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This might not be for everyone, but i am certain that some of you... may apreciate, so i share it!

2021.09.27 20:16 RicardoatReddit This might not be for everyone, but i am certain that some of you... may apreciate, so i share it!

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2021.09.27 20:16 MisterNuggets Plugin idea - any help appreciated [x-post r/wordpressplugins]

Hello guys!
I had no idea on what to write in the title of the post, sorry if that's not specific enough. So, here's the issue I'm having:
A few years back I created a website using Wordpress, which I stopped using a while ago.
Anyways, a few days ago I started reading a book about a dear hobby of mine, filled to the brim with useful tips and tricks that apply to very specific situations I'm not currently facing, but will definitely encounter some day. So I figured, why not take some time to type all these tips on a database and be able to access the tips anytime anywhere with my phone through my website (e.g. using a QR code, or manually enter the direct address, to access an otherwise unlinked part of the website).
So, I was wondering where to look so that I could figure out what's the best way of 1. creating the database (with several keywords related to the tip, and the tip itself) and 2. accessing that data through one or more keywords selected.

Let me give you an exemple:
Let's say this is a book about how to produce music. There would be tips about composition, some about arrangement, others about mixing, others about promoting the music, etc. But some tips would also apply to what instruments to use in a certain type of music, or ways to transition from one part to the other, etc. So, I would try to retrieve, say, tips about mixing guitars in a metal chorus, by selecting keywords such as "guitar", "metal", "mixing", "chorus". And the result page would list all the tips stored with these keywords.

Do you think that's feasable (meaning, would I easily get access to tutorials, etc, without having to invest TOO MUCH time, or money, into it) or is it one of my "would be great but yeah, no" ideas?
I think the easiest way would be through posts in an hidden category only visible by admin (me) and using tags as said keywords, but I'm not sure (as I'm not FULLY AWARE of all of wordpress' capabilities in that regard). Also, there wouldn't be the challenge of fully making it myself ^^ (ok, just kidding, if that's easier, of course I'll try that, but doesn't seem as elegant as writing my own piece of code)

Anyways, thanks for the time and insights :)
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2021.09.27 20:16 OlympicDaisy 👏🏾EGG👏🏾ZACH👏🏾LEE! - Seth Rogen can stay too!

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2021.09.27 20:16 billiebal Vibes on this beautiful subreddit

I just wanna say that I’m loving the fact that posts regarding DRS and Kenny about lying under oath are taking off and is reaching the general public. That’s all.
Obligatory hedgies R fuk and DRS.
See y’all on the moon.
No cell no sell.
Insert rocket emoji.
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2021.09.27 20:16 toum112 What tires are best for rollers?

I’m considering picking up a set of rollers as a change of pace from my Kickr this winter. I don’t want to wear out my road tires on them. Are trainer-specific tires (thinking those bright red ones from Vittoria) the way to go or should I just buy some cheap normal tires?
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2021.09.27 20:16 Rshd20 Question about the amount of hours when fasting

Hello everyone!
I have been doing intermittent fasting for over a year now and for a long while I have been doing OMAD.
A couple weeks ago I found ADF and it sounded very interesting to me to help me lose some stubborn weight and I have been doing it for around a week now.
I have lately been wondering if it really is better to fast for 36/40 hours with an eating window of 6/8 hours instead of doing OMAD? Like if we are looking at the amount of hours on a weekly basis, doesn’t OMAD give you more hours total when fasting? Or does the fact that you are fasting for 36 hours non stop, gives you something more for weight loss?
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2021.09.27 20:16 Rosesloveurheart4560 Someone be my sugar daddy 😩

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2021.09.27 20:16 Lawstu77 T14 and unergrad university

Hi everyone,
This community has been so helpful with giving me an idea of what to expect through admission to Ls. I am also greatly appreciative for those of you who have allocated your time to recommending things I should do and even granting me some assurances.
For those who are reading this and are either, a. attending a t14 Ls or b. have applied to a t14, could you give me an idea of your stats in undergrad and also what school you attended in undergrad (if comfortable of course). It would be greatly appreciated, I think it would be interesting to see where the bulk of t14 law students come from and even some rarities. Perhaps forming a general consensus on how much undergrad school really matters.
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2021.09.27 20:16 South-Efficiency-652 Lfd smurf duo EUW

Hi, Im looking for duo EUW in gold 1, Im playing top, would like the duo to be Diamond2 + peak. Preferably jungle/mid duo.
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2021.09.27 20:16 5tayfantast1c Dry eyes

Had anyone experience dry eyes? If so did it go away on its own? I’m picking up the refresh omega 3 drops and omega 3 capsules to see if that helps. But damn! I want to claw my eyes out.
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2021.09.27 20:16 ytiCecapS It was so close.

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2021.09.27 20:16 Ahmed_Omar12 Ghostrunner PS5 $29.99 Amazon

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2021.09.27 20:16 japandr0id It seems like they forgot a key word.

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2021.09.27 20:16 thelostecholar Seeking Dual Shock 3 Controller…

…so I purchased a dead PS3 Slim from a colleague with no controllers. Today I purchased a non-authentic USB controller from Gamers Anonymous. The issue that I’m having is that the damn thing doesn’t function while plugged in with Safe Mode. (Safe Mode being the only option to reload the OS) Any one local got an authentic DS3 controller with mini-USB cable? Thanks for any assistance in advance.
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2021.09.27 20:16 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: https://t.co/rnWshTTyjP

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2021.09.27 20:16 Sandy_Sandy_1233 Tello Mobile - plans from $3/mo + $10 sign up bonus with Tello referral code - P3DK42PX

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2021.09.27 20:16 nigakillyourself Among us is like gang rape in a dark back alley that results in a pregnancy, abortion and life of shame and regret

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2021.09.27 20:16 Johnnyorbit Wow 😳 @rozelemonade

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2021.09.27 20:16 Yolo1986 Streak 18: Wahlen

Ich bin der Auffassung, dass Frau Merkel eine sehr starke Politikerin ist. Vor der Pandemie wusste ich nicht, was für eine Politikerin sie ist. Jedoch habe ich herausgefunden, dass sie während einer schwierigen Zeit ruhig bleiben kann und effektiv Entscheidungen treffen kann. Ich glaube auch, dass ihren wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund ihr sehr geholfen hat, auf diesem anspruchsvollen Weg richtige Entscheidungen zu treffen.
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2021.09.27 20:16 xZeroDestinyx No More Tidal?

Went on the Sprint website to change my plan so i can have tidal hifi. While trying to activate with online chat the rep told me it was discontinued. Is that true?
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2021.09.27 20:16 mans123373u2 Hespect+.

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2021.09.27 20:16 Look-lucky-9 Crusader Kings II The Old Gods : $7.5 (-50%)

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2021.09.27 20:16 PaleontologistIcy240 "It has been 5 years! Just make your move already!" uhh yeah no

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2021.09.27 20:16 MochiiTxt Mocapforall Full Version

I'm looking for the full version of mocap for all. I found a dropbox link but it's deleted now.
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2021.09.27 20:16 Live-Earth-6995 Looking to adopt

My husband and I are wanting to adopt. But I find the jumping through hoops kinda of ridiculous. We would make amazing parents. Personally I'd like to do a independent adoption between birthparents and us. But I don't even know where to start with that journey.
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