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A lot of thoughts I had recently. Kinda jumbled & messy.

2021.09.22 02:24 black0ps16474 A lot of thoughts I had recently. Kinda jumbled & messy.

1) This is gonna be long, and raw 2) I am still learning, and could be wrong about anything, but I have thought somewhat deeply, and haven't, at the moment, found any holes, but who knows, I may not be able to see them. Whatever
The heck? I was first gonna say something along the lines of "what has happened to our country" but
1) Nazi Germany was the first trail of Marxism, USSR & Cold War was 2nd, and this is #3. Nietzsche predicted the mass death in the 20 century, back in the late 1800s, based on the fact that "God is dead", and that's NOT a disbelief in God, but rather that he is dead in the minds of the average person--that (this is my added interpretation to that) our country is tending to fsr towards secularism, which is a by product of the fact that culture isn't religious, or more accurate Christ like.
And that's an unfortunate inevitability, that it WILL tend towards, well, evil, unless FORCED not to--you know, similar to the idea of companies can't be good unless FORCED to. But like I said, our culture isn't religious, but it also can't be--with separation of church and state, which prevents overly-orderliness forced via corrupt religious structures, like with the Pharisees, and great Britain.
But then, when you think about it, has it ever been widely religious--have we as a people EVER not, for the most part, turned from god? And only a small portion of the population truly is on Gods side. But anyways, I went on a long (tangent for a lack of a better word).
2) Then post WW2~ era to before 9/11 is 2nd. This parasite was advanced, slower and less violent, smarter, and could exist far longer in the people at mass.
3) But in its recent form, with the flow indoctrination in the colleges--starting in the late 80s & early 90s in Canada & US--with Marxist Professors teaching these "kids" this crap (~200k-3+ mil in US & Canada)--and then this was hyper inflated by 9/11; the government NEVER wanted anything like it again, so largely from a compassionate point of view, they greatly took away our freedom, and this inflation of lack of freedom was even more bolstered by the rise of Big Tech & Social Media.
But is that a problem with the world--is the world just so complex, that our tech, despite out advanced it is, just--well will always have its major issues. For example with YouTube: 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! How does YouTube monitor all of that content--make sure all of it follows the YT guidelines? No pornography, overly explicit content, spam, re-uploads, etc. Well they need a complex learning system, but it is NOT PERFECT, which is perfectly presented in @NerdCity & @EmpLemon's many video's on YouTube problems. Everything from JakePaul & LeLePons content--both of which are for kids (they have said on camera before, both of them), but they blend that content with explicit and/or sexually suggestive content--to YTs bot system, their poor communication, secret rating system, etc.
Anyways, is this all just product of the utter complexity of the world? Is it impossible to monitor that much content, even with human reviewers, up to our expectations? No.
And Tom Scott did a great breakdown of this issue: https://youtu.be/1Jwo5qc78QU.
Its not as simple as YouTube vs YouTube Community. You also have to account for companies, who provide adds, and for regulators, who regulate YT & social media, and both of which, with the smallest little move of a butter fly, could completely fall out. And the fact that the system is even decent--well we take that for granted.
So part of the issue with YouTube, and social media as a whole, and Big Tech, isn't a inherent issue strictly found in big tech--it just seems that way 'cause they present themselves in a very unrecognizable manner.
And the radical left, these marxists, took advantage of this, NOT it exists due to the them. Chaos exists, as does order. And they use the chaos to manipulate the world for their agenda (they all have many agendas, and theirs aren't all the same--they are human).
They add chaos--they unjustly deconstruct our complex social structures, with little of understanding of them. "Don't break it if it ain't broke". Then they take order out of that chaos, to manipulate the situation to their liking. These agents of the devil, via big tech, via the schools, via the news, via the courts, via--well simple things like transportation, just those random posts on reddit or Facebook.
"Cops are racist", "Men are oppressive, "Capitalism is evil", "rape culture" (1), "male privilege" (2), "white privilege" (3), "rape culture" (4), "Trump is a racist/sexist/homophobic/facist/etc.", or even similar arguments in something that really doesn't matter nearly as much like "Brady is a system QB/cheatelucky/can't-play-in-80s/etc., "Pete Carroll lost SB49", Saints & Lions lose 'cause they are always screwed by the refs, etc. I will go point by point.
1) Cops AREN'T racist. Less than 400, and only 16 unarmed, African-Americans killed in 2020 by cops, with FEW IF ANY being proven IN THE SLIGHTEST they contained racist intent, or even injustice; black man killed by cop =/= racist. 1) Shootouts, Cop isn't trying to kill, but is forced to. 2) Black cops, duh. 3) African American 16.5 times MORE likely to kill a cop than vise-versa. Yes, Cops are killed at a higher rate per interaction than Blacks. And its really due to a higher rate of African-American deaths--they kill each other at a FAR higher rate. And that's in large part due to the destruction of the nuclear family. Single motherhood in the last 50 years has risen from 20% to 70%. One parent --> poor teaching 0-4 years old --> not properly socialized into school --> school can't properly socialize them into the world --> they are well socialized within themselves; they hangout. And that leads to crime, drugs, etc. But few understand the core issues, and then jump to racism.
2) Jordan Peterson's video break it down: https://youtu.be/xvcPq-xyJs4
Other Marxist/communism content: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRJYxB3Qc3DYxsKEOraoZiKKNo2d9DM5x
3) 1-4 - Steven Crowders video's on those topics on YouTube:
4) Trump is a _____: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRJYxB3Qc3DZ-ibpFE0_7X9aLvd5D4fTp
5) Patriots/Brady is _____: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRJYxB3Qc3DaucyMlX4VZh73G0m-emShp
Anyways, I am done, my brain is fried.
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Will be released soon via check for update in your router
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2021.09.22 02:24 Twyyyla Witches! Please share home/beauty tips that work so well they seem like magic! 😁

Back when WFH first started I decided to experiment with my beauty routine. Over the years I’d pinned a few recipes that people swore worked better than store bought versions but they required a bit of an adjustment period that I wasn’t comfortable with when I still had to go into the office every day. (Wondering if DIY deodorant would make me stinky, for example, or not wanting to let my chin hairs grow out in order to sugar wax them.) The shutdown gave me the time and privacy to experiment and after a few months of trial and error, I discovered:
✨soapnuts can clean hair just as effectively as “normal” shampoo and my hair stays cleaner for longer
✨sugar waxing is amazing ( I also use it as porestrips for my nose once a month and I apply it to my fingers and toes before doing my nails, to remove the cuticles and any dead skin)
✨diy deodorant actually works ands can smell way nicer than store bought
✨making rose water by collecting the condensation is witchy and fun
✨period cups are a godsend!
These tricks have been such game changers for me! They all work better and last longer than what I was using before amd now I’m curious what else I’m missing — witches, please share your secrets!!
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Hi everyone,
Admittedly, I'm a complete newb when it comes to cars. I have noticed that the material has been falling off my Honda Civic. I know there are some ways to go about this like using super glue or hot glue, but I don't know how I should go about it as I don't want to damage the car.
I'd see a mechanic but for such a small problem it would be very costly. I'd much appreciate any advice from anyone here.
Here are the images https://ibb.co/J5bjyGL / https://ibb.co/drcbYqL
Thank you.
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2021.09.22 02:24 bluedestiny88 Apply for Junior Dev roles - have expectations for applicants changed?

I have been applying for jobs as a new grad for the past three months now and while I have some projects under my belt, almost every job I see requires in-depth knowledge of a tech stack or some other technology Ive never heard of or never thought would be required to know. During my time in school, many of my peers who graduated a couple years ago were able to pick up junior SDE roles without these technologies being the basis of their projects, and many have learned it in their current jobs. Now it’s a lot of have 1-2 years of with React experience ” or “have had professional experience with AWS”. Maybe I completely missed something but did the barrier for entry into these roles rise significantly? Or has it always just been this way and I’m being a fool?
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