de3h5 dik4b 3krfi rnzd4 3hadh eea32 9652b y5n8t sz776 fkf5s 9s3az 8f597 r83hz 46ne4 8zn5s h96r5 iriar 79z38 sd7fk s8e7d 853kz Do suede Vans stretch out over time? |

Do suede Vans stretch out over time?

2021.10.16 09:44 Critically_Missed Do suede Vans stretch out over time?

Hello everyone, I just picked up a new pair of Atwood deluxe vans. I've been wearing vans for like 10 years, and my previous pair was a size 12 In a similar style, but near the end of their life I decided that they were too long and it was causing me toe problems.
So this time I decided to try half a size down at 11.5 and the length is perfect, but the width of the toe box seems too small, and it's also only on my right foot, the left shoe seems to fit perfectly. Do the thicker suede Vans stretch over time? I'm just hoping I need to break them it
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2021.10.16 09:44 EDMLiveset Tritonal - Tritonia 359

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2021.10.16 09:44 SKYWALKERAAD It's true though

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2021.10.16 09:44 EDMLiveset Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine - 15.10.21

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2021.10.16 09:44 octoberxcin New ✨

Hi! I’m looking for friends to play with I’ve only been playing for a couple months but don’t have much! Someone in they’re 20s maybe?Just thought it would be fun to have a friend my age on here to do events together. I don’t have any friends to play with at all, so does anyone want to play? My island is pretty empty (I don’t have much right now) So let me know if you’re available ! :D ✨💜DM me!
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2021.10.16 09:44 ZoobBot 179867

This is the 179867th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.16 09:44 Even-Rogue Any ideas?

So ive been trying things since this morning to try and get them working but my gen 4 a50's dont seem to wanna work. It constantly has the 1-3 and 2-4 lights blinking back and forth only when i have the headset in the base station and the headset appears to be completely turned off. Things ive done:
.Hard reset headset, from having the white light on regardless of turning it off or placing it in the base station to being off regardless of anything and i have tried to hard reset it again. Nothing
Unplugged and changed chords countless times, it shows no difference when i use a different cord or put the cord in a different USB slot.

Firmware update, I have tried to do a firmware update using a link i found back at the start of the year but it will get to 50% and stop everytime, even on the microsoft ACC. There has only been one time where it got further than 50% and i dont know what i did differently. I just had it sitting there for a while before i picked it back up again and kept trying. When it stops at 50%, it says that it picked up another device even though i dont own another astro product and i dont do anything during the update.

The pins, ive given the pins a check and they still go down with a slight bit of pressure

I just dont know what im meant to do and i dont have my own car at the moment so i cant get a new one nor do i have money to replace it
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2021.10.16 09:44 StcStasi Great Idea!

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2021.10.16 09:44 EDMLiveset Tiesto - Club Life 758

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2021.10.16 09:44 Shadulaura420 Shit Happens !! 🥴

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2021.10.16 09:44 the_sun_goes_west What do an US General, a Professor of Medicine, Head of Mossad, Erectile Dysfunction, and Short Hedge Funds have in common? - Story of NRXP

So there was some drug to treat erectile dysfunction.
And somebody thought: Let's give it to corona-patients!
Surprisingly it worked pretty well.
Increased survivial rates by 300%, in comparison to standard.
(Standard care gave 20% chance of survival. Erectile dysfunction drug gave 60% survival rate. Even to comorbid patients in critical stages. So basically - drug of last chance - and it works!
Another nice thing is that it’s being produced by the body anyways. (It’s called "Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide")
So it´s pretty cool, right?
The challenge was to mass produce and increase it's shelf life.
So somebody assembled high level people.
High level executives with senior roles at Allergan, J&J, Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, US FDA.
Chairman - Prof Jonathan Javitt, MD, MPH. Held leadership roles in six biotechnology startup companies with public exits. Been appointed to advisory roles in four US Presidential administrations.
Board includes:

Other military staff:
Please notice, that the ex head of Mossad is not on board yet.
So what happened next? - These people succeeded. New formulation of drug was made, and long term storage and mass production were solved.
Now, what is the US General doing on the board, you may ask yourself? Yeah, he does have a medical background, but why a former US Army General?
Well, NIH (National Intstitute of Health) funded the trials to test the drug.
And these trials were conducted in the countries of Ukraine, Georgia, and some other places near Russia.
These countries are under russian influence, and have important strategic significance.
So, if somebody wanted to strengthen political relationships with certain countries, what would be better than offering access to a drug these countries need?
Spoiler alert - the country of Georgia gave this particular drug EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation).
After that the company
Israeli Government's Vaccine (Brilife)
It was thought, that the new vaccine should be superior to first generation vaccines, that exist right now.
At first, it was developed by IIBR (Israel Institute for Biological Research).
And then our company took over further development.
At some point, after several Vaccine trials were done, an ex head of Mossad joins the company.
Do you know any other medical company, that has so much military and intelegence manpower?
Why is that you may ask?
Maybe it is about having access to something nobody else has?
Maybe the access to the company's product will be so valuable that it can be used for reaching political goals?
So the company is doing R&D and makes trials.
In order to fund all this, the company is selling shares on the stock market.
Now, this is where "Short Seller Hedge Funds" come into play.
The Shortsellers try to lower the share price through manipulation.
If the price is low, then investors might get scared and sell.
This has nothing to do with the economy and the company. This is price manipulation. This is not economics, this is psychology.
And the short sellers were successfully doing this!
At the same time institutions with BIG MONEY were quietly accumulating shares.
So here is how it went down:
Everybody was happy.
Well, except retail investors. But they don't matter, right?
And except the company, that can not get money for funding, because the share price is low.
But as long as big boys get what they want, it's all good, right?
At some point things changed.
People started to hold their shares. And the strategy of short sellers stopped working.
The short sellers still tried to scare people into selling by lowering price.
But people were monitoring borrowed shares data.
So, people could see, -> if shares were borrowed and price drops -> then the selling comes from short sellers, who sell borrowed shares.
At first short sellers did not realize that.
The short sellers were still operating as usual: borrow and sell to lower the price.
But the amount of shares traded daily (shares volume) was getting smaller every day.
If the share price goes down and volume is going down as well -> then most people are holding (because even though the price is getting smaller, only a few shares are being traded.)
Aug 10 to Aug 16 -> price and volume go down every day. most people hold -> short sellers can't scare people into selling.
Borrow fee goes gradually up from 58% to 62%.
Aug 17 -> small fish short sellers can't take it anymore. small fish starts buying back the shares -> heavy volume in the first hour of trading -> price gradually goes up. Big fish let's the price go up, reborrows shares -> SELLS ALOT -> price drops.
Both, the small fish and the big fish live another day.
Very little volume, until around 12:00. Then some insignificant news is published. (Some proof that the drug meets even higher safety standards.)
Some small buying pressure comes, from people who read the news.
price goes up alot - 10% in 1 minute. (from 12,05$ to 13,33$) Trading halt is triggered.

After 5 minutes passed: price jumps 30% (start price= 12,05$) in 2 minutes!!! (from 15,11$ to 16,62$)

After 5 minutes passed: price jumps 50% (start price= 12,05$) in 2 minutes!!! (from 16,62$ to 18,30$)


price rises to maximum price of the day. And then goes down.
Now, what happened to the borrowed shares? If shorts covered, then there must be alot shares available, right?
11:45 15,000 shares to borrow available
12:00 10,000
12:15 38
12:45 50
13:00 2,000
13:15 3,000
13:30 3,000
13:45 500
14:00 45
14:15 600
Strange. There are less shares to borrow, not more.
Looks like someone (small fish) returns shares to the lenders.
AND during the trading halts, big fish reborrows shares in order to sell borrowed shares from the top -> People see, that the price drops-> and sell their own shares.
Price drops even more.
Shorts buy cheap shares.
The price dropped. But the volume becomes small.
So shorts can not buy back all shares they borrowed before and that day.
But it’s fine. They hope to repeat it tomorrow. (spoiler alert: did not work)
Next day shorts dropped the price in premarket 20% to scare people. But new people weren’t scared. New people were also tracking iborrowdesk and fintel. They held, and the price went from 11$ to 11,82. Whoever bought at the beginning of the day made profit.
After that, a certain article from a „foolish“ news outlet came out. The article claimed, that people sold on that day. But the price dropped in premarket. During trading hours the price was going up.
(Please, keep in mind, that iborrowdesk and fintel only show shares to borrow from one brokerage. They don't show all available shares. But they can give an idea, what short sellers do.)
Important thing to notice: when the new shares to borrow appear.
This is something you can only see if you have a subscription to fintel or ortex.
Or if you track the borrowed shares change everyday.
New shares to borrow usually appeared early in the morning. Before premarket starts.
If a short sellers could return shares, then they would be doing it the day before. That way, they would not need to pay the borrow fee for holding overnight.
So it looks like, that the shares to borrow are being replenished by lenders.
So lenders are happy with the situation. They lend the shares. Short sellers borrow and sell.
The lenders buy back borrowed shares. And collect the borrow fee.
But the lenders don't want to buy for a high price.
So they let the price go down. And then buy back, what they lent.

Also an act of kindness.
On Sep 03 borrow fee was 359%, available shares to borrow 1,000.
After that, from Sep 04 till today, the borrow fee started gradually to go down.
The thing is - the shorts have to have collateral. Collateral is multiple of what they owe.
The short sellers can not survive, if the price goes up.
So if the borrow fee is too high, or the share price is too high, then the shorts will go bancrupt.
  1. paying the daily fee.
  2. collateral
So if you want the shorts owe more every day – you better lower the price and the borrow fee.
Now, let’s look at some borrow fee data:
Aug 09 (before people started holding)
Aug 18 (day of the short squeeze)
Looks fine up until now.
Sep 01, Sep 02 – zero shares available.
Sep 03
Still looks fine – almost no shares -> fee goes up.
Oct 02, borrow fee 83.71%, available shares to borrow 350,000
Ok, that’s strange. So many shares to borrow, But the fee is higher than on Aug 9 and Aug 18:
So borrow fee is higher on Oct 02, even though 350,000 shares available to borrow.

Hmm, looks like on Oct 2 they still did not return what they borrowed and sold on Aug 18.
Then why does the fee goes down?
Well, if shorts still owe shares, but lenders make even more shares to borrow -> that would explain it.

Let’s look further
Oct 02 ( shares to borrow = 350,000, fee 83.71%) -> Okt 08, ( shares to borrow = 250,000, fee 74%)
Borrow fees are still higher than on Aug 18, so shorts still did not return what they borrowed in August.

Also, on Oct 08 less shares available than on Oct 02 (350,000 ->250,000), but fee is smaller???
Almost like somebody allows the borrow fee to go down, to let the short sellers live another day.
What would happen if short sellers bought back all shares they owe?
There would be ALOT shares available, and the borrow fee would become SMALL FAST.
But what would happen, if short sellers still owed the shares, and new shares to borrow are replenished by lenders?
There would be ALOT shares available. and the borrow fee would become SMALLER SLOWLY.
And guess what. ALOT of shares became available all of the sudden. But the borrow fee is becoming SMALLER SLOWLY. You can check it on
iborrowdesk dot com / report / nrxp

So it looks like lenders are giving shares to short sellers, so that the short sellers could live another day.
The short sellers want the price to be high during the day. And low at the end of the day.
They want to sell their borrowed shares for a high price, but pay smaller fee. The higher the share price at close – the higher payment for borrowing.
So at the close, shorts have to sell alot, to make the share price smaller.
The lenders know it, and the BUY ALOT in the last 10 minutes. Or even in the LAST minute of the day.
It is really fun to watch at the volume and the price in the last minute :)
On some days, in the last 10 minutes the volume was 10% of the whole daily volume.
Yet, the price did not move. So somebody buys alot, while somebody sells alot.
Once the lenders get their shares from short sellers, they let the price to go down a little.
They are being nice to short sellers. As long as short sellers do their job. Sell borrowed shares and pay daily fee.

So if the short sellers are hedge funds, then they play with the money of their clients.
The clients will pay for all the fun.
But the money of these clients was being used to short sell and bancrupt biotech companies.
And they were ok with it.
If the company they short sell goes out of business (because the company can not raise money on the stock market, because the share price is too low) -> then the short sellers don't have to buy back borrowed shares and won´t pay taxes on their gains.
They win -> and humanity loses.
Because the tests and research, that could bring new healing drugs, would not be able to be funded.
Well, Ok. They also lose, because they slowed down the research by decades.
But they don't care.
It's all good. Right?
Now, This is what I personally do.
  1. I only buy the amount I am comfortable with.
  2. Never on margin, because they will drop the price, and whatever was bought on margin will be gone.
  3. With this stock I don't have stop losses. Because they will drop the price, and stop losses will be triggered.
  4. I divide the money I am ready to invest in four parts.
If I bought something, and the price would fall, it's ok for me. I only put money I am comfortable with.
I try to support the company.
What the short sellers want is, for people to buy at the top price.
Then the short sellers will sell millions of borrowed shares to drop the price.
They want to scare people into selling.
So that they could buy back cheap shares.
And they hope, that their tactics will work with new people, unfamiliar with the background.
Because the people, that are already holding, know all their tricks.
Also, it is important to know about the company and the product.
Because then, you know the value.
Because the value and the price are not the same thing.
That's it. I hope you enjoyed this journey, and now know, what an US General, Professor of Medicine, Head of Mossad, Erectile Dysfunction, and Short Hedge Funds have in common :)
disclaimer: not financial advice
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2021.10.16 09:44 earthworkshop Forwarded emails to tasks in Todoist with today as the deadline automatically

I have set up a rule in my email client to forward emails from a certain address to a project in Todist. I just wanted to find out if there is a way to assign today's date as the deadline automatically to the new task?
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2021.10.16 09:44 dump0013737 22 [M4F] free dump

Sup reddit uhm currently looking for someone na baka bored or what if you want you can watch me while i jerk off sa camera dont worry purely nood kalang no nudes and okay lang kahit ka talk basta wag lang off yung camera mo if merong interested just messaged me lang thank you!
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2021.10.16 09:44 love_poison_ Mouni Roy is Prime Example why Bong Divas Ruling the Heart Shaggers she can Be slutty at any Time and Oozzing Hotness with Her Busty Cleavage

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2021.10.16 09:44 NexusCryptoServices 🔥🔥🚀🚀 NEXUS LAUNCH : SUCCESS 🚀🚀🔥🔥

Nexus Community , Thank you !
We have gone inter-dimensional & have had an insane launch !
This has been an incredible journey so far & it wouldn't have been accomplished without you, our legendary community!
Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far 📷
We will continue to develop the best platform on the blockchain & strive to become the ultimate hub for all traders deserve !
We have plenty more instore 📷
Thank you again !
The Nexus Team
For recent updates please join our Telegram !
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2021.10.16 09:44 Medical-Painting-925 Hathode sach batana tu karta ha na ya

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2021.10.16 09:44 H25azbxwyz Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Explained Why It Took Them 25 Years To Work Together Again After Revealing That Writing "Good Will Hunting" Nearly Killed Their Partnership

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2021.10.16 09:44 ker1SH- Lenovo 14ARE05 4500u throttling at 85C

For whatever reason sometimes my laptop starts throttling at 85C, it temperature may sometimes rise to 102 and it would be fine but sometimes it starts throttling at exactly 85C, my warranty has expired, what do I do
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2021.10.16 09:44 WillWaterWonk69 I need help making a team.My current team is Mala/Rasin/Espresso/Twizzly/Custard

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2021.10.16 09:44 eeberjeebers That was not how I left it.

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2021.10.16 09:44 pipsikamlo Amazon Promo Code October 2021

Here is the Amazon Promo Code October 2021
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.10.16 09:44 EDMLiveset Tritonal - Tritonia 359

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2021.10.16 09:44 Allofthecaffeine Coz women don’t watch porn?

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2021.10.16 09:44 EDMLiveset Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine - 15.10.21

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2021.10.16 09:44 RefugeeDutch_Syrian ABN AMRO (third biggest bank in the Netherlands) does not invest in crypto for now, but sees benefits in digital currencies

ABN AMRO (third biggest bank in the Netherlands) does not invest in crypto for now, but sees benefits in ABN AMRO does not invest in crypto coins for now because of the high risk, the tricky valuation issue and the lack of regulation. Yet the bank sees benefits in digital coins. That is the conclusion of a six-month study.

The big bank thinks that digital coins can lead to a greater level of prosperity. According to analysts at ABN AMRO, crypto currencies can improve productivity and increase economic growth, especially in developing countries, as the financial industry becomes more efficient.

The bank points out that many central banks are exploring the possibility of their own digital currencies, or "central bank digital currencies" (CBDC). These should make traditional payments more efficient and accessible.

Another new form of digital money are stablecoins, crypto currencies that are linked to a traditional currency such as the dollar. However, there are doubts about the reliability of these coins with collateral digital currencies.

The bank says the blockchain technology on which digital currencies run could lead to more economic value because information provision is more efficient. Certain services provided by intermediaries are no longer needed.

This makes the development of digital currencies a potential threat to financial parties involved in payment transactions, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as ABN AMRO itself.

Source: A research published by ABN AMRO themselves:
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