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Insecure about dating a resident

2021.09.22 02:27 RationalOverRage Insecure about dating a resident

I just started seeing someone who is doing their residency right now in prestigious field of medicine. Everything is really really great, except… I have suddenly been flooded with insecurity about not being a doctor. I went to a good university and did well in school, but I chose a profession that is not prestigious nor does it make a ton of money. She… was a straight As, early acceptance into med, type.
When I hang out with this girl and all her med school/residency friends, I get incredibly intimidated. I wonder if they are judging me for not having as prestigious a career as them or the fact I won’t make nearly as much money. It also doesn’t help that they talk so much about their work and have yet to ask me one question about what I do. I never too worried about what others thought of me until now. Now I constantly find myself doing internal comparison in my head about whether I am as smart as this girl or if I have achieved as much (desperately avoiding the answer of “No” to both).
I have been ruminating about this to the point where I have even started looking into applying to Med Schools (despite not having a science background). Suddenly I like “the idea” of being a doctor and can’t stop thinking about whether I should apply… or whether I’d even get in… or whether I’ll always feel second fiddle to my partner.
Does anyone else of experience with this? Any suggestions on how I should handle this ? Thoughts in general ?
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2021.09.22 02:27 tyurch94 Putting ninja wheels on the dlx!!

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2021.09.22 02:27 xinwarrior Tools for chain slack

Hello everyone, the other day I was bathing my little bike and noticed the chain seems to have quite a bit of slack.
So I've been wondering to do it myself. However I'm a bit new to this.
Any recommendations on How to do it or tools for the job?
I can see loads of videos and it seems pretty straight forward it would like to hear some advice from the community
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2021.09.22 02:27 Discordant_Rhyme Too soon?

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2021.09.22 02:27 GiraffeDesigner7358 Satisfying Hydraulic Press Vid

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2021.09.22 02:27 Gullible_Tip_8960 One of the minor bugs of the update lol the bar doesn't match the percentage lol

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2021.09.22 02:27 Rich-Fix-841 Dominant Company

65+ member discord! Syndicate NA East Comment or message me for details!
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2021.09.22 02:27 saluteursharts Senior Lady’s blop of the day!

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2021.09.22 02:27 robbie111305 Best way to end the night. 🍁🔥💨

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2021.09.22 02:27 transnationalism Are these intrusive thoughts?

Sometimes I’d have these really really violent and disturbing images and thoughts that randomly pop in my head and I’ve had these ever since I was really young I think but I never knew what to call them. So for example, sometimes I’d imagine my friends and parents getting stabbed or beaten to death or some other disturbing cause of death. Or sometimes I’d randomly have a really bad intrusive thought of me beating my parents or friends to death and it really disturbs me because I don’t want to do any of those irl but the thoughts just randomly pop up in my head
Do these sound like intrusive thoughts or do I have a psychological problem ?
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2021.09.22 02:27 RicoSuaveInvest Brilliant Earth IPO! The IPO Nerd Ep. 292

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2021.09.22 02:27 Lucky678s To everyone talking about Kanoh v Kuroki rematch. Just a friendly reminder : Our Beard God himself has also been training these past 2 years as well.

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2021.09.22 02:27 HarryRichard2069 Orla

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2021.09.22 02:27 moyno85 I’m confused. Why aren’t the tradies protesting this?

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2021.09.22 02:27 HubyTuby Yes please BitLife team, so many people would pay for this

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2021.09.22 02:27 Asleep-Strawberry716 my mom deleted all her text messages from me on her iPhone

my mom (51) was trying to delete a bunch of pictures that I had mass sent to her from an event we went to after she had saved them to her camera roll. Somehow, she accidentally deleted our entire conversation. She asked me for advice, and I told her that there was some sort of iCloud thing that I had heard of but knew nothing about. I then showed her how to properly delete only one text message, and reassured her that all of our text messages were still on my phone. Neither me nor her or sure if she has iCloud back up. She has an iPhone X if that helps. Does anyone know how I can help my mom get her text messages back?
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2021.09.22 02:27 Fortnitrluvr I’m trying to make a hello neighbor alpha 2 map

For anyone that’s played hello neighbor, the part where you throw a rock at the crow at the start so that it’ll drop the key to let you in the house? Does anyone know how to replicate that in fortnite creative?
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2021.09.22 02:27 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 02:27 DojaCatsTinyChat Everybody talking about who they taking to Hoco and the after parties

And I'm just over here with no life. Literally no female friends. Literally no real friends at all really.
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2021.09.22 02:27 Omboreas WSJ #43 TOC ranking

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2021.09.22 02:27 nicduns Loop Library Shuffling

When I open the untagged loops library, each time I click on a sample the list reorganizes and I lose track of which samples I've listened to. It is super annoying when I'm trying to pick one for a project.
Any ideas how to fix it?
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2021.09.22 02:27 random_numb 2.393715169

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2021.09.22 02:27 multiroleplays Need CAT nominations to be able to run for NAIT Senate

My name is Fraser Sockett and I am seeking to be nominated to run in the Naitsa Senate Election. One of the requirements is to get the signature of ten students in my electoral zone (CAT building, zone 4), as with the new covid restrictions and all the JR SHAW School of Business classes being moved online for the next two weeks, it is going to make talking to people in person hard. I am asking for you:
1) Go to https://elections.naitsa.ca/
2) Fill out the form using my name as the nominee: Fraser Sockett
3) Finish filling it out with your info, and click submit
I am not asking you to blindly nominate me, I will tell you a little about me and my experience. I went to Nait 15 years ago for Baking, and then Culinary Arts, I have been working in kitchens for the past 15 years. With Covid hitting society it made me think about my life and career, I decided to switch careers and go back to Nait, this time pursuing accounting, as a mature student it’s exciting and scary at the same time. Since the last time I have been at Nait, I learned quite a few things in my life experience, dealing with tough people that will help me do a better job at serving the students at Nait. I am also a current serving member on my Condo Board as the Treasurer, and that experience will help me serve the students of Nait.
If I get the number of signatures needed, as well as get elected to the Senate. I plan to act with honesty and integrity, I will hold the executive council members accountable to the actions they do by asking them questions about the budget and do make sure they are keeping the student’s interest in mind. I will be open and honest with people who seek me out, as well as try to engage with conversations with people in between classes.
Thank You,
Fraser Sockett
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2021.09.22 02:27 Avriw [WP] A detective decides to look over an old serial killer case. While looking over the files, he soon realises that one of the murders is slightly different from the others and may not have been committed by the convicted serial killer.

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2021.09.22 02:27 Regal_bones Pale Pink Pikmin [OC]

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