zak68 dn4b8 ni2sy bkdks z5nek k65h4 364b3 3ebrh a5t3i d5zhe d68s9 i55da y57i7 y9b2r i2h6n t8eee ihah3 9tt5z ykrr2 i92kz b2iis 🦑 SquidFomo Token 🦑 Fair Launch in 15 minutes! 💥 Low marketcap gem! 💥 Liquidity Locked for One Year ✔️ Community Driven 🏆 Insane Potential 📈 Professional raid team! 🚀 join Us!! 🚀 |

🦑 SquidFomo Token 🦑 Fair Launch in 15 minutes! 💥 Low marketcap gem! 💥 Liquidity Locked for One Year ✔️ Community Driven 🏆 Insane Potential 📈 Professional raid team! 🚀 join Us!! 🚀

2021.12.01 22:37 Necessary_Author_308 🦑 SquidFomo Token 🦑 Fair Launch in 15 minutes! 💥 Low marketcap gem! 💥 Liquidity Locked for One Year ✔️ Community Driven 🏆 Insane Potential 📈 Professional raid team! 🚀 join Us!! 🚀

Our goal is to integrate the largest fan community in the cutting edge crypto space. Squid Fomo is not just another meme currency. This is a complete set of products designed by fans.
Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising hype coin ForeverFOMO we created SquidFOMO to get the best of both worlds.
Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about Fomo and Squid Game.
Ecosystem elements:
👑 All elements of our ecosystem are packed into one convenient platform, where users can access all the functionality of the service without leaving the browser!
👑 NFT is a key element in the SquidFOMO ecosystem. NFT is a unique picture in a special frame that the user can store in his wallet. NFT has characteristics, which are used in staking and evaluating the rarity of the NFT.
👑 The liquidity pool is a place where you can put your SquidFOMO Token (or other currency) in order to receive a daily percentage of the invested amount. NFTs can be placed in the pool to increase income. The less often NFTs are, the higher the income you receive!
🚀 Community Team
🚀 Fair Launch
🚀 Verified Contract
Name: SquidFOMO
Tokenomics: 5% BURN SUPPLY TAX
Total Supply:
MAX TX: 10%
💲Buy link💲
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x8156FeaB1c6141C4B485dAAbFC2ecE2A1CCe0543
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR :
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2021.12.01 22:37 rocketsdontlie Pressure ferment a lager at lager temps?

I've been looking all over YouTube. Seems like nobody pressure ferments lager at lager temps with lager yeast. Is there a reason not too?
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2021.12.01 22:37 Eileen__Left Geico is always hiring!

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2021.12.01 22:37 estau329 Hoarse Voice

Am I the only one with a chronic voice hoarseness? I feel like teaching first grade all day with a mask on has me yelling. It started in Sept and keeps going. I already saw my PCP and have an appt. with the ENT but she told me it’s a “teacher thing.” Is anyone noticing this too? It’s awful!
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2021.12.01 22:37 ScriptThrowaways Hey guys. I've been scripting for nearly 2 years now, and want to answer a few of the more common questions regarding it.

Hello everyone.
I've noticed a lot of discussion revolving around scripting in Rust lately, and a lot of misinformation has been spread. I figured I'd go ahead and make a throwaway account to clear up a little bit about scripting.
Firstly, I do not use other cheats. I (and most of my friends who script) do it purely because none of us have the time to stare at a wall and hold left click for 100 years to make certain guns useable. It doesn't add any value to the game. It's just a grind and a time sink, and is basically required to make use of several high tier guns.
I'm not trying to defend myself too heavily as I am STILL cheating, but those are my reasons. I want random recoil just as much as everyone else seems to want it here.
Alright, on to the common questions.
1) Scripts are eventually detected.
This is false. I have scripted on my main account for nearly two years and have almost 2000 hours in Rust. I have scripted the entire time. For the most part, most scripts now allow you to toggle on a certain level of randomness into the script, and also just how accurate you want it to be. I usually toggle on to around 70%, with a chunk of randomness. Most of the people who get banned for this are immediately toggling on to 100% accuracy (basically a laser) with zero randomness. And even then, they aren't detected often. More on this later.
2) Scripting is overblown. Not many people script.
This is also false. Most of my info here is gonna be from a few different script sellers, so take it with a grain of salt, but the script I use has about 8,000 active users. When it comes to bans, we get roughly 1-2 a month. Again, mostly people who are toggling their scripts to 100% all the time. The 8,000 active users is for ONE script. There are countless others, and without getting into too much math here, I can say a reasonable guess would be about 40-50% of all Rust players are scripting at any given time.
3) We can find scripters by performing 'script checks' on them.
Again, false. I don't know about EVERY script out there, but mine has the option to hide itself from the task manager and task bar. It also has a variety of hotkeys available so I can freely turn it on or off, and even change the percentage of accuracy on a whim. The only people who get 'caught' by these checks are amateurs who did not set any of this up.
So in conclusion, a lot more people do it, we aren't getting caught, and most of us are advocates for random recoil because set recoil patterns in Rust are stupid. The only people who are actually being hindered by Rust's recoil patterns are people without a ton of time and who can't pay the hefty fee of around 40-50 dollars for a script.
I'll be answering questions down below! Thanks for reading. I do not think this is against the rules (I read them on the side) but let me know if it is.
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2021.12.01 22:37 ChonkyDog Since the crew isn’t familiar with Pinterest: he isn’t just pinning articles into a weird shine but also is actively creating almost all of the pins (& picks their tags). This is why most of the pins show his user under the posts while the ones he did not actively create don’t (like the articles).

Since the crew isn’t familiar with Pinterest: he isn’t just pinning articles into a weird shine but also is actively creating almost all of the pins (& picks their tags). This is why most of the pins show his user under the posts while the ones he did not actively create don’t (like the articles). submitted by ChonkyDog to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 22:37 ifoam Orden de bistek at Oye Taquito on Brodie

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2021.12.01 22:37 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
6% Tax 3% lp 3% to marketing
2.5% MAX wallet
✅Safe ✅LP locked ✅Great team ✅stealth launch ✅Website ready before launch
To be listed on: •CoinMarketCap •CoinGecko •Coinhunt
🐶 Official Links
🐶Contract: 0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Pancakeswap :
🐶Renounced Ownership:
Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.12.01 22:37 Sarahbrowneyes Lost application - applied expedited in person 9/21

Applied for an expedited passport in person at the post office on September 21. (Previous passport was issued before age 16 and was expired.)
Paid the fee with a USPS money order. The application status site still says status “not available.” The money order was not cashed.
NPIC says to talk to the post office. I’ve been to the post office three times and they say there is nothing they can do, and to call NPIC. Another call to NPIC and they say go to the post office and it continues in a circle with no help at all.
My trip was canceled for other reasons so I am not in any rush to receive the passport, but would like to receive either a passport or a refund of the fees.
What should I do? Anything that can be done to trace the lost application and documents when the local post office refuses to help?
Should I just request a replacement of the $170 USPS money order and file a new application? Is there any way to get a refund for the post office fees? What about a reimbursement for the cost to replace the lost birth certificate?
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2021.12.01 22:37 ShakyTheBear A Reminder

Just reminding everyone that if you wish to change your team to any other available NCAA team (D1, D2, D3), you are free to do so.
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2021.12.01 22:37 cbvv1992 🔥58% Price Drop – $25.49 Chrome Kitchen Sink Faucet , 360 Swivel Black Rubber Neck Pull Out and Down Sprayer (17.2 Inches, Polished Chrome)!!

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2021.12.01 22:37 i-am-greut USA to Finland. Would you take a 30-45k USD pay cut?

I’m currently a bit torn. I am all about financial independence, but also want to immerse myself in the world.
I’m a 30 y/o single male with no family nearby. My choices are:
USA. Salary: $150k. Take home after taxes: ~$110k. Unlimited PTO $50/month for phone 5000 stock options Mortgage: $1410
Finland Salary: $135k Take home after taxes: $78k to $88k (still trying to figure out taxes) 25 days PTO plus holidays 2500 stock options Rent (out of my pocket): $1300/month Profit income from renting US house out: $500/month
I’ve done some research, including speaking with Finnish residents, about the culture and things to do. From my understanding, there can be bouts of loneliness there as they do have a problem with depression and alcohol.
Overall though, it seems like there are lots of positives. Including all the personal growth, unique things to do, and ability to be close to new countries.
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2021.12.01 22:37 palebloodink Beaconstrips: Holiday War (part 1) [JumpinJammies]

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2021.12.01 22:37 Moviecartographer Invention for Destruction (1958)

MAP: 94.84/100
Criterion Collection, Spine #1016 / IMDb / Wikipedia / 500moviesorbust
From Criterion: This eye-popping escapade revolves around a scientist and his doomsday machine—and the pirates who will stop at nothing to gain possession of it. Freely adapting the fiction of Jules Verne, and inspired by Victorian line engravings, Karel Zeman surrounds his actors with animated scenery of breathtaking intricacy and complexity, constructing an impossibly vivid proto-steampunk world. Released abroad at the turn of the 1960s, Invention for Destruction went on to become one of the most internationally successful Czechoslovak films of all time.
I’m frickin’ floored. This high adventure is fun, well acted, and incredibly artistically finished. Words fail me, it’s probably better for me to say you need to see this for yourself instead of having you relying on my feeble skills to describe it. It’s a marvel. A vibrant, living pop-up book.
I’m instantly a child again, and just like a juvenile Zedd, full to capacity with wonder, I try to explain what I witness and the only thing that comes out is:
Oh, and then there was this… thing and it was a machine and there was this… oh, wait - they’re underwater and there was this shark but there’s a… but no, there’s a castle but in a volcano! Oh yeah - pirates!!
Somebody’s going to sleep well tonight, right? Picking up the Karel Zeman set from Criterion - one of the happiest blind buys ever. The film brings to mind Wes Anderson because absolutely everything has been touched - nothing, not a single pebble on a beach, has been left to chance. A magnificent way to spend the afternoon.
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2021.12.01 22:37 Ok_Tell3176 29 [M4F] United States - Seeking my meme queen 👀

I'm in search of someone to chat with and see where it goes. At first I would like to chat and see how well we connect, I don't mind switching to another platform at all. I'm originally from California, but I live in Virginia currently. I don't mind distance, as long as you enjoy traveling and can come to me just as I would come to you! I'm 6'6, white male, no kids, never married, big build, broad shoulders. I'm pretty easy going and I'm not too picky what I'm looking for, I just want honesty and loyalty, and in return you would expect the same from me.
I'm currently self-employed and in school for Computer Science. Music is very important in my life and I constantly am listening to something. I primarily listen to electronic (dubstep/riddim) but listen to much more than just that, ranging to heavier metal to kpop lol. I hang out with my friends and family often as they are very important to me. I do play a few PC games, which consists of: New World, League and Dead by Daylight. I tend to make humor out of many situations in life and am always constantly joking around. Obviously it's good to know when to act accordingly, but most of the time it's always jokes around me. My two favorite shows are The Office and Trailer Park Boys, it's definitely a toss-up between the two.
Anyway, feel free to contact me, I don't bite! Have a good evening.
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2021.12.01 22:37 Humble-Can7357 Tipo todos sin estreno pa diciembre:

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2021.12.01 22:37 HornyHeracross Eyepatch at work by スコッティ

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2021.12.01 22:37 lets_clutch_this (Round 9) Shitting Toothpaste died of a heart attack due to extreme constipation, vote who you guys want to eliminate next 😎💩

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2021.12.01 22:37 Littlelegs20 confused

my partner messages his ex girlfriends we have been together a while but doesn’t tell me
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2021.12.01 22:37 not_irresponsible I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Novel - Chapter 2237 - Madam Mo Is Completely Upset

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2021.12.01 22:37 AbiPadilla Este está mejor we KEKW

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2021.12.01 22:37 angry-admin Need help - fish ID

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2021.12.01 22:37 grantperez Funny little Christmas Decor on my car

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2021.12.01 22:37 Horny_Dinosaur69 Artist feels really unrewarding?

I’m not sure if it’s the difficult games I’ve been getting against really good teams or me not knowing how to properly play this killer but I find her extremely difficult to play. I have no problems predicting survivors movements/trapping loops etc and getting crows, but there just isn’t enough time to actually injure them with the power. I rarely get injures with her power, by the time I’ve sent the swarm, they’ll have already removed the swarm just before getting hit. Is there something I’m missing? It seems like the only “reward” I get for predicting well is a swarm on the survivor that takes ~8 seconds to get rid of?
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2021.12.01 22:37 Plastic_Dust_8541 FLAME CURRY VS BEARD HARDEN

Which one is worth paying for?
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