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What is your favourite hidden gem?

2021.09.22 03:03 tradders What is your favourite hidden gem?

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2021.09.22 03:03 40jnsimaj What da dog doin

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2021.09.22 03:03 animeVGsuperherostar Top 300 strongest Star Wars Legends Characters #21

List 1 Luke Skywalker 2 Darth Sidious 3 Vitiate 4 Revan 5 Yoda 6 Darth Bane 7 Darth Nihilus 8 Darth Caedus 9 Darth Krayt 10 Darth Vader 11 Darth Plagueis 12 Nomi Sunrider 13 Satele Shan 14 Exar Kun 15 Count Dooku 16 Jaina Solo 17 Mara Jade 18 Darth Zannah 19 Mace Windu 20 OutlandeAlliance Commander
View Poll
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2021.09.22 03:03 ShutItJeremy pls add sex to tds

I love this game i love the furry commanders everytime i open this game i see my beautiful furry commander and maid commander holding their walkie talkie and pistol and i think to myself "Oh my god ur so cute i wanna kiss you" so i suggest you the devs to add sex to the game and the ability to have hot epic sex with furry commanded and maid commander 😊😊😊😊😊😊 i also love female railgunner pls add nude version of her with robot boobs shes so pretty i love the female towers in this game devs pls add sex to tds and make minigunner have inflated balls
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2021.09.22 03:03 Due_Crab_3989 Welp walking back home in the cold with my gross Walmart food

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2021.09.22 03:03 upcyclerefinery Nádherný koberec s efektívnym využitím obdĺžnikov a 3D efektu https://t.co/J3bOqRwfEg #Uncategorized #Carpet #Cowhide #HaironHide #Leather #Rug https://t.co/iGCxjyZzzQ

Nádherný koberec s efektívnym využitím obdĺžnikov a 3D efektu https://t.co/J3bOqRwfEg #Uncategorized #Carpet #Cowhide #HaironHide #Leather #Rug https://t.co/iGCxjyZzzQ submitted by upcyclerefinery to cowhidepatchworkrugs [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 03:03 helical_imp Looking for a solid, simple pair of wireless earbuds for everyday use

Budget - No more than $200 USD. Hard to see anything more than that really being worth it given my requirements.
Source - Android phone
How the gear will be used - Mainly doing chores around the house. Might be used while running outside.
Preferred music genre(s) - Podcasts and audiobooks.
I don't need any kind of noise cancelling or a microphone. I really just want to be able to easily pop in one or both earbuds and listen to my audiobooks without having to deal with a cable, but I also don't want something dirt cheap that's going to sound like complete garbage and break within a month. Good battery life and some simple built-in controls would be great too.
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2021.09.22 03:03 kayla-_ Found this in my bag of Welch's fruit snacks :/

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2021.09.22 03:03 _tschmidty2798 Madden 22 Xbox Series XS next Gen League

Come join our madden 22 Xbox Series XS next Gen League Waitlist league. 48 hour Advance, Strict Sim League. League will run for 10 seasons. Strict no cheese rules. We have tournaments open to everyone in the league and on the waitlist. Waitlist members can see streams and league news. The server is filled with sports news, gaming news and more. We are a gaming sever with a madden league built in. We also stream, games, fights and other events. Come join the fun! Madden drinking tournament soon!!
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2021.09.22 03:03 J1NX-P1NK To the people who have a penis, What's your "I almost/did broke my dick" story?

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2021.09.22 03:03 HaileyLynn337 Question about the punk’d episode Ellen was on

So I recently watched the episode of punk’d that Ellen was on and I’m confused, like she got mad at Chris for giving the waitress a $200 tip and they gave her an attitude cuz it was supposed to be 20? Wtf, and this was after the waitress personally thanked her and mentioned that without it she wouldn’t be able to travel to see her family and Ellen was still all pissed about it, (I’m aware the point of the show is to get the person fired up) but that wasn’t even something she should’ve been effected by, even back then she was making a lot of money so what harm did it do her to help someone struggling? Prank or not she still reacted very entitled and disrespectfully. Even if I only had $10 in my pocket if someone needed it more than me I’d gladly give it to them, celebrities money hungry attitude just really irritates me and I honestly didn’t think Ellen was that kind of person so I guess it’s just disappointing. also if y’all want to come at me and say I’m being judgmental etc you might as well just keep scrolling cuz i’m not forcing anyone to agree with me and I’m not going to argue.
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2021.09.22 03:03 devtesla2 do you remember?

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2021.09.22 03:03 MasterKogha1 How come Trump has(d) so little substance between the lines?

He would often say the right things that the 'America' crowd wanted to hear and once in a while do a half hearted effort thru crappy executive orders that it was obvious the next jerk would overturn.
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2021.09.22 03:03 7BlueWhales ATER 20$ call 10/15 '21 seems to be GME 20$ call 1/15 '20 - A big CUP with GAINS? Is ATER gonna see new 52 week high? ATER 150$+ in a super short squeeze play?

ATER 20$ call 10/15 '21 seems to be GME 20$ call 1/15 '20 - A big CUP with GAINS? Is ATER gonna see new 52 week high? ATER 150$+ in a super short squeeze play? submitted by 7BlueWhales to OptionsMillionaire [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 03:03 BoMka2 Wednesday less go

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2021.09.22 03:03 frankpsy84 Looking to get back into IT, is it worth it? Don't want to continue paying dues anymore.

A couple of years ago after having a long-extended help desk contract end, I decided to go back home and work for my dad's property management / real estate company, something which I'm looking to get out of. Being a realtor is not a good fit for me and my father is definitely the most difficult person I've worked under. Part of the reason why I decided to try it out was due to being stuck in tech support / help desk positions for long periods of time that didn't have much advancement opportunities. I had hoped for something better in the beginning but things didn't work out.
My career had started during the great recession and after my first help desk position evaporated along with the company itself, I got stuck working for a crappy BPO supporting customers of a popular server line that shall go unnamed (lots of hard drives and RAID controllers and Windows Server reinstalls.) After getting fired from there, I was able to get a contract help desk position that paid 50% more where I got treated like an adult, providing support for pharma reps but advancement was limited there since the rest of its IT was in another state. They liked me and had extended the contract up to four years but of course that did not last forever.
So I have a degree in MIS and have a lot of personal experience besides the usual help desk / server hardware support areas, I've set up Linux boxes and ran a LAMP stack with my own software and databases, wrote code in .NET, C++ and Python, and I have some electronics repair experience as well, and I'm wondering how difficult/easy it would be to get a non-helpdesk / not-exactly-entry-level IT position given the current market. Historically I haven't done well with interviews and got dissuaded during the early years after several disappointments, but I do wonder how it would be now. What would probably be the best thing to look into now? Also, I'm based out of central FL, would it be better if I moved elsewhere? I'm open to much bigger changes these days.
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2021.09.22 03:03 MRVIKM Helping make a team so you don't buy horrible axies

Hey all. I've created this post to make sure you don't make the same mistakes I have made and a lot of others of buying horrible axies for their first team. Message or comment on this post for any advice!! Let me know your budget and I can help create a team
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2021.09.22 03:03 chrisleeyung Fanny facts

Dear Player,
We Moonton workers have no idea on how to play Fanny (equip execute) so we decided to nerf this hero before we remove it, because even if JessNoLimit will complain and we lose half the fanbase we don't give a shit.
Base attributes
Energy regen: 3 - - > -2 (Loses 2 energy per second)
Spell Vamp: 0 - - > -60% (Loses HP). Spell vamp can not be increased and every 1% extra spell vamp will be converted to 0.2% Magic penetration
Max energy: 100 - - > 80
Skill 1: Energy cost 18 - - > 105
Fixed an issue that caused this skill to be triggered while casting Skill 2 and hitting enemies.
Skill 1 can no longer be cast using skill 2
Skill 2: Energy cost 17-9 - - > 118
If Fanny does not successfully throw another cable in 0.25s, she will automatically be stopped and be stunned on the spot for 4.5s.
Skill 3: Ultimate can no longer be cast on any target.
Update: Odette immobilisation time has been reduced by 2.5 seconds. Stay tuned for her next '' '' 'adjustment!' '' ''
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2021.09.22 03:03 CorrectDig1592 Controller only works on start up menu, games have no controller input.

Controller works in menu, but games do nit recognize controller inputs. I can't start or even join games from menus.
Was playing destiny 2, random glitch occurred when could not ads. Left match kept happening, restarted game, same, restarted system, same.
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2021.09.22 03:03 flyQuixote So shiny!

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2021.09.22 03:03 UCCMaster {UQ Holder}

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2021.09.22 03:03 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 03:03 abdulzabbarkhan Job interviews

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2021.09.22 03:03 WorldNewsinPictures A Magnitude Six ##Earthquake Has Rattled Melbourne And Regional Victoria. This is The Moment When News Breakfast Presenters Mjrowland68 And Tonaaayy_ Were Rocked by it.

A magnitude six ##Earthquake has rattled Melbourne and regional Victoria. This is the moment when News Breakfast presenters mjrowland68 and Tonaaayy_ were rocked by it. Such a great example of flight or freeze. In an earthquake you want to be the flighter!... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/earthquake
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2021.09.22 03:03 outsidelandowner where can i get an instant covid home testing kit in san francisco? thank you!!

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