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Me (27m) and my girlfriend (26f) are having a pretty bad conversation about the state of our relationship.

2021.09.22 03:14 UnhappySchedule7882 Me (27m) and my girlfriend (26f) are having a pretty bad conversation about the state of our relationship.

I (27m) have been dating my girlfriend (26f) for 3 years and it has been pleasant for the most part. Aside from some serious conversations about changing our behavior toward each other, that mostly held each other to an we both worked hard to change for each other. I live at home with my parents and she lives with roommates its been like that for the majority of our relationship. Everyday for until like 2 months ago my girlfriend called me after she got off work. Sometimes I wouldn't answer but I tried to hear about her day regardless. Sometimes when we called each other our phones would mismatch the call reception and it would seem like I was talking over her. Which pissed her off cause I do have habit of doing that sometimes. It also made her sound robot on my end and that would tick me off. So we've kinda fell out of calling each other every day. Unfortunately, about a year and a half ago my mother(71f) was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Recently her situation has taken a turn for the worse and its not looking good. My father and I have been taking care of her pretty profusely. I had to give up my job opportunity and my ability to move out and start a life with my girlfriend. Which I have told her about. In addition, my girlfriend had a pretty bad day at work the other day having to perform pretty gruesome procedures on some animals in a clinic. She's been cold (hasn't been texting me or calling me) to me ever since and I finally asked her in a text, which ill copy/paste word for word///
Me: I hope you are doing better today. I know you have stuff to work through but it feels like you’re avoiding me for some reason.
Gf: Avoiding isn’t the correct word but I know what you mean. I just feel like I’m growing apart from you. The stuff we each dealing with isn’t something either of us seems willing to go through together and I know on my end I don’t trust you to be there for me with my shit. I still don’t trust you after you told me I shed crocodile tears. I’ve tried to get over that but I can’t. You’ve yet to demonstrate that you can tell the difference and what i’m dealing with takes too much precedents to also tact on the doubt I have about you while doing it. Going at it alone is better. For me at least
Me: I’ve worked on that despite what you believe. Also, you haven’t cried in front of me for some time and I haven’t been given the opportunity to demonstrate that I know the difference.
Gf: I haven’t cried in front of you because it doesn’t feel safe to do so. I’m always paranoid you think I want something. You broke that trust. You don’t get to see my tears.
Me: That’s trauma from my mom that I have worked on. Im sorry I put that on you, it wasn’t fair but if I didnt say it out loud I couldn’t grow from it. I tried going to therapy for it but it felt better opening up to you about that. Someone I felt really insecure about opening that line of dialogue with rather than a therapist who despite being paid to see I didn’t feel comfortable around.
Gf: That’s fair but at the cost of making me uncomfortable around you. I’m not sure I’ll ever let that go. There was a way to attribute the reaction to your experiences with your mother without hurting me in the process. I was wailing about feeling physically unsafe around you and you had the audacity to accuse me of crying to manipulate you. That’s not something that can be forgotten or written off as a byproduct of poor parenting. You were an emotionally mature 26 year old man and you accused me personally and women generally of using emotions to twist your arm. It was fucked up and I can’t forgive you for it.
--end of conversation--
///I dont know what to say or reply. I just dont know what I can do. I wanted her to open up to me and I was hoping we could work past stuff like this. I don't want to lose her to some bullshit I said while I was trying to better myself.
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2021.09.22 03:14 huynhtien1456 Có nên mua ghế massage giá 15 triệu?

Có nên mua ghế massage giá 15 triệu? Với ngân sách 15 triệu thì những gia đình kinh tế trung bình có thể mua được ghế massage không? Đương nhiên là có rồi! Hãy cùng tôi tìm hiểu ngay qua bài viết dưới đây; 📝Tập Đoàn Thể Thao Yamaguchi® | Thương Hiệu Số 1 Thế Giới ✅ 🖥 Website: ☎️ Hotline: 1900 3083 #yamaguchi #ghemassage #ghemassageyamaguchi
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2021.09.22 03:14 Capable_Carrot_8541 Toxic workplace & moving…

Just looking for some advice & opinions…I have asked of this before, but I am still struggling on making a decision. This decision will affect not just me, but my 3 kids and husband…so 4 other people’s lives.
I got a job out of state back in May. This was at the peak of this housing market frenzy and I couldn’t find a house where the job was located. Couldn’t push off the start date any longer so I stayed at an Airbnb. That ended up being a disaster. Had no place to live so I ended up staying at an extended stay hotel for 3 weeks by myself, alone in another state, thousands of miles away from my family (across the country). I ended up draining all of my savings by staying at this hotel and my husband said I had to come back home because we just couldn’t afford the cost of the housing for me to stay. I got in the car and it took me 2 whole days, but I drove home. By myself.
I told the manager of this department of my housing issues and the fact that I could not afford to stay there until I was able to find a more permanent housing situation. She “said” she understood. Told me that once I found housing, I could return. All I needed to do was apply online again and I would be reconsidered. Got back home and I was able to find a more secured place to stay through the help of a realtor. I contacted this manager directly to inform her of the housing issue that I had now been able to rectify. No answer. No response from HR in regards to my resubmitted application. Completely and utterly ghosted. The only response that I ever got was rejection notifications of my continuously resubmitted online applications.
I emailed this manager as well as the contact I previously had from HR. No replies. Obviously, it’s over. Those people don’t want me employed at their organization.
I had spent MONTHS doing research on the schools (my son is handicapped so I was able to find him a private school that specializes in special-needs children and is also wheelchair accessible!) housing, activities for my kids, social groups….you name it. So we planned on relocating there. I ended up finding another job in the same area but with another organization. My question is- Would you still move your family to this place knowing what had previously happened to you? What if this manager finds out that I got a job someplace else? Could she make my life a living hell by talking badly about me and my reputation? I mean anyone can say anything. But would you move your whole family and take the chance of living in this area (and working a different job) knowing you were basically outcasted from the first job you were originally moving there for? Should I just look in another state and start new?
Thank you for the kindness and help!
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2021.09.22 03:14 I_Need_To_Complain Yo what the fuck is up with doubling-down in blackjack?

Every time I win after doubling down, I break even. I should be winning four times as much as my original bet; twice as much as I've bet total. Right?
When I double down and win, I only win back twice the original bet, so doubling down is pointless. Is something wrong with the game? What the fuck?
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2021.09.22 03:14 SOSharkie Best Views Yet Out of the Cupola from Jared Isaacman

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2021.09.22 03:14 Intrepid-Rhubarb-705 Vic presser 22.09.21

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2021.09.22 03:14 figures_and_finds This guy is BIG

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2021.09.22 03:14 SpookySquid19 Has anybody run a campaign where players need to stop a cult from summoning their deity?

I was thinking of campaign ideas and one that came to mind was a cult working to ressurect a figure of worship who has immense power. Has anybody run something similar and if so, do you have any tips or suggestions?
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2021.09.22 03:14 -HugoTheKing- Enjoying the memory foam bath mat

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2021.09.22 03:14 Aeroscout55 EV Maker ELMS in Troy Completes Key Pre-production Test

EV Maker ELMS in Troy Completes Key Pre-production Test By Tim Keenan and R.J. King - September 7, 2021

ELMS in Troy has completed structural confirmation impact testing for its Urban Delivery vehicle paving the way for production to begin. // Courtesy of ELMS
ELMS in Troy Completes Key Test Leading to Start of Production
Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. (ELMS) in Troy today announced it has completed structural confirmation impact testing for its Urban Delivery commercial class 1 vehicle, paving the way for production to begin.
With this testing phase complete, which took place at the NHTSA-validated Calspan facility in Buffalo, N.Y., the vehicle’s body design has been finalized.
“Passing these tests is not only a testament to our ability to design and engineer leading safety systems specific to commercial EVs, but it is also a critical milestone as we move towards full regulatory approvals, production and delivering our first vehicles to customers,” says James Taylor, CEO of ELMS.
Praveen Cherian, ELMS vice president of engineering at ELMS, says, “Incorporating our all new, ELMS-engineered, patented, front bumper energy absorption system along with a series of structural reinforcements allowed the Urban Delivery to meet federal safety testing standards. I am extremely pleased with the results of the confirmation test and proud of our global engineering development team at ELMS for their innovative thinking and methods that helped us deliver robust results in a very compressed timeline.
“This was certainly no ordinary achievement especially being the first commercial Class 1 EV engineered for the U.S. market.”
ELMS plans to launch introduction models of the Urban Delivery electric vehicle in the U.S. market beginning late in the third quarter. Production will occur at the company’s plant in Mishawaka, Ind.
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2021.09.22 03:14 FunnieKid He has bok choy tho

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2021.09.22 03:14 sunshine_spotless "Russophobia" as a non-Russian

Hey, Non-Russians! Isn't it weird, when people are Russophobic of you?? I was talking with someone for an hour. Decent conversation, similar interests. Then I mentioned that I study Russian...
This person became genuinely scared of me. They accused me of being a hacker (I barely know HTML). "You're scary. Nothing good comes from Russia. Russia fucked my country." Then... I was blocked.
I guess my Russian has gotten better, if people are scared of me now lol... but I know that it's still not good... and I don't even know any Russians! I study alone & buy things from Russia on Etsy.
I assume this will happen more, if I progress.
Any other non-Russians dealing with this?
Honestly... it's mostly annoying because I don't even have any Russian friends 😭 lol. I'm getting blamed before I even walk in the door! Assuming I even get to the door! Очень далеко 😭 lol see my Russian sucks.
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2021.09.22 03:14 Ron5683 I am not good with titles

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2021.09.22 03:14 magarangjomar1 Looking for scholarship

GoodDay MANAGER: Im looking for Scholarship
Name:JM Mamua Age:24 Gender:Male Nationality: Filipino Language spoken:English/Tagalog Civil Status:Single
Gadget to play Axie infinity: Mobile phone Internet: Mobile data and Wifi Dedicated Playing time: 4/6hours
Games that I played before: Mobile Legends Call Of Duty Cabal
Reason why should be hired: To help my parents with the education of my siblings because they are having a hard time now during the pandemic as well as with my education
Do you have experience playing axie: Yes I have already experience playing axie
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2021.09.22 03:14 rennet My Fockea capensis is flowering

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2021.09.22 03:14 Andalao Recomienden negocios hermosos

Hace mucho tiempo que no me doy el lujo de comer una delixia, viene siendo todo normal, malo o bueno pero sin esa hermosura. Les voy a contar 2 ejemplos del pasado lejano esperando cruzar aca a quienes hayan tenido la suerte y honor de probar y confirmen.

Quiero saber de negocios que tengan algo común pero que sea una hermosura. Hay? pruebo bastante random por ahí y no encuentro.
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2021.09.22 03:14 AttitudeOne4971 150+

Does anyone have any tips or advice for getting into the 150’s?
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2021.09.22 03:14 WetSideStory Locked out of account for good? :(

I recently got logged out of my Microsoft account on my Xbox and I forgot what password I used for said account. No big deal I thought. I can just reset my password using my email. This was until I realized that I had enabled 2FA using the authenticator app a few years back.
I can not reset my password because of 2FA. I can not get into my authenticator app because it's the same login and I don't have access to it after switching phones. There is some 30 day security waiting period it keeps telling me about so will I have any more luck after waiting this out? I also don't have access to the 25 digit code method since this is also in the authenticator app I'm pretty sure, is there anywhere else where I'd be able to see this code?
To make matters worse, I have tried so many potential passwords that it is now saying that there have been too many sign in attempts. Will this wear off anytime soon so that I can try more? Im hoping someone else here has been in a similar situation and can help me out.
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2021.09.22 03:14 tyrannosaurus_R3kT5 A very handsome Cow

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2021.09.22 03:14 FDX2088 Grunge af

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2021.09.22 03:14 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 03:14 Capulloseb .

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2021.09.22 03:14 nohrt Make LA Jumpjets Louder

You'd think rockets attached to your back would make some noise loud enough to hear a couple feet away.
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2021.09.22 03:14 Fiction87 Javonte Williams injury?

Cbs app shows him questionable for oblique.
Has anyone heard of this, or even seen the play where it may have happened?
I was just about to package my Melvin Gordin in a trade but now hesitant.
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2021.09.22 03:14 HiddenGooru SPY and Gamma Squeezes

Hey guys!
I come to you to discuss a rather interesting development in the markets! In short: SPY is in a gamma squeeze, and not a good one like last time.
This post will be relatively lengthy, as I am going to try to lay out my system as well as the interpretation of it. But there will be a lot of pictures. I don't usually post about SPY, but rather other stocks that are in Reddit's sphere of interest at the time. But the changes on SPY are worth mentioning to you guys.
Let's start with what I do: I look at price directing forces on a stock and quantify them. Certain stocks and certain characteristics, so each time I do this its particular to the given stock. I developed a metric to do this called VoEx - its aim is to show when a stock is over exposed to certain price-directing agents that can cause characteristic, deterministic, and predictable consequences.
So, let's look at VoEx for SPY:

SPY for 2021-09-20. VoEx-daily is Magenta, VoEx-trend is tan, blue is SPY's price. The horizontal lines are the inhibition line (top), and the propagation line (bottom).
This is VoEx. The magenta line is VoEx-daily, the tan line in VoEx-tan, and the blue line is the price of SPY. There are two horizontal lines as well, these are the inhibition line (top), and propagation line (bottom). The idea is that when VoEx is between these two lines: all is well. But when VoEx is outside of these lines, all is not well.
You'll notice several things:

  1. When VoEx-daily (magenta) experiences a significant spike into the inhibition zone (above inhibition line), the price falls; where:
    1. There is a loose association with the strength and duration of the spike and the subsequent price-reversion
  2. It is not uncommon for VoEx-daily to dip into the propagation zone (bottom horizontal bar),
  3. It is very uncommon for VoEx-trend to dip into the propagation zone.
In fact, the only other time on this graph that VoEx-trend dipped into the propagation zone was February 2020.
There are those who suggest the market crash in 2020 was purely because of Covid. To that I have this to show:

VoEx for SPY from 2018-2020
You'll, again, notice that VoEx-trend dipping into the propagation zone is never a good thing.
To demonstrate how significant this is, here are some other VoEx graphs:
Here's BABA:

VoEx for BABA on 2021-09-20

You'll notice that VoEx-trend slipped into the propagation zone around Feb of 2020 - and BABA hasn't done well since.
Same with EDU:

VoEx for EDU on 2021-09-20
Here's TSLA:

VoEx for TSLA on 2021-09-20
Naturally, these, however, are single stocks - not an entire Market-wide ETF.
To add to matters, SPY is currently in a gamma squeeze to the tune of almost 12 million shares per point.
One of the things I do is directionalize options; I can place them as dealer long or dealer short (BTO or STO, etc.). So getting a grasp of delta is pretty handy at times. Want to see how this affects SPY's price?

Hedging matrix for SPY 2021-09-20. The hedging matrix shows the amount of shares that have to be purchased (+) or sold (-) per point move in price and IV.
This shows that for every point decrease and IV increase in SPY, 12 million shares must be sold. Yesterday alone saw a 7 point price depreciation and a 5 point increase in IV that equated to: 137,493,216 shares that had to be sold. Yesterday's gamma squeeze on SPY was less than it was today.
So in short - historically VoEx-trend dipping into the propagation line has been met with market corrections/crashes.
Happy trading!
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