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Bill Maher (9/17/21) S19Ep27

2021.09.22 02:40 arseofthegoat Bill Maher (9/17/21) S19Ep27

So he compared snitches to punks, and I just watched the episode now so kinda late, but I take offense to that PUNKS are the farthest you can get from snitches. Bill Maher I want you to quit your great fucking show and I would also like a hand written apology from HBO and free cable for the rest of my life for bringing this injustice to light, and 10 grand cause of the emotional suffering I will face by not being able to watch Real Time with Bill Maher anymore.
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2021.09.22 02:40 Barbara_kitty Waiting to be pampered

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2021.09.22 02:40 Spycii Do “easy” and “less stressful” jobs generally mean they pay much less?

The company that doesn’t have 5 rounds of technical interviews, or PIPing people into existence. Is it possible to find a lower stress, good work life balance job that offers a decent wage (I’m in the Midwest so maybe 80k+)?
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2021.09.22 02:40 Lokael Tifu by encouraging a slow friend to see a sex worker and got him practically disowned.

Ok so this didn't happen today but recently. My friend is a bit slow. I don't mean that to insult him. He's nice but genuinely slow. He also has fairly bad tourettes and is autistic so he will only talk about Nintendo. I'm not kidding. He just always brings conversations back to Nintendo. He's a 30 year old virgin. His parents control his bank access because he's not to be trusted with it fully. He signed up for every paid dating service you can think of, Tinder gold, bumble if it had a paid one, and a lot of less legitimate apps that are scams. I told him if he wants to see a sex worker there's really no shame in it. It's legal in my country. The way I see it, the money will actually go to getting a date right? I told him what I learned from my sw friends on how to be respectful so I passed along the tips. Well. A few days to by and he says wants to see a girl and he's going. He says he should tell his dad.
"What? No. Don't tell your dad or mom. Please don't tell them. This isn't something you tell your parents."
"I know them better than you. They won't be mad. I just texted my dad. It will be fine."
He then follows up with "well my dad is pissed at me and doesn't want anything to do with me and he went and called my mom and she's mad at me too." He promised them he would not do it but actually spent his entire savings on seeing a girl all summer and now his mom won't give him access to his bank because he got caught. So yeah I mean he chose it but he got the idea from me and I should have known he wasn't...mature enough? To handle it.
Tldr I suggested a slow friend see an escort because he kept getting scammed now he lost his savings and his dad disowned him.
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2021.09.22 02:40 JimmyBags2 never let a crisis go to waste

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2021.09.22 02:40 Gabrieldanon_ Reepostando... esse é bom

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2021.09.22 02:40 highonfortnite WSIB if i like fast paced, “feeling like a god” open world games?

My absolute favorite games of all time are Ghost of Tsushima, Spider Man PS4, and every Assassin’s Creed game before Odyssey. I love the feeling that my character is much more skilled and just stronger than other enemies. I love open world games as well so if there’s any that go hand in hand that would be great.
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2021.09.22 02:40 Count_faxula How psychologically accurate does historical fiction need to be?

I started a branching narrative project recently, and wanted to place my story in a group of agricultural tribe clusters on the cusp of civilization, either in ancient Mesoamerica or ancient Mesopotamia. I would like the story to be fairly historically accurate, and have been reading various texts to try and get a good grasp on what the worldbuilding should look like.
How important do you think it is that I write the characters with as close a degree of psychological realism as possible? Obviously you have to give them voices that sound accurate, and push them into historically appropriate plot conflicts, but should there also be hard limits on their psychological makeups? To what extent is it necessary that I bound the characters to my best understanding of what types of personality dispositions those ancient cultures would have permitted / encouraged?
A lot of my reading background is western canon type stuff, and I don't know if you can just take, say, a King Lear knockoff, or a Schopenhauer-y witticism about morality, and anachronistically hot-wire them three thousand years into the past without raising any eyebrows. Is the alternative to just "magical realism" the story until it's opaque enough to sweep the cultural appropriation away?
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2021.09.22 02:40 GenericMantraHere The Rockscale Warren: Lair for Some Kind of Monstrous Race

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2021.09.22 02:40 junieteajones West Virginian parents and all parents need to get by and this man is trying to block that from happening

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2021.09.22 02:40 Psychological_Fly591 Umm excuse me wtf?

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2021.09.22 02:40 Biomechanic-Oxidor What is the one piece of advice you would give to anyone?

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2021.09.22 02:40 Bleau98 McKamey Manor | The Full Story and Origin Explained!

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2021.09.22 02:40 sclop123 BUSINESS IS BOOMING

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2021.09.22 02:40 Harkonis Is the NW Soundtrack stream friendly?

Am I going to get strikes for having the music on while playing? I see they released the soundtrack and love the music but it gave me the thought that since it's 'real' music from known composers, will it get strikes and dings?
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2021.09.22 02:40 DoubleTripleVision [Serious] What tore apart your family?

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2021.09.22 02:40 harpyfemme staffing

does anyone hate the absolute skeleton staffing at this company. Like there was about 3 times this morning that I ran into a really awkward and embarrassing situation because there was simply not enough people, there was only me, one pet care associate (bless her soul) and my SL, and my SL was on a conference call. And I don’t blame my SL because I know they have no control about the hours that the store is given. But I happen to need my SL’s key for a refund and they are in the back with the pallet guy in receiving and I radio for it but they’re busy and this lady is standing here for 5+ minutes while I try to get my SL’s key and the line is slowly building behind us until I have to just take the rest of the customers, but I could tell this lady was getting upset with me because she couldn’t do something as simple as return something at this store. And normally I don’t care what customers think but I understand how it would be annoying, but it’s so cringeworthy and humiliating to me because it’s literally not my fault at all but I can tell they’re getting upset and all they’ll do is just stand there and stare at you. It always just really feels like we could use one extra person and like we’re always one disaster away from the store not being able to function, even all of us being busy at the same time throws the flow massively out of whack and creates unnecessary situations.
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2021.09.22 02:40 litllerobert Please, read it

Everyone:Wow, I am so excyted with this update!!
Me whose game crashes after loading until 99%:YOU R SO DAMN RIGHT!!! I AM ENJOYING IT TO MY HEART'S CONTENT!!🤩🤩🤩🤩
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2021.09.22 02:40 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 02:40 LocationEfficient246 It got rejected ..what should I do please

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2021.09.22 02:40 Conscious_Aerie_3172 https://www.reddit.com/r/TeeGrizzely/comments/pswlsf/episode_192_dropping_all_top_shooters_from_every/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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2021.09.22 02:40 GroundbreakingSky710 Nuka cola anonymous

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2021.09.22 02:40 jamjacob99 The Parable of the Onion in The Brothers Karamazov

There is a short, yet beautiful piece of dialogue in TBK where a character re-tells a religious story about the redemption of a woman. I'm in the midst of Dr. Peterson's Biblical Series and his thinking had a profound affect on how I read the story. I'm curious if Dr. Peterson has spoken about it in any lectures, and if anyone here has any thoughts about it. Thanks!
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2021.09.22 02:40 iamhercul When does console get the new character .

So when‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­does console gather the newest character? Think its the captain?
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2021.09.22 02:40 throawy2019 I’m afraid of losing my girlfriend.

Me and my girlfriend are going through a rough patch right now. As of about 30 minutes ago we’ve officially gone on a bit of a break, and that’s 100% my fault.
She called the break over Facetime, she was in tears and clearly didn’t want to, or she’s been hiding the fact that she’s a good actor. Jokes aside, I really messed up.
I ended up having a panic attack at her house tonight, and I accidentally pushed all my stress on her. I can’t believe I could’ve messed up this bad, I promised everyone I wouldn’t ever do this, not even on accident, and I did. I’m just so sick of myself, and I almost threw away the girl of my dreams.
She’s everything I could ever ask for plus more, and I’ve never been happier with someone, but tonight proved to be the worst night we’ve ever had. We didn’t fight, but as I mentioned before I had a very major panic attack, and I stressed her out.
She said our break is for the best, and while I see that, I don’t know if I can agree. I’ve apologized like 50 times before she said we should go on a break, and she’s insistent on the fact she loves me, which I do the same.
I’m afraid I’m gonna end up making this even worse, what should/can I do to salvage this relationship? Thank you.
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