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*piano sting*

2021.10.16 08:54 Davebelieves *piano sting*

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2021.10.16 08:54 Sirpaticus Free Halloween Paper Miniature

Hey all, this was shared on a D&D Facebook group I follow. Its not mine but the creator was okay with me sharing it. It’s an Elvira inspired drow matriarch paper mini. You just download it and print it out. Looks pretty cool, I hope you like it too.
Paper Mini Link
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2021.10.16 08:54 testt01 Getting started with my new hobby Kumiko. Made myself these jigs

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2021.10.16 08:54 EDMLiveset Timmy Trumpet - SINPHONY Radio 034

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2021.10.16 08:54 sillygxrl why are u offended u called me a bitch first

??? if i call u a whore after is this not a cause n effect lil bitch
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2021.10.16 08:54 Original_Richgame When the Terrans go to war part 1/5

Hello all, this is the first out of five so remember it's mainly going to introduce, I promise that the second part has more action and HFY content! New episodes every Saturday!
“I still don’t see the point in this’ Xi’Warren sighed loudly, wrapping her spindly fingers around her narrow waist “if war with the Har’kon Imperium is truly as close as the Galactic Alliance says why are we going to such a backwards world”?
“We’ve been over this,” Karn said, putting the autopilot on “they have the most resource-rich planet the alliance has ever seen, not even the Keth’lar homeworld can hold a candle to Earth”
“Yeah, that hurts” Rodian, the resident reptilian Keth’lar, said thoughtfully
“And as I was saying,” Karn said, moving her huge woolly bulk from the cockpit to the others “the alliance wants the resources of their planet and that means integrating them into the alliance, which means the alliance needs ambassadors, A.K.A us”
“But it will take us forever to bring them up to date with the rest of the alliance” Xi’Warren moaned “they are so backwards”!
“Well if you look at their history they’ve advanced quicker than any other species has, in two thousand years they’ve gone from bronze age to interplanetary unified society” Rodian replied
“And if you look at their history they also like to blow each other up more than even the Har’kon” Karn said grimly
“Hey maybe they'll be useful if a war with the Har’kon does erupt” Xi’Warren chuckled
“Weren’t the ambassadors meant to be here an hour ago”? General Charles Little sighed, looking up into the midnight blue sky
“Not quite as punctual as the last ambassadors are they”? George Davidson grinned “do you think after the hard bit about getting us into the alliance we get the bottom of the heap”?
“Ah, here they are now, look” Little said, pointing up to a small, bright light in the sky.
As their ship docked at the new landing platform Davidson realised that he had been correct as the ship seemed small and indeed old, the old warships the alliance had given them even looked more modern.
“Greetings,” Xi’Warren said, raising one of her long hands into her species standard greeting, her thin head swaying slightly in the wind “I am Xi’Warren, this is Rodian and Karn”
“Pleasure to meet you,” Davidson said “I am the minister for foreign affairs and this is the head of the military, General Charles Little”
“The pleasure is ours,” Karn said, bowing lowly, hoping she used the greeting correctly
“No need to bow” General Little grinned “we’re not the King”
“Very well,” Karn said “would you be so kind as to show us to our place of residence, the travel was long and we would like to rest”
“Of course,” Davidson said “we can meet in the morning to discuss alliance mining contracts and so forth”
As they walked down the building the landing platform was on Xi’Warren was marvelling at how little these humans were. By the human standard they were rather tall, one 6 foot 4 and the other 5 foot 10 but she was 9 foot 4 and was almost bowing over in the low corridors. Similarly, Karn was also bowing her way through the corridors, her thick fur wrapping around the dangling light fixtures. Indeed only Rodian had little issues traversing the corridors, the thrills on his head just nearly scraping the ceiling.
“I’m sorry for the inconvenience” Davidson started “but we haven’t had much time to convert the building to a galactic standard size, and your people didn't exactly seem to want to come here”
“Not at all, I’m sure that once Earth is better known across the alliance and wider galactic community, and once there is proper infrastructure in place, people will be flowing to Earth” Rodian lied.
Indeed there was a very good reason for people to not visit Earth. Two in fact. One was the fact that this was a level seven death world, previously thought uninhabitable, and then there was the fact that humans were just downright weird, for example, the humans tended to perform in the mass irradiation of their skin to give it a shaded look or to relax, despite knowing the risk of cancer, and they swam regularly in water even though they were not an aquatic species and couldn’t hold their breath anywhere near as long and any other alliance species.
They were shown to the rooms and a feeling of relief fell upon them. Near five if the rooms the upper floor had been removed and the doors expanded so they could fit. Indeed the size looked ridiculous even for the three extraterrestrials, but it was nice to no longer need to stoup over in the corridors to walk.
The next three days went without much advancements in terms of the talks. It turns out humans were highly protective of their territory and they refused to give up much land on Earth or Mars
“You just don’t understand” Gregor, minister for employment, you can’t just buy the territory and then enforce your laws on it, you buy it but it’s still subject to our laws”! Ridiculous.
But the Galactic Alliance hadn’t been so slow in their latest objectives. The Har’kon Imperium had still been increasing the number of troops along the border and hand kept sending fighter-bomber-carrier ships into alliance space, only to draw them back to Imperium space when an alliance ships drew near.
The alliance was calling upon all members for the upcoming war and, to everyone’s surprise, the United Terran Empire had been among the first to offer its troops to the battle. They had promised an impossible number of troops for their size, some ten million troops with over seven million in reserve. The alliance had politely thanked them for their enthusiasm but said that they were too new to the galactic stage to actually put up a fight.
“It's rather infuriating,” General Little said, “it's not like we don't know how to fight, have they even seen our history”? They had not.
On the fifth day, Xi’Warren was feeling uneasy, the humans seemed to be getting ready for war, even General Little had been unavailable for talking about the expansion of the Terran Royal Navy.
“So, how about we set up in the middle of the Sahara desert? Your people don’t live there and I’m sure we can find some nutters who will set up mass cooling stations in the area” she said, almost too enthusiastically
“Sure” Davidson said, marking down five places where he would let them set up
“SIR”! The three ambassadors jumped, if it was even possible in the low ceiling room. A cry had just come from the corridor, seemingly too loud for such small creatures to produce “Sir, the Hare Korn Imperium just declared war on the alliance”!
“The Har’Kon Imperium”? Karn shouted
“Yes” the man set as he entered the room, sweat trickling down his red face.
Three days later:
The war hadn’t started well. In the first three days alone three divisions had fallen and five systems had been taken. The humans kept protesting to the alliance but the alliance still wouldn’t let them fight
“You’re too small” Xi’Warren said “I understand you want to defend the alliance, and it’s highly admirable, but you have no experience fighting other species and you have five ships”
“We have more than five ships” General Little protested in one of his rare appearances “there's a military parade in the capital tonight, why don’t you have a look”.
“They are going to die” Rodian hissed confidently “why are we even here, nothing is going to happen here and the humans are just too, well weak to make a difference”
“We can’t just abandon our post” Karn sighed “besides the humans have large quantities of metals they can trade with the alliance to make more ships, if we can get them to freely trade those we can churn out ships quicker than ever before”
“That’s unlikely to happen though,” Xi’Warren said matter of factly “these people could give the traders of Losak’altiri a run for their money for, well, money”
“Good pun,” Rodian said sarcastically “you should join the comedy club”
“Oh shut up” Xi’Warren snapped “let's just have some time to relax and then we can go to that silly military parade”
“Do you think they actually have a few million troops to offer”? Karn rushed almost excitedly
“I highly doubt it” Xi’Warren said heading into her room.
Little did she expect three hours later to be eating her words.
They were standing on the balcony of one of the palaces in the capital. Indeed a large number of spectators waving the flag of the Empire had turned out, all cheering loudly even though the army hadn’t yet passed.
Karn was sitting in a rather uncomfortable gold chair that didn't have space for her vestigial tail. She had decided to humour the humans that their army was very large for their size as they came past. She was wondering if the size may have been over-exaggerated by mistake somewhere in translation.
Then there was a boom like a crack of a whip which made Rodian leap from his seat and shout something in his home tongue no one understood as two large, inside atmosphere fighter jets came past
“They must have some serious G-force armour” Karn said, obviously impressed
“What”? Air Commander Harrison asked confused “it's just a helmet and some padded suits, and a pill to be fair”
Karn was astonished and was about to ask for clarification when the screams and shouts started to become a tidal wave of roaring and the sound of drum-like marching came from afar. As the three ambassadors looked they were astonished. Coming down the long road was a seemingly endless expanse of men and women in camouflaged suits being led, rather hilariously, by a group of men and women in bright red and gold on large, four-legged white creatures.
General Little seemed to see their astonishment and laughed “this is just two million, tell the alliance that”!
But then the same man as last time came rushing in. He wasn’t shouting this time, probably not to cause a panic, but audibly whispered in the Generals ear “sir, a large fleet of Har’kon warships have just come out of warp and are collecting around Pluto, we’ve already lost contact with the mining stations on the surface”
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2021.10.16 08:54 Skye_Lapile [USA-ID] [W] SSUPD Meshlicious [H] PayPal

Looking to purchase meshlicious case with 3.0 or 4.0 riser with the glass side panel. Let me know what you have!! Thanks, Skey
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2021.10.16 08:54 AdministrativeYam857 "I don’t think Mohamed Salah will stay for the rest of his career"

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2021.10.16 08:54 EDMLiveset Sultan + Shepard - Dialekt Radio 095

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2021.10.16 08:54 mathzzQC FORTNITE- GARDES DE L'IO

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2021.10.16 08:54 Omnis333 To The LOML💘✨💍

Been feeling really down recently this TF thing is getting confusing idk like I love this person with everything with me but they never show me attention or give me the time of day and now I'm thinking they just are going out to see others and not even caring about me like at all and I just feel I'm not being loved at all when I really want them to love me more then the entire universe I just know we have something like we knew one other long ago and I feel that they felt the connection but just never wanted to stay granted I had stuff internally to work on but even then when I did start doing better and working on myself it seemed like they started to become more interested but then started to step away from us and I really only want to unconditionally love this person for all of time I just don't understand why they can't feel the same for me or if they do then why not just tell me I'm here I literally am always gonna be here I just don't wanna lose all this time I have in life trying to love the wrong person but I know for a fact without a shadow of a doubt they could never be the wrong person they're everything I've ever dreamed of literally if God or the gods (which ever you prefer) was like let's make this guy have a partner who is everything they've ever could have dreamed of and then place them on this planet it would be them they are all their is like it doesn't make sense but it absolutely make all of sense sorry for this rant but I really do love them so much it just hurts if I ever see anyone try to love them cause I know my feelings for them are on some other level like it's truly like I can't live a day without them but I live every damn day of my fucking life without them and my soul and my heart and my long's for them and I just could never let go I thought maybe if they didn't actually love me I'd have to move on but idk if I ever could they literally are the reason I feel I'm still alive meditation and other things help me but they just are so much more than any remedy or anything that gives me love or peace their energy is out of this universe it's something so magical you can't ever truly describe how magnificent of a feeling it is so if I'm not the one to have them for all of time then their is no point in my being with someone I'd spend the rest of my entire life alone if I can't be with the person I love most I don't want temporary love or a love that won't last forever it's not worth all the dread and hurt that comes with it I want a love that I know is real I'm sorry I never fought more for you love I'm sorry I never told you how lovely you looked on everyday you would post a tiktok or a pic I'm sorry I was never their when you needed me I'm sorry for every day I didn't get the chance to say how much I love you cause I was too busy with work or just with music I'm sorry for every song I never got to write when I was thinking of you I'm sorry I never sent you my playlists I made just for you I'm sorry for all the times I should have called you when I know I wanted to and I was going to but I was too scared to cause I didn't want you to block me or to never speak to me again a life without feels bland and dull like I can ever seem to figure out how or why God and the universe brought me to finding your but once I did I couldn't see a life without you it was all the love and hope and every song that would pop up in my head or on the radio and all the songs in the store that were always our songs and every single time I had to go out into the world I'd always look out for you to see if I could have you in my cities and towns just cause I thought maybe you'd be here or just hoping for a random occurrence that you'd be here or anywhere I'd travel across the world just to see you for one day but if I saw you for one day I'd never wanna leave your side I'd finally feel safe at peace and at home in the first time in my entire life Your heart holds all of me and the key you can only open me up like no other person can it's something I never experienced in my entire life but it always feels so familiar like I knew you once before like we were one in another time It feels unreal how much your love is something sent from the heavens and given to the universe I just wish I was the only one to have to all to myself yes it sounds selfish but when it comes to you my heart my soul my life my love you are all that their has ever been in my entire life I probably subconsciously manifested you plus I probably messed with the connection just by feeling unworthy of your love your something so far beyond true love love your like the one I will always need even after the end of time I have so much more to say I just don't know exactly how to express it right now I'll make a part 2. To this so I can continue to tell you how much you really mean to me I just wish I could show you in person I'd literally do anything in this entire universe for you I love you so fucking much Kayla from this universe to every other one I know somewhere in a alternate universe we are laying together in love at peace possibly with little ones of our own🥺💘✨😩💕
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2021.10.16 08:54 5ombr4x BUSD Forge🚀 5% Daily Returns 🔥 1,825% APY! 🔥 recently launched

BUSD Forge🚀 5% Daily Returns 🔥 1,825% APY! 🔥 recently launched 🔥 BUSD Forge - Clic here
BUSD Forge is a farm (yield production) that pays 5% daily, according to the current forging efficiency rate. The forging efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other players hire blacksmiths, compound earnings and pocket BUSD.
The object of the game is hiring more blacksmiths, sooner and more often than other players. This in turn earns you more BUSD faster. Hiring more blacksmiths using your daily BUSD earnings will 3x your blacksmiths within 30 days or less.
The project is very new and have a referral program with 10%.
🔥 BUSD Forge - Clic here
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2021.10.16 08:54 CrossfireLooool I've Finished All "Honorable" Missions, What do I Do Now?

There's nothing really left and I've already introduced myself to these roles, and I need to get gold to fully participate. How do I earn gold?
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2021.10.16 08:54 Poglinz my first attempt to making an initial d based manga, this took me 2 weeks, any suggestions?

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