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2021.10.21 19:04 trullyrose hmmm

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2021.10.21 19:04 unitBoB Anyone going to the Charleston show on the 10th wanna meet up before?

I don’t have any metal friends, so if anyone else wants to get together beforehand and go as a group that would be awesome.
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2021.10.21 19:04 mrriaa princess chonker

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2021.10.21 19:04 jeggro Where to go from Morocco?

I flew into Morocco on the 19th with the intention to fly to Hamburg around the 29th, however, on the 20th, Morocco announced that it is banning all flights to Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. I am now looking to find new options of places to fly to from Morocco that are not too expensive to stay in, for around 2 weeks whilst I get some work done. Can anyone help me out here? I have looked at Barcelona, Belgium and also Rotterdam (going via Brussels, then a train from there to Rotterdam) but struggling to find accommodation that isn't too expensive.
Are my expectations just too low for accommodation prices or are there better options for me?
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2021.10.21 19:04 rilez52 3 egg white omelette & avocado toast 317 cal give or take

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2021.10.21 19:04 dat_b_o_i There's an site were it transform text into image, here's what it showed when i typed "Hearts of Iron 4"

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2021.10.21 19:04 maxwell7625 Smol cat successfully scaled Headboard Mountain

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2021.10.21 19:04 ksr_malware Cobalt Strike: Using Known Private Keys To Decrypt Traffic – Part 1

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2021.10.21 19:04 maxvideo127 Vecinos de Cuernavaca piden poner fin a inseguridad tras asalto a jovencita

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2021.10.21 19:04 StarCaller990 No card ever should have an effect that says "X costs 0"

Hearthstone learned it the hard way when they introduced Dragonqueen Alexstrasza a few years ago (and that is only one example).
Passively reducing costs by 1 is fine. Reducing a cost to 0 once is also fine... Passively reducing all costs to 0 is not fine, that's broken.
I'm not saying Aurelion Sol is broken, I'm saying his ability is unhealthy (in my opinion.)
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2021.10.21 19:04 thedudeman17 Made this while shitting on the toilet

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2021.10.21 19:04 mthrfcknhotrod Is it possible to buy out bad contracts?

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2021.10.21 19:04 BigfootWhiteBoy [H] Bugged Np Bleak Hallucination Lunar Staff [W] arcanas / $

Have a bugged natures staff looking to sell for either easy to liquidate items / $.
B/O: 1050 USD / arcana equivalent
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2021.10.21 19:04 Crafty_Active_924 Looking for first gaming laptop

Hi I am in the market for a gaming laptop looking for something portable with good gaming performance. I don't know if this becomes an impossible situation but I'm also looking for a laptop with as much battery life as I can get with the good gaming performance. I'm looking around a 3060-3070 range or I'd something is better for battery while not much worse for gaming. I would prefer a 15-16" laptop not interested in a 17+" laptop. Other factors are as well noise levels. So I've been looking around and I'm getting confused by all the options so decided to ask what you guys think and go from there. Thanks for any help I can get.
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2021.10.21 19:04 jmays5256 HUH???

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2021.10.21 19:04 Sarahmoorefansly Test

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2021.10.21 19:04 Kohrack From now on by smashing 2 works of media togheter you will replace one character from one story with another affect entire story. How would you use that power?

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2021.10.21 19:04 Glittering_Coffee539 The comments on this post are so ignorant and disgusting.

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2021.10.21 19:04 Toast2Toast Anyone have an extra key or know a better way to get one besides streamer giveaways? Can pay

Someone told me about it literally the day after they shut down the keys on steam/epic :(
I'd be very appreciative and can pay if necessary
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2021.10.21 19:04 Montella99 First Look ME from FM Scout's Data Analyst

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2021.10.21 19:04 Different-Register-5 LF : riolu I can trade what ever Oras exclusives you want. I might have to go grab it first.

I'm wanting to shiny egg hunt riolu and need one. Can trade an exclusive you need.
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2021.10.21 19:04 Slow-Giraffe New Ironworkers on-ramp causes traffic nightmare for North Shore drivers | Urbanized

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2021.10.21 19:04 BirminghamBuffaloes How much does it cost Sorare to create an NFT?

Just curious, according to google it costs on average $70 to create an NFT. Now every card on Sorare is an NFT right? So how are they able to offer cards for considerably less than $70?
Would minting thousands of cards at a time offer a considerable discount?
As you can tell I'm new to all this crypto/NFT business so would love to learn more!
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2021.10.21 19:04 user_mofo new tumbleweed broke

broadcom wifi.
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2021.10.21 19:04 maskedflowerpicker MY, ROUGHLY WRITTEN, OPINION

  1. All of the following is obviously just my opinion.
    2.Saying something needs to be nerfed doesn't mean it will get destroyed or become unusable. What we're talking about here is miliseconds and a few points. Do not argue if you do not know anything about this (please do not argue or insult at all, I am aware that a lot of people won't agree).
    3.I think the opinion of people with less than 6500 trophies should not be valid; when talking about balancing heroes I mean. Most haven't mastered the heroes or the game, and as such can't give a good suggestion. Of course there are people below 6500 trophies that could come up with really good chnages and fixes and of course there are people above 6500 trophies who have no clue but not listening to low rank players would be a lesser evil.
    4.Do not take this too specific, this is a very roughly written text.
After Sarge drops the opponent ( I am not talking about throws, I am talking about Sarge causing his opponents to drop on the ground) he should deal more damage, yes, but the drop itself shouldn't deal damage as it doesn't when other heroes do the same. "SHADOW THIRST" needs a nerf.
HONG JOO - After using Triumph when "ACROBAT'S SECRET" is active, he heals as much as Monkey King being in Ascension for 1 second when "HEALING WINDS" is active. "ACROBAT'S SECRET" should be buffed.
KIBO - She needs a nerf, either her reach, her damage or her speed need to be nerfed; or a combination.
SHANG - No other hero has talents that work that good with each other. A nerf wouldn't help, he needs to be reworked. "SCOURGE ARROW" needs a nerf, the stun lasts too long.
HELGA - Her uninteruptable interval needs to be reworked. Making it into a nerf, a minimal one though.
MIDNIGHT - "SURVIVAL COURSE" heals Midnight too much; though I am not sure if it has been nerfed in the meantime. "THE EXECUTIONER HERALD" it's obviously a broken talent.
AZUMA - "IMPULSE" is the best shadow attack in the game. I think reducing it's reach would do well.
MARCUS - I can't mention anything specific. Some components of his are way too bad and some are way too good, and let me tell you (the players), that is not what balanced means. His talents need a rework.
YUKKA - Shade, as it is now, is a broken mechanic.
LING - His basic attack should be slowed done by just a frame or so.
COBRA/LYNX/MONKEY KING - There is so much wrong with these heroes. I think you made them in a hurry, without too mouch thought. I am aware people were not patient but I am sure just adding new maps, soundtracks or something similar would be good enough. Also, we wouldn't have 3 more very much broken heroes. What all the 3 have in common: 1. obviously the block breakers. 2. techincally all there talents are about the same thing which isn't the case with other heroes. Shang shares the same problem.
Pesonally I'd remove Cobra from the game. I think she is easily the most broken one in the trio. I did buy the Fight Pass containing her but that doesn't change my mind. She looks really bad and her moves ( forget about the talents now) are just silly and do not fit in the game at all. These 3 need to see big changes.
KATE/EMPEROFIREGUARD- I have bothing soecific on them so I won't talk about them (that doesn't mean some changes wouldn't do well).
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