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What Monstera is it and what is it worth?

2021.12.01 20:59 munkleunkle What Monstera is it and what is it worth?

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2021.12.01 20:59 animalessoncompas H: 30k caps W: Small Gun Bobbleheads, please.

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2021.12.01 20:59 Jair828 What bilingual program helps students the most?

I keep hearing talk of bilingual programs, but I never really hear of specifics about those programs.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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2021.12.01 20:59 Stimmybaby I cheated on my ex boyfriend

Just like the title said. I cheated on my ex boyfriend, the only person who cared about me. I could sit here and say I don’t know why I did it, but I do. I did it because I was insecure and wanted the validation of him and everyone else. I wasn’t confident in myself, so I went to seek it outside the relationship and outside of myself. I cheated on him for a long time. I love him, and I know I do, but what I did wasn’t love. It was insecurity and childish.
He gave me a second chance. He told me he wants me to work on myself and maybe he’ll reconsider. I go to therapy, go to the gym in order to make moves in feeling more confident, and focus on work- not validation seeking.
I’ve done it for a month. A whole month without seeking validation and the gym. (Therapy has had a problem with my insurance so we gotta hold on that, but I did go to one before it messed up lol). I’ve lost 16 pounds, I’ve been focused on working. It’s hard. I hate my body, I hate myself. I wake up every morning at six am unable to sleep and with knots in my stomach- every morning without fail.
I know that cheaters never win, and cheaters will always be cheaters. I don’t want that to be true anymore. I really do want to be a better person. I do want to rebuild with him. I know I’ve hurt him, but I hope in the long turn I’m a better person all around to be comfortable with myself, him, or any relationship I decide to have.
So, here’s to five more months to grow. :)
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2021.12.01 20:59 bigshotsasse W: BE90 gat laser H: B2525 fixer and B5025 fixer

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2021.12.01 20:59 Infamous-Choice-4072 $DWAC on the move AH (+30%) gap up

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2021.12.01 20:59 Aponace What a time to be alive!

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2021.12.01 20:59 ApricotBig9502 Broken rear view mirror.... Left over masks fixed!

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2021.12.01 20:59 Stolen-Velour Do I need to request and MRI tomorrow?

Here is my original post from a few weeks ago.
I'm feeling significantly better now. Ive been taking sublingual Methyl B12 and weekly B12 injections. The disassociation is gone almost completely now. As is the tingling, I haven't even felt it in my feet for a couple days. Still dealing with a little trouble focusing/brain fog and a tight feeling on my forehead that comes and goes.
I've heard it takes around 6 weeks to heal, so I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. Still dealing with some depression and anxiety attacks. But I'm getting a full night's sleep again the past few days.
I finally have my doctor's appointment tomorrow though, I'm going to be requesting anxiety and depression meds for a while.
Should I also request an MRI to be safe?
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2021.12.01 20:59 Leanker New sponsor hype.

Video should be live by 10th of Dec.
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2021.12.01 20:59 barelyusethisapp2 reshiram raid now add 1837 3844 5826

1837 3844 5826
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2021.12.01 20:59 Wokebro369 People only have like 3-5 hours of optimal waking energy in a day. That’s why society is addicted to caffeine and sugar. Use that 1/5 of your day wisely

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2021.12.01 20:59 DPErny Coming soon for Shard 1 Colonials!

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2021.12.01 20:59 Necessary_Author_308 🦑 SquidFomo Token 🦑 Fair Launch in 15 minutes! 💥 Low marketcap gem! 💥 Liquidity Locked for One Year ✔️ Community Driven 🏆 Insane Potential 📈 Professional raid team! 🚀 join Us!! 🚀

Our goal is to integrate the largest fan community in the cutting edge crypto space. Squid Fomo is not just another meme currency. This is a complete set of products designed by fans.
Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising hype coin ForeverFOMO we created SquidFOMO to get the best of both worlds.
Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about Fomo and Squid Game.
Ecosystem elements:
👑 All elements of our ecosystem are packed into one convenient platform, where users can access all the functionality of the service without leaving the browser!
👑 NFT is a key element in the SquidFOMO ecosystem. NFT is a unique picture in a special frame that the user can store in his wallet. NFT has characteristics, which are used in staking and evaluating the rarity of the NFT.
👑 The liquidity pool is a place where you can put your SquidFOMO Token (or other currency) in order to receive a daily percentage of the invested amount. NFTs can be placed in the pool to increase income. The less often NFTs are, the higher the income you receive!
🚀 Community Team
🚀 Fair Launch
🚀 Verified Contract
Name: SquidFOMO
Tokenomics: 5% BURN SUPPLY TAX
Total Supply:
MAX TX: 10%
💲Buy link💲
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x8156FeaB1c6141C4B485dAAbFC2ecE2A1CCe0543
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8156FeaB1c6141C4B485dAAbFC2ecE2A1CCe0543
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8156FeaB1c6141C4B485dAAbFC2ecE2A1CCe0543#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7de2997d92c97e2c4061c0fc58813038a635e5dd
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2021.12.01 20:59 r2d2lsdv You

I was content. I was not happy. I had accepted the feeling of being disconnected. That the only way for me to connect with another was through the facade I had carefully constructed.
But then I met you, weighed down by unimaginable burdens yet free nonetheless. More free than me with the walls I had built to protect myself.
You were open and honest.
You made me open and honest. I could connect, you said I wasn’t broken. You liked me for me. Not the facade. Not some other facsimile. You said I was your Prince Charming.
You were my Snow White.
I fell hard, you fell fast. We fell for each other. We talked and texted everyday since that first day we knew each other. But now this silence, now this break. “I need some time alone” you said.
And then nothing, just silence. Roaring deafening silence.
I could always open up to you. Tell you deep held secrets and pains buried underneath. I told you of my mother, the pain she caused me. How she would pick up and leave us, for reasons she never told me.
How long it lasted? We never knew. Would she come back? We never knew. Was she safe, our mother who we loved and cared for? We never knew.
You promised you’d never do that to me. I believed you. You were so affectionate, I told you I would get too attatched. Yet you said those sweet words anyway, and I needed that.
And now old wounds are open, and your voice not there to heal them. Thoughts of standing by the window waiting for her to return, resurface.
I miss you. I want you. I need you. I’m not doing well, and I need your help. I want to tell you that, because you said you’d always be there when I felt this way. You promised infact. But I’m afraid to test that. Better silence, and no response than words and a broken promise.
What we have is too young, it feels, to be making such demands of you. Except when I think of what I did and have done for you. Accommodated your needs. Stepped so far out of my comfort zones.
I want you so bad. You said you’re not good enough. But you mean so much to me. I had been dormant for years till I met you. You truly did awaken a spark in me. I long and desire and want like I haven’t in years. I had no clue about the way I could feel, the feelings you inspired.
There is no black and white, or right and wrong. This is a grey situation and my thoughts are muddled. I’m not sure you really miss me and care for me like I do you.
You made so many promises, said so many things. I’m not sure wether I’m disillusioned or if it was all real. I don’t know why I feel like this. This thing you awakened inside of me is so painful to bear when I miss you. I wish you’d stomp it out or soothe it, either would be a relief.
But you’ll come back and I’ll have forgotten all this. I like you so much, sometimes I wonder is there anything I missed.
You didnt ask for much, just some space. Then why do I feel like this. Why can’t I just stop reacting so irrationally.
Too much trauma, too much pain. For me to respond in a rational way. A childhood symptom of someone else’s mistake. Maybe I am to broken, to open myself up to feel this way.
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2021.12.01 20:59 Balu186 Steam optimization

Hi, I've been playing DRG today, at 30 fps (on lowest because my laptop aint that great) and then the Steam went down for a few minutes i think and it wasnt just me, my friend had broken steam too. As the steam broke, my fps suddenly jumped to 60 fps till the end of the mission. My question is can it be replicated or does anyone experienced something similar?
My specs are: Intel I5-6200 2,30GHz 8GB RAM GeForce 940MX

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2021.12.01 20:59 Active_Beautiful_154 About the illusions that Echidna made Subaru see. [Novels]

The illusions that echidna made Subaru see fit very logically into the story and contained information that Subaru could not have known. So I think Echidna may have used information from the book of wisdom to predict what would have happened after Subaru died had the world not ended and used that information to create the illusions. What do you think my theory is good or am i thinking too much?
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2021.12.01 20:59 Former-Wonder-5324 😈 I’m a sugar girl who loves to play 掠🍑

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2021.12.01 20:59 unlovableloser91 It’s been about a year since my reinstatement… I never got “better”! I only got “worse”!

I was reinstated about a year ago. I never truly repented. I lied. I faked tears. It was then, once I was granted my re-entry, that I knew for sure that God was not directing these men. If he was, they would have not let me back in. I didn’t want to be a witness anymore, but I wanted to talk to my family and friends.
Since being reinstated I’ve: -smoke weed -slept around -smoked weed -got a tattoo -got a nose piercing -celebrated my birthday -started dating a worldly man
I’m not trying to “brag” about what I’ve done. But… if anything, being a witness has made me an excellent liar. And that’s very, very sad. Oh! And a great public speaker, actually.
I am still in hiding. I am not brave enough to leave. Being disfellowshipped was hell.
I am hoping for more coverage on CSA scandals to come to light… maybe then I’ll break free. I don’t want to lie anymore.
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2021.12.01 20:59 youngmoneypreston Hear me out

This is a three team trade i’ve come up with
Rockets get- Kristaps Porzingis Knicks get- John Wall and a rockets first round pick (2023) Mavs get- Kemba Walker, Eric Gordon, and Daniel Thesis
(Rockets agree to pay for 50% of john walls remaining contract)
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2021.12.01 20:59 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
6% Tax 3% lp 3% to marketing
2.5% MAX wallet
✅Safe ✅LP locked ✅Great team ✅stealth launch ✅Website ready before launch
To be listed on: •CoinMarketCap •CoinGecko •Coinhunt
🐶 Official Links
🐶Contract: 0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1#readContract
🐶 LP LOCKED : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4faa9f3a2e7ba8b2ec343ae1a1176850199d5e86
Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.12.01 20:59 LordOfTheJizz I think I got a problem

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2021.12.01 20:59 AnneRB13 [Japanese > English] Please help me to figure out what the lyrics of this childhood movie song say

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2021.12.01 20:59 yourpapaisyourmama Shouldn't the turn always lead back to the clubhouse?

Hi everyone, first off I have loved this community since I first joined back in the summer as it has provided entertaining stories as well as a lot of information that's helped my game. I searched the subreddit for this type of post and found nothing so here goes. I'm still new to golf, been playing since about May. Anyways was playing a new course about thirty minutes away this past weekend and I was kind of shocked that the turn didn't lead us back to the clubhouse.
I thought the golden standard was clubhouse at the turn as it is a nice pit stop when you're golfing on a hot day( I live in South Texas so this past summer was brutal) to get more beverages, food and use the restroom if necessary. Not only that I feel like it makes way more financial for the course as they bring in more money this way. So am I just still too green(pun intended)to understand why some courses aren't built like this or is it somewhat uncommon or unusual for a course to not lead you back to the clubhouse at the turn?
Forgot to mention there were cart girls but we ran into only 1 the entire round.
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2021.12.01 20:59 ParadigmShift0413 BRKN Love - Shot Down

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