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Excerpt from the Mulhantari High Council on Universal Law

2021.09.28 03:31 arion830 Excerpt from the Mulhantari High Council on Universal Law

We had perfected the art of extermination long ago.
World after world, their citizens begged and screamed for forgiveness, for a passage to live, for a right to survive. We listened to none. The Mulhantari do not listen. We do not feel. We do not empathize. We were created as cosmic scales, weighing the worth of the Universe against that which is not needed. We go where there is balance to be restored, where life must be culled for the benefit of other. Our Law is Supreme. Our weapons are terrifying. Our technology is unmatched. We do not gloat but when an entire planet's existence rests on our whim, it becomes difficult not to.
Our initial encounters with Humans were of no significant surprise. Upon gathering their initial data dumps, we were inundated with the worst of humanity; war, rape, mass killings, massacres, hate, greed. They had been butchering each other for so long it was amazing to us how they could have ever moved forward as a civilization. Upon so many divisions, they killed and slaughtered one another in the thousands. Some killed others because of beliefs, others killed because they appeared different, with some having darker or lighter shades of an outer membrane they referred to as 'skin'. It was pure madness. We deduced, had they had ended the self-genocide of their race based on these divisions long ago, their civilization would've progressed a millennia ahead of where it currently was.
It was no surprise to us that the Council had ordered the extermination of their species. Since their arrival, they have been the direct cause for the extinction of 60% of all wildlife on their planet. They spread like a virus, consuming every natural resource, destroying every delicate balance of nature, and then spreading to the next area to do the same...all in the name of progress. To say the excitement in the air amongst us in their removal was an understatement.
They did not possess the massive strength like the Golthaurians nor did they possess any natural defenses like the Chindari and their poison gas. Their bodies were made of flesh and bone, fragile enough to be broken with a solid punch, their weapons were crude, still being relied on gunpowder, fusion, and atom splitting. Our simplest Adjustment beam could punch a clean hole through their chest cavity. They even lacked appendages, having only 2 arms and legs whereas the rest of the species we encountered had at least 4. This was not going to be an arduous scale, this was going to be easy.

...I was wrong...

...Terrifyingly wrong...
When the invasion first started, it went off without any problems. Our exterminators entered the atmosphere uncontested; their outer defense radar was laughable. We swarmed on their major cities and killed without mercy; thousands fell. I remember one human, quite large, attempting to go hand to hand combat with Adjudicator Xelfalhan. It was amusing to say the least, when the human landed a solid punch on Xelfalhan's face. A few of the others chuckled as well, even the human was amazed at himself for landing such a hit. But 5 seconds later, it was all over, with Xelfalhan standing victorious and the human scattered into 3 different pieces. That night, and many nights after, we celebrated and pillaged and burned and destroyed until there was nothing but silence.
But then, as the war waged on, we noticed our strikes becoming less and less effective. No longer were they running shrieking in panic, their counterattacks and responses were becoming more and more coordinated and sophisticated. Sure, our weapons killed, but so did theirs. We ridiculed the small projectiles they revere and rely on so much for their defense. "Bullets" is what they call them, they were so tiny, minute, utterly unremarkable. All of that confidence was broken when one of those unremarkable bullets hit Xelfalhan in the eye and he collapsed screaming in agony. Before long, more and more bullets were finding themselves lodged in our bodies. Soon, their very fear of us was gone, and they looked upon us as we have looked upon so many that were eradicated; with disdain and disgust.
When we arrived, they were already the apex predator of the land. And as we continued to wage war upon them, we started to feel as if perhaps, we too were being hunted. We delved into their history to understand, even after insurmountable odds, why were the humans causing US grief? We pored over cultures, individuals, ideals, civilizations, languages What we found, was beyond anything we could possibly imagine.
To say humans were bred for war would be an understatement. From the time they learned how to pick up the first stick, they have excelled in their ability to harm each other. But war made them stronger. They became tougher to kill, more experienced, and deadly. When the Mulhantari were injured, we simply killed the injured. But humans, they could lose a arm or a leg, and keep fighting! At times, they had no regards for self-preservation. They would lose an eye or an ear of even half of their face, but a warrior is a warrior. As soon as they would be healed, they would pick up their crude weapons and try to kill as many of us as they possibly could.
Their biologies perplexed us. Even in their food, they would introduce poisons called 'spices' that would cause inflammations in their bodies, all for an enhanced taste. Adjudicator Iskfalhon tasked himself to try one of these spices, a common one called 'jalapeno'. It sizzled his tongue and burned though his insides like a star exploding. And we could not possibly understand the process of smoking. A species that deliberately inhales toxic gas for pleasure confounded our understanding of what it meant to exist.
We found they inject more harmful substances into their body than any other species we've ever encountered. Be it for numbing or sensation, for peace or paranoia, humans infected their bodies and mind with drugs that would drive other species to crippling insanity. Further in their maddening way of life is a potion they imbibe. Alcohol, a poison so toxic to the human body it can cause death in unchecked doses, and yet, millions imbibe it daily...as a way to relax! What creature lives like this? They can live in extreme weather and adversity. We have witnessed them hunting together with the descendants of wolves in the frigid tundra. We have witnessed them killing each other in their deserts upon the backs of domesticated species, sweating in scorching heat. It does not matter if the ground beneath them is frozen or on fire. There is no environment we did not find an easy encounter, they aggravated and assaulted. They were relentless in their fight. It made us furious they would not be quelled so easily. We, who had massacred billions, were now forced to play a game of attrition with those who barely registered on a cosmic scale. We were anger without restraint...and ashamed.
Even their social structure was built upon fluid pillars such as emotion. They hated each other when they wanted to, and it ran deep. But there was also other traits we saw. Their desire to stay together, to be with one another, and care for each other. We saw in times of mass distress they would sometimes forget their differences, band together, and work for a common goal. Their histories were written in blood, but through that blood, arose a civilization. They explored their world, wrote down everything they could for fear of losing it, and never stopped in their learning. Some would create small ecosystems of individuals which functioned as a unit called 'families' and in these units resided a very strong bond; indescribable to our sensors but as we later learned, was a very famous emotion that many in their history have experienced and lost. They called it love. Aside from being a massive and crippling flaw in their evolution, it served no purpose other than to ensnare the mind and drown the senses in bliss. It was a drug in itself. It could induce madness on a scale unknown in our galaxy before. We found the unfortunate way a human who's love has been toiled with was an extremely dangerous adversary.
But we could not face their most powerful weapon, a compound created by the fusion of simple hydrogen and oxygen. More than half of their planet was covered in it. To them, it was a gift, it gave them sustenance and allowed life to flourish. They drank it, bathed in it, worshiped it. It was always near them and ready to be consumed at a moment's notice. Our ammonia based bodies were not prepared to handle this corrosive substance. Upon contact, it ate our exoskeleton like a necrotizing plague. We died by the thousands, no cure or treatment. Our very nature was not meant to fight with this substance.
We have never known defeat and yet as I write this, our ships are leaving Earth's atmosphere, the death of our species reaching irreparable numbers. Humbling that I finally refer to their planet by their beloved name, I have come to find a new earned respect for humans. We left Earth, it being our first official failure as cosmic scales. Our ego and pride died on there. They taught us a lesson that every species that ever interacts with them knows and should know to adhere to, in times of peace and especially war:
Do not fuck with the humans
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2021.09.28 03:31 Udunen My friend has a glitch/bug that could only be described as the void consuming him. He turned down his render resolution to 100, and the problem is mostly fixed, but he still gets small black squares occasionally.

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2021.09.28 03:31 Scully152 I posted pics the other day asking if you thought they might be the same person. The 2 people in my post now are NOT the same person. Guy on the left, Abraham Steeves (1 of many) & some distant relation to the man on the left (sadly my Dads father). They don't look exactly alike but DO look similar.

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2021.09.28 03:31 Ambitious_Singer9645 This nasty taste in my mouth needs to go

So how do ya'll get rid of that nasty, overly sweet/metalic taste on your tongue that just always seems to come back no matter how much you brush or how much water you drink? That's literally the worst part of fasting for me
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2021.09.28 03:31 thepensiveporcupine How can I tell if I blacked out or passed out?

A few weeks ago, I had my first blackout. I drank 4 shots of rum, a beer, and was high on weed in addition to being on Prozac and not drinking any water. Not the best idea. I’m also 19F and 130lbs. I remember sitting down and feeling really nauseous and dizzy, then I proceeded to projectile vomit. I was also told that I turned ghost white and looked like a corpse. I also seem to recall either falling asleep or passing out, then being woken up by some people trying to take me out of the room. I remember responding, in addition to having a panic attack, but from then on I don’t remember until I woke up in my shower (I’m in college btw).
I was under the impression that I was passed out, but doing some reading, it says I would not have been responsive. They didn’t call an ambulance either so I must have been awake and speaking. I’m afraid I said something embarrassing and at this point I’m afraid to ask what I was doing. Is there another way to tell?
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Since there will not be a paper 3 for the May 2022 exams, do I still need to study research methods and ethics (for psychology)? Or would I be better off focusing my attention on the other parts of the course?
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2021.09.28 03:31 IGottaPay Confirmed, us not raising debt ceiling. Crash is 99% likely. LETS.FUCKING.FLY. No dates, no times, none of that. Keep your titties jacked.

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2021.09.28 03:31 DojaCatsTinyChat I remember in class one day

This girl in my class was like "You know the food we eat is the same as public schools?" Like it was something disgusting to eat the same food the poors do. And plus, that's not even true, unless she was talking about public universities. Which she wasn't.
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew the song that is used in the new season's commercial. It's the one where the contestants are on the subway. I can't find that commercial ANYWHERE to Shazam the song. Please help!
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2021.09.28 03:31 Jerrywill204069 60 second raid quest me and a friend need help

Me and a friend need access to a 1,2 or 3 star raid we completed a 3 star in 1:03 need that third person and another raid. Codes are
3555 1123 5576 And 5654 1444 7550
Please help. Thank you
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2021.09.28 03:31 Nick_3257 Is reading Dad Kapital essential to understanding Marxism?

I would consider my fairly well versed in Marxist theory (Relative to an average American) but I know I still have a lot I don’t fully comprehend just yet with things like “dialects” etc... Is reading Das Kapital as a whole critical to understanding Marxist theory? Or are there key points and take aways I can access somewhere that would save me some time? Sorry if this comes off as lazy.
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2021.09.28 03:31 Competitive-Oil4494 Does anyone know that black girl who followed that white guy around?

So I'm trying to find these two people. I can't find them, and I have been trying to track down these people for the past week. I don't know their names, where they live, or anything like that. The only information I have about the two people was that there was a black girl who followed this white guy around. I remember what they were wearing the white guy had blue jeans, green shirt and black shoes. The black girl had a pink shirt and white skinny jeans, and flip flops. Can you guys help me track them down?
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