hs8r6 h7sbi 2bftk 2ndf4 yd2te 6k266 ebibs dknyr 3ht74 7te94 7y6yb 9rrzi h4ky6 63fhi 28te6 hanra dkz98 28kdy znk99 f62nb 8aasf Has anyone tried out an add-on lens? |

Has anyone tried out an add-on lens?

2021.09.28 01:34 HookyPen Has anyone tried out an add-on lens?

I see great reviews on amazon for Selvim lenses and similar, but I'm not sure how legit they are. I am mainly looking for more optical zoom, has anyone tried one before and can recommend it?
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2021.09.28 01:34 ycj0614 Supreme calamitas (Commissioned)

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2021.09.28 01:34 anaujiram1 Azelf raid adding 10

8951 1441 6990 or 4105 5053 6392
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2021.09.28 01:34 Prime_Posting_Time Ghosty mofos

So I was just chillin in my house, when I hear somethin. Now dis house is in a heavy area, feel me? I grab my gat, run downstairs, and there a MUTHA FUCKIN GHOST! I knew this brotha was a ghoul cuz my ak shots went right through this fucka! I got the fuck outa my crib, and my main mulatto, daquandre, used his shop vac and sucked up that spooky fucka!
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2021.09.28 01:34 Craig_Fulk [H] $9 in Microsoft Store/Xbox Credit [W] $2 Xbox gift card

On my main Xbox account I have $9 credit. I have a new account that is able to sub to Games Pass Ultimate for $1. I can't buy a gift card with that credit for some reason, to give to my alt account. I don't have a debit/credit card to use either, unfortunately i.e. times is tough, I suck at life. Anywhoo, if someone will gift $2 to my alt account (and yes, you can just buy a $2 digital gift) I will gift back a game, or windows app to you, so long as the total doesn't go over $9. I've taken tax in to consideration, which is why a $2 gift card is required.
That's how they get ya!
All kidding aside, message me with what email address/Microsoft account you would your gift to be sent to, and obviously, what it is that you would like purchased. I will send my alts email back to you upon receival, you send the gift card, I send gift back.
Since I am spending up to $9, that is why I ask for you to gift to me first. I know this is a gamble, and you are the one doing me the favor, but I cannot do anything but offer you my word that I will hold up my end of the bargain.
....lord, this all sounds like I am trying to pull some kind of scam or something.
I really hope this all made sense. I tried!
Thank you.
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2021.09.28 01:34 DemUnderground The AZ fraudit proved nothing...

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2021.09.28 01:34 spongebobdrugs Today’s haul from Toys R Us and some cars I got at a toy show, what do you guys think?

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2021.09.28 01:34 CatFlier [US] Republican Liz Cheney admits she was ‘wrong’ to oppose same-sex marriage

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2021.09.28 01:34 Apathys-A-Tragedy 4001

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2021.09.28 01:34 DemUnderground My Idiot neighbor just posted this, apparently Gabby Petito Is still alive

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2021.09.28 01:33 paradoxipus The Dude [OC]

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2021.09.28 01:33 williambotter Senado derruba veto à criação de federações partidárias

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2021.09.28 01:33 Embarrassed_Hunter53 LOOKING FOR A PARROT :D

giving robux :D pls nyp
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2021.09.28 01:33 JavaleONeal "Farewell" an emotional lofi hiphop beat [free to use] 🙏

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2021.09.28 01:33 DemUnderground NY Gov Kathy Hochul just earned my respect......

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2021.09.28 01:33 ytabot001 IATA for my Bf not answering girls

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2021.09.28 01:33 Wajina_Sloth Weird pain with foot, uncertain what to do?

Age 23M 6'3, 180lbs
For the past 5ish days I am having very weird foot pains in my left foot, no clue what could have possibly started this, I am somewhat clumsy so it could have been me accidentally kicking something.
But specifically on the topish middle of my foot, behind the big and 2nd biggest toe (where the longer bones are) is where it feels this pain is located, I can sit and not feel anything at all, but when putting weight and walking around it hurts and I end up walking with a limp to avoid putting weight on it subconsciously.
I have pretty weird pain tolerance and fractured bones where the pain feels similar to this, I've attempted to put all my weight and lift myself up with my foot and I can but it does hurt a 5-6/10.
No swelling or bruising, I sometimes get some soreness after use where my foot radiates some pain (it woke me up at 7ish after checking up on a family member) hurts to go up/downstairs.
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2021.09.28 01:33 BIG_RED888 Recent rains brought hedgehogs, matsutake, and chanterelles to the Oregon coast

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2021.09.28 01:33 DemUnderground Yeah, he's a real genius...

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2021.09.28 01:33 OhShitItsOSHA My buddies and I decided to try out Ghost Hunter Corp, conveniently forgetting one of us can't stand horror.

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2021.09.28 01:33 Low_Masterpiece2210 ISO Gaming Desk

Looking for a smaller gaming desk. Roughly no longer than 50-53”. Anybody got any experience or suggestions for one to find? Don’t need any bells and whistles. Looking for pretty basic stand. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.28 01:33 DregsDregging Xbox headset on PS5?

Any idea if the Xbox Stereo Headset will work on the PS5? (view here) I'm looking for a good headset around $60-100 that'll work on both and the X Cast said this was a good set for the money.
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2021.09.28 01:33 DemUnderground Business groups want seat at the table on Biden vaccine rule

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2021.09.28 01:33 Beginning-Time-3070 Hunting with my dad one last time

I finally was able to move home after years of being gone in the army just to be caught off guard with my father's health diminishing. When I was growing up he used to take me hunting with him during hunting season every weekend we could go. Once I turned 18 I left home and joined active duty army. My dad was always a hardworking man but when he hurt his back he had to go on disability and sell off all of his hunting rifles and gear. Times have been rough and I help out as much as I can but the army income wasn't much at all and now that I'm out its even less. I have three job interviews this week but the bills are piling up and we need to start paying them off when I start having checks come in. Unfortunately it will be quite awhile before we will have any extra money for things other then bills and food. Unfortunately by me being in the army I was never able to be home during hunting season to join him and now years later when we finally have the ability to go im unemployed from being discharged and this may be his last season he could physically even get out in the woods with me. I have high hopes that my dad will be with us for somewhat longer but between the colostomy bag from the cancer last year and his back problems from working as a mechanic and contractor for years I believe this will be ours chance to re live any of those fond memories together in the woods. I don't normally ask anyone for anything but I'd really like just enough to buy a couple cheap rifles for me and my dad to finally get to go hunting together one last time like when I was a teenager. (https://gofund.me/d7c89d3f)
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2021.09.28 01:33 DemUnderground Was the Big Bang a WHITE hole?

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