, a brief pause to bring two details:
1- She was wearing her reading ring on our first date. I didn't notice, but she joke about it in the day and said that was just a ring.
2- Don't know why, but the reason for their separation is the guy just doesn't have sex. Not because he is incapable, it is just he doesn't want to. But, he didn't want it. And he even offered her to have an open marriage, so she could find a sex life out of the marriage.
So, back to the history.
The guy came to Ireland, found a job, and they are living together. They seem to have a married life, going out as family sometimes. For a walk on the beach, park, restaurants, don't know what else more. But, she insists that it is just friendship.
And, she is having problems with her job so she is looking for a new house close to Dublin so she can find another job (in her area is easy to find a job). But, because she will move again they decided that they will also move together, and then just after that when everything is sorted out. Job, house and nursery for the baby, just then the guy will look for a place. But, he is not making Dublin money. It means it gonna be very difficult to find a place to rent just for him. And she, or both, want a place just for him, so both can take care of the baby. IF he is living in a shared house he won't have the space to have a baby at home.
So, after three months and learned all that know I wonder: Am I the mistress? Am I the third wheel in their open relationship? Or it is fine? My concerns are:
  1. I wanna a relationship, it is my main goal in life,
  2. She lied about being divorced
  3. She was wearing the wedding ring on our first date. It doesn't look like someone that isn't in a married life anymore.
  4. And, living together and still having a family life, going out together. It could be just in my head, but I don't know.
The thing is, I really like her. I think I can trust. But I'm not sure that I can trust. And mainly I'm not sure if I can deal with that. The baby is super fine to me, not a problem at all, but the husband. So, what you guys could tell me? Am I the mistress? Am I the third wheel in their open relationship? Or it is fine?
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2021.09.27 21:04 gusevege me irl

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2021.09.27 21:04 MilkHatesMe Is this leaf septoria? What should I do? Help please

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2021.09.27 21:04 Februaryfly Was I a dick? Disabled loo

I find I need to use the loo suddenly at very short notice, assume I may not be the only person with fibro who gets IBS type symptoms and lives life checking where toilets are before doing anything
I can walk sometimes unaided just fine but then as the day goes on I might need my stick etc and I find it embarrassing so often try hard to keep it folded away in my bag till it’s just impossible not to use
Today at an attraction I needed the loo suddenly and desperately twice within about an hour, I honestly felt like people thought I was on drugs or something but I have no energy to explain my illness to strangers. I knew I would find the attraction exhausted me but kids treat
I was shattered, in pain and fretting I wouldn’t make it in time and second time even tho there was a toilet I could have just about managed in bc it’s a stick I use not a chair… I didn’t extactly think about the other wheelchair user who seemed incredibly unimpressed when I came out and they’d waited.
I apologised but felt weird. I just get so embarrassed and know it must confuse people why sometimes I am “visibly disabled” and other times not.
Not sure what the etiquette is when only one disabled loo and someone else wouldn’t possibly be able to use other facilities but you could have but didn’t so you didn’t have accident.
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2021.09.27 21:04 whostheagent şehir kaybolmuş diyorlar

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2021.09.27 21:04 TinHatFlirt 31 [G4R] shawty what that thang do?

Established, fun, private & sassy group looking for you. 23+. Any location welcome. Nerds, freaks & queens all welcome - anyone that can add to a decent convo really. Memes, banter & flirty fun. Live video verify required. No d&v in group. Ever changing themes, some triggers, level-up, games & prizes.
Shoot me a message and I’ll give you the tag! Can’t wait to meet you 💕
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2021.09.27 21:04 roryjbd Decided to combine my love of coding with my rehab. I now get a random selection of exercises to my phone twice a day with random reps and sets in a predefined range

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2021.09.27 21:04 TruckerGabe Hey Carla, why did Glenn just unplug his phone

his printer and laptop and take them into the bathroom?
Carla: oh that's where he goes to do his business
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2021.09.27 21:04 UnshiftedToast Did a birthday photo for Joseph and Bruno’s birthday today

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2021.09.27 21:04 Cool-Novel5028 😎😎😎😎

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