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Every Time I Die on their tag-team guitar approach, no-holds-barred songwriting philosophy and tweeting fans for gear

2021.10.16 09:19 InETIDWeTrust Every Time I Die on their tag-team guitar approach, no-holds-barred songwriting philosophy and tweeting fans for gear

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2021.10.16 09:19 achilleslung Anyone Looking to take their Apophis cosplay to the next level? The original helmet is going up for auction next week!

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2021.10.16 09:19 DukeoftheCaucasus He do be looking like he's from an alternate timeline tho 😳😳

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2021.10.16 09:19 CaseyWouldIWas 21[M4R] Filthy, Nasty, Depraved Fantasies

Hey There! My Name's Casey I'm a twenty-one year old male (Though I enjoy role-playing as a trans character). I have a lot of incredibly dark, humiliating, degrading fantasies. Some so deeply depraved that I really can't think of a word to express how revolting my they are. Whilst in my daily life I would be considered straight, when I'm at my horniest I can only see myself in positions of submission for men with huge cocks. I've always loved Roleplaying, how could I not with so many depraved fantasies going on in my head? However before I get into the fantasies I'd like to play out I feel it's best to mention a few things.

If I am to roleplay with you I hope there is a mutual understanding between us that we both have lives in the real world. Sometimes my responses can be inconsistent as something in my life comes up or I need to tend to my responsibilities.
I am a sucker for good grammar and literate responses. I love detail and proper punctuation, I appreciate using "Quotations" for speech and 'Punctuation Marks' for a characters inner thoughts. I also understand that we make mistakes with the above and I appreciate that, heaven knows I do it myself at times.
Please don't send me an initial message saying "Hey" or "Hey Casey, let's play" or anything along those lines. One sentence introductions only bore me and don't give me anything to go on when considering what you like in a roleplay and what ideas you might have.
Before roleplaying I like to do a little planning and undergo some general conversation to get a feel for who you are and what you like. So if you're unsure with how to introduce yourself, simply message stating your character's name along with youtheir kinks, fetishes and limits. Fill me in on what role you'd like to play, what gender you want to be and give me some ideas you'd like to bring to the roleplay.
My fantasies range vastly depending on my mood of the day, sometimes I dream of being a free-use whore, owned by a master and brought to the local park or any public place on a daily basis. At the location I would be made offer myself enthusiastically to any man, woman or even animal that wanted a go of me. I would be made suck lots of cocks in this time, my face being fucked so brutally that my eyes are watering and there's layers of spit smeared all over my face from some of the men rubbing and slapping their cocks against it. Of course, doubtlessly there'd be a crowd watching and recording my antics. Some getting curious and deciding to give my arse a go. I'd moan wildly as for hours as group of strangers would gangbang me until I'm left laying on the ground, drooling mindlessly from their brutal treatment.
My fantasy gets nastier when one man would begin to piss on my face and suddenly the group would have an idea. With my masters approval I would be brought to the nearby public restrooms (A disgusting place with puddles of piss all over the floor, each urinal clogged and flooded. The toilet stalls would be worse with shit smeared over the seats, some overflowing with faeces and in other cases logs of shit left on the seats and floors) One of the men would write a message on the wall of the entrance:
'Toilet Slut for Use. First Cum First Served'
For hours I'd be subjected to the most brutal forms of degradation possible as seemingly an endless line of men would use my holes multiple times each. Finally one of the men would fuck my tight ass so roughly that my bowels would give way and I'd shit myself all over his cock only to be pushed to my knees and turned around as he rammed his filthy cock down my throat. Once more I'd be spit-roasted as each man would first fuck my shitty hole before swapping to my mouth to be sucked clean. By the end of this ordeal I'd be left covered in layers of spit, cum, piss and shit. Laying in a puddle of sludgy shit as I stroke my cock in euphoric lust. Additional to all this I also have a huge cuckold/cheating fantasy in which I could play both the cuckold and the girlfriend/wife. I'd love to incorporate that into what I've mentioned above, perhaps it is her that uncovers my nasty side and decides to exploit it, breaking me as she allows bulls to degrade and humiliate me. Inevitably she would push to have me feminised, perhaps even bimbofied. Maybe my mind is even altered so I become a truly mindless whore.
An near full list of kinks and fetishes that I enjoy in a roleplay are: https://i.imgur.com/IcKXKOc.png Watersports, Excessive Amounts of Cum, Excessive Amounts of Fluids, Huge Cocks, Cuckolding, MasteSlave, Humiliation and Degradation, Public (Especially in the case of the formerly mentioned), Sissification/Bimbofication, Drugs/Mind Altering Drugs/Hypnosis/IQ Loss, Gangbangs, Bukkakes, Free-Use, Femdom, Non-Con, Blackmail, Recording Depraved/Humiliating Acts, Diapers and finally the one that I personally really enjoy most in a roleplay but understand is rare; Scat. I absolutely love this as a degrading and humiliating element in a roleplay and if you're into it you're top of my list.
Inevitably I'd like to explore roleplaying scenes of extreme public humiliation and degradation; want to see my character being gangbanged and bukkaked in a public pub in front of all the patrons? Go for it. Want to bring me to the park wearing nothing more than a collar around my neck, dragging me by the leash so that those waking the grounds may use me and perhaps even allow their pets to have a go? Sounds good to me! Or maybe you might want to bring me to that filthy, disgusting public restroom in which shit and piss smears the floors and walls, clogged urinals and shit filled toilets provide an excellent space to turn me into the perfect little human toilet. I wish to see my character ruined, humiliated and degraded in the worst ways possible. So whoever you are, be it male, female, trans or other. I would absolutely love to create a dark, filthy and simply depraved roleplay with you. Once again before messaging please see the pointers mentioned previously as proper planning in my opinion creates far more entertaining scenes. Before messaging please include to word 'Ruined' in your introductory message so that I'm aware that you've read my post in its entirety. Thank you for reading this incredibly long post to get to where you are now and I do so look forward to playing with you.
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2021.10.16 09:19 -i-hate-this-place- sub dead

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2021.10.16 09:19 sonik77133 my 19 gsxr

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2021.10.16 09:19 xcel_6 Aunty Plej

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2021.10.16 09:19 Fatuous786 I'm asking because I'm curious.

Why do bloodied builds always consist of unyielding armor??? Doesn't the unyielding effect only work unless your low on health? Or is there some other hidden benefit that it gives at lower health???
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2021.10.16 09:19 matveyan Modern Mechanics watch face

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2021.10.16 09:19 Tiredatalltimesbleh when you got your first wing done, but know you'll mess up the other one...

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2021.10.16 09:19 GroGuiGnol Metroid Dread Guide & Walkthrough

If you need help with Metroid Dread, here comes a Guide:
It's still a work in progress, but the location of all the "collectibles" (Energy Tank, Missile Tank, etc.) will soon be available.
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2021.10.16 09:19 LoserWinner123 What time will Herald Sun leak tomorrow’s updates roadmap for Victoria?

They normally leak it the night before, but not sure what time
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2021.10.16 09:19 Ok-Rabbit209 New Career Choice

As the title says, I've done a lot of research and chose a school for HVAC training. I have tried to apply at plenty of places but there either not hiring or already have apprentices. Or they just might not want me. I'm 23 and I have 4 years for experience building semi conductors machines. I really would love this as a career and I want to know is UEI a good place to start? I enrolled for there HVAC training course for 10 months to get my feet wet and to get my certification. They also help with job placement and told me I can go on with a company before I even graduate. What are your thoughts? No sugar coating please, thanks. Also, I believe I've found something I've always wanted to do while also making decent money
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2021.10.16 09:19 Iron_Wolf123 Frontline workers like the nurses and doctors and police, how are you going with the pandemic so far?

How is your mental health going? How hard has everyone been working to get through this disaster?
My auntie and my dad's fiance work as nurses at two different hospitals (Auntie at the RCH, fiance at a local hospital) and they have been overworked because of people doing the wrong thing and/or people affect by the ignorants. This made me want to ask how the other FLW are going.
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2021.10.16 09:19 diaspora_warrior Asian Man Brutally Attacked After Car Accident

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2021.10.16 09:19 cubestudio 🐶

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2021.10.16 09:19 zilchusername How to delete all Pokémon in pokegenie to start afresh

I’ve never really used it only to appraise mons and see power up costs. I now want to make use of the recommended for raids feature.
None of my mons on there represent what I have. How can I easily delete every mon on it so I can start again using ivision?
Once I have a clean slate what is the best way to keep it updated? For example if you power up a mon do you then update it straight away in poke genie?
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2021.10.16 09:19 Duke-BMLin Today BMLin has three new activity shoes! Come and see if there are any for you!

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2021.10.16 09:19 Actual-Bedroom2656 gautemala is gautemala's capital

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2021.10.16 09:19 Robinjo1985 Woman gives birth to 14-pound baby in Arizona

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2021.10.16 09:19 matveyan Modern Mechanics watch face

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2021.10.16 09:19 benheisenberg Can't overcome the plateau

Hello guys and gals,
long time lurker here. First of all, amazing community. The tips and tricks and just overall the friendliness in this subreddit is awesome. Also, I'm german so I'm already sorry for any grammatical errors that might occur.

I started going Keto last year, around july. Started at a hefty 125kg (275 pounds) on a height of 173cm (5'6"). I'm on 92kg (202 pounds) right now and feeling better than ever. I'm 30 years old and really wanna go further, to around 80kg.
The only problem is, I've plateaued now for around 3-4 months. Sometimes I'm going down to 91,5kg, somtimes it'll go up to 93kg. Nothing is working anymore.
My daily carb intake is limited to around 20-25g, my calorie limit is 1520kcal. I track calories with Myfitnesspal, I weigh my food on a scale, use a fitness tracker to get around 10.000 steps daily, and do cardio 2-3 times per week (going for a hike, jogging, or just going for a plain walk to get my steps up).
I just can't seem to break through, and I really don't know what to do else. My body is working against me right now, and somehow won't allow me to go beyond 90kg.
So I'm asking all of you guys, am I missing something? Is there a tiny detail I'm not seeing?
Any help would be so damn great appreciated, really.
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2021.10.16 09:19 BaronRodriguez Klauz Lenz Big Band - Aufbruch [German Democratic Republic, Jazz/Fusion] (1976)

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2021.10.16 09:19 burtzev [Ukraine History] New From Black Cat Press: "The Makhnovshchina and Its Aftermath," (Edmonton, 2021), 214 pp. $22.95.

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2021.10.16 09:19 NeznerolG Guys, my xiao build is done!

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