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2021.10.16 10:56 IchikaSui_ ctto

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2021.10.16 10:56 UnscriptedDiatribe Tweaking Viper AI

Hi all,

I'm running DerBK's excellent A Better AI mod but I've noticed that it doesn't do anything to prevent Vipers selecting Lost as poison spit targets. This is particularly awkward as the mod *does* stop them from choosing to tongue pull and/or bind Lost, but the still prefer poison spit to shooting, so they become particularly ineffective at engaging Lost where really, since they have decent guns and a good Aim stat, they should be a real boon to an Advent pod that's been set up to fight Lost while no XCom troopers are visible.
I *think* that this should be solvable by finding a way to make the 'TargetScoreInvalidateLost_ABA' behaviour the mod introduces part of the various target-selection behaviours for Posion Spit, but I'm not certain exactly where to fold it in or how the syntax should go. Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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2021.10.16 10:56 nskiveren Looking for 3.16 Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Divine Flesh build guides

Topic - any suggestions?
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2021.10.16 10:56 flameggmf me_irl

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2021.10.16 10:56 LarryLikesVimto96 Windows Event Log: Prior to complete system hang, Yuzu consumed FIFTY-FOUR GIGABYTES!?!?!

Staring at a message in Windows event Log and I am just...
"Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: yuzu.exe (11132) consumed 54032891904 bytes"
There are four previous events just like this with memory consumption hovering around 52-54GB. Running version 543.
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2021.10.16 10:56 dancerofthesun I think he's dying....at the base of the pup it broke off leaving about 25% still attached...my 3 year old attempted to "re-pot" it with intentions of helping. All in all I'm about to cry 😭 how do I save both of them?

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2021.10.16 10:56 Dangerous_Rooster977 Vases from free wood

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2021.10.16 10:56 nudnylis Weapon_irl

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2021.10.16 10:56 MINIPRO27YT it's in 2 days so I thought I do something

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2021.10.16 10:56 15T4BP30PL3 Do you keep your hp stamina and focus wheb starting new game plus?

I have just completed every story line and I'm just not gonna do the collectibles so I'm thinking about starting ng+. Although I don't want to if I don't keep my stats.
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2021.10.16 10:56 cya9-rainbirds Someone want to find?

Someone want to find? http://tieba.baidu.com/p/7303321364?share=9105&fr=sharewise&see_lz=0&share_from=post&sfc=copy&client_type=2&client_version=
From Chinese
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2021.10.16 10:56 LeCremeBoy Just dropped 40 kills in one match of clash and somehow didn't get 1 rapid kill with an AR even though I got multiple triple kills. How do I get the rapid kill challenge to count?

Just dropped 40 kills in one match of clash and somehow didn't get 1 rapid kill with an AR even though I got multiple triple kills. How do I get the rapid kill challenge to count? submitted by LeCremeBoy to CODWarzone [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 10:56 mrsbostic Why ever not?

Why don't hearing aids be made to sit lower behind the ear so that glasses can be worn comfortably. With varifocal lenses they have to sit precisely, a bit higher or lower and the focus is wrong. If hearing aids sat lower it would be so much more comfortable. Wouldn't it? Could it work?
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2021.10.16 10:56 SaltyAndTriggered average cost of body corporate for apartments in Melbourne?

Hi all,
My partner and me have finally saved enough for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment in Brunswick, about 7 years old. It's not too expensive but the body corp fees are $4k a year and come from 3 different companies ($4k total). It's only a 5 story building, and I have a mate down the road in a brand new building of similar size who pays $3.5k.
Basically, what is the average cost these days of body corporate and is $4k too much? It's sure going to add up over the years.
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2021.10.16 10:56 bluebetaoddeye 211016 LOONA Japan Debut Single: HULA HOOP / StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜(Kanstarpress Photos)

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2021.10.16 10:56 OnieChanSensei Appeal for being reported?

Sorry for being ranty, I just lost a winstreak because I got muted for absolutely no reason.
So I have been being muted several times over the past week and I know I'm not a toxic person. When I look at my credit score report, I get muted for phrases such as "bigay na lord"(don't contest lord), "dikit dikit tayo"(lets stick together) and "pataba ka mm"(play safe and farm mm) but somehow the system doesn't care whether you are toxic or you just got reported by a salty enemy/teammate, you get muted anyways, and without warning. This does a lot to compromise the team play in the games that you will have while muted. You will not be able to communicate as well(not everything is in the chat wheel, especially in high elo strategy/terms) and this doesn't only affect the player being muted, it can also tilt the muted player and affect the entire team. While I do avoid playing ranked when muted, a lot of the time, I do not check my mail before starting a game, so I just try to calm myself down and win without communicating in the next game. My suggestion for the muting issue is to at least give a warning whenever you start a game that you have been muted, and provide a way for players to appeal for being muted. Not everybody has time to play after the 2 hr mute period. Also, please fix the reporting system. I swear I get muted for absolutely no reason at all other than being a team player.
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2021.10.16 10:56 ConfusedDuck02 What is something you do in your daily routine that you do without fail?

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2021.10.16 10:56 Krunor Stainless steel vs Titanium? Anyone who has had both before?

I'm interested in both, yet I'm not sure which to get. It would be graphite for SS or space black for Titanium.
Is the weight difference significantly much higher? Especially for workout? Of course it's a piece of tech, but it is also for fitness. But 6 grams doesn't seem like too much. I personally think the stainless steel looks much better but will the weight make it a turnoff
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2021.10.16 10:56 Possible_Abrocoma_22 D.C.-area forecast: Gusty showers and storms blow through today, then much cooler air spills in

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2021.10.16 10:56 Content_Bumblebee_72 Deffinetly lag

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2021.10.16 10:56 evlyncc Playing StardewValley after a long time, any tips for playing?

Heya guys, I picked up Stardew a few years ago but stopped playing after a few weeks because I was so overwhelmed with the game and all the opportunities you have.
Can you guys give me any tips for starting over again and what to watch out for in the beginning? :) Or whats a must have for starting my farm?
I really love the mechanics of the game and I’m trying to really get into it this time!
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2021.10.16 10:56 ParticularBelt1173 Stop memes review... its hate against műĺĺàs

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2021.10.16 10:56 olundmipltd56 Huge collection of occult and esoteric essays and exercises to help you with your awakening.

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2021.10.16 10:56 max_illustration This is crazy! 🤯 Stinky Rich Pepes 🐸 selling fast 🚀 Don’t miss to grab one! Only 999 will be made and each starts at 0.005 eth (polygon) 👀

This is crazy! 🤯 Stinky Rich Pepes 🐸 selling fast 🚀 Don’t miss to grab one! Only 999 will be made and each starts at 0.005 eth (polygon) 👀 submitted by max_illustration to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 10:56 peaclarke £4000 out of pocket due to estate agents

So there is a long story but I will try and keep this to the point: -Rent was £2000p/m and the deposit was £2000 -Moved out on the 6th September -Accidentally didn't cancel standing payment to estate agents for £2000p/m (went on the 7th September) -Estate agents originally give the reason for not being able to give the money back as it goes to a third party finance department and they are struggling to get in contact with them -About a fortnight ago (2nd October) they say that they sent the rent to the landlord because they had our end date wrong on our tenancy (side note, the landlord sold the house and wanted us out early, so got loads of emails about how we need to move out before our move out date because their system said it was before it was, so sounds like they are using the same excuse of "it was wrong on our system" to try and get us out early and to cover their mistake now -Now they are saying that the landlord won't give the estate agent the money back because the damage to the property exceeds the deposit
The report of damage has been sent to us and we are disputing pretty much every part as lots of the issues are things that were there before we moved in, the only things that we accept are a handful of minor scuffs and scrapes, which definitely isn't totalling the £2000 deposit, and definitely doesn't total £4000
The estate agents won't give us the £2000 until they get £2000 from the landlord, which to me seems like there are 2 transactions here: one from me to the estate agents; and one from the estate agents to the landlord. So they should refund me now and take legal action against the landlord for not giving their money back.
Also with the deposit, we had a tap that wouldn't stop dripping and when they sold the house we have an email saying that they have closed the issue and it won't be getting fixed (after 9 months of emailing about it getting fixed) because they have sold the house as seen. Surely if they sold the house as seen then we should get 100% of the deposit back?
Extra info: This was in London, England The estate agent is Bernard Marcus
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