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2021.09.27 20:12 IndividualTie7880 Stunning

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2021.09.27 20:12 PargeLenis2 Which Disso best for chill in Bed

I got some 2f, dck, opce, 3ho pcp
Can i Vape the dck, opce and 3 ho?
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2021.09.27 20:12 ananaspapaja Is it bad to have water-cooler pumps turned up like this? It's top mount.

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2021.09.27 20:12 tofu_takumi Watson Amelia McLaren F1 livery I made

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2021.09.27 20:12 shitfuckstack999 Looking for a house to rent

Having trouble finding any house rental info online, anyone have any preferred sites to find a home In Weleetka, okemah or Pharos areas?
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2021.09.27 20:12 seancharles195 What we need for this week

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2021.09.27 20:12 UmmmokthenIguess “Facebook is developing its own money…that financial regulators and banks have feared could throw off the global economy and decimate the dollar.”

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2021.09.27 20:12 The-Last-Kin KIll The Noise in SF this weekend

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2021.09.27 20:12 LucyfurOfBabylon Yet another TERFstiny moment with attack helicopter jokes as a retort~

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2021.09.27 20:12 Msimkus Not sure if this is the right place to ask?

In a nutshell, I travel every few months for work, sometimes in rural areas. Usually staying in decent hotels with hit or miss internet speed. Currently at a Holiday Inn Express that only offers one tier of WiFi. The signal strength on my Ps5 reads 70-75%. Trying to game is quite frustrating as I have constant latency spikes and occasionally high packet loss.
Would a travel router correct this problem or is there a better alternative?
From what I’ve gathered you can buy models with data plans from mobile providers? Can these handle online console gaming?
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2021.09.27 20:12 Fast-Heinz F

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2021.09.27 20:12 Just-Break3031 Tell us your reason why you started nofap?

Mine - i was sad and hopeless with my life!!
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2021.09.27 20:12 Gr33n_Bear Where can I buy a acoustic guitar build kit?

I'm going to build a acoustic guitar by hand from scratch. I want to buy a acoustic guitar kit with the materials. I have tried using LMII, but since I live in Norway the shipping is nearly 300 USD. Help me find a place where I can buy a kit please.

What I look for in my guitar:
- Rosewood back + sides
- Sitka spruce top
- OM/000 guitar shape
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2021.09.27 20:12 Jfriday73 DREAMSTATELIVE Photoshoot

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2021.09.27 20:12 john_thom God Bless This Community

I always come here when I feel powerless, and I call to God for help. And this community always prays alongside me—which I greatly appreciate. It’s been a tough couple of years for a lot of us. Stay strong, my friends. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
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2021.09.27 20:12 Tiny_bigninja so guys we did it

i eat all the cheese in the shredded cheese pot
lets get an E in the chat
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2021.09.27 20:12 FortunateSonofLibrty Nothing is forbidden. All is permitted.

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2021.09.27 20:12 SatanKitty666 What About Entertainment?

I know this is pretty niche, but I'm going to voice my opinion regardless.
It's always been a dream of mine to work as a Disney Imagineer, the job seems incredible and to simply have my hands-on and creative vision be part of the Disney Empire is almost too fantastic to seem possible.
As an AAP student here at Cornell, I'm disappointed in the lack of Entertainment Architecture practice or lectures in the curriculum. We cover so many forms, but the only real mention of Entertainment Architecture was a quick mention during History of Arch 2.
This greatly saddens me, I know we'll get the education required to practice architecture, but I don't think Cornell is giving us the tools to practice Entertainment Architecture in the future. Sure, we know how to draw buildings or render entire cities digitally, but part of Entertainment Architecture is having a sense of childlike wonder injected into our designs (something the drab walls of Milstein tend to suck out of us...)
I know it's bound to be yet another wish to be crushed by the world, but I honestly wish Cornell would provide us with a bit of "fantasy" and "dreams" in our curriculum so that people like myself could have the tools to design the Entertainment Architecture that keeps businesses like the Walt Disney Corporation and its theme parks afloat.
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2021.09.27 20:12 RequiemDokana Anyone else having this login issue on android?, my ps5 works perfectly fine. but for mobile I keep getting told to check the status of the servers, regardless of what account I use

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2021.09.27 20:12 spickard03 Selling PlayStation 5, would love to get it to someone in this community.

I know selling on here isn't allowed and I apologize if this needs to be taken down but I'd much rather sell to someone here than a random person on eBay, FB or Craigslist.
I have a PlayStation 5 that got some use right away but I'm realizing that I'm just not that into it and I'm looking to sell. It comes with two controllers, Call of Duty and Spider Man.
I'm hoping to get $700 for it all but open to other offers if it doesn't sell for that. PM me if you're interested.
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2021.09.27 20:12 UuhSweetie Xiangling knows what's up.

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2021.09.27 20:12 hazythegalaxy Priorities.

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2021.09.27 20:12 fxAnaliz Çılgın Sayısal Loto Sonuçları Belli Oldu | 27 Eylül 2021 (Sayısal Loto)

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2021.09.27 20:12 FelipeMeyer I thought I was done with my revenge... Till my former boss gave me a second chance years later.

This happened a few years back and recently the whole ordeal just gained some new rammifications, so be advised: its a long tale.
Part I: Where I cause my old Boss to lose a buttload of money due to software piracy
A litte context: I'm a teacher, with a degree in advertising, and have being involved with I.T. for the past twenty something years, altough I've found my love for teaching just some ten years ago. I passed through a lot of schools in the meantime, from the big ones to the smallest ones, and accumulated a bunch of experience both in the classroom and behind the scenes, designing workbooks, videocourses, learning platforms and such. So I started thinking it was past the time to migrate to a management position. The opportunity came in a prestigious school of digital art, and I became its Teaching Manager, overseeing all the teachers and the intern learning routines. It was a hard but honest job... for a time.
Soon it became obvious that my boss was not exactly what he tried to present to students and employees. He would display bursts of anger and antagonize the team, demanding impossible results and asking about tasks that he never assigned (but somehow was our job to guess). One time, during a meeting, he grabbed a big chair and pretended to throw it across the room. It was his idea of a joke. Nobody even flinched, cause nobody doubted for a second he was capable of actually doing the deed. Needless to say, nobody laughed as well.
In my country, employers may hold employee's contracts up to three months, wich means that for 90 days you have no job security, and may be fired at any moment without any consequence to the company. Wich my boss reminded everyone all the time, half joking, trying to keep everybody on their toes. He actually excused me from this treatment (he had this bad habit as treating the managers differently) and gave me constant praise for a good job till the day my temp contract ended (meaning I was then an actual employee, with full benefits and couldn't be fired without him paying me everything the law stated).
So it really surprised me when he started the hostile treatment not 24 hours after my temporary contract ended and the full employment began. Gone were the praises and in their place came screams, bad reviews and more and more insane demands. We paid an outside company to do maintenance on the classroom PCs every week, but somehow bugs and crashes were now my fault. One time he made me stay after hours, on a saturday, after all students and staff had left, and prohibitted me from going home before I had all computers running smoothly. He asked me to find him a new seller, and I introduced a friend, making it clear that by no means I was asking for him to be hired, I was just making introductions and if he liked the guy after they talked, it was his own decision and responsability to hire him or not. A few weeks later he gave me an earful for going for drinks with this friend of mine, saying that managers should stick with managers, and that I should mingle with him, not the staff (cause they were "beneath" us, apparently). I said this was absurd, reminded him that I knew this guy for years already and that if he wanted to, he could join us for drinks anytime. It was not the response he expected.
The abuse continued and actually intensified. One day I started to feel chest pains and my left arm went completelly numb. While my friend called for an ambulance, I retreated to my boss's office, at the time being occupied by his fiancè, and calmly told her:
-"Don't mind me. I think I'm having a heart attack, so I'll just lay here for a few minutes so the students can't see me".
Off course, she went nuts after this. The good news: it wans't a heart attack, but an anxiety attack, and wasn't the last one. I was 36 at the time, and it was the first time I saw my mom cry since my dad passed, more than 20 years prior (from, off course, a heart attack). I decided enough was enough, so I gave my 30 days notice, citing health issues. I hadn't yet completed 6 months working there. I sat down with my boss, did not blamed him in any way but said the stress was making me worry about living my family too soon, and gave him every guarantee he needed that I would work through my entire notice period in order to complete every single project we started since my hiring. So I finished updating the courses, finished the development of our brand new e-learning platform, finished hiring the teachers for the next semester, I even shoot videos to promote every single course on the school's menu. Less than a week left till my last day, he called me in his office to show the company's new "career plans" (I don't know the equivalent term in english, but it's the path planned by the company for the growth of each position).
-"So you see... That's what you're going to earn in a few months. That is, if you stop being a sissy and just do your effing job".
I could not believe it. After all the abuse, all the toxicity, I had tried to go the higher road and end everything on a good note, and he called my health issues "being a sissy"!???? I. was. done. I told him to just deduce the next few days from my final payment and left.
Now for the revenge.
Remember how I introduced him to a friend and he actually hired the guy? On my final days I announced my boss I would open my own school after leaving, but failed to mention that this other employee was my business partner. So when my friend asked himself for HIS 30 days notice, our boss went LIVID. He all but threw out my friend, telling him to never put his feet there again, and leave immediatelly. According to the law, that means he had to pay for that whole month, plus every remaining day he worked before, plus comissions. Adding to that my own last payment, wich came with six months of benefits, he had more than enough to start our new venture. But that's not the revenge.
He actually made us sign a sort of NDA with a bunch of illegal clauses (wich made the whole contract invalid) preventing us from revealing any company secrets during or after our time with them, at the risk of being fined $30.000 (around U$6000, at the time). However, no contract in the world may prevent one (at least in my country) from reporting any illegal activities. Wich is why I did not worried one bit when I reported him and his school for having 50+ PCs running on pirate versions of Windows, Office, the whole Adobe Suite, Revit, Cinema4D, 3DSMax and lots of other very expensive software. Not long before this, a big and traditional chain of stores had gone bankrupt in our state for having to pay retroactively fines upon fines on Windows alone, so its an understatement to say that the government was taking piracy pretty seriously at the time.
It gets funnier when you realize that the reported person receives an e-mail with the whole complaint (apart from the author of the report) the minute it is filed, so he can prepare his defence. His response wasn't at all unexpected. Some five minutes after our report, a similar e-mail came into our inbox, reporting us for 30 unlicensed copies of Windows and many other programs. My business partner still talked to the Finance Manager on our old job and, knowing that our ex-boss would probably be right beside him fuming and screaming, decided do send him a picture of our only classroom... with no computer in sight (we decided to specialize in classes about comic book making, wich dispensed computers, and whenever we would host a class that demanded it, we would ask our students to bring their own).
A few weeks later I heard that the whole remaining staff abandoned ship, leaving him with only an intern and a few teachers without permanent contracts. My former boss actually kept tabs on us and, learning that some of his teachers were contacting us to host special classes, started to blackmail them, theatening to terminate their contracts if they insisted on doing business with us (even though there was no exclusivity clause in their contracts). Some of them called on the bluff, and he had to pay another shitload of money on breach of contracts alone.
Time went by and I hear the guy is counting his pennies and struggling to keep afloat. He used to open full classes each six months, occupying every date and time available. Now he hardly can fill a turn, started holding only night classes and not even everyday - half the week he closes his doors, not having enough students nor the money to pay employees on these days. Before I left he had paid $40.000 on the architectural project alone to expand the business within a year, but now I hear he was considering closing his door and offering only online courses... even before the pandemic.
And now for the part two: Where, years after my revenge, I made my ex boss again pay a bunchload of money, this time on legal fees
First of all, I need to say that my own school has closed its doors. Me and my friend were not a good fit, as business partners at least, and now we're not even friends. That's life. We cashed out, sold what could be sold and each went with our lives. I may eventually write about my /pettyrevenge against this guy (you can say I hold many grudges), but this tale is not about him.
Some months later I found out our ex-boss was SUING us. Our school, that is. Wich, as I mentioned, didn't even exist anymore. My (ex)friend's sister, who is also his lawyer, contacted me and told me about it. I couldn't find anything on the public records, since the lawsuit was running on court ordered sigil. I talked to my own lawyer and she said: "If they didn't cited you directly, pretend you know nothing about the matter".
And so I ignored the issue for a few years. During lockdown, the appointed official finally found me at home and served me. That also gave me access to my boss's claims, since I had 15 days to prepare my defense. My wife found me laughing out loud in front of the computer. His claims were absolutely ridiculous. He claimed I stole his courses, and used as proof a print from our (now offline) site, side by side with his own, saying something in the lines of "it becomes obvious that both schools have the same courses". However, he presented no explanation of the similarities besides the names, wich weren't even the same. We had a SEGMENT of trainings under the umbrella "Graphic Design", but no class with that specific name, for example, and no other class on any of his main subjects. Also, most of our classes were in the topic of Comic Books, wich he NEVER worked with. He also called us "cynical" for daring to compete with him on the same market, even if it was my own previous experience on the learning sector that landed me the job on his firm in the first place. At one point, the documents cited a statement from our site where we said that we took our previous experiences as a way to learn with our mistakes and do differently, and call it a "confession of plagiarism". I asked my lawyer to let me write my own defence, leaving to her the task to translate it to "lawyerism". She actually copy pasted my full statement, saying she couldn't have argued better. I put on paper all the repulse I felt, cited all my experience with teaching and rebuked every single one of his claims with facts and actual proofs, attaching printed conversations, saved emails and bringing attention to his own lacking of proof.
The judge tossed the case and made him pay all the legal fees, including my lawyer's (he could have avoided it if he had entered the lawsuit on small claims court, but since he wanted the 30k from the NDA plus damages and sigil, he had it coming). Just another shove of dirt on his coffin.
TLDR: My former boss call me homophobic names for choosing my own health over the stress of working for him. So I reported him for software piracy and made him lose a fortune. Years later, he sued me and I made him lose even more money in legal fees.
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2021.09.27 20:12 hanrahahanrahan Scallop of some type. From Cleeve Hill, Gloucestershire, UK

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