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Meet Tequila. She is the only one in my family that loves books as much as me, albeit for different reasons. She likes to nap on top of them.

2021.09.22 04:07 rocio_coria Meet Tequila. She is the only one in my family that loves books as much as me, albeit for different reasons. She likes to nap on top of them.

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2021.09.22 04:07 metalder420 Dang, Gorilla Mind channeling their inner Amazon. Ordered this at 2pm today!!

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2021.09.22 04:07 ridisberg DIO fucking dies

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2021.09.22 04:07 EchoOfEternity This dog has definitely stolen my heart.

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2021.09.22 04:07 TheJdmGod101 Ain’t no way. I was brushing my teeth and holding my phone looking at this chart. I put it in my pocket and I pull it back out and see it. Coincidence? Idk. $8.01 ape here. Hope y’all aren’t stressing too much.

Ain’t no way. I was brushing my teeth and holding my phone looking at this chart. I put it in my pocket and I pull it back out and see it. Coincidence? Idk. $8.01 ape here. Hope y’all aren’t stressing too much. submitted by TheJdmGod101 to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:07 VAC_2021 Melbourne Armageddon

How many of you shit yourself this morning? 🤣 I can proudly say nothing can rattle me now! (pun intended)
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2021.09.22 04:07 Lvarnen Need advice to run a special session where the players are monsters

Good evening all,
So Halloween is rolling around in just over a month, and I was hoping to make something of an annual tradition of it with my D&D group that we run a special season around Halloween. We did a mostly improv one last year about chasing the wild hunt when they kidnapped a boy. Now this year, because we're running Curse of Strahd as our main game, which already very much embodies a lot of the halloween vibe and very clearly leans toward horror, I was hoping to capture the more goofy vibe of some Halloween media, and so, I decided to revisit an old idea.
The players get to be the monsters this time. I'd give them a list of season appropriate monsters (probably of a high CR so they have more features to play with), and let them run wild.
Problem is, I only have a general premise, being that a lich has gathered a group of monsters, which are no longer respected since they always get thwarted by adventurers. They go out to raid a city at night during a "totally not Halloween" festival in order to bring back fear to the people and show them who's in charge.
I don't know how I would structure it though. Obviously I'd want there to be an overarching goal other than just "kill and scare the people" but beyond that, I haven't really settled on what to do, this is what I was really hoping to get advice on. Beyond screwing with people, what's going to get a weird ass party of something like a horned devil, loup garou, boneclaw, and mummy lord to work together? (This probably won't be the exact party makeup, I'm just throwing out examples of season appropriate monsters)
And how would I go about creating encounters for this? Obviously the enemies would be mostly humanoid, but how do you balance monster vs npc combat so at least some fights aren't complete curbstomps?
Obviously this is over a month away, but I figured while the idea was fresh I'd get advice on it.
Thank you everyone in advance for your time and assistance!
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2021.09.22 04:07 Slow-Setting-2090 Random disconnect

So I was just laying down and watching TV and my watch just disconnected from my phone. GW4 and S20 Ultra.
Phone is on the table next to me as well. It did reconnect after.
Anyone else have this issue?
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2021.09.22 04:07 Steaknkidney45 GFUEL novice here. Grabbed every flavor I could. How are they?

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2021.09.22 04:07 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 04:07 Erick77w7w7w7w7 Título interesante

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2021.09.22 04:07 LinkFamous TIFU. might have to leave University due to failed exams and my parents dont know

I am sorry in advance, I am not a native english speaker and I am probaby all over the place.
So... Today I fucked up big time.....
For a little backround, my relationship to my dad is rather unhealthy. He gets angry over little things rather quickly and our whole family suffers under it, because no one wants to be the victim of his next tantrum. My parents also argue a lot and in recent years its gotten very bad. Also my dad hates lazyness and always talks down on me for beeing lazy. So much so for my family situation.
I am currently studying at an University and have planned to get my Bachelors degree in the next semester. But there was always this one exam i draged all the way to this semester, and its my physics exam. You got only four attempts to pass an exam or else you get thrown out of the University, and I used up 2 of them in the first semester allready. So I had planed to pass the exam this semester. Turns out I am an idiot and I didnt study enough for my third attempt and I failed it as well. So I took all my energy together and studied like crazy. You see, back in school I was always bad at physics, so this one is especially hard for me. But I pulled through and was better prepared for my exam than ever. And then comes the day of my final attmept. And I think I did a decent job. The exam felt so much more easy to me and over the 2 hours duration of the exam I was very concentratet.
After finihing the exam I thought about how many points I might have gathered. I need 40 points to pass, and in my first calculations I came around 50 points that I reached (I already calculated out some mistakes I made). But as time passed on that number decreased, because I calculated more and more and noticed more little mistakes I made. So over time my estimated number of points dropped closer and closer to 40. So I am kinda freaking out right now. I still have big hopes for passing the exam, but my inner self is giving me panic constantly. I will get the results of the exam in a few ours. So yeah, I am pretty much shitting my pants right now. Because, like I said, I would have to leave University if I failed.
So this far it is kinda bad already. Now let me tell you that no one in my family knows about this. Because I kept them believing, that I already had passed the exam in my first semester. So not only is there a possibility that the last three years of my life (I am currently 21) would be wasted completely, but also I would have to tell my family that I lied to thier faces, and believe me, having to tell my father all of this would absolutely break me. All the past lies I have told would collapse on top of me and I dont even want to think about the concequences. I honestly feel like throwing up while writing this. My biggest fear is very close to coming true: disapointing my family. And thats something I absolutely cant deal with.
I dont know how it could come this far. I never studied much for my exams back in shool. And when I got a bad grade I simply lied about it. I guess I carried this behaviour all the way to University. I know that I am studying for myslef and not for my dad, but I am still at a point in my life where I am still dependend of my parents and I honestly hate it. I even wanted to move out some years ago, but due to some stess with my dad I didnt move out in the end. Because of this and because I am kind of an introvert, I never made friends at University. And I feel so disconnectet to everyone. And in combination with all the online and self studying due to Covid, I over time lost more and more motivation. I know that I am using this just as an outlet for my feelings but it honestly makes me feel a bit better.
So yeah I am fucked.... I am still hoping that I passed the exam though. My chances arent so bad after all. But my hopes get smaller every second because my fear overtakes all my other emotions at the moment. At this point I think that before I even get the chance to look after my grade, a heartattack takes me off this world or something. Talking to one of my friends who is actually studying pysics got me some relief, because I expained to him how I answered all the questions of the exam. And my friend reasured me that my methods were perfectly fine and that I would be good. But like I said, my brain is fucking me up really bad right now.
TLDR: never told my strict dad that I might have to leave University because of an exam I failed over and over again, and I am shitting my pants right now because I might have to tell him soon
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2021.09.22 04:07 NewsElfForEnterprise BRIEF-Iberdrola's Subsidiary Avangrid Agrees With Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners To Reorganize Vineyard Wind's Assets

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2021.09.22 04:07 b1ngp0tt how do u beat a 1v4 what are ur strats

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2021.09.22 04:07 ninja542 Help figuring out producer tag?

I feel like the beginning of this song contains a producer tag that I've heard before, but I don't know whose tag it is. I also don't know what it says.
The song in question
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.22 04:07 WildBedder Did Jordan senior visit Argentina back in the day or was it Boffelli senior that visited New Zealand?

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2021.09.22 04:07 Tripple_Zeta Im buying my 12yr old brother a deathwatch army and could use some help

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2021.09.22 04:07 purehotpinay I prefer anal sex is that OK? #analsex #thaisluts

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2021.09.22 04:07 KingDaze Should I be buying ETH on MetaMask then swapping to Shib or should just do it all on ShibSwap? Or am I screwed on fees either way? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2021.09.22 04:07 thewirdz NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC // Scandinavianz - Atlantis [6 Views]

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2021.09.22 04:07 SonkyJ Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda, no chance for Dog Welder I? HERO or zero! Let AI decide on AI.Decider

Dog Welder I or Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda, what do you think? Comparison: Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda vs Dog Welder I
Round 1: Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda with a bunch of punches to the body and the round ends. Right uppercut from Dog Welder I met by a left hook from Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda. Damn fine fight. Dirty boxing lands for Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda and Dog Welder I tries to pull guard.
Round 2: Dog Welder I wastes no time forcing Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda back into the clinch. Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda tries to kick Dog Welder I off, but Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda is heavy on top. 1-2 from Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda, more body kicks from Dog Welder I. Right cross by Dog Welder I.
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2021.09.22 04:07 JPRedScot War Crime? Biden Admin Finally Admits It Killed an Innocent Afghan Man and His 9 Family Members: Report

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2021.09.22 04:07 pizzatacos1303 Sad

Right now i’m s but i’m panicking bc sometimes when i wake back up i feel n. No one understand how afraid i am to tu. it’s really upsetting bc i can’t explain it to anyone they just tell me that everyone does it and i get that but it doesn’t change the fact that i panic over it.
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2021.09.22 04:07 Far_Elderberry_4407 I've just beaten Mother 2 for the first time and it instantly became my new favorite game of all time.

Recently, I have finished Mother 2 for the first time and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I started playing Mother 2 during mid August with a rom hack called Mother 2 Deluxe which is basically the same as the original Mother 2 but with some improvments such as new items, PSI animations, redrawn enemy sprites, the dialgoue is a more faithful to the Japanese version, etc. I want to share my thoughts on the game and my experience playing it for the first time.
Gameplay- I really enjoyed the battke system of Mother 2 and the unique mechanics it offers to you. I liked the idea of your HP slowly depleting rather than depleting instantly like most RPGS. It gives you a chance to finish off your enemy before it depletes to 0, healing yourself so your HP will go back up, or help out your other party members. The PSI abilities you learn are fun to use especially during bosses where it can test you on how you should use your PSI abilities to gain the upper hand and win the battle. In terms of exploration, I had a really fun time roaming around cities talking to people because of the game's quirky sense of humor. All of the party members are useful in their own unique way.
Ness- He has great offense in terms of physical and PSI attacks and has a huge stat boost compared to other party members.
Paula: While she does have the lowest amount of HP compared to the other party members, she makes up for it with her great PSI offense like PK Freeze Omega, PK Thunder Omega, and PK Fire Omega. While I didn't use her prey ability that much during my playthrough before I reached Giygas, it can come at handy at times when your party is in a tough situation.
Jeff: I thought he was a great party member as well with the broken stuff that you can find in different areas to invent to support your other party members like Defense Shower for example. While his offense is not as good as Ness's, it is still better than Paula's in terms of weapons that you get the more you progress the game
Poo: Since he only has one weapon in the entire game which is the Sword of Kings (one of the most rare items in the game), Poo can do little damage to an enemy physically, but he also makes up for it with the PSI abiities he has in his disposal like PK Starstorm, Refresh, and Brainshock.
Music- The soundtrack in Mother 2 is so beautiful and by far my all time favorite video game soundtrack. There were plenty of tracks in the game that really hits you in the feels like Home Sweet Home, Smiles and Tears, the Eight Melodies, Boy Meets Girl, and the song that plays when you say goodbye to Jeff, Poo, and Paula. The soundtrack also has a lot of great tracks that are upbeat like Porky Means Buisness, Battle Against a Otherwordly Foe, Battle Against a Machine, etc. Definitely my favorite soundtrack on the SNES.
Story: The story in Mother 2 was interesting and it had me on the edge of my seat. From finding a fly from the future that tells you about Giygas's plan, Porky joining the Happy Happyist cult to Porky trying to prevent you from continuing your journey by stealing the helecopter in Fourside, to traveling to the past, Porky was a fantastic secondary villian overall. In the beginning of the game he was an abused by his father and he was led astray by an evil force, then met with the worst fate he could. Imo Porky is my favorite Nintendo villian so far.
Graphics: The graphics in this game is great for 1995 and it really pushes the console to it's limits. The areas that you go to are really well detailed and colorful and the battle backgrounds fit the tone pretty well with the type of enemies that you're facing.
My favorite moment throughout the entire game was entering the Cave to the Past for the first time. I was prepared with the bottle rockets, brain food lunches, and other reviving items that I bought for this fight. My first time fighting Porky was a little difficult with the attacks that he can do along with Giygas who uses all types of PK Rockin on you, but I did use Paula's Shield E to prevent any damage that Giygas to me. When I reached to the second form of Giygas, I honestly got stuck in this form for a few days due to his attacks either instakilling my party members with PK Flash, making my party members feeling strange or nauseous. On September, 17, 2021 was the day that I got a lucky run during the first form where I used Poo's brainshock on Porky, which Porky was feeling strange and used an electric field on himself feeling numb during the entire battle. I was able to do tons of damage on him without taking that much damage from the fight since I used Paula's Shield E a lot during the first part of the fight.
During Giyga's second form, I also had a great run and was able to do enough damage on him without doing much damage to my party. When I finally reached his final form, I used Paula's pray ability to finish Giygas and each cutscene that they show where the characters that you met on your journey are praying for you made me have the biggest smile on my face on how they will support you on taking down the threat at hand. When I was going to pray for the final time Ness collapsed and the only party members left are Paula, Jeff, and Poo, and I was so surprised that they actually put your name in stating that you also prayed for them to finish Giygas off once and for all.
When I defeated Giygas, I felt so achieved and the ending that they give you is so rewarding after all that you have been through. I was emotional during the part where Poo and Jeff said their goodbyes to Ness along with the part where you bring Paula back to her house. It's like when you graduate from school and you have to say goodbye to your friends that you knew and stick by you for so long, but there will come a day that you will see each other again in the future.
Overall, I think Mother 2 is an amazing game and my new favorite game of all time. The game has an amazing story, gameplay, music, a unique battle system, great humor, and this game really made me get into the Mother series and want to play the other installments. I'm currently playing Mother 3 and finished Chapter 1, and so far the story is really interesting so far. I will post my thoughts on Mother 3 after I beat the game along with Mother 1.
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2021.09.22 04:07 cynthia11_63 Are we gonna get a refund?

I mean break iz cool and everything but i paid my hard earned money for 4 weeks not 3. r they gonna refund that week? tanks
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