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Classic Ancap moment

2021.09.22 02:35 Midicoil Classic Ancap moment

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2021.09.22 02:35 HarryRichard2069 Ang

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2021.09.22 02:35 Alarming_Anybody_324 Kandinsky By S4DS#3D Art#Motion Design#Animation#Candinsky#Colours#Blend...

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2021.09.22 02:35 Broseph_Stalin__ IFone

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2021.09.22 02:35 IamCat16892 I think I’m starting to get over my homesickness

So I moved out of my home state for college about a month and a half ago, and the adjustment period has not been easy. With pretty much zero trusted friends n my new state, I was intensely homesick for a few weeks. I was crying every night, not doing well in school, I even skipped a couple days because I couldn’t bear to face anyone in my mental state. After nearly 6 weeks, I’m finally getting used to my new home. AND! I made some friends! All of these have been huge steps for me, and now I think I can last until thanksgiving. I’m really really happy
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2021.09.22 02:35 AggressiveChange7383 can't wait

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2021.09.22 02:35 Muto_Ashirogi_ War and Peace Translation

I'm sure you guys get this alot, but I'm torn on what version of the English translation I should get. My two considerations were the Maude Oxford world classic and the Briggs penguin. Any insight on to which would be better?
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2021.09.22 02:35 _internet_police_ Would you pay a projected late 1st for Chris Carson as a competitor?

View Poll
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2021.09.22 02:35 soccerguy510 China Evergrande unit says to make onshore bond interest payment on Sept. 23

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2021.09.22 02:35 lXxpleggyxX64 What happened to rapid t bunny

For if you probably don’t know Rapid t bunny was a public access puppet show spending from 1983 to 2017 with the show having 780 episodes with some of the episodes on YouTube but the channel has gone dormant.
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2021.09.22 02:35 RightAstronaut «C’est notre dépendance à l’auto solo qu’il faut montrer du doigt»

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2021.09.22 02:35 Traditional-Joke1968 Any study schedule suggestions for using Khan Academy/College Board Prep? *5 Weeks*

I plan on starting with a practice test on Sunday, September 26 and need a schedule from there. I am also open to any other free ways to study.
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2021.09.22 02:35 tosprayornottospray Electric hand plane got me

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2021.09.22 02:35 nicolesky6 Christmas question

Hi! Hope you guys don’t mind me posting this here.
First- I stumbled upon this sub a while ago and my heart breaks every single time you all talk about being over worked and not treated right whether it be by customers or your employers. I have a veterinary staff that I absolutely love and I’d like to think I’m always pleasant to deal with but this sub has certainly made me think more about it. Please know that there are people like me who think you all are the bees knees.
Second- I am wanting some advice for a way to treat the staff without breaking the bank. My vet has 30+ people. I have a fantastic relationship with the vet I use there and am arguably her most frequent flyer. There was one time where she and her tech stayed late just to help us with an emergency restitching and she refused to let me pay. I dropped a card off for both of them with gift cards to Panera for lunch the next day as a thank you. While I want to give them something nice like that for Christmas I’d feel incredibly wrong not doing something for the whole staff- I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with every one there except the ones who don’t interact with us.
So what can I do? I’d love to treat everyone to lunch but I do not have money like that at this point in life (particularly due to my damn animals and their commitment to keeping our vet in business)
Would love to hear feedback from you guys on something that you would enjoy!
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2021.09.22 02:35 reruushu Not sure where to start

Hi there! I really want to incorporate some fitness and exercise into my life, but I am not too sure on how. I am a dog groomer so my job is pretty active - lots of heavy lifting, running around. I would like to work on core + back strength, as grooming has messed up my sciatic nerve and hips pretty badly. Maybe some flexibility as well. Some days I end up hobbling into my apartment when I get home... and I would really love to fix that. (I have been to the doctors for this, they are just like shrugs “work out”.) I’ve asked fellow dog groomers with not much of a response. Hoping that maybe I can get some useful insight here :) thank you!
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2021.09.22 02:35 kimerica00 A Lorde/John Green crossover…is the world healing?

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2021.09.22 02:35 abou824 DAF Program for Windows 10

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2021.09.22 02:35 existentialdread808 Question on Taymyr and DLC

Is the rest of the game supposed to be this difficult/damaging to my trucks? I swear I go at a snail’s pace on clean pavement and a random wheel catches on something and I get 50 dmg to my suspension or tires. The terrain itself seems to be fine as far as challenges go, but the random damage is irritating.
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2021.09.22 02:35 jankypankyfuck Just wondering

I'm 17, im just wondering if I tell my therapist that I've been self harming would she legally have to tell my parents? I l live in Canada.
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2021.09.22 02:35 Human_Strawberry_664 Solo Momma here to ask you is 23 weeks too early to set up my baby's bassinet?

I'm all alone. I don't have any family or friends to ask..
I want her here. Her first set of sheets will be here Thursday.
I think my nesting has already began. I literally just cannot stand messes anymore.
I've read that my pets may need time to adjust to baby furniture so that's another reason for wondering if I should do so.
My ex bought the bassinet "out of spite" without really finalizing that it is the one I really wanted. So I want to see if I like it outside of the box. The reviews are pretty good but a lot of people did say it was too short for them. I'm short myself so maybe it won't apply?

Idk is it too soon?
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2021.09.22 02:35 carridewithkennedy When is the 14x going on sale and where the hell do you buy it?

I'm trying to buy a 14x (specifically the 5401 Intel version) and for the life of me I can't find where to buy it. It's not on the Asus store, best buy, Walmart, or any other big corporation store website. I don't think it's sold out because they don't even have pages for it yet, but online I saw that it was released on September 2nd which makes me think someone is selling it. Any ideas?
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2021.09.22 02:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 02:35 Mammoth-Strength-975 Opinions from a 13 old valid?

Opinions from a 13 old valid?
Imma get flamed for tyler i stg
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2021.09.22 02:35 TheCrankyRunner A shit cake with fuck-this frosting

I'm not even quite sure how to begin this tirade, other than to say that I've waited several hours to write this in the hope that I'd calm the fuck down. However, the more I think about the absolute clusterfuck from today, the more disgusted I become with the whole absurd, and, quite frankly, unethical mess that was my patient today.
I'm a home health nurse in a rural part of the country, where conspiracy theories involving COVID and vaccines abound. So, my agency gets a call from someone we all know who also works in healthcare. This is a region of small-ish towns, and the healthcare community is very small. Everyone pretty much knows everyone. So, she calls to talk to us about her mother, who has advanced dementia and is also COVID positive. She is on day 7 of her quarantine. They... they wanted us to come and give her IV fluids because she's not really eating or drinking.
My gut feeling was to say no, but it's not really my call. My boss tells me this morning that I have to go admit her for nursing, PT, and OT services. I told her I thought it was an inappropriate admission, especially when she told me this woman is so demented that she can't even be instructed to deep breathe and cough. I said if she's in that bad of shape, she should be taken to a hospital. My protests fell upon deaf ears.
So I go to this woman's house out in the middle of fucking nowhere, and she's there with her daughter (the woman we all know) and a paid caregiver. She's pale, cyanotic, and is SOB with minimal exertion. Her O2 sat was in the 60's on 6L/min via nasal cannula. I texted my boss. "I'm not remotely comfortable with this." And I told her what was going on. She tells me to talk to the ordering physician.
So I call the PCP's office. I tell them I'm with the patient now, and that she's satting in the fucking 60's on 6L. They say she needs to go to the ER. Daughter pipes up and says they're not going to take her to the ER; that she's been speaking with the ordering provider on her cell phone because they're personal friends. Meanwhile, the nurse on the phone is confused as hell, because NONE of these conversations have been documented. And when I looked in her chart on our system, we had an order uploaded to her chart for A DIFFERENT FUCKING PATIENT. WE DIDN'T EVEN TECHNICALLY HAVE ORDERS TO ADMIT THIS WOMAN.
By this time, I'm fuming. I feel fucked over and set up for failure, and I want to choke the daylights out of the daughter because all this time, she's telling me that they can take better care of her at home and that if she goes to the hospital, she'll just die there. Because apparently, IV fluids are going to fucking save her. At around this time, I find out the ordering physician hasn't even fucking seen the patient before, and she's just ordering all this fucking bullshit because she's friends with the daughter.
At this point, I want to fucking scream, especially after her nitwit daughter tells me she isn't vaccinated because she wants "natural immunity," all the while talking about how scary this virus is. She tells me that her family owns a local business and how "employees are dropping like flies and some of them can't return to work because their lungs are shot." No shit, Sherlock Shit-For-Brains. Then she keeps talking to her mom, telling her that "you need to get up and move so your lungs get stronger." Spoiler alert: she would de sat to the 40's and 50's with movement.
So I finally got what information I could get, got paperwork signed, and got right the fuck on out of there, cursing under my breath the entire time. This admission was straight, pure, full-strengh, unadulterated bullshit from start to finish. It was a freshly baked, aromatic shit cake with fuck-this frosting. It took place about 7 hours ago, and I'm still mad as hell. I wanted no part of it, but that didn't matter. I'm hoping to fall asleep soon and be less irate in the morning, but I won't hold my breath.
Thanks for listening.
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2021.09.22 02:35 Kreastricon An American couple is looking to adopt a child...

and for whatever reason, they find themselves in an orphanage in Germany. There is this little German boy they really liked to adopt, and they decide to ask the nun if they can adopt him.
"You want to adopt little Volker?" the nun asks.
"Yes, of course. Why, is something wrong with Volker?" the wife asks.
"Oh nothing. He just never talks. It's not that he is mute or anything, he just refuses to talk." The nun says.
The couple didn't mind that at all, and decides to adopt little Volker. They take him home to America and break him into his new life. He goes to school, he's silent in class, never talks to other students, doesn't get into any fights, his grades are high, he's a good boy. They decide to take him to the amusement park. They go on all the roller coasters, he never screams, or lets out a "YIPEE!!!!". They go to the haunted mansion attraction and his parents are screaming, yet little Volker never lets out a "peep" or a "YELP!"
Volker just stands their with a creepy smile on his face the entire time. He just won't talk, so his parents just make peace with it.
One time, it's Volker's birthday and they try to make it special. The mother had trouble finding a cake for him his age, but she found a chocolate cake with orange frosting that she thought he'd like. She bought it and put it on the table.
Volker is happy as usual as he blows out the candles and cuts into the cake. That's when he discovers that the cake is all chocolate inside. He frowns. He takes the cake and throws it into her mothers face.
"Mother! I do not like the chocolate cake with the orange frosting." Volker says.
"Wait what? Why are you talking now all of a sudden?" she asks.
And Volker says "Everything you've done was acceptable until then."
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