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Hey, I'm the founder of the team

2021.09.22 04:23 ProjectedNoahhh Hey, I'm the founder of the team

If you wanna join the team hmu on my Xbox @NojyBojy
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2021.09.22 04:23 NurseSexKitten Green water bird, Illinois. Description in comments.

In Illinois about 30 miles west of Chicago. Along the water near a small river and pond in a wooded area. Had the shape and look of a heron, long legs, long neck. Head and neck were a deep green. Smaller, maybe 12-18" tall. I do not think it was a green heron, the coloring pattern did not match and it was too slender. Thanks!!
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2021.09.22 04:23 slumptdoe Cat Character

There’s this cat character on split gate I’ve been trying to get but I don’t know how and I don’t see it anywhere I wonder if it’s a exclusive character or what ? Does any one know how ?
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2021.09.22 04:23 Active-Ad-233 Deep brain stimulation (DBS) for relieving Parkinson's. This technology is helping millions of people with the disease to properly eat.

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2021.09.22 04:23 Generic_Mystic An Inconsistency with Incompatibility

Alright so with Chapter 2 out and done, we get some stuff answered... while also having so much stuff either gone unanswered or bred into even more questions without answers. Here is one such thought that not many will think about.
Ralsei said that Darkeners that are not in the world they are from will turn to stone. Of course everyone talks about the glaring contradiction that is there, but I am more curious on the others.
Lancer turns to a faded blue after appearing out of the pocket of Kris and moving for a bit, until entirely turning to stone. That would be cool and all, until we see that Rouxls Kaard is perfectly fine while having roamed around the world doing whatever the heck he pleases. It is only until after you beat him in his game that he turns to stone, but even then it did not include this head and he did not have the same faded appearance or even weakening of strength. Weird, right?
Well, it gets more unusual when (spoiler note in spoil post)
In the Weird Route, by the time we get to the Queen's Mansion, Rouxls is already ENTIRELY stone. It can be assumed that the same amount of time would have passed in both routes, given that by the time you reach the entrance to the mansion, Ralsei and Susie had just gotten there. So... Why is it so different?
At this point, either there is some shenanigans going on, this petrification works differently on different individuals (which is a whole can of worms itself), or Toby has an actual plot hole in the game, and I have enough faith in the man to think it's one of the first two.
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2021.09.22 04:23 Jesburger App not syncing weight from Google Fit every day

I weigh myself multiple times a day with my Withings scale which syncs with Google Fit. For always has up to date information and looks to be working fine. In Macro Factor 3/4 days a week it says no data for that day. On a couple of days I forgot to weigh myself it does send a weight so seems to be random.
Also, how does MF handle multiple weigh ins for same day? Does it average or does it pick one?
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2021.09.22 04:23 Lakinther this kid is already in my first team squad and fkn insane

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2021.09.22 04:23 Asleep_Heat Since I fits, I sits

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2021.09.22 04:23 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 04:23 TheWeirdLlama-101 i need someone to tell me my ideas are crazy

i have these ideas in my head im to embarrassed to tell my parents so i just need someone who i’ll probably never talk to again to talk some sense into me
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2021.09.22 04:23 A-rip-threw-time Its STILL Happening.. Mystery Booms Update !

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2021.09.22 04:23 luau_ow Shanghai cursed DPS lineup

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2021.09.22 04:23 New_Appointment4227 🔰 Rhino Coin Bsc 🔰 Just Stealth Launched 🔰 Low Mcap 1.5 BNB

🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰

Rhino Coin Bsc (RhinoCBSC/BNB)
5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH


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💥 Deeplock: Lock 60 days

TOKEN RhinoCBSC is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.


💥 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply: 1.000.000
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

💥 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.09.22 04:23 TonyClifton323 Julian's rave yard

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2021.09.22 04:23 slytherin_idiot Honest reviews of University Heights on Sorority Row?

Anyone who can provide honest reviews about University Heights Apartments (the ones next to Norman Hall on Sorority Row)?
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2021.09.22 04:23 Mikehale444 Thought this might amuse my fellow rockhounds

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2021.09.22 04:23 NewsElfForEnterprise Take a look at the record-breaking port congestion from 10,000 feet above, as 70 hulking cargo ships park off the LA coast

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2021.09.22 04:23 Cheerioh_ Patiently waiting

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2021.09.22 04:23 Goncholotr Books like Game of thrones?

I don't mean necessarily a fantasy book like song of ice and fire, more like a book with lot of shocking moments when you don't know what's going to happen next, if a character is going to die or the bad guy is going to win, etc. So I'm looking for something like that, I love science fiction and fantasy. Also I prefer an easy to read book
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2021.09.22 04:23 West-Fox-1101 (HIRING) NoPixel Hentai

Looking for people to draw some characters with cum on their faces budget is around 30$ would appreciate someone who can do it quickly dm on twitter https://twitter.com/Jdanny28?s=09
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2021.09.22 04:23 Digitallifeworks WHY Does Chinese Economic Issues Effect The Crypto Market? Well... It's OUR FAULT...

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2021.09.22 04:23 Rellearium Are humans liquids or are we solids?

View Poll
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2021.09.22 04:23 JSWatier Hello everybody, Almost 2 months ago, we decided to leave everything behind and make one of our dreams come true, which is to move to Costa Rica! Here is a video of our arrival in Samara

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2021.09.22 04:23 Plz_share_yur_wisdom I (40M) met my GF (31F) on seeking.com with no expectations of LTR. Now, a year and a half later, I feel we need to have an honest conversation regarding boundaries with exes since we have been exclusive and long ago dissolved the "arrangement". Do I have a right to do this now?

Thank you in advance for any feedback. It will be greatly appreciated.
As the title states, I met my GF through seeking.com. This is relevant because it set the framework for expectations in our relationship. In short, their were no expectations of exclusivity, no discussions about what we think the structure of an LTR should look like, no compatibility testing, etc. As you may know, seeking is a site were expectations exist with regards to the transactional nature of dating. The site matches individuals who, in general, have a great disparity in income levels. I ventured to this site after years (8 actually) of celibacy and utter desperation for female emotional attention. FWIW, I have never been married, have no kids and have only been in 2 serious relationships my whole life, the most significant of which was characterized by repeated cheating by my then partner.
Now, if you are unfamiliar with the typical male experience in the online dating world, let me just inform you that garnering even a RESPONSE can be, um, challenging at times. I tried with minimal success off and on with various "strategies". I don't use the word "strategies" to imply that I was disingenuous, just that I would vary the rhythm and style in the hopes of more encouraging results. Ultimately, I explored the seeking.com site as a "fuck it" pursuit.
My experience on seeking was night and day different from the response on typical dating sites. People respond to your messages. They may even initiate contact FIRST. This was a welcome change and one I was taken aback by. The ultimate difference was made obvious when messaging the same girls with profiles on seeking.com and traditional dating sites; I would get enthusiastic responses on seeking and ghosted on other sites from the exact same girls...so disheartening.
At any rate, we started talking. Note, no pictures exchanged initially for either of us. Things went smoothly and we both seemed to enjoy ourselves. She was not new to seeking and had been in "arrangements" before, so I kinda took queues from her. Ultimately we met up and began seeing each other on the regular rather quickly. At this point no transactions had taken place.
My head space was the following: I just wanted to meet someone and get attention. Specifically, female attention. I was desperate for this and would take it in any form and at any price. I felt pretty pathetic about this need, just to be clear. So, we had 3 dates before anything physical beyond a simple hug. We were naked with each other on the 4th, but no sex. Right around this time is when we stopped any notion of compensation for time/dates. To this point, I had contributed to her educational pursuits with only approximately $1500. She was the one who initiated cessation of the arrangement.
From my prospective, this was the setup for future problems. I mean, we never discussed our feelings on exes, and she was very close to her most recent exe. How close? Despite living 500 miles away and officially breaking up 1 year prior, they continued to adopt animals AFTER breaking up. 9 in total. They continued financial support for each other including paying cell phone bills, Netflix/HBO/Hulu/Disney and buying ski equipment for months after my GF and I had been exclusive. Also, if she wanted drugs (light recreational only) he would help with that. They apparently have some type of shared credit card debt together that they would both contributed to. To my surprise, she made the exe aware of the arrangement we had made on seeking.com and even notified him when she stopped accepting money because, "it affected him too".
Now, a little more prospective on this girl. First, I have great love for her and she is a good person. Next, she has been severely traumatized by a terrible mother, father absent until 1 year before his death (she was 27, I think), sexual abuse from a step father, and, per her account, an emotionally abusive husband in her early 20's. Despite all of this, she has made it to grad school and is doing everything to survive and thrive. I am actually proud of her for this. She does therapy and is trying to redirect her highly anxious attachment style into something more conducive for a long term relationship.
So why not accept the unconventional way that we met and just move on? Well, the exes. 6-7 calls per day by one while she was living with me. He would call after I went to work each morning, I learned, after I demanded to see her phone. When I calmly (yes, initially calm) asked her to know what they talked and texted about so much she said, "the animals" and "I can't remember." She clearly relied on another exe who lives thousands of miles away for advice about caauto problems even when I was literally the one paying for repairs and usually doing those repairs for her. I felt this was wildly disrespectful and was hurt she would do this. I later learned that they were offering/teasing about sexual exchanges in the early stages of our relationship. Like all relationships though, this is only what I know about.
Things kind of came to a head in December of 2020 (recall, we had met in May of 2020). I told her I did not think it was appropriate to have "financial entanglements" with exes, referring to her exe paying her cell phone bill and buying her ski equipment despite the two of them being broken up for over 1 year. She fought me on this, but ultimately conceded to get her own cell plan and I bought her skis. As my GF I gave her more than enough money to pay for YEARS of cell phone bills. This was only a short term relationship progress, because she IMMEDIATELY (3 days I think) violated this agreement by setting him up with her Disney+ account to use within days of our conversation.
Now a third exe appears. This one is unstable and had threatened my life before. I understand that she is not in control of what he says and does, but after 6 months of dating she should have given him the clear message she is with me, right? Well, he was texting and calling repeatedly while we were on vacation in the general geographic area that he lives in, which tells me he somehow knew where we were. At this point (December 2020) I knew the code for her phone, so when she was getting repeated messages from him I checked the texts while she was in the shower. He said some shit about still loving her and always there for her and will never stop loving or something. After she got out of the shower I asked her what this guy was texting about. She stonewalled me. I said, "well just let me see". She deflected. I thought to myself, I know what I need to and reconciled in my head to start the breakup after we got home. Well, she came back later that night and was willing to let me see her phone, except all of the text messages had been deleted from him... She was attempting to rewrite history by fabricating evidence when, in reality, I would have been willing to work on this problem with her. I felt betrayed and vowed to myself to breakup.
This is the part I need help on. It is now September 2021 and all I know is that she is still in contact with most or all of these exes. The last 2 months have been great from a relationship prospective and she wants to move back in with me. The problem is she is bringing with her all of the animals she co-parents with her exe. Despite loving all of the animals, I have taken a stand that I will not have pets that are not mine or hers in my home. I know this will force the issue of dealing with her exes. She will likely call me uncaring and obsessed with the past and "hurt" by my prior girlfriend because she cheated on me.
I have gone the whole spectrum of what to do about this situation. I have considered demanding an open phone policy. I have considered demanding to see her cell phone records to verify what is meant by, "we hardly talk." I have considered telling her she can only talk to her exes on the phone when I am in the same room (if you can't say it in front of me, maybe you shouldn't say it), but not necessarily on speaker phone or anything like that. At this point, I think the only way to end my constant anxiety is to end the relationship. FWIW, I am in therapy for these issues. My therapist has encouraged me to set reasonable boundaries with my partner and verify they are being honored. Our couples therapist recommended she stop talking to her exes for 28 days, which she refused to do.
So, WTF? Am I "hurt" from prior relationships and can't form trusting relationships? I will listen to both suggestions and criticism. Thank you again.
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2021.09.22 04:23 karloodlenoodle Meet Chimichanga in her costume which she destroyed not 5 minutes after putting it on lol

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