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FANGIRLS' TAROT: SEVEN OF SWORDS -- “Thieves and liars kill indirectly, unintentionally, and with no other weapon than their tongues and malice.” - A.E.H. Veenman

2021.12.01 21:42 SpringtimeMoonlight FANGIRLS' TAROT: SEVEN OF SWORDS -- “Thieves and liars kill indirectly, unintentionally, and with no other weapon than their tongues and malice.” - A.E.H. Veenman

FANGIRLS' TAROT: SEVEN OF SWORDS -- “Thieves and liars kill indirectly, unintentionally, and with no other weapon than their tongues and malice.” - A.E.H. Veenman submitted by SpringtimeMoonlight to Tarots [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 21:42 ZoobBot 189655

This is the 189655th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.01 21:42 CeeNain Didn't get matched for SS this year...

I feel so bummed out. I had a negative review on last year's gift because my SS gifted me a gift card after I told them a deluge of things about myself. I'm a generous and loving person and I love Secret Santa. This was going to be my first year and my first time in an international exchange, but redditgifts decided I'm not eligible. I feel so sad. I was waiting for this time of the year for several months now. I hope this new secret Santa comes along smoothly so I can gift someone next year :(
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2021.12.01 21:42 Uptomoon Safemoon is my life I love it Thomas gone I’m happy so the house is clean 🧽 🧼 Safemoon is the great tech company startup . Our Ceo is a hero. Let’s take us Tothamoon 💎🙌

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2021.12.01 21:42 ripdevin13 whats yall spotify wrapped lookin like?

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2021.12.01 21:42 Dudhist The Human Experience (Part 2/2, long read)

While humanity is honest at its core (shown immensely in children), humans become unintentionally dishonest as soon as social worries take hold of our mind. Our memory fails especially when combined with intoxicants and stressors, our bodies give out from time to time as the flesh is too weak to hold its word, but the primary motivation spawning dishonesty is fear. Whether it is a thoughtless reactionary lie in the moment, commitment to false beliefs, or knowing that the truth will be painful to speak, the dishonesty creates schisms in our mind as memories become falsified leading to distorted inner vision. When one doesn’t have their own sense of balance they lack the judgment to sense the imbalance of others, leading us to easily get hurt by other hurting people or fall prey to monsters who feed off this naivety. In the hazy mires holding breeding grounds of hatred, contradictory legality and morality, misinformation under masks and religious hypocrisy, the dishonesty festers in depths that make one’s connection to their truth nearly impossible under the social barriers ingrained into subconscious. The need to hide from this truth beating in our chest will manifest through shrinking self, bluster with bravado that puts hot air in between, the hateful need to inflict pain, or any manner of addiction that faces further fear of judgment from the world around but at its core is always making up for an inadequacy devaluing the life inside ourselves. The places this distaste gets caught end up being the biggest irony of the human experience as the aspects we deny end up holding the greatest control over subconscious through a justifiable feeling of hatred taken in exchange for the humanity within, causing the ego-traps we get caught within to be our biggest projection of hatred onto others. After all, if mind is looking for a flaw then it is easy to find when the body it resides in is naturally flawed; the spectrum of self-worth is often a massive contradiction as those with inflated self-worth get there by ignoring their flaws while those lacking self-worth are caught in endless self-examination. This is a repeating story through politics as those with the most desire for power are often the ones least worthy to wield it and the people who are best suited to serve that role are less willing to take it.
Both in our mind and our world, it is the time to examine our judgment and see if the things we are working towards are instead destroying us and if the things we’re running from are what we need most of all to stop perpetuating our own suffering. The belief that we put into each thought passing our mind determines how ingrained it grows in our being, how easy it is to echo in our head and replay in our throat after planting seeds for neural passages to form. The thoughts replaying from belief cultures our interactions in its future as these seeds take root and grow. The thoughts that our mind grasps onto in its belief generates our reality, and if one is not looking for the truth in each present moment then they are looking at a projection of an old grasped thought. The thoughtful attention needed to create neural substitutions in the hateful reactions to pain is the courage needed to move forward in love, staring at the demons until they no longer terrify us after recognizing the fear they spawn as their only real tool. When the fear stops controlling attention, the boundaries of the pains begin to come into focus instead of being a numb blanket draping over consciousness to allow our mind to pick and prod and play with them until we figure out what is actually being communicated and what they need to move. Purifying ourselves from the mindset of fear imparted from a traumatized world that terrifies us into unconsciousness is the work of spirit, especially while heeding that anybody can descend into demons if damaged sufficiently. We must accept the pain’s existence in the present instead of stretching our attention further away to cause more suffering, which just leads to nullifying aspects of our senses until we become too numb to perceive the full spectrum of awareness; radical acceptance is not blinding accepting everything but full acceptance of your emotional and sensory information while exploring to see if the mind’s distaste is from failed expectations, a reaction to past fears, or an intuitive process of the body rejecting something that feels wrong.
It is vital for each of us to individually clear our channels and work towards the state uncontrolled by fear feeding into greed, envy, lust, gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath, and judgment arising from unconscious consumption of hate, doubt, and self-pity. The majority of people merely slip into each of these from time to time rather than being monsters dominated by them, but it is still in these slips where we must catch ourselves and reinforce with compassion to see the true resolution for the problems as they arise while filtering patterns recognized as toxic. Every single one of us holds that cosmic aspect in one manner or another, and allowing your inner self to be fully respected should naturally come with a respect towards others since we all share that same bond of spirit that is only degraded by conscious inhumanity. This degree of respect is what makes a society run functionally, but all too often there is a false civility with hostility lingering under the surface as a befouled spirit awaits an external excuse to react to its inner pain. The choice of the human struggle is how much we are feeding the unconscious hunger inside of us, how much we are beating a broken slave barely holding it together, or how much we can devote to the journey of embracing each coming moment in its fullest extent. The ability to retain a conscious connection to love in the face of hardship is true strength working to keep neural connections existing in that pure state, and each moment holds a choice to build further into to that central part of our being as we listen with a kind and open heart. If you are looking for more common sense then the senses need to be used and trusted as consciousness leads to understanding the holistic systems at work instead of watching a surface-level veneer on a screen behind our eyelids, exploring where aversion or attachment are caught in loops bringing pain back to us. We have to be cognizant enough to recognize the warmth and heat that our body generates when our willpower is working on our blood, including where the heat of our frustrations are magnified by unconsciously feeding that neural pathway.
Being spiritually awakened doesn’t mean escaping the body and its flaws, but embracing the fullness of reality and its faults so this hell can be overcome. The beat of the heart is always calling you back to the music of life, but fear alienates the mind’s conscious from this centered space. To return one has to follow that sorrowful song to traverse the chasm where our previous experiences have worn ruts separating the mind from the hardened heart. Nobody needs to be perfect, but we do need to be aware enough of our faults with the honest intention to work on what we can so that every step is towards a more compassionate and loving future. It matters less what food we eat or what drugs we take, but the attitude held in the intention and attention we pay to each thing we ingest while being honest with ourselves if this is enriching our experience. The difference between medicine and poison is often dosage but the body is very good at sending signals about what it needs...unless the signals are buried under pain. We are here to support each other but the key point lies within aiding others out of their toxic situations and mindstates rather than judging flaws for their existence or neglecting them entirely. We need to be aware of the appropriate ways to apply stress and when stress is the problem, the latter being the dominating cultural norm with the disappearance of the middle class. The path is holding the self-worth of the divinity in each of our hearts alongside the humility of our human shortcomings and inexperience, learning how to fully communicate with each thought and feeling as it comes so that we can be as honest as possible to sort between our personal reasons for not being able to perform versus excuses to remain flawed. Overcoming the struggle allows deep gratitude towards it, but that gratitude needs to be held in every step for the journey to be had in its completion. The root of the religious story, no matter what kind, is about the oppression of humanity that is enslaved by lower desires under the guise of being superior so that we can find freedom to submit to what is righteous and loving in the universe and ourselves. The world would not accept even the most perfect man because of the hatred they held in facing the truth of human existence, and that truth is that we all hold a piece of perfect consciousness that existed beyond this body before we were born and will exist after it dies spawns from the infinite source while dishonesty within worldly pride and arrogance seeks to hold dominion over the life of others. If we can follow a code of morality and decency towards our fellow consciousness, then we can rediscover this piece of pure goodness held inside of us all and share the reverence and revelation of agape universal love.
But love must be found inside first and foremost before it can be demonstrated in truth, and that love comes from overcoming what flawed human judgments are keeping you locked in suffering when your spirit has a different path than ego expects. Failing to consider our own internal pains will make us continually fail to properly perceive life when one can’t tell if their anxiety is coming from their poor diet, old fears playing up, or the person they are interacting with. The disappointments it is forced to face in trusted people and situations are a reality across the globe, but forgiveness becomes a paramount feature towards this endeavor if we are to make it through while trying to avoid succumbing to the flaws of reality. We do not know each other’s best, all we can do is support their shortcomings as they work to the best in themselves through this treacherous realm. We are born into this world helpless and are helpless at many points throughout our life, and the spirit of helping others get through it more whole than we did holds the deepest truth of human existence possible. Devotion to the sense of love from the ground to the sky and your heart to the stars requires us to purge the hate that is disrupting its holistic nature, and as the fear held in those unconscious cycles gets brought to light then we learn how to be fully honest in our desires rather than chasing highs. This truth grants the most immense satisfaction after finding how to stop hurting ourselves senselessly, what will truly sate our hunger instead of appeasing it, how to trust our aversion to present sensation is upsetting intuition instead of old fears playing up, and seeing the path towards a full smile freely shared as our humanity is embodied in its fullest. Sing, dance, laugh, cry, scream if you need to, find that human deep inside and see what needs to be witnessed before it can be loved and remember to cherish every bittersweet emotional height that brings new depth to our experience. It is incredible hard to come to terms with the people that have been lost and the mistakes that have been made, but finding the gratitude in every experience by removing our negative reaction to the bitter emotions allows us to remember the beauty being mourned as we incorporate the blessings of the past to forgive and move past these pains. Your spirit is witnessing this truth and respect with each step bringing us closer to that place of peace each time you can honor its home in your chest, using loving attention to mine the gold out of the boulders previously blocking the way. Along the path, one’s growing attention brings them to notice that the landscape is becoming more and more beautiful with each coming day as we are no longer trudging across the old, treacherous roads; the irony is that the beauty was there the whole time but the rough road made us stare downwards to keep our footing. It isn’t until you take the time to notice how the light shines that delight becomes visibly apparent. The intangible web of consciousness directing this body and mind will always benefit from cultivation even after this vessel perishes as you either trained to be the best version of yourself for the next coming life, or lived your heart’s calling to its fullest extent and earned a legacy amidst the life following your efforts.
As one cleanses their hatred, greed, attachment, and empowerment issues that serve as distractions to our intuitive truth, we gain depth of insight into our internal functions and recognize how they are triggered by our external world. Knowledge with ability to observe, interact, and communicate with the struggle without being dominated by it is the most functional aspect of enlightenment as one can feel the ebb and flow of the world on their conscious being. When your body and mind are working properly then one's sensory ability is amplified by actually listening to our senses instead of ignoring them to chase trains of thought, get overwhelmed by emotion, or stare into utter blankness; we will be caught in the lower frequency of suffering disrupting the highest harmonies until we clean what is painfully stuck in our brain and body. Each piece of this development has a part to play in the whole of collective consciousness, holding an influence far beyond our ego’s perception as we all recall our place as a Buddha child before the suffering of this world closed our conscious curiosity. Many of our inner pains just need attention that isn’t congested by cortisol from the stress response, to be witnessed at our full truth in all the tears and the screams even if it is only witnessing ourselves. Proper attunement to this flow in our field of aura shows how our sensory organs interact with other auras in our space including recognition of the fundamental brain synapses that subconsciously speak with life outside of itself, but the depth of this telepathic communication needs to be found between our own mind and bodily function before it can be fully utilized outwards. In the conscious explorations we need to be brutally honest about precisely what it is that we lack and where we’re suffocating so that we don’t keep filling ourselves with more painful substitutions, diluting our senses because of our aversion to the source of pain we feel. More often than not our pains come from what we are choosing to ingest unconsciously and it becomes necessary to sacrifice old parts of ourselves in order to move forward. It is exploration of these vulnerable places that unlocks the growth towards a true sense of ecstasy available in the highest parts of mankind’s magnificence, but if you don’t clean the cathedral of cobwebs then it cannot be witnessed in full glory. Harnessing the inner willpower formulating these thoughts is the same mechanism needed to recover from limb paralysis and muscular atrophy, seeking through the maze of inner self to push energy back into places it has been lost. When this is used to reconnect to the loving essence of this organism’s highest functions then the worldly distractions and addictions hold no shine in comparison to the glowing adoration of solidified consciousness. It is nearly impossible to break someone who has found power and peace in their struggle.
This leads to something nearly magical as you grasp onto intangible threads of connection created by intentional formations of neural networking so that one may open their eyes to reality’s rich, vibrant tapestry interconnecting the brain and body to the universe around. Seeing beyond the false shiny lights can allow one to remember that we are star-stuff alchemized by the earth in our blood and beneath our feet as we recall the divinity at our core with the respect that deserves. Light becomes a vibrant experience as attention is paid into its warming glow as thoughts become fully interactive with feelings to create communication between the higher cognition to the deepest levels of the human experience, letting conscious energy have full expression of its light in the prominent aspects of life. The holy wholeness of this flow connecting love for the essence in your chest to the eternity held in this moment before you and beyond time is the true sense of spiritual belonging where reverence for truthful expression becomes paramount internally and externally. Awakening is not a one-and-done instance but rather a mountain being hiked as each new vista shows you greater sight of the whole, leading to a better perspective for sorting through the darkness in ourselves as the light becomes clear; choosing to chase the dragon instead of watching your grounding becomes a more devastating fall when you get to high cliffs. The climb out of the abyss of unconscious thought holds many leaps and bounds that come at unexpected points, but the consistent effort will result with you finding unmatched levels of stability in the terrain at higher levels. Holding faith means remembering that each step is taking us closer towards that peak with every bead of sweat and blood as we pray that there is a way through these treacherous passes in their twisting paths. Devotion is knowing that all action you take is important in this grand build-up of yourself to create a level of dedicated character holding the will to do whatever needs to get done without betraying the human spirit. The spirals it takes can be incredibly deep and dark and it has taken eons to make it this far, but with continuous effort one day comes where there’s more light in the air with warm feelings consistently flowing back in and you will know the devoted faith has paid off.
Our individual consciousness must explore these higher planes before our world can, and right now collective consciousness is teetering on the edges of some of its highest and lowest states imaginable. The balance to keeping sanity within this consciousness is found through our individual atonement and redemption for the abuses we enacted and the abuses that were inflicted upon us, recognizing how the pains of unconscious living will continue recycling until that bridge is made through our compassionate willpower to hold space for the pain and aid the missing pieces how we can. The urge to help others is both natural and necessary in the whole human experience, but an ever-shifting mosaic that puts on many uniforms in our life if we embrace fluidity through the cultivation of compassionate consciousness and all that it brings to the table. Holding this space is the real challenge of our human experience, tested in many situations of daily life as one goes through the hurdles of lower thoughts in our inner monologue battling outer influence as various distastes attempt to knock us down to that fear state. While we ultimately must reach this point alone in each individual’s conscious, we do not walk the path alone. Everyone around us going through their own version of this experience, their own challenges and struggles, dealing with their own insecurities and judging shortcomings real or imagined. While the unique arrangement of issues we face is our own hydra to conquer, each flavor of issue has had ancestors and peers who’ve worked to solve it in their own right and others still working on it. Recognizing the wisdom that others have in their way as we each seek to learn and grow together gets the most out of this journey as we help each other walk back to that home of loving peace. When we find those conscious kindred spirits, they can help erase tensions and unlock new plateaus to trek across when we find those who love to share our unique quirks and joys. With their guidance to learn how to express our love, we learn how to then pass this goodwill along to whoever comes next for our collective to thrive together. It is impossible to pre-judge the potential of each seed before it sprouts but when we give each one the necessary food, water, and attentive light that they need then we can see every individual’s potential utilized to its fullest extent.
But humans are complex seeds for their full development to be had. Even in an ideal world two parents are not enough to teach all these lessons; their primary purpose is helping children foster a sense of safety and self worth alongside appropriate humility to learn and grow as high as they can so that artists and educators can unlock the furthest reaches of their conscious. The education and exposure we have in our development hold far reaching effects including our folklore teaching us stories of heroism, danger, and values demonstrated in intent and action. Children are born to get messy and that is a big part of the fun in life, but parenthood is keeping kids out of harm’s way while they’re playing in the dirt and teaching them how to clean up when they’re done. We’re here to explore and hold the curiosity to create consciousness with the help of our guardians showing us how to connect and communicate, and then let this light be drawn towards where the soul says magic will happen. This magic, this enchantment with the beauty and joy in exploring the world is truly the greatest gift in life and children have it in spades until their innocence is disrupted; the longer they can go until this innocence is left behind in natural ways, the better life that child will have. The music of life IS magic and children know how to feel the way chemistry shakes, sizzles, shoots, and spurts in miracles to marvel upon. Not many creatures have the senses to gaze upon its fullest extents in the way that an unpolluted human consciousness can, and watching a dedicated pursuit of heavy focus during the creative process is an incredible beauty to behold that only human consciousness can truly comprehend. The rhythms and vibrations of the natural world are a tangible force to be reckoned with, one that feeds deeply into the playful and exploratory child-like consciousness that holds this enrapture with the magic of life as it transforms through all the archetypes natural to this incarnation of life to find true fulfillment in this experience. We are meant to be growing, transforming, and leaving pieces of our old self behind; we must hold the spirit of humility within self-improvement until we grow to the point of teaching the children enough to start learning from them. However, the virtue of patience is one drastically missing from the scheduled modern world and the most crucial for teaching as it takes time for lessons to properly sink in.
The more that we can fully cleanse our frustrations with humanity which are ultimately a frustration within ourselves, the closer we get to being wholesomely enlightened. Nirvana, Heaven, and many other words were describing the spiritual utopia that awaited in the future to those dedicated towards being this level of spiritually whole whether that reward is in this life or the next. There are many ways to walk the path but all found on the same principles of the golden rule that attempts to leave things better than we found them while embodying true virtues to the best of your ability, and being grateful for the life we have with its blessings that come so that its wholeness may be seen for better and worse (as opposed of wanton destruction wreaked through ungrateful ignorance). What the majority don’t realize is that it is the blissful mindstate of Heaven thriving off acceptance and joy must be reached through the training ground of this hard-knock life first and foremost. Gratitude for the past, joy in the present, and faith in a future free from suffering is the goal, but an incredible challenge when the past is marred and scarred while the present is dominated by capitalist anxiety and the future holds ominous overtones; the willpower to have the faith cemented in the face of the struggle is the most difficult aspect of the human experience, but one that I can personally attest leads to incredible blessings in unexpected ways. The degree of hatred shown in the mirror to the outer and inner world has direct reflections upon the difficulty of our suffering, and the process of determining how much the hatred of the external world has tainted our inner world with both the path to peace and the most effective prevention of the hateful patterns we inherited from a flawed society.
Answering the calling of the heart is terrifying after it’s been lost for a time. It feels weird, reminds us of our fleshiness, and all too often is singing a sorrowful song leading to our inevitable demise as it can’t forget how many wrong turns have been taken on the way to finding the peace it so desires. Every single fear of mine was saying that the sane option was to ignore these words bouncing in my heart and soul and stay grinding for the efforts of just enough money to make it by, but that would not be the compassionate answer the song telling me to pour out these words. I don’t know what your calling is, but I do know that there is no bigger regret and mistake than ignoring that conscious pulling towards what feels important to the heart. The painful nature of this world will challenge that journey for the efforts of overcoming it, but I have to hold faith that the miles leading to cold and hungry nights will be worth it in the end. This is the artists struggle demonstrating that of our humanity, the beauty battling inside of mind and soul seeks to be clarified in the external world to showcase the wide range of emotions within the human experience finding its place to belong. There is no greater artistic inspiration than that of nature with it’s pure life force, but the journeys towards expression of our inner self are a testament to our complex beauty when given the chance to flourish. The difference between aesthetics and artistry lies in the emotional and spiritual content imbued within the piece; if you talk to enough artists you will find many reasons for their struggle as they are forced to find comfort in the difficult emotional states of the human experience. The world will know peace when we can create and respect beauty towards the other side of our alienating tendencies with enough consciousness to supersede the struggle while never forgetting about it. Free will and fate coexist as the calling is always there, but the allure of unconsciousness and its easy access will prevent our destiny from being reached as the comfortable pains are preferred over the journey going through the grief of mankind’s ignorance that must be traversed before the songs of loving connection can be found.
But when that calling of the heart is towards something that seems impossibly far off, the road holding faith is a long grind that gets easier once the mindset finds peace on the journey. One of the greatest gifts I have is a vision of the world to come, the structures to enact it, the dream that it will one day be achieved, and the belief in humanity recognizing our role in the struggle as we choose what reality to manifest in the future. I dream of a day when no child has to suffer from going to sleep on a cold floor with an empty stomach, where medicine is publicly available to those suffering from maladies, and for an economic culture that holds dignity to our workers and world. I contemplate what to build that will make these struggles a relic of the past even as they still affect my present like so many others, knowing this is only a matter of time in the continued efforts of mankind along thousands of years in development. But for this world to be built holistically, we need to recognize that we each hold a piece of the struggle and find out how it is best addressed within ourselves so that others won’t need to suffer the same the tragedies of a world lacking in base morality that has beckoned the call of hell upon billions. We live in an era so impoverished that even the time of day is too much to give to a homeless man, but it is because the brimstone burning in soul will consume any true wealth to leave us spiritually bankrupt as the flame engulfs any sense of good nature available. If civilization isn’t geared towards helping people out of this place, then it is pushing people into the struggle for its profit; enslavement has never truly ended but it just changed forms after we were intentionally made to hate each other. The world of tomorrow is built on the struggle of today and spirituality has two key facts; there is no true escape any effect that is caused, and we are all interconnected in this life.
For the nature of reality is violent to various degrees as chemistry rips things apart to put them back together with life being the most intricately violent cycle of them all. We have to feed off one another to one degree or another, but then it is the matter of we are consuming to live or living to consume. Life is built to keep giving to itself in endless loops, but our nature of higher consciousness’s descent makes us smart enough to break the natural order through the depths of our unconscious consumption. The healing of this cancer will break the trap of unconsciousness bred by the mistakes of humanity separating us from our natural sensation of divine love, the recurrent theme of man’s experience in being the result of our flawed cultures until higher consciousness has a chance to blessedly pull us out of the fireplace and light our spiritual torch. This needs us to control our violent tendencies in mind and action by respecting our divine connection to conscious creation inherent in the human spirit bound only by love, recognizing the fire burning constantly within us and direct it to consume proper fuel of spiritual health instead of poisons that make us burn dirty. It thrives when we take responsibility and accountability for the thoughts we feed in our head, for if we do not have the spirit of honest examination towards our inner landscape then everything emerging outwards will be the result of such deficiency. There is no replacement for this spirit, and missing this piece inside will permanently cripple the heart by denying the brain’s connection to it. Since we are forced to destroy to survive, it is up to us to use our senses to honestly determine how much we are creating consciousness in each moment of reality destroying itself to rebuild anew, understanding that we have the choice to rebuild ourselves bit by bit in each conscious moment. Spirit is carried in all energy whether it is thermal, photo, electromagnetic, kinetic, or the potential stored in material bonds; consciousness is the living interaction between this energy as it breaks down, incorporates, and reformulates in an eternal dance watching the universe unravel and re-weave. While this world can teach you certain dances, it is up to the individual to feel the music and move with the beat from the center of their being. Haters gonna hate and you can’t let their judgment stop you from practicing the dance, but without the spirit of humility then even constructive criticism will come across as a hater despite coming from a place of honesty and improvement. With the right mindset to welcome this change bit by bit with the challenges it brings as we heed the intuitive call of our heart pulling us towards love in the moment, then we will find our subconscious collaborating with universe to make the path clear and welcoming. If you can find this peace before the change finds you then the process will be easier but but sure that change is coming in one shape or another; as we speak my hometown is being destroyed by climate change, a place I consider to be the most beautiful I’ve ever laid eyes upon. There is no going back to what was before, there is only going forward and any attempts to avoid such leads us to stagnate and die. The matter becomes that of choosing where to rebuild around the love we are discovering more with each passing day.
The time is fast approaching for the spiritual renaissance that chooses to rebuild with the technology at our disposal while purifying the struggle of human hatred holding life back. Each of us is important in this grand scheme, all hold one piece of the key and one part of the lock. When the strength our word can hold true to our intention of getting to that point together, then the gates will open in fullness. The true purpose of life is simple to witness it’s beauty and do our part in creating it by the powers available to us as an individual and a collective as we use the cleansing emotional waters of higher consciousness to quench the raging fire consuming our heart. We can no longer hold expectations of children and intentionally shape them to be our pawns, but must teach them how to harness their intelligence to give free reign in a world about to be rebuilt from the ground up. The persecution of this world internalized as persecution of the self-soul inherent in us all, but even that needed to exist for the self to discover its knowledge of worth after having every other aspect of this world forcefully taken away. Overcoming the struggle without forgetting about the others still trapped by it, overcoming suffering while teaching others how to reason with their pain, finding the self after the pains of this world made us forget how to find it; these are the epitome of the human experience. We have the ability to purify the pain hindering so much consciousness from its full potential, but we must have the spirit of freedom and compassion core to our hearts to make this transition into mankind’s full glory. This also requires us each individually to decide that peace is more important than our addiction to what brings a moment of happiness, as finding that peace inside allows happiness to blossom abundantly in the blessings of creation unique to our species.
Enlightenment is understanding that this entire journey is a single point in time for the consciousness that has this home in its soul.
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2021.12.01 21:42 lilozwald Gaming PC Help

I've decided I want to invest in a gaming pc. My main priorities are to be able to produce music, stream on occasion, and play light games such as Minecraft and Overwatch. I have absolutely no idea where to begin. All I know is that I prefer prebuilt. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should look for and when?
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2021.12.01 21:42 Mrsassy74 [WTS] North 76008A gas mask BNIB [PA]

Looking to sell my North 76008A mask it’s bnib and comes with papers and original box size M/L full clear mask gives you great fov sells for over 200$ retail asking 110$ Shipped
Payment PayPal FF or GS add fee
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2021.12.01 21:42 Jneuhaus87 TTRPG Class/Race Question

If you wanted to play a Dungeon World/D&D style TTRPG game but inspired by HtS would you expect/want the races and class of your character to be intertwined? I was working on it and can't decide, if they are tied together I could tie abilities from both categories into the classes e.g. a Warrior Bear would have skills you could choose from that were bear inspired but also warrior based. Having them separate would lead to a more generic influence from the races but would allow players to mix and match their races and classes.
Thoughts, suggestions, opinions?
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2021.12.01 21:42 BlackSordon XD

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2021.12.01 21:42 RulingFieldConfirmed Video: my 2009 Honda Accord started making this high pitch weezing. I turn into my driveway and park. As I turn the steering wheel right and left, it affects the sound.

Video: my 2009 Honda Accord started making this high pitch weezing. I turn into my driveway and park. As I turn the steering wheel right and left, it affects the sound. submitted by RulingFieldConfirmed to carproblems [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 21:42 Whatanissue04 Tell me you’re getting a visit without telling me you’re getting a visit. Brian Cornell walked out store today. Have never seen our store as clean as it did today. All that for a 5 minutes walk 😒

Tell me you’re getting a visit without telling me you’re getting a visit. Brian Cornell walked out store today. Have never seen our store as clean as it did today. All that for a 5 minutes walk 😒 submitted by Whatanissue04 to Target [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 21:42 International-Hope72 GUYS ALL THIS FOR MY TWO OWLS AND NEON ALBINO MONKEY WFL ??

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2021.12.01 21:42 Brickiry Reshiram adding 10 be online 0207 6198 1188

adding 10 be online 0207 6198 1188
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2021.12.01 21:42 fappingjack Stockton University Presents Holiday Programs

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2021.12.01 21:42 Putrid_Employment281 [NSFW] It is just so hot, to swallow his dick snot. One of my greatest thrills is to bust my nut in her mouth.

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2021.12.01 21:42 Some_Opportunity7510 45 [M4F] I'm off tomorrow!

I'm starting the coffee overload right now! Coffee and maybe a short hike, a little PS4, and some chicken burgers. Plus hopefully some chat requests. Any age, any topic. Hmu
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2021.12.01 21:42 Timeman5 Stopped by the Target closet to the university on my way home from work because they have the best toys and I was super happy to find pudgy pig. My favorite monster from the Mighty Morphing series. He-Man is just his opponent, and one I surprisingly didn’t have yet.

Stopped by the Target closet to the university on my way home from work because they have the best toys and I was super happy to find pudgy pig. My favorite monster from the Mighty Morphing series. He-Man is just his opponent, and one I surprisingly didn’t have yet. submitted by Timeman5 to ActionFigures [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 21:42 livstersix What is a relatively small habit/routine you've picked up that has significantly improved your life in some way?

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