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Any thoughts on what I did wrong with this recipe?

2021.09.22 04:08 justherepoop Any thoughts on what I did wrong with this recipe?

I was following this recipe for soft pretzel nuggets. When I took them out of the oven, the bottoms were burned and cripsy while the rest of each pretzel was soft, like they were supposed to be. I think maybe I had the oven rack too low? Not sure. Any thoughts?
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2021.09.22 04:08 marixuwu Biting out of hand

So I have a female GSD mix who is currently 4 months old and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I always take my dog out in front of the apartment to let her do her business. I can't take her to the park yet until she gets her vaccines which is in 3 weeks. She loves to dig holes near the sprinkler and since I can't allow that I always try to make her stop. She ends up running around in circles and ends up jumping on me to try to get me to move from her hole. She would always try to bite my leg and today her teeth marks have scratched my hand and has made me bleed a bit. I was honestly just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as this and wondering if anyone can give me a few tips to stop her from doing this. I don't want her to hurt my family members if they end up playing with her at some point.
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2021.09.22 04:08 pcbmty My right amygdala got inflamate after a sesh

So I took a couple of hits from my pen, and a bit after I put it away I noticed my right amygdala was very swollen. It's funny because it did not hurt at all, nor does it hurt right now as it is back to normal. Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone :) thanks
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2021.09.22 04:08 aymeline How come I have regions my parents don’t have?

How come I have regions my parents don’t have? submitted by aymeline to AncestryDNA [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:08 cash4isopropyl Possibly scammed out of $8500 by my supplier, who has ghosted me.

I'm in a 'unique' situation as a small business owner.
I payed in advance, in a series of several Zelle transfers over 2 months in early spring '21 (how it's done in this industry) so they could pay the producer overseas. After they received the product from abroad, they agreed to wait to send me the shipment until I was ready to store it. That time came abt 5 wks ago, when I got serious abt asking them to send it, since I was running out of product and they weren't responding to my calls or requests to talk and "check in". One of them told me they were both in the hospital, but it's been over 4 weeks and I haven't gotten any communication back. Last year, we did a somewhat smaller transaction, and I received my product, so I'm wondering what's up.
---> I decided to send a registered letter to both of their known addresses in Missouri, giving them an opportunity to settle outside court. Problem is, what if they aren't' home or refuse to answer the door? Should I hire a PI to pinpoint them first? The same questions apply to "serving" them.
---> $5,000 is the limit for small claims court in Missouri (I'm in CA) and the amt in dispute is $8,500. I'm just a mid-20s first-time sole proprietor. Is it worth it for me to pursue a case in regular superior court, or should I just settle for $5,000 in small claims? If I do go to superior court, should I represent myself or hire a lawyer? I have all the evidence gathered already, and I'm frugal.
I deal with a plant product that is legal in both our states, but is controversial, so I can't get business insurance or purchase wholesale with a credit card.
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2021.09.22 04:08 bob76er [Pricecheck] AA SS+S Knuckles

[Pricecheck] AA SS+S Knuckles
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2021.09.22 04:08 AlbertJackBangkok Bangkok to make reopening decision TODAY

Bangkok to make reopening decision TODAY #Thailand #Bangkok #Pattaya #Phuket
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2021.09.22 04:08 iGotRichOnline Abilities Expo Toronto

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2021.09.22 04:08 KanerKid New fut 22 apps

Does anyone know of the release dates for any fut 22 games that are like MadFut?
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2021.09.22 04:08 Aidenairel My new 6900XT was only 30 USD more than a 6800XT, here in Malaysia (1630 USD vs 1600 USD). These prices... Lol. Still a happy bunny!

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2021.09.22 04:08 Cpt_Burrito Snack Detectives - NA West - El Dorado - L.A.I.D. B.A.C.K.

Snack Detectives NA WEST - EL DORADO
Are you looking for a laid-back company where you can be a hardcore or casual player without worry? Want to do crafting, pve, pvp or all three? Looking for new friends and a social network to help find groups, asks questions and generally hang out with while you explore the New World?
Are you tired of guilds where the hierarchy is all-important, and the vast majority of members have little to no say in what happens? Do you want to have a place in the company regardless of how much or little you play?
Then you want to be a Snack Detective.
Snack Detectives is a low-pressure, flat-hierarchy company where everyone is equal and where we hang out because we want to, not because we have a quota to fulfill. We'll be trying for territory in order to spread our message of equality and democracy to the new world.
Message me on Discord for more info or with any questions you have: Captain Burrito#5273
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2021.09.22 04:08 FrightenedAnimal 3weeks. Please tell me it's gonna be ok lol...

3weeks. Please tell me it's gonna be ok lol... submitted by FrightenedAnimal to beards [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:08 Terminival Fucking what.

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2021.09.22 04:08 No_Web_5807 Golden ADA | Just Launched | ADA Rewards | Super Team | Nice Marketing Plans | Next 100x Find out

Best rewarding coin that gives holders in $CARDANO every 1hr just by holding
The dev is highly experienced and has been responsible for a number of incredibly successful tokens on BSC. He applied all of his knowledge to this contract to ensure its 100% SAFU, rug proof and long lasting. Team seems solid and are handling the telegram community very well, I’m highly confident that this is going to absolutely moon!
This will be huge, game changing and we - as investors who have been scammed in the past - all are waiting for this to happen.
Big hype for this coin. Been trending on Dextools for days and hot pairs on coingecko
📊 Total Supply:- 1BILLION
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Contract: 0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd29168fe5c59edc45802210eded1ead9a0c318c9
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a#readContract
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2021.09.22 04:08 TheDemoDogs I finished Hannibal and it was bautifully gift wrapped.

Man. Where do you even start. I guess I'll start at the first part of the show with Italy, Will, Hannibal, and Bedelia.
Hannibal certainly couldn't help himself but remove his "person suit" rather quickly. You know as he's talking to Pazzi or the few others that worked in that art place that they'd die. Hannibal was lashing out because of will. Killing far more often it seemed than back in the states. Mad that Will seemed to reject his gesture with Abigail. That's how it appeared anyway. When Will came into the picture it wasn't fully obvious what his intentions were when he came. He clearly wanted to find Hannibal but through curiosity or hatred? That catacombs type thing scene where Will fades into the darkness definitely something more ominous and personal. Bedelia had nerves of steel throughout that whole ordeal. Really shouldn't have stuck here hands into the plate though while it was steaming hot lol (that'll come up later). It seemed like she also had a curiosity for Hannibal (as everyone seems to in this show). She didnt particularly enjoy his killings at the table, but she didn't run either. She stayed to play the game longer. I loved seeing Jack give Hannibal a beat down. Him standing outside the window while Pazzi is dangling thinking "so tired of this shit". I knew Abigail Hobbs didn't survive and it was only Wills head. No one survives a throat gutting like that.
Vergers whole portion was really odd. Even more odd than the last thing that comes in. Didn't suspect Margot and Alana to become a thing, but it happened. I was hoping the whole time that Cordell would die. Was almost kind of satisfying to know Hannibal took off his face to give it to Verger. He was in deserving of Wills face anyway. That surrogate pig scene still haunts me. Not even sure how possible that is lol. Maybe with some extreme experimentations, but still. Verger was on some weird shit. Glad when he died too..by an eel too. Which brings me to another point since it reminded me of what Bedelia did to Hannibals old client. She stuck her arm down his throat in a similar fashion. Them showing that scene also reminded me of when Bedelia was talking to Will about wanting to help a bird but crushing instead and which would Will choose. She chose to crush the bird. She was in the thought process of helping him and chose to "crush the bird" instead. I loved when she asked Hannibal how his Mischa tasted while sliding into the tub. Mic drop moment. The drug thing was weird too. Still not 100% why she was taking it. Possibly to mask the reality she was in.
The whole Chiyo bit with Will was interesting. She, like everyone else, was after Hannibal for something. Trying to get to Hannibal before Will could to enact her own actions onto Hannibal. Throws Will off a damn train lol. Then there's Will turning that kidnapped man into a damn snail moth thing. Like..well..you're talented I suppose. And Chiyo just waited for him that whole time apparently lol. I'm pretty sure that took hours.
The Red Dragon:
This portion really kicked it up a couple of notches. He was creepy to watch. This is where I started to really hate how true crime and killers tend to be treated because this show I'd say showed pretty well the problems that reside within the true crime world.
Just gonna point this out real quick: Hannibal surrendering so Will will always know where he is at all times after he just rejected him will always be funny lol.
Dolarhyde obviously believed himself to be the Great Red Dragon. Struggling with who he was and what he was becoming and if he should really become it. Reba seemed to give him some kind of normalcy. Whatever you'd say that is for him. But Dolarhyde obviously isn't right in the head. I felt bad for Reba because she was lonely and just wanted someone. To feel the way one does to have someone. And her blindness showed her how to look within even if the person is said to be weird. Had Reba had sight, she would've never been drawn to him and she would've picked up on his eeriness right away.
What got me in this hatred for the how we actually treat killers is how Will, Jack, Alana, Chilton, and everyone within the crime investigation world treated Hannibal and Dolarhyde. Their looming curiosity that meant more than just doing their job. Writing their books, having conversations with Hannibal. Hannibal should just be in prison/asylum. He shouldn't be kept around for curiosities sake. Its exactly why Dolarhyde continued to "become". Allowing Hannibal to make phone calls and talk to pretty much whoever he wants. Him sending letters to Will that Jack approved to be sent over because he himself was curious and hopeful Will would come back and put himself at risk again after the life he built for himself. Them wanting to lure out Dolarhyde by basically making fun of him to enrage him in the hope he'd come out to strike again.. They don't even really care about catching criminals anymore. It stopped being about that once the bloodbath took place at Hannibals. It turned into pure curiosity for them. Curiosity being part of their becoming. They all started acting a bit different since that night. Before they reacted to murder like most normal people would. Wanted to find the killer and put them in prison. Now they appear more philosophical about it. Just catching Hannibal wasn't enough. Now it's "I'll let this murderer do some awful thing just so I can stroke my own curiosity". Like they're gliding their feet through the similies of a poem hoping they aren't like Hannibal. I did feel bad for Chilton for the burning, but you can only play with fire for so long before you get burnt yourself. Dealing with killers isn't a game.
The ending felt right for both Will and Hannibal. They were almost deserving of each other. Although I did wish Will could've had his normal life with his wife and son. But I guess at least he died feeling "whole" or like he made the choice he kept putting off for so long. Killing with Hannibal and Becoming.
The end scene with Bedelia really showed why she should've never stuck her hand in such a sizzling not plate. She thought she could play Hannibals game, but it destroyed her psyche more than anything else. Curiosity is what killed the cat and in this case what killed Bedelia as a person. She'll never be the same. It seemed like she was waiting for both Hannibal and Will to come back and masking her reality with more drugs. Like she figured Hannibals plan was to take Will back and they'd have a feast together. Well, now she's missing a leg and she has to eat it too.
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2021.09.22 04:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 04:08 Sl33pProof Ky has just been accepted into the Twitch Partner program!! And it happened live on stream!!

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2021.09.22 04:08 Forward2323 Star Wars Decor

Star Wars Decor submitted by Forward2323 to StarWars [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:08 Turnipuff plz fix this game

The servers are not fixed at all. I and my friends are all having more problems than we had before. please apex devs just take 1 season to fix this game
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2021.09.22 04:08 Fable_Darling Two Hundred And Thirty-Second Night

It's raining tonight. It will probably continue raining for days on end. The rain and the chill will keep me a hermit for quite a while. Well, in some fairness, I've been a hermit for years but the rain condenses my hermitting-space quite a lot.
The election results came in. You can probably guess my location so I won't parrot the results, knowing you could easily look it up. The local election results were not in my candidate's favour but I can't say I'm surprised. I'm not terribly fond of the winning candidate but he has been the representative for some time so I can't be too bitter. All in all, very little has changed and very little will change. I won't call it a waste though; some good can still come from an election even if it mostly maintains the status quo.
I've been working on the Laøsvv to English Dictionary most of the day. I'm up to Three Hundred and Fifty-Five Words or Oruro'ad Sesala-Sesa Øalløa. I still don't have nearly enough words to write these letters entirely in Laøsvv but we're getting there. I'll keep you updated.
Yours & Mine,
S.O. Skinner
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2021.09.22 04:08 Easy_Season Wondering if I have scalp psoriasis?

I have no history of psoriasis and had never had dandruff in my life but in my early 20s in college out of nowhere I started having a dry flaky scalp, which I attributed to just not brushing my hair enough (my natural hair is wavy so if I don’t straighten or curl it it looks better to just not brush it) and then it progressed to getting raised, scab like sores on my head that would be bloody if I picked at them.
I started using head and shoulders shampoo and scalpicin and it went away, and began brushing my hair more regularly but everyone once in a while the flaky dandruff would come back so I would just use head and shoulders until it was under control.
I haven’t had this issue for a while but I recently started med school (aka stress) and out of nowhere I got the dry flaky scales and bad sores/raised scabs. It hasn’t been this bad since it first happened to me in college, and it just recently dawned on me this might not be your run of the mill dandruff.
Just wondering if it’s possible to have no previous history of psoriasis/have it not appear until later in life and only have it on your scalp, or if I’m totally on the wrong track here.
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2021.09.22 04:08 ivooScript I think they finally understand how we feel 🤔

I think they finally understand how we feel 🤔 submitted by ivooScript to gme_meltdown [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:08 The-Williams-Family Day 207 of posting bad memes until the game releases

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2021.09.22 04:08 AnimatorJC Robot Martial Artist

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2021.09.22 04:08 LoginLegend Found some old wallet.dat files made with the original Bitcoin client. Any way to open these without having to download the Blockchain with the same client?

Got some old wallet.dat files. They're probably empty but I would still like to open them just to check if there's anything in them.
Do I need to download the whole Blockchain again with the same client or can I use a more simple/faster way?
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